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June 18, 2018, 01:59:13 PM

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Author Topic: ~ A True Lost Submissive ~ Male writer playing the Dom. role seeks Female  (Read 309 times)

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Offline Rog the RakeTopic starter

Hello ~

      It has been months if not years since I have written here but of late I have been having dreams of a young lady I met years ago and want to explore them in a story with someone who thinks they can step into my mind and help me create this story.

     First I want to remind some and let all the new people know that spelling does not mean a dam for me nor does grammer is the the feeling behind what is written that I am looking for an often I write from my mind, groin, and heart *smiles* I also do not mind my charecter being moved around to help progress a scene I just only ask do not 'speak' for my charecter and I will do my best to not do the same.. everything else is fair game...


    Okay having gotten the above out of the way you know may be wondering what the hell is a true lost submissive? Well the only way I can explain it is with what I am going to call the 'back-story' as I remember it to a certain point. Some aspects of it will be left vague as they are not important to setting the story line.

    Before I write the story let me explain a bit about Fawn the female aspect in the story line I want to write with you, I only spoke with her a few times and those that I did this is what I learned of her past, Fawn was 17 years old when we met, I know she had left home and did not want to return, when she spoke to me she never looked in my eyes but always dipped head and was very quiet and proper. To say she was beautiful would be an under statement her smile was like sunshine the first time I bumped into her but the dark scared look in her eyes the next showed me she was unable to hide her emotions to anyone. I have no idea of her sexual expierennce or past I do know she had a tongue stud, nipples pierced and her clit as well... *chuckles* NO I did not see any of these so saying I know is perhaps incorrect.. she told em this... and was very proud of it in fact.

**click here ** Picture of Rog sorta ** click here**
** click here ** Picture of Fawn sorta ** click here **

     The images above are the best I can do to help with the visualization for Rog and Fawn... now I told you a bit about Fawn so it is only fair to tell you a bit about Rog.. well the Rog of the time *smiles* he was very single an extreme flirt but did not know it, he lacked confidence with woman and found out much later in life that he had missed out on sooo many chances. He was fit enjoyed running and swimming had a good job and though no piercings did have a great tat that had been he had won and is one of a kind. Baby blue eyes and a winning smile he was easy to talk to and could not stand to see a child or woman harmed. With that I am going to now write the 'back story' and I can only hope some one PM's me with an intrest in being Fawn..



    (( Backstory - Year 1992 - Location a great hotel in located in the USA it has two bars, an indoor outdoor heated swimming pool , huge jacuzzi, two resturants and a pizza hut all inside... one never needs to leave the hotel if one does not want to. It is summer and the weather is perfect! Each year a convention is held and hundreds of people show up to enjoy times with friends and other people who share there enjoyment of various types of 'Games' yes card games (non gambling), board games, minature games, role playing games and something called Larping at this time Rog had been part of this hobby for years and actually was helping to run the convention and make certain everything went well.. this is where our story starts ))

   The four day convention was going great the hotel had little complaints and in fact due to a computer issue he had been upgraded to a suit from the room he was supposed to share with another con worker for free. He was in the dealers room where the money was made to have a con like this each year the dealers buying space to sell there gaming merchandise when he was smacked hard from behind by something. Turning he saw a girl barefoot with a large green duffle like backpack trying to make her way through the room.. she had smacked him and apologized her eyes dropping behind her glasses and a blush to her cheeks. He told her it was okay and saw her move off only to bump into someone else.

   It was either the fact that his mother had brought him up too well or the fact that the you woman was very beautiful either way his mind worried she would hit a vendors items then get in trouble that had him moving up to her and offering to 'carry her bag' ... she spoke softly telling him that he did not have to that it was her 'task' to carry it and thanked him trying to move off.. Curious normally he would NOT have said another word but her face and body and the fact that he really was worried she would knock something over stopped him. "Listen please let me carry that... at least until you are out of the dealers room... " she stopped and looked up at him then down.. he continued " I work for the convention and I can not let you carry that here because you have come close to knocking displays down so hand it over and let me carry it.." he said his voice taking on a touch of authority... he saw her seem to shudder and hand it over and that was when he took and almost dropped it .. .o0(DAM its heavy) easy it weighed 50 pounds or more... "what the hell is inside this" he said and saw her blush and drop her head... "Everything I own and what my master has me take with me.." she said... which caused him to do a double take... but say nothing... he moved it to his shoulder and motioned to her to continue.. after a few seconds she stared to move through the room.. looking back at him as if afriad he would run off or some thing. "I'm Rog " he said as they walked around the large dealer room ... he found out her name was Fawn and she was here participating in the Larp with her Master Thomas... the way she threw 'Master' around confused him but then he thought maybe she was just in some sort of charecter for some sort of game going on at the convention... he was at a loss as to what to really say... but saw her move through the room and look at all the jewelry and some of the clothes and touch but not buy anything... when the exited the room she turned and asked for her bag back... "Are you certain you can carry this?" he asked.. she dropped her head down more and nodded.. " can I ask again what exactly is in it please" he said and she showed him... blushing... that it was full of bondage gear.. and some leather stuff.. he blinked and looked at her really looked at her.. "Okay then.." was all he said and handed the bag back to her and watch her hurry off...

