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Author Topic: Stealing Shepard (Mass Effect, Bon, NC)  (Read 405 times)

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Offline NileGoddessTopic starter

Stealing Shepard (Mass Effect, Bon, NC)
« on: December 29, 2012, 06:35:42 PM »
Stealing Shepard

The Collectors are widely regarded across the galaxy as both infamous terrors and simple myths. They are said to come from beyond the Omega 4 mass relay, from which no ship has every ventured through and returned to tell the tale. Yet mercenaries from every cluster of the galaxy tell of mysterious offers from unknown beings that identify themselves as the Collectors, requesting to trade advanced technology for odd specimens of living beings. A small mercenary band on the outskirts of the Terminus systems are now the newest group to encounter this transmission - the Azure Skies, a trio of asari mercs well-known for their pirate activity across the Terminus Systems and Attican Traverse. However, instead of asking for their usual oddity, such as a dozen asari of krogan/hanar genes or two sets of turian triplets, their request is simple, but stunning:

Commander Shepard's genetic sequence.

For this idea, I'd like to tweak the Mass Effect storyline and have a roleplay set around the time of Mass Effect 2. Mass Effect 1 would have happened like normal (ie, the Reaper threat has been exposed, the Citadel Council denying it). Instead of dying at the hands of the Collectors in the beginning, however, Shepard would find some different way into joining with Cerberus. That part really isn't all that important, though, as we can more or less say that Shepard is with Cerberus with the full crew from ME 2.

The Collectors, for obvious reasons, have a great interest in Shepard, both in terms of his influence among his species, and him being a threat against the Reapers. Working through their usual shady means instead of outright abducting colonies like in ME 2, they decide to use the Azure Skies as intermediaries. Their job is to abduct him and 'extract' enough genetic material for a trade with the Collectors (as seen in this picture, where he is put through a rigorous milking machine).

The Azure Skies are a ruthless, sexualized trio, and would enjoy not only the chance to increase their infamy and the offer of technology from the Collectors, but also the chance to capture an attractive human male for their own sadistic desires, seeing as the Collectors are only interested in what they can suck out of him.

So this game would include three dominant roles (the Azure Skies, played by me), Shepard in a captive role, and in addition, a third NPC role. This I would like to be either Kelly Chambers, Shepard's yeoman from ME 2, or Miranda Lawson, his XO and squadmate/possible love interest. Their role would be one of 'getting wrapped up in the plot' and serve to aid in pacifying Shepard. Kelly would be more of a docile sub role, and Miranda would be something far more ferocious, but made to be broken in the end. Further details can be discussed later as to their participation.

Themes to be explored would be domme/sub, with heavy emphasis with BDSM. That would include things like spanking, sexual torture, slavery, etc, as well as bondage and restraint. Required for this role is someone with competent Mass Effect knowledge and someone who can hold down a main character and an NPC, possibly multiple NPCs. PM me for details and questions! This is not first come first served.

Offline ViridianIIV

Re: Stealing Shepard (Mass Effect, Bon, NC)
« Reply #1 on: December 29, 2012, 11:39:39 PM »
Just out of curiosity... why no Femshep?

Offline NileGoddessTopic starter

Re: Stealing Shepard (Mass Effect, Bon, NC)
« Reply #2 on: December 30, 2012, 12:56:25 AM »
Because I was more interested in exploring the picture I linked; a man strapped down into some sort of alien milking machine.