Silver Leaves; A Fantasy Mercenary Campaign (Two slots open!)

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Notes about this RP.

1: This is a heavily character based RP with a experimental approach to player actions. Will implement a little story telling device I call “Inevitable Consequences” along the way. Its to say, every major action taken will be judged. And as the GM, I will shape the world around players actions. Npcs will of course, be played by everyone still and such, I don't want to limit your story telling.

2: I will freely “reward” and “punish” different actions by affecting the areas and people around you. I do not have any preset rewards planned. It will all be Improv. This is to give the players a sense of impact on the overall setting and story. That said, everyone should feel free to add their own characters experiences to the story as one usually should.

3: The Listed countries are not the only one. Feel free to come up with sultanates, dukedoms, Barony's and kingdoms to compliment your character backgrounds. Make note that Legato is powerfull enough to have forced countries to succumb to their rule. If you ake a country, make sure it has some meat to it. Who populates the land, what are their strenghts, who is its neigbours? World building is FUN.

---- Prelude----
"The tides of war is upon you young knights and sorcerers, but fear not for I have found the path to heaven and to the gods themselves. So hold this world alight with your raging fires and know that I shall return, triumphant."
-Last words of the Mad King Illonizes

It has been thousands of years since the Mad Kind descended into an ancient tomb of the old world, never to be seen again. His words still live however as a curse, shattering the once glorious empires of old into squabbling, petty states and kingdoms. It twisted races to try and eradicate one another. It drove the elves to split, creating the Luni that became blinded by their own light, the Mandi who began worshiping death in hopes of rebirth, and the wild elves, forever hateful of the cities and their ways.

His curse caused the serene Tindras, a mighty people of the sands, to forsake their god and loose their immortality. It cursed them with fleeting and shortening lives. It made the Dwarves lose themselves to greed and gave the humans a unquenchable thirst for power.

Worst was the fate of the Shadowborne. Their own darkness became a curse, their kind mistaken for demons and hell-fiends. Their status as scholars tainted by false rumors of necromancy and vile experimenting.

Uliar, the world of strife and endless war lies on the brink of a new disaster, just as it began to truly recover for the first time. It's the old tombs uncovered in the north that whispers of a second coming, the birth of a new Mad King. This is the story about those that would play a part in this new crisis and how they helped shaped the world.

Gods of Uliar

Religion plays a big part in a lot of the politics and wars that ravage Uliar. Hile, the pantheon, quite literally inhabits hundreds of minor deities, some more obscure than others. There exists the Eight of the Infinite. These are the oldest of gods, the ones said to once have created Uliar. Legend tells that each of them have fought each other, and that they are all to grievously wounded unable to directly meddle with the world.

Note: The minor gods are results of sentients that have either been given power as a reward or were created from the need of people and there faith. None of them are directly related to the big ones by blood, but obey to their rule. Some of them were created as servants and tools, that grew to become their own gods. Others were the result of rampart fighting between the Eight. As the major gods are all weakened by one another, these smaller gods are the ones that demand more from its people, some of them going as far as to openly defy them.
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Mortina, Goddess of Death
Patron god of the Mandihar, Mortina is the great constant. She is what allows things to die and pass on to whatever fate awaits their spirit. Neutral in her view upon life, she does not take pleasure from ending them. She merely sees it as her task to allow room for new life. Mortina bestows her most devote followers the power to wield death. Not to be mistaken with necromancy, her blessing does not make undead, but merely turns her followers into finely honed killers. To Mortina necromancy is the greatest taboo and heyellowlowers tend to persecute necromancers and those who practice it.

Suin, God of Light
The god of light Suin, or just The Light, is the patron god of most humans as well as the Luni. He is considered the most just and kindest of the gods. He allegedly created all of the elves in his own image and lifted the veil of darkness from human hearts. He bestows followers with Light and Holy magic.

Hesele, Goddess of Life
Sister to Mortina, the goddess of life is the most cherished goddess. Having followers within every race, Hesele has great influence. Herreal is Life and her gift is the world itself. This doesn't mean Heseles followers do not respect death. Hesele will not embrace her followers for eternity as she knows her sister will guide everyone trough death to the eternal life beyond. She bestows great healing power to her priests and priestesses.

Gods of Balance - The Eladrur Twins
The Gods of balance, or The Trickster and The Mediator, are two gods of chaos and order, the eternal scale of balance. The mediator enforces harmony, peace, law and order. The Trickster is his opposite, he instigates wars, revolts, causes bitterness but also lights the flame of hope, the will to rise up and change be it for good or bad.

Zail, God of Darkness
The hated one, the darkness that is Zail is the necessary evil that comes with light - shadows. He is the source of hatred, fear, disgust. He revels in the hatred and destruction of the races. He is the only one of the Infinity that can truthfully be called evil in every regard. His darkness even corrupts life and death, creating the undead. His followers are many but secretive; assassins, demon lords and necromancers. He bestows many a dark power upon his chosen.

Elana, Goddess of Creation
The goddess of creation is the oldest of gods. She created all the other gods and gave them their tasks in creating Uliar. Her loneliness created Hesele, her rage created Kartan, her fear created Zail, her sorrow Mortina and her hope Suin. Realizing that the powers she had made manifested needed balance she created The Twins out of her pride. Elana as a goddess is worship mainly by Wild Elves and Dwarves. Most minor creation and life deities are tied to her. She bestows her followers with the powers of nature and empathy.

Kartan, God of Destruction
Kartan is the rage of elements, the unforgiving wind, the raging heat, the crushing waves and the trembling earth. Kartan was made so gods could be unmade. He is the strongest aside from Elana and personifies the elements. All minor gods and dieties tied to specific elements are tied to him. His followers tend to be outcasts, warlords and the like. He bestows the power of the elements to his followers.

The World of Uliar

Welcome to the world of Uliar where a mesh mash of kingdoms, countries and sultanates riddle its surface from the deserts to the mountains and down to the lush rainforests. Consisting of 5 major continents and one smaller one. Each with at least 60 smaller kingdoms and a greater political power. Furthermore, there are no less than 7 distinct, intelligent races that make out the populace. Aside from them there are numerous more savage and completely untamed races such as orcs, goblins and ogres.

Playable Races
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The Hari The Hari are commonly referred to elves. They are actually as fractional as humans, but can be divided into three sub races each with their own distinct culture.

Religious and Strong willed. The Luni all share a common worship of the Sun and its light. Their skin is fair and their visages tend to be very pleasant. Long lived to the point their elders have survived 500 years, they have had time to develop and refine their magic. Due to their religious ways they tend to favor holy and healing magic. They have long been feuding with their sisters of the Mahdi-Har.

Common Traits: Fair skin, slightly taller then humans and with pointy ears, frailer built.

Sly and Cunning. Mandi-har are a race that pride themselves in being completely ruthless in battle. Worshiping death itself, they seek perfection trough death. While to human standards they could be considered evil and while it's good to understand that they see it differently, to them all races are imperfect, their own included. To them the only way to perfect them is to wipe everything out and let the gods create anew. This doesn't mean they kill everything on sight - no they are far more ambitious than that. They may level a village to the ground only to save a single child from starvation the day after. It should be mentioned that the Mandihar society tend to favor a strong matriarch society were the women hold most, if not all, true power. Not to say the men are without rights, it's simply a form of women worship. They share a long and bitter feud with the Luni. They favor warriors and rogues.

