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Author Topic: Fangs and claws (M looking for F)  (Read 1257 times)

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Fangs and claws (M looking for F)
« on: January 01, 2013, 05:07:44 PM »
Welcome to my search thread! In this thread you will find character descriptions and some plots with them. Because I like to play non humans more and more you will find here only furries/anthros. If this is not your cup of tea, you won't find anything here that would be intrest you.

I also give you a little explanation what the sexual orientation and partner preference means here. The first describe how would I play the character to your character, and the second means what I expect about your character. This could be negotiated however, but that requires a really good plot.

We can do a longer story with them, a shorter one, or just a one-shot. When you contact me, I assume you are at least intrested in a medium length story. I'm totally up for one-shots, just please tell me that is your intention, and don't vanish after a couple of post and first scene.

Please read my On/off thread before contacting me.

If I caught your intrest please send me a PM!


Name: Sunny Bennet [FREE]
Species: Fox
Occupation: Gambler
Sexual orientation: Switch (leaning towards submissive)
Partner preference: Human or furry

Suny's real problem is not the gambling. He's real problem that he usually uses. He started his gambling "Carrier" at high school. He like to make bets even against impossible odds if the price is high enough. To make things worse he also had a big mouth in the casinos.

Because he already lost a lot of money he owes to a lot of people. This forces him to travel constantly. However when he is not gambling he could behave himself like a normal person. Well a bit of selfish normal person.

Name: Ethan Red [FREE]
Species: Fox
Occupation: Lifeguard
Sexual orientation: Switch
Partner preference: Human or furry

Ethan works in a health spa. It is truly his dream job. He got this job during his university studies. Unfortunately he had been kicked out from the school because he had an affair with one of the teachers daughter. That time the girl was months away from adulthood. He even had to go court, but they let him go. Since then he keeps this as a secret.

Still he had his job, so he became a full time lifeguard. In his free time he likes to surf, and have a few drinks with his friends.

Name: Rick Black [FREE]
Species: Wolf
Occupation: Masseur
Sexual orientation: Switch (leaning towrads submissive because he likes to serve the ladies)
Partner preference: Human

Rick learned the basic of massage when he was in high school. His younger brother have an accident. He became temporary paralyzed and his rehabilitation time was long. He found out that certain types of massage could help him to learn walk again. So he did his best.
Later he heard that masseurs could earn good money, and one of his friend mentioned that he could massage sexy girls too. It was enough for him to choose this job.
Of course he had to massage old ladies and men too, but the money was true and from time to time he met sexy girls. He is working in the same spa as Ethan. There invented a special kind of massage which he call tongue massage. Basically he licks his client whole body, but certain ares have more attention than others. Of course he does this secretly and he offer it only to good looking human females.
In his free time he likes to read, see a good movie once in a while, and he does wall climbing for sport.

Name: Karl [TAKEN]
Species: Dragon
Occupation: Personal trainer
Sexual orientation: Dominant
Partner preference: Furry

He spent five years in the military as a marine. He collected enough money to live an average life, which was his goal, but he had to do something with himself. He always liked to train and workout, so he choose this road. Within a few years he became a trainer. He helped body builders, but he also teaches mixed martial arts.
In women he likes the shy girls. The other thing he likes if they reluctant and he have to use force. His got a sixth sense to choose girls who would eventually enjoy the struggling with him. In bed he also use some ropes and handcuffs if the situation calls for it.

