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Author Topic: Seed of Perversion (Transformation, corruption, and imagination run rampent)  (Read 10028 times)

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Offline krakenknight

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Can I still apply? I've really interested and would like to join, and I already have a good idea for a character. I'd be playing a female. I've read through everyone's character sheets! All very unique and fun.

Mind if I submit a character sheet, Cerebellum? :D

Further applicants will not be turned away, but please be aware of the existing game size and the concepts other players have created.

Sorry, thought I'd expedite things.

Offline bluecoco

lol Wow thanks for that! I read through all the character applications but I admit I might have skim read some of the back and forth responses ^_^'''' eeee my bad.

Thanks kraken!

I'll get my character together, and will be flexible to changes if need be!


Character Sheet :D

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Name: Ceshelle, Cesh for short
Age: 18
Height/Weight: 5'8, 130
Sex: Female

Appearance: If you look at the photo in the spoiler, Cesh is the girl on the left (looking straight on). Very long hair, so black it has hints of midnight blue. She has greenish blue eyes, with her right eye sustaining an injury so she often wears a patch over it. She has a slim, well-proportioned body with a D cup. During her young years, she was a typical child, concerned about her looks and hair and how she came off to others. But lately, due to a family disaster, she has stopped taking care of herself all together. She hasn't bothered to cut her hair, which is why it has grown out just past her behind. She stopped wearing dresses and skirts, dressing conservatively in pants and long-sleeved tops, all in faded colors as to not stand-out. 

History: Cesh is from Seattle, Washington. She was born into a wealthy family of motorcycle makers and casino owners. She had an identical twin sister Emily (the girl on the right side of the photo). The two sisters lived a happy, exciting life, full of traveling, adventures, and unique house guests. The two twins were inseparable, doing anything and everything together. They were each other's rocks, as their parents were never home much. Their mother was the Casino heiress who owned multiple businesses in Las Vegas and their father made custom bikes for millionaires. Emily and Cesh had all the freedom in the world, which got them into trouble at times but they still did well in their high school classes.

It was the 4th of July, America's Independence Day, and the summer after the twin's Junior year in high school, when Cesh's world was turned upside down. The two sisters were on their own motorcycles, riding side by side through busy streets, full of people celebrating and drinking to the American flag, when a freak accident occurred. A firework, one of the illegal types that normal civilians weren't supposed to have access to, began to malfunction around the time the twins were riding past. The explosive ball hurled sideways instead of upwards, shooting, and immediately after exploding, right into the bike Emily was riding. This caused her bike to catch fire  and erupt, sending Emily to a lethal fall on to concrete. A stray piece of the firework landed in Cesh's right eye, but other than that, she was fine... physically. Mentally, from the moment she was told her twin had passed on, Cesh would never be quite the same. She spiraled into a deep depression, skipping her entire Senior year. After a year had passed, her distant parents were determined to get their now only child back into the mix of society. And what was their solution? To send her overseas to a up and coming boarding school where they hoped she'd be able to find herself again.

Personality: After the death of her twin sister, her once bubbly personality was replaced with an indifferent, sour shift. She didn't care for anything, stopped hanging out with friends, stopped trying to meet people altogether. She had a problem with disrespecting authority. She was often quiet, stuck on her head, fantasying about her sister still being alive and what she would be doing if Emily still was. Multiple times in a day Emily was on her mind, and multiple times in a day she wished it was her that died and not Emily. She doesn't think going to a school overseas is going to help her get over the death of her sister, but had no willpower to fight her parents decision. Transferring as a Senior, she assumes she won't have a hard time being left alone as must friendships would have already been formed.

Transformation: When the transformation takes place, Cesh will look roughly the same physically, except for her hair brightening and shortening and clothes changing. The transformation will be focused on the mental. Her obsession with her dead twin will cause this desire for Emily to come back to 'life' in a way. Cesh will take over the personality of her dead sister at times of heightened emotion/tense situations. 'Emily' will take over completely, a complete counter personality compared to Cesh's current personality. She will become a fantasied version of what Cesh thinks Emily would want to be: a confident, seductive girl who could achieve anything. One moment Cesh might be distant and blank, the next moment brash, tough, and open to anything. This switch is like a blackout, Cesh having vague memories of what happened during this switch to 'Emily'.