Common Traits: Pointy ears, dark drey skin, durple or red eyes, white hair.

Agile and Untamed. Wild elves live in forests and on steppes as nomads. They hold great respect for nature and its animals, being careful not to disturb it if possible. That said they also act as its regulator, many times taking upon themselves to hunt down beasts that they feel have grown too accustomed and dangerous for civilization. Unlike their fellow elves the Luni and MAndi, they do not hold a grudge. In fact, they stay mostly neutral to most things. They favor archery.

Common Traits: Pointed ears, commonly brown hair and slightly darker skin color.

Versatile and Driven. The human race is the most spread race. They exist all over Uliar and most regents tend to be Humans. The human race is far from united, as a matter of fact there are so many numbers of smaller kingdoms, realms and states that war is a constant reality for most people.

Common Trait: Normal human traits.

Stubborn and Strong. Dwarves are the oldest civilization known. They have spent thousands of years with mining out the biggest and most treacherous of mountain regions. Stubborn to a fault and with the strength to back it up they have weathered goblin assaults, orc wars and Mandi-Har Raids for millennium. They are great craftsmen when it comes to stone and ore. They favor warriors.

Common Trait: Short and stocky, a lot stronger they your ordinary human. Commonly with a beard.

Misunderstood and Intelligent. The Shadowborne are few in numbers and very secretive. With pale skin, black eyes and ashen grey hair they live in secluded mountain regions in the east. They have an innate ability for dark magic, something that usually earn them scorn from such races as the Luni. They are however no more evil then you and I. They favor magicians.

Common Traits: Black eyes with red irises, pale ski, dark grey hair.

Short lived but Lively. Tindras are a mysterious desert dwelling people with short life spans. They are gorgeous beings with skin that's almost completely golden and fiery red hair. They love dance, music and recreation in every form. They are said to be the oldest of all current intelligent races, predating even the elves. It is also said that they once could live longer then any elf, but the goddes of death cut their lifespan down due to the Tindra becoming to cocky and showing signs of hubris. Due to their short lives they live very hard and extravagant lives. Their women can only bare Tindra children, despite being with men of other races.

Common Traits: Red hair and irises, Golden skin

The northernmost and largest of the of the continents hold the most tyrannical of powers; The Legado Empire which has steadily spread south, and are currently clashing with the kingdom off Ogr. The Legado Empire compromise about two thirds of Ketna. Their Northers Legions consists mostly of humans and Shadowborne that have joined under a common banner - The Green Fox. There have been rumors about a Legado general supposedly having talked about usurping the current tyrant but his exact identity remains a mystery.

The southern continent of Ishna is the smallest. Reffered to as the great Isles, Ishna consists off two smaller pieces of landmass too big to be considered islands, that's surrounded by a pattern of islands. It's a lawless place with numerous independent pirate ports and plenty of corrupt city states. It also harbors the only Mandihar ruled land; Haulintar. Haulintar makes a fortune on slavery and smuggled goods and the land has closed its borders other then for trade and outlawed all other races besides Mandihar everywhere but in the trading town of Lisnam.

Geli is to the east, conjoined with Ketna but separated by dwarven owned mountains. The major power of Geli is the nation of Loung, a old civilization led by a Luni. The United Kingdoms of Zrea, a mesh mash of smaller kingdoms and states untied by a human king. Both Kingdoms have plenty of Luni in their ranks as well as humans and Dwarves. Neither power is anywhere the size of Legado Empire however, but numerous smaller states are involved in alliances and pacts with each state, making each country a hard nut to crack should the Legado ever brave the Geli mountains.

Positioned below Ketna lies a fairly large state that enjoys a tropical climate. It lies by the equator with volcanic ashes and great jungles spreading every which way. Here Lives humans and wild elves mostly. A great elven shaman leads the largest tribe of Wild Elves but is in harmony with the numerous Human Kingdoms.

Great and mighty steppe stretches across the central expanses of this equatorial continent with its deserts to the northwest and their jungles to the south east. A particular group of violent wild elves stake much of said jungle as theirs causing Dwarven settlers to think twice before entering. A bitter conflict is without a doubt growing there. The Sultanetes to the west have been locked in a bitter feud with no end in sight as well, two great lineages clashing in the desert. Both lineages are of Tindra blood strangely enough seeing that Tindras are commonly a peaceful race.

Home of the Silver Leaves, the second biggest of the Continents is place of conflict. The Eleorna politics are a fragile thing, with a great City state called Lussi having a acquired many important trade routes over the years. In turn the Angren Kingdom, a large and powerful war machine presiding over much of northern Eloerna have annexed smaller but wealthy merchant states like Egrelia, the state where the Silver Leaves situated.

List of Countries

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The biggest of the existing world powers. Situated north of Ketna. Population consists of all races but with Humans and Shadowbornes as the major races. Has a large standing army and is constantly at war.

Large Dwarven kingdom. Currently stalling Legados expansions with all its got. Known for housing brave warriors and brilliant tacticians. Currently their situation looks grim as Legado has been successful in pushing them back all the way to their capital.

Haulintar Pirate State
The hub of all major smuggling and pirate operations. It's ruled by Mandi Hars. I'ts borders are closed and its inhabitants xenophobic to the point any non-Mandi is subject to persecution and extreme discrimination.

Zrea is the oldest known kingdom. Its royal bloodline extends to the Mad King himself. Due to their history they are have had a lot of internal as well as external strife. Their population consists mainly of Luni and the Church of Suin have their Main seat in their capital. Due to religious and political influence Zrea has a lot of regional support from smaller states around its borders.

The state of Loung have long warred with its neighbor Zrea until recently. They like Zrea, hold a large Luni population. They are known for its powerful sorcerers and have long exerted its power over neighboring countries, making it on par with Zreas reach of influence.

The richest state in existence, with every major trading route running trough it. Its city is the biggest and most prosperous as well and the city state has begun to show signs of ambition, causing the nearby kingdoms to fear for the worse.

A kingdom of considerable military might. The Angren king is hard pressed to fill its war chest and its infrastructure with gold. Thus it wages war and pretty much steamrolls the minor states by its borders into servitude, feeding off their commerce.

Home to the Silver Leaves, one of the most prestigious mercenary guilds in existence. Egrelia is a small but extremely wealthy state which army consist mainly of mercenaries, hedge knights, cutthroats and others looking to get paid. They are currently under the threat of invasion.

Our Story starts[/i][/size]

In the north-east, a looming shadow is ever encroaching upon the rest of the world. A bold and ruthless General of mixed human and Mandi-har heritage leads the Legato legions to numerous victories aganst the Dwarfes and a wave of civil unrest has followed as countries fear invasion. In the west, kingdoms clash in petty battles for power. Everywhere, bandit and beasts stir up problem. This of course, means that the Silver Leaves have their hands full and their coffins equally such. And its in such times, a few souls, new recruits within this prestigious Guild, set out to make their fortune, and unknowingly change the world.

