Big, Bad and Elegant: Interest checks and Ideas

Started by Hellis, January 02, 2013, 02:15:45 PM

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Hello there. My names Hellis. Figured I'd try to get back into swings of things here on Ell.

So I have a few ideas that I will list below. I am not strictly Dom nor Sub. I would consider myself a switch and I am very flexible of mind. Read my O/O for some more on that. That said. i havea few ideas in my head so far. Everything is negotiable.

Lost to our Vices:(Fantasy, Dark, Modern. MxM or MxF)
Two souls, lost and ragged. people always search for a fix, a stimulant in the sea of emotions both good and bad. There is a belief amongst some, that magic is made from the yearning of the soul. Those beliefs are not all wrong. Two individuals find that they, after only meeting once cannot seperate. Its not a simple attraction either. They literally cannot leave the others side, lest they are wrecked by terrible pain and anxiety. A bond has formed as two souls have twisted and turned into one. How will they cope, can they stand each other? Especially since their bond enhances even the tiniest of attraction, lust, or any feeling really.

To make thing works, this strange curse attracts others, people who would like the  feed off their anguish.

Welcome to Outer Rings

(Sci-Fi, mxm, fxm, Femdom, Bondage. Note: my character will be a rather androgynous being)

The outer rings is the least controlled part of space. None of the major races can truelly  lay clainm to it. Closes would be the pirating Mandi. A race of fare, but vicious elven like creatures. A race of womenworshipping xenophobes, they make the rings their home.  But they claim dominion over nothing. Its here amongs smuglers, pirates, kidnappers and scoundrels you find the worst, but also the most able of people. Amongst those is a half blood, a wretched bastard son of some pirate. He himself wishes to make it big, to become either a pirate or something equally profitable. Unfortunately he is half human and male, despite his looks and a undesirable. He has plans however, plans that needs a crafty and able partner.

I'll be playing the half-blood obviusly, a character of mine I long wanted to play. I will be rather flexible with this as I have no set plot other the a few key things. The rest is up to our characters..