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Started by corrupteddolly, December 28, 2012, 10:01:21 PM

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Looking for someone to play with me. I have a couple roles to post for ideas but am open to different ones or changing one of mine up a bit or creating new ones together. Please PM me if you are interested :)

College classmate's revenge

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- The two of us are peers. You are a bit older than me but we are in the same section of our program so we have the same class schedule. For some reason I always seem to be a complete and utter bitch to you, I’ve even gone out of my way to embarrass or humiliate you from time to time. You vent to one of your friends about me who happens to be one of our T.A’s and since I give him attitude as well the two of you come up with a plan to get back at me. The original idea was to just mess around with my grades so that I will have to repeat the term which would simultaneously get the two of us out of the same classes while providing a little pay back from the embarrassment it would cause me. You both had assumed I wouldn’t care enough to really question things, so when I start causing trouble and demanding explanations from your friend, he panics. He comes up with a story to try to get himself off the hook that involves me needing to collaborate with you on our final project. When I come to you, your first reaction is to turn me down. However, when you see how desperate I am to fix things you have a sudden change of heart since you figure it could be the perfect chance for revenge.

Unorthodox disciplinary program

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There is a new collaborative program between the college and prison. Teachers can recommend troubled students participate as a disciplinary action and students who are worried about themselves or others can sign up or refer a classmate. Very few students actually volunteer and it is mostly the ones who are forced to either attend or be expelled who ever go. The guards who have been recruited are starting to resent the gig since the students they are encountering give them nothing but trouble, mouthing back to them and making their shifts as unbearable as possible.

It started as a volunteer action for any guards who wanted to make some extra money. The idea was that the students would be paired two people to a cell. They would be told that their cellmates were real felons but in actuality each student was paired with one of the prison guards. Depending on the reason for the students admittance into the program there were varying limits placed on what each guard could do to their cellmate in an attempt to scare them straight. Some have been given rather strict limits which contributes to the problem of the students harassing the guards who loosely monitor the “detention center” as well as the ones they have been paired with. Due to all the headaches the delinquents have caused, volunteer rates have been dropping. The school does not want to terminate the program since they have already put in so much money and the prison signed a contract so they have to supply guards whether any volunteer or not. Because of this the warden has started assigning people to work shifts at random.

You have never volunteered in the past, not because you were scared of some brat mouthing off to you, but simply because you prefer to enjoy your time off so couldn’t be bothered. The time has now come when your name has been pulled up. In your debriefing you are told that because there are so few women guards and it is not longer a volunteer basis you will be paired with a female student.

My roommate’s boyfriend is coming down for the spring break week and she wants the apartment to herself. I have no plans and have mentioned I will just be studying and working to get ahead so she signed me up for the program as a way to keep me from being around. She tricked me into going by telling me it was some social movement happening and once I signed the paper work there was nothing I could do to get out of it. Normally students with spotless records such as mine are never admitted but my roommate has relatives in high places at the college so my file was pushed through.

You are the one who ends up getting paired with me and when you look over my file you are a bit surprised that I have been sent to the facility. I seem to be an all around “goodie goodie” and certainly the most innocent student who has ever been enrolled in the program. You can’t imagine me giving you much trouble, unlike some of the others you have heard horror stories about from your co-workers. When you are flipping over my file to see if you have missed anything as to why I was sent there, you notice that in my roommates haste to fill out “boring paperwork” she has checked the box that places the fewest limits on you.

The peace offering

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You are one of the “bosses” of a less than legal organization. You have built up quite the reputation among those who deal with you and are feared by many since you have made it abundantly clear you are not a man to be screwed with. Any time someone has been dumb enough to cross you in the past, the consequences have been almost biblical. Anyone who has not been able to appease you have faced harsh punishments. Things have been quite and running smoothly for awhile but recently two of your best men had really screwed up. It was not on purpose but had been more careful the whole mess probably could have been avoided. You call them into your office and tell them that because this is a first offense and they are two of the best you will give them one chance to calm your nerves and avoid punishment.