Welcome to the Silver Leaf Mercenary Guild

“Welcome to the Silver Leaf, recruit. We are the finest mercenary guild you'll ever find. The fact that you are standing here is proof that you are the best. We will groom and train you, make you a warrior, a mage or a rogue that tales will forever immortalize. Well, it's either that or you die a slow and grizzly death at some random beasts maw. But don't forget, fame gets you money and money is what this is all about. Were soldiers of fortune after all. We aid the generals that need the finest as well as the poor downtrodden civilians that was forsaken by negligent militia. Really, as long as there is a need for us, we'll provide. Granted of course, that they pay."
-First Instructor Isabelle G'oir

The Silver Leaves are a legendary mercenary group. And as players you are new recruits within their ranks and nowhere powerful or strong enough as its more hardened warriors, but you are capable to hold your own. Your were also selected for various reasons, as the guild provides a number of services and needs specialists, be it stealthy rogues to brave warriors. The emphasis here lies in working in groups, using teamwork and cunning. Everyone has a weakness, and everyone has their strengths.

Making a profile

Your arch type is where your strengths lie. Agility, Toughness, Strength, Magic and all that good stuff. This is not to limit you per say. Your attacks and the way you create your character is still up to you, but everyone has a weakness. You may be strong and fast, but you lack any magic or maybe your quick and able to summon magic power, but your frail. In short this is so that there can be balanced and besides, everyone has a role on the battlefield.


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Name: (First and last)
Age: (No younger then 18)

Personality will include:

Archtype: (I.e Summoner, Archer etc etc, Up to you)

Equipment will include ...

Weapons: (Maximum of two, dual wielding counts as one)
Abilities: (2 spells/Abilities: Ie elemental control: Fire; allows the character to control fire.)
Misc: Armor, specific tools of trade etc etc

Description ...


History will include ...

Background: (Where did you grow up, did you lead a happy life, why did you join the guild?)
Country of Origin: (Either from one of the listed major countries or a small state of your own design (if your own, provide a brief description of said country)
Weapon: (Primary and secondary)


Username: IrishWolf

Name: Chath Varak
Age: 29

Archtype: Crossbowman
Peronality: Chath is a man effected by wanderlust. He is never happy staying in one place for a long time, always itching to go out and see whats down the road or over the river. Steady in a fight, he calmly fires and reloads his chosen weapon, even as the chaos of battle swirls around him. A fondness for drink is in his blood and he enjoys his wine and wrenching, often spending a good share of his pay on drink, women and gambling when payday and a tavern are about.

Weapons: composite crossbow and a katzbalger ( a short sword with a rounded tip and S guard, worn without a sheath)
Abilities: Deadshot and quick reload
Misc: a thin arming doublet of red, quilted wool and a brigandine (torso armor of leather, with steel plates riveted to the inside) for armor, a canteen, pack, bedding roll, belt pouch, dagger, quiver full of quarrels for his crossbow, sharping stone, small hammer, extra rivets.

Race: human
Appearance:  A rather stocky fellow, standing about five feet and six inches tall and decently muscled. He's not a handsome man but to say he was ugly would be untrue. The skin on his face and arms has been tanned by years out in the elements, with the rest of him being only a few shades lighter. His hands, arms, torso and legs have several dozen old scars, from where a foe got around his defenses or where a lucky archer put an arrow. His brow is also marked with an almost razor straight scar. His hair is a darkish brown, about shoulder length and tied back with a leather strap in a simple ponytail. Hard gray eyes peer over his broad nose. His best feature is his strong, square jaw. He does his best to keep shaven but most of the time the best he can do is to scrap the growing whiskers off with his knife, leaving an almost permanent five o'clock shadow on his face. Nine small silver rings are looped through his right ear and his left has a ruby stud in the earlobe. He can often be found wearing a green tunic, brown trousers, a thick leather belt and heavy leather boots.

Background: Born the son of a city guardsman and a wool merchant's daughter, Chath was raised in a fairly stable household, with a half dozen older sisters. Taught to read and write by his mother,  when he wasn't out escaping his siblings and exploring the great trade city. His father also taught him of weapons and fighting skills, when the youth was caught, intending his son to become a guardsmen like himself. However, Chath was bitten at an early age by wanderlust and near the age of sixteen, as his mother was plotting his marriage, he took off with a merchant train, offering his services as a guard. Over the years, he as travel all about Eleorna with merchants. He prefers smaller bands, as they look like easier prey for bandits and other less then lawful folks, thus increasing the change of attack, which in turn increases his wages and offers an opportunity to loot to the dead. Over the passed thirteen years, he's gain three things, a reputation as a crack shot, two well made weapons and some good armor. All three of theses got him an invitation to join the  Silver Leaf company
Country of Origin: Lussi



I am *obviously* in.

Character Sheet LIN

Name:     Linwë “Lin” Anwamanë
Age:    unknown; the concept of time in limitation of years is lost upon her people.


Archtype:    hunter/tracker
To say anything about her personality on a whole it must be understood that at the base of it all she is unforgivably apathetic to human nature, bordering on a chaotic destructionism. Beyond this she has been ingrained with personality traits common to her people; she is uncomplaining of her surroundings, even though ‘city life’ incited an unflinching disgust and she finds little to no redeemable qualities in civilization or the civilized. She covets a pack mentality that offers a loyalty to those she views as her own. Believes life is cyclical and there is no need to apologize for wrongs past done just as there is need to feel guilt when stealing air from the sky. It would never be said that she is kind, nor cruel, though she leans more closely towards the first in one on one interaction and more closely to the latter in social interactions. When in the company of strangers her mannerisms are tense and highly alert, even more so within city limits. Her interactions with others are usually forced; she saw little merit in conversation, though running, tracking, hunting, fighting and fucking brought momentary glimpses of life to eyes otherwise bored of the world crumbling around her.


  • Wild'Har Long bow & Back braced Quiver- an artistic sublimation of unseen war, crafted of Crys grove trees so delicately refined that it fails to reflect light giving it the appearance of invisibility, extremely accurate at long range; the arrows themselves are nearly 3 feet with long broad barbed tips of gold, the flights are long multicolored feathers of the Gillarie bird that almost seem to sing, the nocks reinforced by the horns of deer.
  • Dual Head Axe- in contrast to the bow, the wood used in the creation of the axe comes from the Skellim Bone tree, aptly named for the trees hearty bone structure that requires a substance of similar or more intense strength to even chip. The blades themselves are thick sharpened planks of a diamond like material, protruding from each side, The material is said to drink the blood spilled and so rarely is the color anything but a hellish red once the weapon has been used.
  • Ability to communicate with animals- Not all of the Wild'Har posses this ability, though communication takes place on many different levels. While Lin has established the ability to convey not only present, but past and future tense, it is rumored that there are Wild'Har with the ability to create a psychic bond and/or become so entwined in creature understanding that shifting is possible. And to simply say someone speaks to animals, does not always equate to animals listening.
  • Draw upon environment as a cloak (Chameleon). Simply a learned response to a quiet secluded society. Full submersion requires an intense focus of energy that is rarely available during an actual battle, but quite easy to obtain during a lengthy hunt. The majority of Wild'Har of the Hyllara region possess such ability.
  • Intelligence, unless used in the art of dominance, was a trait lacking value to the Wild’Har and was rarely cultivated in any academic sense. She lacks the ability to read or write and her grasp of bi-pedal communication is a coin toss.
  • Animalistic in nature she rarely thinks towards the future and is easily overwhelmed by a fight or flight mentality. Her value of animal instinctive alpha and omega types often leads her to misjudge the abilities of non-warrior based skills. Often oblivious to social cues.
  • Wears necklaces and pendants that when 'played' can call to her own people and animals at lengthy distances which her own voice box limits.
  • (No relation to necromancers)All armor upon the Wild'Har comes from the dead Orcs, Humans, Elves or Beasts that she herself has dispatched. In times of war the skull's of humans rests on her shoulder. The dried tongues of Deviks (smaller, dragon like creature) wrap around her arms, legs and midsection. The sharpened tooth of an Orc hangs from her forehead, providing a constant crosshair. Intestines of the Sliaw (snake-like) are treated and molded into shoes.


