Three Ideas! (Alt-Historical or Fantasy, Drama, GM-Free)

Started by Scribbles, December 27, 2012, 08:21:46 PM

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Just fishing for interest over any of the rough ideas below, all with a theme too similar to play out separately even if I did have the time.

These are meant to be SHORT stories, not long drawn out RPs.

Give Me Honour or Give Me Death

(Original Feudal Setting, No Magical or Fantasy Elements)
A fool of a ruler sits upon the throne of Avalon, one who has single-handedly managed to squander a kingdom’s worth of coffers to support their hedonistic lifestyle. Now the realm is in debt and in an effort to regain a modicum of coin, the royal council has forced the ruler to host one more party. All the most affluent and powerful of the nobles have been invited in the hopes of either finding a suitable marriage for the ruler, or a more imaginative solution to the kingdom’s fiscal problems.
Needed Characters: Ruler

Alea Iacta Est, The Die is Cast

(Alternative-History, Roman Setting, No Magical or Fantasy Elements)
Woe to the empire of Rome, another Caesar has fallen to treachery and daggers! Marcus Flavius was a cruel, hateful, man but nonetheless the nobles were quick to gather and pay their respects. And what better way to do so than with a lavish party over-watching a grand tournament! Anybody who is anybody will attend, from Senators and Patricians to the mighty roman Generals, most of which could even claim to be all three. It is there, within the Coliseum itself, that the fate of Rome will be decided. Will control be handed over to the Senate, or will a new Caesar be elected, or will some brazen soul simply attempt to wrest control of the empire by marching their army into the very heart of Rome? Rome teeters on the brink and even as the people cheer for the gladiators, the true tournament takes place on the podium and behind the closed doors of the Coliseum, where the nobles knock goblets of wine while smiling pretty.

Elvish Tryst

(Fantasy Setting, Lots of Magic and Elves)
Once ever century, deep within the Forgotten Valley, the highest ranking amongst the immortal elves congregate to celebrate a brief period of fertility known to them as Coia, or the Week of Life. During this time they drink, banter and generally mingle, all in the hopes of gaining not only status but children to boost their race’s dwindling numbers. The Week of Life is different this cycle however as the kings and queens of the hated humans have also been invited to the sacred gathering, a travesty that has been permitted by the conditions laid out within the recently signed “Treaty of Greyhold”, so named after the human fortress where it was forged.

The humans have long-eyed the lands of the elves going so far as to do the unthinkable, unite under a single banner. This began a war that would last for centuries but with the signing of Greyhold the banner was disbanded and the humans returned to ruling their various kingdoms. In the end the conflict didn’t go past the borders as the humans failed each and every siege into elvish territory while the elves themselves simply chose not to attack. The cost was great on both sides and, while peace may have been found, many of the elves have questioned the wisdom of the leaders. There are those that had been arguing to attack for some time and feel that the treaty does naught but spit on their sacred traditions.
Needed Characters: Elven Rulers, and at least one Human Ruler

Suggested System:

This is only if everyone agrees that a system might add some spice to the game. The idea is that all characters start with a hundred points, which we can call “Respect” or “Honour” or even just “Points”, and the goal is to push your opponent’s points to zero. Once the setting has been selected we will establish an accepted list of behaviours and mannerisms, most of which will subtly conflict with each other. From there the characters will make note of any social blunders by their opponents and attempt to minus points through a voting system. They could say that a social blunder would cost ten points for example and then as other players post they will either ignore or support the vote. If enough votes (possibly three) are collected, the social blunder is accepted and ten points are taken from the offending player.

For example:

QuotePlayer A Posts –
Points: 100
Location: Dining Table
Tag: Veronica and Joshua
Opinion: None

Sally casually leans her elbows on the table as she pretends to listen to the tiresome conversation which surrounds her.

Player B Posts –
Points: 100
Location: Dining Table
Tag: Veronica and Sally
Opinion: Sally – 5

Joshua takes note of Sally’s elbows as they touch the table and is instantly appalled at the lack of manners.

Player C Posts –
Points: 100
Location: Dining Table
Tag: Sally and Joshua
Opinion: Sally – 5 (2)

Veronica joins Joshua in his abhorrence of Sally’s manners.


Then, if one more person posts their disapproval, Sally moves to 95 points. We could also include clever jabs as a way to reduce an opponent’s points although the person making the sharp-tongued comment wouldn’t be able to start the vote themselves. If the nearby characters see it as witty or subtle they might try to vote down the victim of the insult or they might just ignore it. If the players feel it went beyond the boundaries of decency however they could attempt to vote a few points off the “insulter” instead. The only rule would be that to vote one must be present and must mention the reason for the vote somewhere within the post.

When someone reaches zero, a punishment could be decided, like being kicked from the party!
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