Name: Jackie [FREE]
Species: Hyena
Occupation: Mechanic
Sexual orientation: Submissive
Partner preference: Human

From a young age Jackie was drawn to technology. He liked to repair and built things. When he went to high school he already made a couple of mechanical devices. During high school he  learned about electronics too, so he could empower his machines. He repaired cars and motorcycles for his classmates and for his parents so he always had a good sum of pocket money.
After high school he went to collage where he became an engineer. However he developed another passion beside technology. This passion was about women. But he got only a few date, because he wasn't that entertaining guy. So he gave up dating and instead he spent his money on prostitutes. His got quite an appetite and sometimes he slept three or four women in the same day. He also was into kinky sex and tried a few things. He started to like bondage. It turned him on when he was tied and the actual woman satisfied him.
Of course he needed money to keep up this life. Jackie work as a part time mechanic. He could have better job, but he didn't wanted to sat behind a table. He likes to work with his own hands.
It didn't take long for him to find out how he could earn more money. He started to construct custom made sex toys and sell them on the internet. After a while he even accepted orders. This business is going well, he could even move out from his flat to a house, but he don't want that. So he pay for his flat, a garage which he uses as a workshop and spend the rest of his money to girls.

Pay your debt
Jackie is a starship mechanic in a backwater planet. There is no formal government, just a few warlord, who constantly fight over control. However they try to form a union when they deal with off world business.

She needed repairs for her ship, and she had found Jackie. She was in a hurry, and she heard he was the only one who can fix her ship in time. Jackie accepted the job, and indeed fixed her ship in two days. However after take off, the fixed engine broke again, and she crashed. She was furious, because she had to pay more for repairs, and she also missed a very lucrative contract.

She decided to go back to the city, and found Jackie. She had found him with a whore but that didn't stop her. She dragged Jackie to her ship to check it out. Indeed he made a mistake in a hurry, one of the parts was broken he installed, and he forget to check it first.

Since she lost a lot of money she offered him two options. The first one she reports him the local warlord, who would possibly kill him, because he harmed an off worlder. The other option, for him to fix her ship again for free, then he comes with her as a mechanic, until he work off the debt.

She could be a smuggler or bounty hunter. They can have a few adventures together, and after the debt is paid Jackie might want to join her permanently. However at some point his libido gets the better of him, and she might catch him while he masturbates. She states that he won't do that on her ship, at least not without her permission. She then figure out there is more than one way to use the mechanic on the ship.

Name: Ark'al [FREE]
Species: Hyena (gnoll)
Occupation: Raider
Sexual orientation: Submissive
Partner preference: Human or Furry

He might looks like though but in fact he is the most coward among the raiders. He can show strength only when others around. Once he got separated from his kind, he became very peaceful and would agree to anything to save his skin. Of course he always search for a way to backstab and get back to the others.

Name: Robin [FREE]
Species: Husky
Occupation: Stripper
Sexual orientation: Submissive
Partner preference: Human

He was born and raised in a small town. After he finished high school he moved to the city to collage. In the first year everything was okay. The collage was a bit expensive, so beside his parents support he had to work. He found a part time job in a shop.
In one of the collage parties a woman approaches him. They talk a lot and in the and she ask him to do a strip tease on one of her girlfriends birthday. At first Robin says no. But she convince him saying they will make it worth, and beside his got the good looks.
That birthday party was something he will remember it for a long time. He couldn't really dance, and was embarrassed as hell when he began his strip tease. However the girls cheers encouraged him and in the end he started to enjoy himself. He agreed only to strip to his pants and no more, but the girls managed to talk him into to strip completely. Again with a lot of embarrassment he did it. What made it more embarrassing that this situation made aroused. Visibly. He didn't want that but the girls liked it very much. He stayed naked only for a minute then he dressed. The girls were satisfied and gave him some extra money for the show. He had got a weeks worth pay.
After a year his father lost his job, and his parents can not support him anymore. Robin have savings so he can last a month, which gave him time to find a better paying job. He had found nothing. Then he remembered the strip tease he gave those girls, and what a nice payment he got. So he started to advertise himself as an amateur stripper. Only within two days he got his first job. The payment was good, so he stayed on this course. In time he even invested into it. He learned to dance, and worked out regularly to keep himself in shape.
Because there was almost no furry stripper in the city his got plenty of job from humans, who wanted to see him. He rarely agreed to strip completely naked but he did it a few times. These times he always was embarrassed but strangely aroused as well. Robin didn't want to face it that he liked to strip for them and fulfill their wishes. He said to himelf that he doing this for the money.