Race:    Wild’Har

While in the city it would be extremely rare to see her without a full cloak and head covering, knowing that her people are a rarity and often create a tense and aggressive reaction in others.


Country of Origin:    Southeast jungle region of the Hyllara
She was born into a happy tribe, though a tribe rife with war. The two occurrences were not unrelated, nor entirely conducive to each other. They often had much to celebrate, their children were born strong and their food supply was plentiful, the natural disasters that struck them were gifts of renewal and the land that they nomadically traveled on was well protected from outsiders and tainting influence by the 100’s of Wild’Har tribes that called the Hyllara home. While war was a consistent, it was viewed as a way of life as much as ceremonies and feasts, dancing by the fire and hunting as a pack, all of which were actions that could be threatened only by a cease in the war that kept outsiders away.

Her people were sub sectioned to a pack of Devik’s, which created a natural and fluid balance for the Devik species. They left much waste, which could contaminate the water and land for days if unchecked; they roamed with uncareful tread, occasionally to close to protected areas, such as the grove of the Crys or the edges of the jungle. It was the Wild’Har that reused the wasted carcasses, that pressed the roaming Deviks back into the jungle, for their own protection and the protection of the outlaying cities.

It was once she had left the confines of the jungle, the protection of her people that Lin began to understand the growing importance for Kartan to rise up towards the great destruction, a need for a new beginning that only Kartan could offer them all. They were surrounded by ‘sinners’, peoples and lands that had lost any light of hope and had a lack of connection to nature that chilled her and sent nightmares to follow her even when she was awake. Her people had been wrong to praise Elana and Kartan both for Elana had turned on them, creating vanity and selfishness that bred like rabies in the mouths of the people.

She returned to the jungle, only to ‘harness’ the Devik’s and lead them crushing into some of the cities closer to the jungle. Her vision was red, her mind went blank as it seemed Kartan himself had embodied her and the stampede she brought down upon the unsuspecting villages. Her own people quelled the attack and returned the jungle without her, disowning her and leaving her scorned and resentful of the world around her. She was shaking from a rage and use of her own power that had temporarily weakened and blinded her. She was like this when they found her, the pirates.

They knew of her people’s strength and viciousness in a feral sense, so like any dog they placed her into a metal cage beneath the deck and with no view or feel of nature or the sky. She quickly became depressed and withdrawn. It was Iano who probed the little beast with a stick and when she refused to move he spoke to her. Truly she had lost everything except for the truth that this world was filled with many things and she had yet to see one that deserved to survive. Not herself, not even Iano, whom soon she knew by the sound of his steps and though she didn’t speak he continued to speak to her.

It was in this way that she arrived so far from home, in such a strange place: Iano who released her one day while at a port after having made sure the boat was barely gaurded. It was this niceness that confused and confounded her, enthralling her to him so that she quickly swelled against him, taking in his scent, and then she ran. She ran for days, weeks? She avoided cities and slept in trees. She ate wild meat raw and listened to the animals, forlorn in their small numbers. She told them all how lost she felt, that her purpose was so gray, yet so defined. Destruction was required for a new beginning. Judgment had been cast. Now she just needed to find a tool in which to deliver it. And this is when she decided to track the Iano, perhaps piracy was the outlet she would use.

It took months for her to capture the scent, months in which she would venture into cities while attempting to control a nausea that seemed to overwhelm her being. And it was within one of these huge cities that she finally found him. This is how she came to find Silver Leaf, tracking the Tindra into the walls. And it was here that she would find her outlet of purpose.
.monsters <3 exist.


Give me an hour or two to come home from work and I'm game for a character sheet!  ;D


Username: Hellis
Name: Iano Kizali
Age: 21 (To a tindra, this is past middle age, most don't make it to 30)


Personality: He is a tindra in every sense of the word. Despite his unusual passion for combat, he is still every bit as exuberant, every bit as flashy as his fellow kin. He loves to indulge in everything, including combat and lacks a lot of common restraint. Very loving, open minded and more then a bit promiscuous as well. As such the tavern brawls and brothel visits of his past is something of a legend.

In combat, he becomes a creature of death. His “battle lust” is something of a problem. His tribe calls it “The Red Love”, basically it means he enjoys the sight of blood far to much. When he succumbs to this state, he sometimes ends up with memory gaps. He can still deduce friends from foes while in it but will respond to any perccieved hostily with extreme retaliation. He does lament on the people he have killed only because ha cannot remember killing them. As former pirate his moral compass is a bit skewed.


Mandi Saber
This exceptionally cruel looking saber is a souvenir taken from his visit in the harbors of Ix. Its designed for slashing mainly but like any good saber, it may be used for stabbing. Its made from some very high quality steel and is a well crafted and deadly piece.
Orch Cleaver.
This weapon was torn from the hands of a dead orch in a act of desperation, yet it has become a steady companion to the Tindra. It's a weapon that's the size of a short sword, but functions more like a axe then a sword. Like a cleaver actually used in the kitchen, it has only one sharp side. Its also weighted so that one swing can build enough momentum to cut into trough decently armored limbs. Or, if angled  right, go straight into a rib or shoulder despite heavy armor.

Misc Equipment: He usually wears a set if leather armor to battle. it privdes some, albeit minimal protection. It consist of bracers, a chest piece, back piece and shin guards. He always keep a wine skin or bottle at hand.

Abilities and skills

Red Love : The thing that sets this Tindra apart form other of his race is Red Love. Whenever he is absorbed by this near ersek state of mine, he becomes many times more reactive, pain dulls and his movementss become seeminmgly unreal in their precision and speed.

H'kazhan Grugnah : H'kazhan or more commonly “Savage Dicipline”, is the art of wielding orchish weaponry. It has become its own thing becouse no other race really can mimic their unique strenght and brutality. Instead, their weapons, crude and unwieldy, have become the subject of a style adapted for more civilized folks.  It focuses on grabbing and getting in close with your one handed weapon of choice. There is also a form called  H'kazhan Kakris that is meant for two handed orch weapons.

Personal Info:

Race: Tindra

To say the young man is handsome looking would be.. misleading. He finds himself grazed with a certain gender ambiguity. His features are far softer then the average male, to the point where if wears clothes tha were fit more for a woman, one might second guess his gender. He has some rather thick lips and eyelashes certainly do not help. The Tindra paint he wears only add to the conundrum as well: never the less, he feels its a blessing more then a curse, and endless source of amusement. He favors light clothing, often go as far as to walk around bare chested. His hair and eyes are the typical dark red color of his people just as his skin is the vibrant golden hue they have become known for. He further this image by wearing the make up traditional to his particular tribe and numerous of piecings., He can also be seen sprting a faceveil, but thats mainly to throw people off.