By the time you get home that night there is a note in your mailbox suggesting that you check your basement for an “apology gift.” When you get to the bottom of the stairs you see a girl you have never seen before. She is wearing a long black flowing skirt, a thin pink tank top and a cardigan sweater that looks as if it has been torn open. She has been blindfolded and gagged with white makeshift props. The same fabric binds her ankles and wrists. The cloth around her wrists attached to a chain handing from the ceiling, restraining her arms above her head high enough so that only the balls of her feet are able to reach the floor. Her soft whimpers escaping through the gag as she struggles to try and free herself from the position she is in.

Show me who's boss

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We have been dating for awhile and lately your not sure why you put up with me, bitch doesn't even begin to describe my attitude. In the beginning you brushed it off since it wasn't a constant thing but now its getting much harder to ignore. It seems as if the bitch persona is now my only personality trait and I’ve started getting almost cruel. For a while you were hopping it was just stress and things would get better, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Its getting worse, especially since I’ve started bringing the attitude to the bedroom. You've told yourself you'd be able to handle it if i just needed a few selfish sessions but I’ve gone so far beyond that. It seems like every time anymore is always roughly the same, I usually have you cuffed to the bed so that I can easily overpower you, most times I’ve even waited until you were sleeping or have acted nice and more naughty until I lock the cuffs so that you cant resist, since you'd easily be able  to stop me if I didn't distract you. once I have you more or less helpless I treat you like my play thing. I straddle your face for what seems like forever, making you eat my pussy as I smear my juices all over your face and force you to keep it messy for as long as I please, I’ve started getting a bit rough with you too, nothing extreme but certainly in the emasculating if not humiliating category. You keep telling yourself that things will get better but you’ve starting to have enough and you know that if things don't turn around soon you’re going to have to do something about it.

I always make sure I get you hard during these sessions and if I “have sex” with you I never insert more than an inch or two. If I ever pretend like I’ll suck you it’s never in any other position except 69 and it is almost never pleasurable as I just torture you and bite it, not too hard but hard enough to make it unpleasant at the very least and you know if you retaliate in that position it wont be good for you. The worst part is that I’ve gotten into the habit of not letting you cum, you have to go beat off when I free you. I seem to be getting off lately on tormenting you like this, you find it infuriating but you cant bring yourself to just leave. You have however decided that enough is enough and you have to do something. It is after a long session of the same old tricks and I

seemed to be more tired than normal, instead of sticking around you immediately went off to go take care of business and when you came back I was already sound asleep. Come morning you’ve been up for awhile which isn't unusual as I sleep longer than you most times. Just as you’re laying there wondering what you can do, or what you want to do, you notice that instead of locking the cuffs up in my night stand like I always have, one is still attached to the bed. Looking over to the night stand you see that the other is carelessly left on the table top. The keys beside it and the always locked drawer where I keep everything is left open. Still laying peacefully beside you, is it finally time for you to show me who is the boss so that I’ll never forget it again?


Addition to above ideas

Nosey Reporter

I am fresh out of school and have my first real job at a news reporter. The problem is that no one has been taking me seriously and I have basically been the run around person at the office. I figure my luck is going to change when a case no one wants to touch comes my way. A couple of my coworkers try telling me that something like this could be too dangerous and that I should not get involved. Of course, I am too head strong and stubborn to back out of what I consider to be my ticket to stardom.

The case involves going under cover at a night club. The boss is a very powerful man in the city and everyone is afraid of him. It has been suspected that he is running an underground prostitution or perhaps even trafficking ring but no one is willing to investigate. I manage to get a job in a low key position at his club as the bar tender since it allows me to watch the club setting and gives me access to supply areas which are restricted to wait staff and shot girls.

It has been a month or two and although I have built a good rapport with the other staff and even with you when you check in a couple of times a week I have been getting no where. The pressure to just drop the case is growing at work and I am getting antsy to make my big break. Because of this I start taking risks that I really shouldn’t and start poking around in the basement of the club which seams far larger than it should be. Figuring I have gotten away with it as I begin snooping, not even considering you would come in on an unexpected day of the week until I get caught with a camera in an area I really should not be.