To Resurface Undone (M x F, Flexible Literacy)

Started by Exneal, January 01, 2013, 12:29:51 PM

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Happy New Year everyone!

If my name or the style with which I write this post rings familiar with you, it might be because we have role-played or discussed roleplay in the past. If so, then you will know that during my last round of hunting I did not keep up with my own word of consistency. If you were affected by this, I am sorry... And I do hope you do not take offence to me trying to set a straight line once again now that the year has started and new plans are underway.

Now that the disclaimer is out of the way... What's up?! My name is Exneal, and I'm a young (21) old timer in the  online roleplay scene, with all solid foundations for writing set in the non-adult side of creativity such as short stories, pen and paper roleplay and just pure old school storytelling between two people. As for the adult side, don't worry. I have many years of experience poking around adult themed roleplay forums, an experience that is worth the while just for the people you meet and the various styles of writing you can encounter and learn from. In geekier terms, you can say that I am sort of a roleplay samurai that views writing as a technique much like swordplay, and I love to just seek out people that wield the same weapon to improve on my own skills.

With the above said, it is pretty clear that I am not a very specific person when it comes to roleplaying. The simple challenge of coming up with a story between two or more people and adding the little details that make it a warm piece of writing is rewarding experience in its self. I'm always open to hearing anyone out and I try to be as honest as I can when assessing ideas and partners. This means that I am also a big fan of out of character communication, and I enjoy having the chance to poke my partner as such during our roleplay.

But these are words that have rung similar to my other posts, ones where I was never very specific to the type of partner or roleplay I was looking for. Really, I still do not mind and I would much rather kick back and consider everyone's ideas. You never know what's good until you try it! But this time around I am going to be more specific... But please, no matter who you are, if I sound like a potentiall good partner to you then just contact me! It's free!

What do I offer?
Before I can ask anyone to make an offer, I most certainly have to show that I'm at least worth something. With these simple words I'm hoping to give you a better idea of what you can get from me:

A European Timezone: I live in the UK and work here full time so the time I have does have a limit on it. During the week I tend to reply in my evenings and nights up until midnight or so. The upside is that I do offer late night weekends where I can stay sleepless if the roleplay is that good and your timezone demands it.

Non-Adult Ideas: As much as I love smut, I understand that not everyone wants an entirely smut based roleplay from time to time. I also understand that smut appeals to one side of our brain (?) while a good story appeals to another. For me, it flips about too randomly, which is why I tend to ask my partner what they are craving at the time. Either way, I am capable of offering both story and smut to a similar extent.

Deep Smut: As for the smut side of things, I can safely say I have gone far and wide enough to not turn off my computer if a particularly gruesome idea gets presented to me. On occasions, these gruesome ideas turned out to have a solid foundation behind them and I found myself knee deep in them in the end because they just worked so well. As I said, you don't know what's good until you try it and this can apply to many realms of smut that I have not tried yet.

Culture and Literacy: While I'm not trying to imply that I am some posh genius living in an estate while I brag about how Shakespearean I am, I am definitely not clueless. My personal background is very international and I have partnered up with people from different parts of the world from whom I have learned a great deal (a major reason to roleplay). Being bilingual did limit my literacy and still does sometimes when my brain is running on the wrong gears, but years of reading and writing have put me in a good place and I will continue to improve for as long as I do these things.

An Open Mind: Easy to claim, hard to prove. So how can I make you trust those words? Well, everything I wrote prior to this should have demonstrated that. But if that is not the case then all I can ask you is to read on. I cannot stress how much I am willing to simply meet a partner and consider their cravings an ideas. That alone, to a person reader like me, is good fun.

Flexbility: While a few things such as my time-zone and others aspects I will mention below are limited, I am always willing to consider alternatives and ideas. Sadly, I am not a man of routines at present but that does offer the advantage that, if I need to switch something up like roleplaying times, writing style, ideas and more, I am more than likely to give it a try than other more routine-based writers.

An Interesting Character: While I do have a requirement on what character I want to roleplay with (see below), I am open for being anything myself. If you're specifically looking for someone to reenact your most desired male character on anime or TV, I will definitely give it a try if I have heard of the character. If you want something, for example, smut-based but you're looking to step out of the human-only realm then you're in luck. I am experienced in roleplaying aliens, tentacles, beasts and other non-human forms and I like it just as much (I will  be honest and say that I do love to embody something... Overpowering, in sexual atmospheres). As for story based characters, I believe a good character is what makes the story so I can guarantee to put extra effort into making them worth your while.

What am I looking for? (Updated 01/01/2013)
I really do suck at making demands from strangers, but I did say I wanted to give it a shot so here we go! I will use a classic star rating method to try and show what I crave at this time and place. If anything were to change I will update it right away and let anyone know if they have PMed me at the wrong time... Though this is unlikely.

MUST BE: Female or female-ish characters. No specific gender requirements for my actual partner.