Background: Born on the Dunes, to a tribe of Tindras living under the Human Sultanate of Iela, Iano was a child with a strange omen. He was born under a red moon. To the Tindras this meant he would not only continue the tradition of living uninhibited, but his soul would have increasingly powerfull flame. One that would burn the brightest when surrounded with death. TO the humans, this meant he would be drawn to combat and bloodshed. How right they both turned out to be. Even at the age of 5, where Tindras usually begin to take interest in music and artistry, Iano picked up a sword. Of course, this came to no suprsie to hs parents. Instead, they did what they could to make sure he did not hurt himself.

At the age of 9, he was apt at wielding it, albeit to small and to young to properly grasp the concept of swordsmanship. That's when he traveller came to the village. The man, Eingar Thornwill, was travelling weapon merchant and a avid duellist. He soon heard of the boy and set Ianos parents down. He offered to care for the boy, and help him develop his skill. In turn, he would give the village something they desperatly needed, a new well. His parents accepted and even Ianos was at peace with it. Becouse Tindras live short life, they grow independent far earlier then the avarage man.

Iano travelled with Eingar until his twelfth birthday. Deemed a adult by Tindra standards, the boy was given his own sword, a few days worth of food, some gold and the direction to the docks. Eingar had trained the boy with a specific goal in mind. He was sending him to a old friend, a human smuggler. Said smuggler needed young, agile and skilled people on his crew, as they would be able to act as couriers. Ianos smuggling career was cut short however, as Mandi Har corsairs raided the vessel on his very first trip. He was one of two prisoners deemed worthy to live. The reason being that he was easy on the eyes, and that he had no problem entertaining the women and men on board.

Iano grew to become a proper member of the crew as the years passed. And his state of mind, “the red love”  began to surface. This of course, was a delight for his cruel comrades that relished in the boys natural born killing instincts. He began to grow accustomed to the way these Death Worshippers carried themselves. He found their belief in perfection trough death most liberating, and began to incorporate their style of saber fencing with his own,

Once again however, he would find himself in new company. After their ship suffered mutiny, he sided with the captain. Their side lost, and rather then die in combat, he threw himself overboard. He managed to swim ashore, as they had only barely left the harbor. He ended up wandering for a few months before he once more ran into Eingar, now a silver leaf mercenary. The old mentor listened to Ianos story, and told Iano with a grin on his lips.

“You were made for the Silver Leaves kid.”

Country of Origin:Iela, A small sultanate on Hyllara. The small nation is a vassal sate to one of the larger Sultanates, Omezha. Its Calif maintains a small private army on the behest of his Sultan, but the country is largely at peace.


Iano looks fantastic! Also, can not wait to see what this Wargtass has to offer. After a *brief* stalking I think I want to keep him!
.monsters <3 exist.


This looks really interesting.  Is there still spots open?


Quote from: Noxxi on January 14, 2013, 04:17:00 PM
Iano looks fantastic! Also, can not wait to see what this Wargtass has to offer. After a *brief* stalking I think I want to keep him!

People keep saying that. It would seem I have somehow built up a reputation that walks before me...

That said, had to work late but I'm doing the Character right now.


Sorry I took so long! I was having difficulty creating a sorceress with a spell maximum of 2. Anyways, here she is!

Username: Modesty

Name: Vala Rovain

Age: 19

Personality will include:

Archtype: Sorceress

Peronality: In the grand scheme of things and amongst the company, Vala is relatively unlearned in the ways of the world. Her youth, even comparend to the Tindra and her own people, is made up for with a strong presence and impressive skill. Vala is one of the people in the world you can simply feel when she walks into a room: confident, calm, intimidating. Her upbringing as an outcast has left her quiet but she is far from demure. Many find this unsettling.

When Vala does speak, it has a purpose and in such many will listen. She is not a woman for small talk, and finds little need for lies. She has a very straight foreward way in her conversations. However, Vala is fond of word play and puns and this will surface if she grows comfortable enough. Along with that comfort will surface a darkly flirtatious personality sure to rev anyone’s engine.

Equipment will include ...

Weapons: Vala dual wields two curved daggers: Agar and Coia. Vala also is skilled with the use of a staves though it is not a preference and she doesn’t carry one.


• Fear – User causes fear in target. Can be generic, or hallucinating of phobias.

• Control Element: Shadow – User has the ability to commune with the shadows. This can cause darkness, overhear conversations, discover knowledge, and other things yet unknown.

Description ...

Race: Shadowborne

Appearance: Vala is the epitome of her race. The ethereal woman stands a little below average height at five foot three, graceful and lithe, granted with soft curves that made reminder of her fairer sex. The sorceress’ endowed figure is commonly in black robes with slits up the side so it does not hinder her movement, with a dropping bust line. The fabric is lavish though far from impractical, the quality of all her materials high end. The entire ensemble is form-fitting, including her thigh-high leather boots in which she sheaths her daggers.  She is well-suited to her snowy homelands.

Her skin is like porcelain, and almond eyes as black as night, with red iris the colour of blood. A faint blush of petal-pink, bow lips and a flush of cheeks is all that distinguishes her as life from doll. Her body remains generally unmarred despite sight of action. Pretty face is framed with white-grey locks, silken and long. Like many of her kind, Vala favours above all else a high degree of personal hygiene, with grooming a matter of importance in her mind.

Vala is both fearsome, despite her small stature, and beautiful.

History will include ...

Background: It was a village as far north in Ketna as any dared to travel that the life of Vala began. Born into a loving family and community, her young life was immersed in the culture of her people.  Life was difficult in the relentless winters, but their people had adapted. Here she learned determination, duty and the strength in community. It was a peaceful life, mixed between hard work and celebration. These times were not to last.

Vala was still young when she began showing signs of ability in the dark magic that became innate to her people. What was surprising was the sheer strength of her young power. She was praised, foretold that she would become a great sorceress. With heavy hearts her parents sent their only daughter, of barely five, south to Loung where the most prestigious magic schools existed. It was there that Vala learned humility.

Within Loung it quickly became apparent that she was a minority. The culture shock was great; from a village of all Shadowborne she was thrust into a society where her peoples were almost nil. Rather than exotic her time within school labeled her an outcast by the other Luni children who couldn’t understand not only her appearance but the dark source from which her heightened abilities seemed to come. It was only through the careful guardianship of her teacher than she survived unmarred and far from disheartened. He taught her to hone her skills, and Vala flourished. She found solace in her connection to the shadowed world.

Upon graduation from the academy Vala was immediately recruited for The Silver Leaves. She saw this as opportunity to prove herself; perhaps not publically, but to herself, to make her family and teachers proud. The world she had been exposed to was corrupt and cruel, but perhaps in time she could help things to change.

