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Author Topic: New Ideas seeking Creative Female  (Read 634 times)

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Offline BatsoseTopic starter

New Ideas seeking Creative Female
« on: January 01, 2013, 07:31:47 pm »
New ideas

MILF and the Heroin addict
A young drug addict is seeking money for his habit.  He knows his friend's parents are wealthy.  His friend's mother is really hot and often would flirt with him, but he never took it seriously.  He knows the father is away on business and thinks that she is going to her regular Yoga class.  So in desperation he breaks into the house looking for just enough cash for his next fix when he runs into the mother.  He feels bad and apologizes and makes up a lame excuse about needing the money for his sick aunt.  She believes him and says she is willing to give him the money, but she wants something in return.  She needs someone to take care of her loneliness.  I am open to how this goes.

Sex Therapy

A married woman is very dissatisfied with her sexual life, but has wants to keep her relationship intact.  She has thought about affairs, but fears they are too messy.  She confides with a close friend her desire to have sex with strangers but feels she is too inhibited to do this.  Her friend suggest a very unorthodox sex therapist she went to who she claims did wonders for her and now has a very satisfying sex life.  The woman reluctantly contacts the therapist.  She expects to get an appointment and instead he sends her a confidential email with struct instructions that states if she is interested follow the instructions and if she finds the exercise beneficial she can send the therapist money for more instructions.  The instructions consist of an fairly innocuous sex act that involves mostly her convincing a stranger to do something in a public place.  At first she is reluctant, but then she actually finds herself liking it.  She decides to go through with the rest of it.  Each week she gets a different set of instructions that become more risky.  I am open to how this one goes.

TAKENAbduction addiction

Straight forward.  A married woman has a random encounter with a man which leads to random sex act in a bathroom stall.  In the middle of it she bails on what is happening.  A few days later she is abducted as she is leaving work from her underground parking garage and finds herself being subjected to deviant sex acts against her.  She never sees the man's face.  The next morning she wakes up back in her car unharmed.  Strangely she does not report the incident, then a few days later she receives a note telling her that the abducter knows she liked what happened and if she wants more she is given instructions wherein she is abducted again.  She begins a secret affair with this unknown abductor who she discovers was the man she met earlier.  I am open to how this one goes.

The Student and the Security Guard
On a dare college student goes to vandalize the dean’s office and is caught by the Security Guard who threatens to call the police and have her kicked out of school.  Fearing repercussions by her parents and going to jail she pleads with him stating she will do anything.  He tells her she just can’t get away without any punishment so she agrees and he spanks her and then get turned on and decides to punish her in other ways.  He lets her go, but now she can’t stop thinking about him and what they did.  She decides to do other bad things around campus hoping to get caught and get more punishment.  I am open to where this goes.

College Professor and the Demon

A Professor of ancient text has been working at as an adjunct professor for a long time.  Her latest research involves these ancient text that she has helped translate.  In the text it talks about summoning a demon who will give you power and prestige, but you have to do whatever the demon asks of you.  Based upon this work she is up for tenure, which will give her a permanent job as a professor something she has always dreamed of, but there is only one position and there are many who are applying.  In act of desperation, she decides to do the ritual late one evening.  That night she has wild sexually  perverted dreams.  The next day she miraculously gets tenure and she does not think anything else of it.  Suddenly in her waking life, she finds that she is having these wild fantasies about men she is working with.  Suddenly there is a voice in her head tormenting her to make sexual advances toward one man.  As the voice became louder she finds herself compelled to follow through and she practically attacks the man in a public bathroom, something she would have never even considered before.  Afterward, she gets another award for her research.  She gets a vision during a dream that night that explains the more she follows her carnal desires the more success and fame she will receive.  Of course the desires become more perverted and involve sexual acts in public places with strangers, which the desires eventually begin to take over her like an addiction.  The RP would consist of me playing the male parts and the demon voice in her head giving her commands.  Again this could go in many different directions

Please PM with your ideas if interested

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Offline BatsoseTopic starter

Re: New Ideas seeking Creative Female
« Reply #1 on: January 03, 2013, 02:30:48 pm »
added Professor and Security guard

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Re: New Ideas seeking Creative Female
« Reply #2 on: January 03, 2013, 09:06:35 pm »
Adding the MILF and Heroin addict