* = Not particularly interested
** = Can do
*** = Will do \ Easily do
**** = Yes!
***** = Yes please!
<******> = You have won me over <3

Thread Roleplay: **
PM Roleplay: **
Email Roleplay: ***
IM Roleplay: *****
OOC PM Communication: ***
OOC Email Communication: ***
OOC IM Communication: *****
Smut-craving Partners: *****
Story-craving Partners: ****
Fandom-craving Partners: ***
Romance Roleplay: ****
Adventure/Action Roleplay: ****
Fantasy Roleplay: ***
Science Fiction Roleplay: ***
Modern Day Roleplay: ***
Horror Roleplay: ***
Detective Roleplay: ***
Smut/Dirty Roleplay: *****
Being Dominating/Submissive Partners: *****
Being Submissive/Dominating Partners: ****
Affection in Roleplay: ****
Cruelty in Roleplay: **
Humor in Roleplay: ****
Beastiality in Roleplay: *****
Anal in Roleplay: ****
Oral (BOTH) in Roleplay: *****
Outfits/Lingerie/Sexy Clothing in Roleplay: <******>
Pain in Roleplay: *
Watersports in Roleplay: **
Seduction/Foreplay in Roleplay: <******>
Torture in Roleplay: *
Abuse/Humiliation in Roleplay: ***
Bondage in Roleplay: ***
Aliens/Tentacles in Roleplay: ****
Body Worshiping in Roleplay: *****
Furries in Roleplay: **
Love in Roleplay: ***
Supernatural Story Elements: <******>
Supernatural Smut Elements: *****
Petite Characters: <******>
Busty Characters: *****
Heroic Characters: ****
Weak Characters: ****
Funny Characters: ****
Short-Tempered Characters: ***
Original Characters: *****
Existing Characters: ***
Shy Partners: *****
Demanding Partners: *****
Reserved Partners: ***
Joking Partners: ****
Flexible Partners: *****
Routine-based Partners: ***
Female Partners: *****
Male Partners: **
Anonymous Partners: **
Loving Partners: ****

Material (More to come)
No star system for this one as I can be drawn to an idea more or less depending on the partner that takes it up and the strength with which they tackle it. With this in mind, here are some pairings and ideas that have shot into my head as I wrote this. Any idea can include any element depending on your suggestions so if you see a smut idea that you think works better for romance, let me know and we could hit some serious gold.

Story Ideas
Pride and Soul: A man who didn't have much going on for him has suddenly taken up Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) a sport that involves free-form fighting and that culminates in the Ultimate Fighter Championship (UFC) where the strongest fighter and the strongest martial art are decided. However, there are too many trials ahead for a single soul to take on. That is where you come in! Will you be the strength and light to guide this determined young man to the top?  Will you be his downfall only to see the damage you have caused to his fragile life? Or will you train with him and spar with him and develop a kinship only known to few? The choice is yours.
Far From Your Time: Politics, economics, work, citizenship, money... These words ring hollow for many in our modern day era, but for some they don't even exist. Meet the Free Folk, individuals from across the world that abandon the safety of their homes and work to pick up a weapon or a simple trade which they use to open a new path for them in life. Travelling across all of the world and using any means to survive, there are many adventures and combinations, and anything goes!

Smut Ideas
Doll House: So, you like clothing? Do you enjoy the brush of different textures against your finger tips? Do you shop around for clothes thinking of the reception and the stares that they will attract on you? But most of all, are you daring enough to wear the shortest, tightest and most daring attires down the street? If so then welcome to your new home, a manor that houses a group of writers, photographers, film makers and "actors" that strive to show the world just how much of an impact clothes can have in sexuality. Anything can happen, all you need is the willingness!
All About You: This one has less of an established concept than the others, but the idea is that you will have a dark and hidden kink or more that you wish to confront in full force. We can set up an organization that explores this and sends you to different individuals or groups depending on the desires you wish to dive into, creating a recurring theme but with many different results and scenarios. I would need a better idea of the craving you have before I can set up this well-structured organization that has one single objective: to hear you moan louder than you have ever moaned before.

Me x You
Samurai x Samurai
Regretful Samurai x Merchant
School Joker x School Beauty
Viking x Viking
God x Human
Human x Goddess
Fighter x Fighter
Fighter x Lover
Dog x Girl
Bull x Girl
Horse x Girl
Gangbang Group x Petite Girl
Tentacles x Girl
Pervert x Arrogant Girl
Pervert x Shy Girl
Pervert Lover x Pervert Lover

Ready or not?
Pheeew.... I could of written a lot more, but I would not have much of a soul left if I did that. I will try to update this and shape this as time moves on so it can offer a clearer image of myself to you than it does now. If you have any questions before deciding whether I am a suitable partner, do not hesitate to send them!

Not convinced?
Well, I would like to know what put you off. Many partnerships can end up not happening just out of communication misunderstandings and I want to minimize this risk as much as I can. But if you are sure I have nothing to offer you then all I can do is thank you for taking the time to consider me and wish you all the best in life and beyond.

One, two... Exneal and you! What we about to do, others have no clue!
Three, four... Tear down the door! And give these filthy people what they came here for!

In other words, just send me a PM and we can get started! If you have a preferred IM method just let me know and I will try to get an account there or recover an old one if I have to. It's all good O8)