Country of Origin: Legado
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Username: Jecter

Name: Belisar Justinios
Age: 26

Archtype: Sergent
Peronality: As a sergent in the Konstantinos Legion he has a very no-nonsense attitude in a fight. He expects the people under him to follow orders when he barks at them in the middle of a fight. Off the battlefield he is a bit more relaxed, encouraging those he is responsible for to come and speak with him if there are any issues, especially if they think a plan could be done better if they did something different. He does not like losing men, and tries to minimize any deaths in his squad, though the objective always takes precedence.
After the failed defense of Konstantinos he has been wracked by guilt whenever he has time to think and reflect, often wondering what he could have done differently to save the lives of his men.
Equipment will include ...
Weapons: Belisar has a spear and a schiavona, a straight bladed slashing and stabbing sword with a fancy basket hilt.
Abilities: Tactical Command: Belisar has talents of commanding men in a fight.
                        Gifted Swordsman: Belisar is very good with a blade
Misc: Mail shirt and round shield of a cavalryman from the Konstantinos Legions. His horse died in a fighting retreat and he has been unable to replace it. Backpack with a change of clothes, whetstone, food and what little money he has.

Description ...

Race: Human
Appearance: Belisar is a tall well built man, strong from years of practice with weapons. His hair is brown and curly, hanging down around his ears. A scar runs from the top of his nose across his cheek to the jawline, which he acquired fighting bandits six years ago. He stays clean shaven when he can but there is usually a few days of stubble across his face which he is keen to get rid of as soon as he can.

History will include ...

Background: Belisar grew up in Konstantinos, the son of a member of the Legion and a camp follower. With that as his history he was pretty well garunteed to enroll in the Legion as soon as he was old enough. At fourteen he was running messeges and by sixteen he was attached to the captain in charge of Legions cavalry. By eighteen he was a cavalry trooper himself and by 23 he was commanding a small troop of men after showing particular promise after his predecessor was killed in a raid from one of the city states that had a dislike for Konstantinos.

Then two years ago Konstantinos was invaded by Angren. The first battle was at Adrinope, a farming community on Konstantinos' border. A flanking maneuver led by Herakles, captain of the first company of the Legion, almost won the battle but the Angren held firm and it was the Legion who had to retreat or be cut off by a second Angren army marching on Konstantinos. During the retreat Belisar and his fellow cavalrymen formed the rearguard, and it was here that his horse was killed, along with many of his squad's beasts and so he was attached to one of the companies of infantry to replace lost men.

A second battle happened just outside the walls of Konstantinos itself. Belisar and his men were being held in reserve but a huge push from the Angren broke a part of the Legion line. Belisar and his squad rushed to plug the gap but though they checked it momentarily the enemy began to break through in other areas and the Legion broke to fall back to the city.

After a six month siege the city council surrendered on the condition that there was to be no looting. Angren agreed to this and Konstantinos was absorbed into the Angren kingdom. Not wanting to continue serving his conquerors, Belisar left and made his way to Egrelia. He had heard that Angren was threatening that city state, and there was a rather prestigious mercenary band based there as well. With that in mind he set off for the city, and has just arrived. 
Country of Origin: Konstantinos, former city-state on Eleorna that was absorbed by the Angren.

Sometimes it was simply cheaper to send goods overland than it was to hire a ship to carry them. Konstantinos filled this need on the continent of Eleorna, built around a hub that was a natural stopping point for trade wagons. The need for protection brought a small but highly disciplined army of infantry, with small cavalry units that were scouts and skirmishers. Things went well for a while, though being landlocked Konstantinos never could rival the wealth of the coastal cities, it did steady trade across the interior of the continent as well as selling food and timber to the coastal trade centers.

The misfortune of Konstantinos was in being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Angren was expanding and though the Konstantinos Legion, as their army was called, fought valiantly it was crushed by superior numbers and more maneuverable cavalry. In the end the city council submitted to Angren and continued their existence, very humbled and considerably poorer in men and materials.

Konstantinos was originally built up by humans, though like many centers of trade it attracted its fair share of other races, though Mandi-Har are rare and Shadowborne almost non-existant. The Legion accepts any sort of recruit though obviosly recruits are assigned based on restrictions, like there are almost no dwarven cavalry troopers and very few Tindra in the Legion at all, and the few who are are usually away from the actual fighting. The infantry of the Legion are heavily armed and armoured, with half-plate and tower protecting them and heavy spears and short swords to deal out the damage. The cavalry are protected by a simple mail shirt and helmet, though more can be added at the troopers own expense. They have a round cavalry shield and are armed with long slashing swords and light spears along with a bucket full of javelins. 


With this many people allready. I might aswell throw up the OOC.

Wargtass: As a fellow swede. I am a ware of your timezones XD
Modesty: I would have wanted it in a PM first. But never the less: Accepted
Kythia:There is spots open. This is fairly big RP


I'm writing up a character sheet now using an character I created a while back, but didn't really get to develop and see in action.  I really want to play him!

He's actually quite similar to Noxxi's character, but I hope that's okay.  He can play a more ranger and pathfinder-like role than that of a hunter and tracker >__>
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Just spent all night creating a nation, so I am parched. You won't see it until its character posting time though. :P

But expect me to bring something a bit more brute force to the table whichever way it goes. Just to balance it all out a bit, ya know...




Wargtass: Hm, I'd like to think that my character has a lot of strength, but does not have the proper training and equipment to fully utilize them.  I'm giving my character a lot of room to develop in to something else.  Now that I think about it, I suppose I could change him to an assassin instead of a ranger.
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My own will probably start at the opposite side of the spectrum. He's probably near the peak of his martial prowess, but knows very little about how the real world works. It will be interesting to see what you bring to the table!


Quote from: CarnivorousBunny on January 15, 2013, 02:00:40 AM

Wargtass: Hm, I'd like to think that my character has a lot of strength, but does not have the proper training and equipment to fully utilize them.  I'm giving my character a lot of room to develop in to something else.  Now that I think about it, I suppose I could change him to an assassin instead of a ranger.

I'd say that what you got works best for Pathfinder/ranger type of character.

Wargtass plans to play as straight up brute, while i see yours to be strong and athletic, But the kind of strength you see in a woodsman. That and the yummy pic >_>. Because I love the mask.

Sara Nilsson

ooo VERY interested. let me start whipping up a cute dwarven maiden right away :)


Allright. Everyone who has posted in here can send me their PM's when they are done with them. The signup for now is closed untill I process all the characters. Trying to to keep this as leveled as possible.

Also. This will be highly story and character driven. Of course, we will let pour characters have their fun, but I will try to keep a plot running best I can and make sure there is a good balance. Now I am not sure where to put this yet. I hate to limit people in their approach to what their characters do after all. But for my own sanity, I stay away from certain hardcore themes.


Username: CarnivorousBunny

Name: Kor (his family name has long been forgotten)
Age: Twenty-six


Archtype: Ranger
Peronality: Kor is a very serious man with as little knowledge in proper etiquette as he has sense of humor.  Rough, simple, and hardened by his unfortunate circumstances, he is not very good company for those looking for a good time.  He is unable to resolve disputes and uncomfortable things verbally without being reminded, and always resorts to violence or simple avoidance first.  This man has no patience for politics and does not understand why things cannot be as simple as they are in the wild.
However he is extremely reliable and able in the realms of combat and adventure, making him a great questing partner (so long as he is not the face of the party).  He places his duties and responsibilities first, and cares for safety of his companions.
Kor, despite what others may thing, is not so much heartless and detached as he is detached and unsure how to connect with others. 