    All day and night he thought about her, he actually looked for her but did not see her and he had work to do. He enjoyed the day and spent a lot of time making certain all the various games were good, the hotel was okay with the more 'special' attendees who were a bit too much at times and getting drunk one night and participating and winning the Kareokee contest at the bar.. waking up the next day with a splitting headache he hit the front desk was given asprin and then starteded to walk the convention THAT was when eh saw her again.. only this time he stopped and dropped his jaw.. she was in all leather.. walking towards an elveator near with two guys leading her by some sort of leash around her neck.. she stopped and they gave a tug and laughed.. her bag was not with her and the boots she wore ... the outfit was WAY out of order for the convention... his head hurt and he watched as people outher guest of the hotel gaweked and one woman turned her young son away.

   .o0(LARPERS!!) his mind said and having a head ache and not wanting the convention to take a hit he moved up and just as the elevator opened followed the threesome inside. The two guys with her were real assholes he turned to them and asked were they were going? In answer they told him it was none of his business and to fuck off.. smiling he looked at the badges they had 'guests' of course and the fact that Fawns' badge was missing he told them as part of the convention staff it was, part of his job was to make certain the convention personal did not effect the normal operations of the hotel.. yadda yadda yadda.. he thought it would be a good line of bullshit but when he asked his next question not expecting the answer from Fawn he was shocked.. " Young lady I have to tell you not to wear that again out in public and need to ask if you are over eighteen before letting these two take you anywhere.." Fawn dropped her eyes and said.. 'No sir I am only 17...'

   OKAY!! Problem big problem... not only for the two guys with her but for the convention... he looked at the two guys who were now glaring at him pissed... "Is one of these two your boyfriend Fawn?" when he used her name the two guys actually looked at her now, 'How the fuck does he know your name slut' One said.. and his buddy laughed... she did not respond to them but to me she said.. 'No sir they are friends of his he sent them to take care of me till he can show up' .. she said.. OKAY that was too much... the elevator stopped at the fifth floor and they strarted to pull her out when Rog reached out and grabbing the guy holding the leashes hand I squeezed... "Listen we need to go back down and talk to some people.. I am not letting you take an udnerage girl to your room.." I squeezed harder forcing him to open his hand and took the leash from him... Now maybe if there was not people around this would have been worse.. but since there was .. asshole one and two just left the elvevator as I hit the button to go back down. "Fawn what are you and your boyfriend supposed to be doing at this convention?" I asked and was told they where Larpers... so I was right ... and I was pissed and my head hurt and people got to see me lead a `1/2 naked girl down the hall to the room the larpers used.

     Okay we are almost done with the story and to the point that I am looking for someone to take it up, you see the couple who ran this group were friends of mine and when I asked if they knew fawn they in fact did and her boyfriend.. when I asked if they knew she was 17 the woman looked at me in shock and said NO... they had never asked and assumed..  she was of age. We had cleared the room and that was when I learned that Fawn was a true submissive person it was a mental state for her and only at 17 her boyfriend had took her from her home which did not effect her mother who wanted her out, all she owned was in the bag that I had carried earlier and she had no where to go. In the end I helped get her bag and she ended up being taken in by the couple I mention...

BUT... what.. if things had been differnet? what if I had instead looked at her .. and said.. "Well that is not right... how about you stay with me until we can figure out something better?" ... and the story picks up with her looking up at me and taking a breath tears in her eyes and a small smile.. and then perhaps responding with 'I was hoping you would say that... Master' and me needing to figure out what the hell to do now.

Rog... please PM if intrested and we can talk more .... by the way... I do know one more thing about Fawn... at the bottom of the bag she carried was an unstuffed Panda bear... I had it stuffed at the convention for her... and fixed up...