Name: Cody [FREE]
Species: Horse
Occupation: Student
Sexual orientation: Submissive
Partner preference: Furry

Cody was born in a small town. His parents are farmers. During his childhood he helped a lot around the house. His father was a strict man, and he demanded a lot from Cody. But the young lad could meet his father exceptions. He was also a good student at the school and his teachers recommended that he should go to collage. His father wasn't happy about it first, but he figured it was his son best intrest so he let him go.
In the collage he was one of the best students. He always came prepared for the lessons and usually have good grades. He used to working at the farm and he needed physical activity so he started to attend to the collage gym and athletics club. One of the trainers seem potential in him, and before he could blink he was part of the collage athletics team. he participate in competitions and had won a few medals.
This of course made him some fame on collage grounds, but he wasn't a very social type. he had a few friends but that was all. He didn't go to parties, he rather visit the gym or the library. Also he was rather shy around girls, especially pretty ones. He came with a community where nobody flirted nor have one night adventures. In his town sex was forbidden until marriage. Cody lived his life according those rules.

Name: Kane Ridgescale[FREE]
Species: Crocodile
Occupation: Millionaire
Sexual orientation: Dominant
Partner preference: Furry

His coming from a middle class family. No one thought that he will became one of the most powerful man. In school he wasn't a good student, because he was paying attention only to useful things. Also he was aggressive and bullied others when he could.

After his high school he joined the army. He spent 5 years there and from a private he became a major. He had seen real action during his military career. He was with the special forces. Kane liked that, because he could live out his aggression and also earned him a lot of money. He abandoned the army, because he had enough that always was someone over him, and because his aggressive nature he couldn't advance in rank.

After he left the army he had enough money to live a modest life, but he didn't want that. So he invested the money. He started small, and grew bigger and bigger. At first he had helped, but he quickly learned how to buy and sell shares. Whit in ten years, he was involved several big companies, and today his got oil shares, weapon manufacturing and a bunch of highly profitable business.

Kane lives in a big mansion, his got a bunch of expensive cars, a helicopter and a private jet. However he always hunger for more, and lead his businesses with an iron grip.

Kane likes females and likes to have sex with them whenever and wherever he wants. His partner opinion didn't matter to him much. Rumor says he fucked all his female staff at the mansion, and most of his close coworkers. However no charges was raised. It seems no one wants to fight with him, so he can continue to do as he pleases. Also he pays his employees and coworkers generously, so if they try to protest, they would be fired fast.

Plot: A weekend with the boss
She is Kane's new secretary. The young wolf of course heard the rumors that how her new boss treats women, but so far, he was very kind with her, didn't make inappropriate comments. So she thinks that the jealous people made up these rumors.

After two weeks Kane tells her that he will go to a little business trip at the weekend. His personal assistant is away on vacation, so he ask her to come with him. Of course she gladly accepts. However that night something strange happens. She had to be in the office in a late hour, and she walks in front of her boss office. She could hear noises. For a moment it seems two people fight in the room, but soon she hears a female moan. It is obvious what is happening in the room, and she didn't dare to go inside.

The following day Kane request her to stay late, because they need to discuss the details of their trip. Many man would wait until the trip to hit on his secretary. But Kane had other plans. He wants to make sure that she know why she had to travel with him.

I don't plan this more than a few scenes, but we can expand it to a longer game. However Kane won't be settle for just one woman for a longer time, so my partner have to play other characters, and since Kane had friends I can also play multiple characters.
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Re: Fangs and claws (M looking for F)
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Again searching for partners.

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Re: Fangs and claws (M looking for F)
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Re: Fangs and claws (M looking for F)
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Re: Fangs and claws (M looking for F)
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Re: Fangs and claws (M looking for F)
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Re: Fangs and claws (M looking for F)
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Added new character Kane and a plot for him.

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Re: Fangs and claws (M looking for F)
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Plot added for Jackie.

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Re: Fangs and claws (M looking for F)
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