Crude Longbow and Arrows
While they looks rickety and graceless, it is actually a very reliable and sturdy bow, perfected from years of trial and error. (With a little help from the many archers and weapon smiths Kor has met in his lifetime)  It is used primarily for hunting rather than battle.

Two short swords
These swords are not top quality, or particularly impressive, but they are, again, reliable and durable enough.  These swords are on the lighter side, meant for quick and close combat against natural skins and armors rather than metal plated foes.  On his right hand is a typical short sword for stabbing, and on his left is a scimitar meant for slashing.

Eyes of a true hunter
Through both instinct and experience, Kor is able to locate weak points and soft spots in exotic opponents and preys, allowing him to take them down as quickly as possible.

Friend of Nature
This is something Kor likes to call Elana's blessing.  Ever since he was a boy, Kor managed to disappear in to forests and other natural surroundings, as if he was being shrouded by nature itself.  When faced with natural dangers like pits, lesser waterfalls and angry beasts, he has always managed to come out of it lucky and alive (although not necessarily in one piece).  His eyes are also remarkably tuned to the natural world, making him an excellent pathfinder and guide.

Misc: Never really having had a proper set of clothes since he was eight, Kor's only professionally crafted parts of his garb are his shoes, his pack, and his swords.  His armor is made from the mismatched hides of the toughest creatures lurking in the south eastern jungles.  His armor covers his chest, shoulders, joints and his legs.

Personal Information

Race: Human

Under his mask, Kor has a strong jaw, cold eyes, and a scar running across his face from the right side of his forehead to his left cheek.  Kor has many scars all over his body from his 'unique' upbringing, but this particular one is his first and most significant scar.  This scar was a gift from a cruel face-stealing monster that killed his mother.

Over the years, bitterness and anger have taken a toll on him, cutting lines into his face, making him look much older than his young age of twenty-six, and his blue-gray eyes give off the look of a hardy survivor.  He stands much taller than most human men, and from years of living alone in the wilderness as a wild-child have given him an almost inhuman toughness and agility.  His air is savage and frightening to most.

Background: His story is a rather remarkable one, and Kor himself credits his survival to the intervention and blessings of Elana herself.
Kor is the last remaining member of a large group of nomadic gypsies, that specialized in illusions and healing.  The young boy once dreamed he would be a talented mage, just like his mother. These entertaining illusions were the main source of income of their caravan.

Tragedy struck shortly after Kor started his lessons, in the form a particularly malicious of demons. The caravan was attacked, many of them were slaughtered.  Right before his eyes a monster tried to finish off his unconscious mother.  Kor tried to stop it with the only spell he knew: a burst of light.  Amused, the monster cut him and made him watch as it took his mother's face before she disappeared in to the night.
For much of his early life, Kor was living off the forest like a wild animal.

After the tragedy Kor lost interest in developing whatever magic talent he possessed, retaining only the one spell that saved his life.  He is currently more than just a proficient ranger and scout, he is an excellent pathfinder and an alert guard. 
Instead of spending years in the classroom, he spent years in constant danger, traveling and learning the ways of the land.  He knows the whole south east end of Uliar like the back of his hand.

Kor has not completely shut society out.  He does not choose to live with people, but he is perfectly aware of the concept of trade and money.  For as long as he can remember he has taken many odd jobs, and sold skins and bones of wild animals.  But he known in the south eastern corner of Uliar as a guide and body guard.  For small groups of merchants and travelers in a rush, he takes them through quicker routs through the jungle paths, safe even from the wild elves.

Word of Kor's abilities (not to mention his unique circumstances) spread through the mouths of these merchants, and eventually reached the Silver Leaves.  It was then they sent a messenger to invite him to the guild.  The idea of a more constant source of income and opportunities to explore new places intrigued him, although how long he's willing to stay away from the jungle that protects him is uncertain.

Country of Origin: Southeast Hyllara is where he settled down, but his original homeland is unknown to him.
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Cool.  Will start on a character now, hope to get it you by the end of the day.


Username: Wargtass

Name: Corto Kartios (Kartios means Servant of Kartan, all Templars bear the same surname to signify kinship)
Age: 25

Archtype: Elemental Warrior

Personality: Like all Templars of Kartan, Corto is a stoic and disciplined warrior. Unlike most however, there is a part of his heart that is consumed by a passion for life. He wants to experience the world outside of Mt.Kartan and all its pleasures. Even so, he still holds a very silent and contemplative demeanor, finding it hard to express himself like the outsiders or even his own people does. The ordinarily fearless warrior is often a bit shocked or disturbed by the nature of people around him, but is willing to adapt to learn as much as possible. The kind and a bit innocent man is totally exchanged when battle commence however. To the Templars and Corto in particular, there is no difference between a bar room brawl or a battle to the death against monstrosities from the deep. Once the ravenous wrath in his heart is turned loose, there isn't much that can stop the onslaught. Some would call him a deeply disturbed individual, perhaps even a psychopath. But truth is he just doesn't know yet.
Weapons: Templars are forbidden to use any weapons. Their gauntlets however are crafted to channel the elemental energies which they are capable of unleashing. Corto owns such a pair, nothing more.

Abilities: Elemental Control: Fire and Earth. He has yet to master the more flowing and fleeting powers of water and air.

Misc: Templar armor, thick and heavy enough to stop crossbow bolts and give dragons toothache. Otherwise he only owns a dufflebag with some personal belongings and a thick travellers cloak.
Race: Human

Appearance: There was a time when the Templars were fast, agile and light warriors who only wore thin loose-fitting robes. Once such things as crossbows started to show up that became a problem however. Today Templars are large, muscular behemoths in armor that would make ordinary men question the possibility of wearing it day in and day out. Corto is no exception, though he's not as stocky as his brothers and sisters. Yet his strength was unrivalled in the monastary and the others simply figured he was especially blessed. His face shows a slight bit of steppefolk heritage, but with sharper angles more akin to a Ketna-dweller's. His red hair is closely cropped and his beard kept to some stubbles or less with careful grooming. Ultimately he is quite the average looker.
Background: The day Corto was born was a rather special one. The High Templar had recently fallen in an eruption from the abyss and was being lowered into the volcano as the new High Templar Oren Ray was approached with the news of the birth. He came to the newly child and laid his hand on him, feeling the fire burning within. Corto's father held his mother back as the High Templar took the child from her and left. She was screaming death and curses after the new Master of the Temple.

As all other Templars Corto was raised with harsh discipline, stoic contemplation and grueling combat exercises. Early on Oren Ray noticed great potential in the youth, but also great strife in his soul. The young boy often tried to sneak out of the monastary and questioned any wisdom that his teachers had to offer. Fearing that he would become corrupted by curiosity and a will to explore the outside world, Oren Ray took the boy in to teach him personally. Corto learnt to respect the Grand Master for his wisdom and his unforgiving temperament. He once ordered some older children to beat Corto severly for peeping in on the girls' hot spring. As he reached his teenage years the punishments became crueler in a bid to discourage him from further expressions of his free spirit. "He's more of a Windborn now that I think of it" Oren once exclaimed "and the wind just encourage the fire!"

As he reached maturity the High Templar finally seemed content with the schooling Corto had received. He had become a fine Templar, his curiosity and wanton lust for life finally under lock and key. He was given a year of service at the Entrance, the main way into the temple for visiting pilgrims. For the first time in his life he saw something other than human, but he couldn't find the words in his mind to express his suppressed excitement to the fact. Furthermore he couldn't put a finger on the feeling in the back of his head when a girl started visiting the Temple every day, each time making eye contact with him and smiling. Had he still been the teenager that enjoyed taking baths with his fellow Templars-to-be he might have recognized that feeling, but the years of tutelage under Oren Ray had subdued his free mind.

A year passed with the same girl passing by him every day at the exact time when he stood guard, even when his hours changed. He struggled with thoughts about this girl but could no longer share them with his fellows. Even among the other Templars he was considered a bit behind. An excellent warrior, but Oren Ray had ruined him, some whispered as he passed them. He knew there was something missing, but he couldn't remember what, and when he tried to concentrate on it, the girl popped up in his head. When the High Templar decided to reinforce the Black Gate down below, he knew he wouldn't have another chance to find out. He changed hours with another guard, getting the evening hours. As always the girl came walking through the shadows and this time she had an older woman with her. As they passed him, the woman cried and Corto finally realized what was missing.

As he was moved down to the Black Gate his mind was ablaze with thoughts and feelings he couldn't described. The monotone of standing watch at the Gate only furthered his contemplations, far from the stoic meditations of the other Templars. His dreams were haunted by images printed with flame on charcoal, fleeting away as they quickly burned with a crackling sound. One night on watch he was overcome at the gate and had a lustfilled moment with his fellow guard. Not a sound disturbed them, even as the Gate silently slid open and closed. The same night the fiery demon that had slipped through set a large abode ablaze before it was banished, killing several families. Oren Ray in turn decided to banish Corto until he had atoned for his sins in the eye of Kartan and the Templars. Wrought with guilt and confusion the young warrior was cast out from the only place he had ever known.

He would find however that even as a Templar Errant, questing for penance, he was welcomed in many a city. Firstly in the halls of the dwarves where dwarven devouts took him in. Repenting or not, the Templars were the living servants of Kartan and wandering shrines. For years he would wander the world, always finding a home in each city and always finding comfort in the open starlit sky. Once again he felt a strange sensation within him, as if he had yearned for this for his whole life. Not even the grim reality of the world could break his illusion, he simply brought the wrath of Kartan to those that were wicked in his eyes. The road to the Silver Leaves was just the beginning of his journey, a pitstop where he could gain new experiences. Or so he thought...

Country of Origin: Mt.Kartan is a volcano within the Ogr Kingdom, said to be the home of Kartan, God of Destruction and Master of the Elements. In times ancient the dwarves of the mountain, then named Mt.Vhargan after its inhabiting dwarven clan, began digging into and beneath the great mountain. Down there they found precious gems and metals which made them into one of the riches and most powerful clans in Ogr. The further down they mined though, the more aloof and agressive they became, overcome with a greed and paranoia more powerful than the original dwarven curse. In the end they dug too deep and found an ancient evil which enslaved them, spewing out hordes of evil twisted Vhargan clanners and terrible monsters from the abyss beneath the mountain. It was a dark time in the ancient history of Ogr.

At this time a gathering of human warriors came to the High King of Ogr and offered him their help in exchange for the ownership of the mountain. Believing the handful of humans wouldn't succeed where his mighty armies had failed, the King laughingly agreed and gave his oath to them. The mystic men and women fought their way up the mountain barehanded, losing many to the axe and teeth of the corrupted Vhargans. Only three reached the top, where they called down the wrath of their god, Kartan, to cleanse the mountain. The sky opened with fire, accompanied by a strong hurricane and whipping rain. The mountain cracked open, the evil within letting out a wail of terror as a giant meteor fell into the mountain. The evil was sealed underneath the newborn volcano and the King was bound to his oath to gift the mountain to the devoted of Kartan, thus giving it its current name. It changed considerably over the following decades, surrounded by strong winds, frequently shaken by earthquakes and even sprouting a heated waterfall out of its side. It is around this waterfall that the devoted make their home in a city sized monastary.

For a while any devoted pilgrim of Kartan was allowed to settle in the small enclave of the mountain, no matter what race or creed, as long as they followed the commandments of the Templars. However the High King was suspicious of the elves living within the mountain and threatened war unless they be evicted. The Templars answered in kind by evicting not only the elves, but anything non-human. Other races has since been allowed to briefly visit the Temple of Kartan within the volcano, but for a while Mt.Kartan was on the brink of holy war with other devoted of a non-human persuasion. Feeling that a holy civil war within his kingdom was unwanted, the High King agreed to let elves pass through his kingdom to visit the temples, thus averting a catastrophic conflict.

The humans who live at Mt.Kartan live like any other, yet very differently. While everyday life is as ordinary as anywhere else, two things set them apart from the rest of the world. First off at birth, when the parents must present their child to the High Templar so that he or she can read the child's soul, determining what aspect of Kartan that dwells within the child. Secondly, the soul of the child determines which caste it belongs to, divided into te different elements. The most common caste is Waterborn, consisting mostly of workers, craftsmen and monks. The Earthborn maintains the structures of Mt.Kartan and are master artisans. The Windborn serves as contacts with the outside world, being merchants, missionaries and explorers. The most uncommon cast are the Fireborn.

The Fireborn's hearts contain a wildfire that is the wrath of Kartan, or so the Templars believe. All the great heroes, kings and tyrants are Fireborns. Unchecked it grows into evil and violence, while a person with great willpower can overcome the wild nature of their hearts and harness its powers for good. As such all Fireborn children born within the society of Mt.Kartan is taken away from their parents and raised within the confines of the Templar Order within the volcano. They are brought up and thought the value of inner strength, stoic contemplation and devotion to Kartan, for outside this path lurks madness and corruption. Through this dicipline they grow up to become Templars, Warrior-Monks of Kartan. Such is their atunement with the God of Elements that they become masters of elemental magic. Such is their skill and strength that they cast aside all weapons and fight only with their bare hands and the gifts from their God. The rise of the crossbow however have forced them to adopt thick and heavy armor, which has only made them more fearsome in the eyes of any enemy that dare set foot on the mountain.

The Templars have fought many a holy war in the name of Kartan outside of Ogr. The High King knows better than to stir the anger of these warriors, because the battlefield is the only place where they may let loose their inner wrath, often to cataclysmic effects. However their greatest enemy doesn't lie outside Mt.Kartan, but beneath it. The ancient evil of the abyss under their feet and the vengeful anger of the Vhargans errupts from time to time to consume the world around them. In the deep catacombs of the Kartan Temple there is a titanic gate where the Templars make their stand against these eruptions. Lately the High Templar has become increasingly anxious. Predictions tell of a catastrophic eruption in the near future, while the High King of Ogr begs him for aid against the ever expanding Legado Empire. Even if he ignores the High King's pleas, what is to say that the Empire will not conquer Mt.Kartan as well? And should the Templars fall, who will keep back the hordes of darkness beneath the mountain?


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I'd say that what you got works best for Pathfinder/ranger type of character.

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Hm, this makes sense. 
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