Sexual history/hang-ups: Cesh keeps a lot of her sexual desire bound up, showing no intention to find a guy to date. You could say she is asexual and stuck in this way of living, shooting down any pursuer who asks her out. The very hard-to-get type. When the transformation takes place and the split personality develops into Cesh's idealized version of what Emily would be like, things change completely. 'Emily', as she will refer to herself during the switch, is a sexual deviant who will be with anything and anyone just to say she has done it. Her clothing changes will leave little to the imagination, almost offering and pursuing herself to anyone that catches her attention.

Perversions: The desire of her split personality will be to conquer anything, from staff to other students. The side of her desires being touched and used since the normal Cesh would never allow it... which means it often goes overboard, seeking to be gangbanged or double-penetrated, anything to feel a 'connection' to the living world, even if it meant her body taken advantage of.

Offs: Bathroom play, vore, dismemberment (things may be added here)
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Offline SneakyGuy

Guys, I'll have to bow out of this, Good idea, but I wont have the time for it.

Offline Cerebellum von DoomTopic starter

Alright, getting some work done on this at the moment.  What I need from you all is a confirmation that you are indeed moving forward with this.  I will list off everyone I think that is still interested, and I need a reply from you before next week.

Jarick - Have not heard from you on this since 2012/12/27.  Are you still in?

Videospirit - It appears you are in, just checking.  Also, your character can progress towards how you like.  I am just here to guide and be the landscape.

SneakyGuy - Has backed out.

Jiggles - I believe you are definitely still in, but just confirming.

Vergil1989 - I don't think I even need to ask.

BlacketKnight - I have not heard from you since New Years Eve when I made the request for changes on your character.  Please confirm you are in, and review your character.

Krakenknight - I think I've got you in on this, just need a confirmation.

Tydorei - Is your interest in playing, or just watching the game?

VonDoom - Has chosen not to apply.

Oniya - You seem to definitely be in.  Please just confirm.

Nazora - Have not heard from you since the original proposal.  Please confirm if you are still interested.

Major Major - You have not submitted anything other than an interest.  Please let me know if you will be putting together a character.

Callie Del Noire - You seem to have the basis for a good concept.  Please confirm and submit a full concept.  PM me if you want to clarify anything.

ExisD - If you are interested, please confirm and submit a character concept.

Transgirlenstein - Appears you are in.  Just confirming.

Bluecoco - Normally I shy away from characters with a tragedy such as this in their background, but I think you have done it in a way that does not make things too tragic for the character while still contributing to plausible background.  My only concern, of course, is the trope of motorcycling.  Again, you have addressed this, and I have researched Washington State's motorcycle laws and your character is not in violation of them.  Please confirm your interest in the game (I know you only just made your character, but I am striving for uniform administration.)

GM's estimated headcount: 7 definites and 6 possibly/observing

So here's what I want with your confirmation:

Character Name: Please include legal name, what people call them, and what they like to be called.
Age: With date of birth.
Grade level: Junior or Senior in school (the school is only for juniors and seniors).
Home Town: Where they live when on winter and/or summer break.
Personality Type: Your character will not be shoehorned into this, but it is to help with your own perspective on your character as well as mine
Sexual Experience: Virgin/Kissing/Petting/Oral/Intercourse and number of partners in the past.
Current Relationship(s): Do they have a crush, significant other, or friend with benefits of any kind.
Talents: Pick three things your CHARACTER feels they do better than anyone else.
Social Status: How popular are they?  If your character was in a group of 20 people, how would they get along with those people?
Work Experience: Students do not have jobs during the school year, but they may when they are 'home.'
Graduation Intentions: Since this is a college preparatory boarding school, all students are required to apply to at least 3 major universities.  I do not need names, but I need goals of study.
Family: How many siblings/parents they have, and how they fit in with the family. (no this is not for incest purposes, but psychological background).
Spending Money: Does the student have income or a budget while away at school for personal use?
Academic Achievements: Grades and any particular honors they may have accumulated.  Include a favorite subject.
Phobias: Not necessarily sexual related, but genuine fears in life.
Stage 1 transformation: Pick 1 physical alteration and up to 4 psychological changes that will occur the first time they consume the berries in any form.

As you can see, I am asking for quite a bit of creativity from each of you.  What I promise in return is a dynamic world in which the npc's know your characters like classmates living together would.  Each of you has a character who sees and interacts with a limited number of people almost every day of their lives.  In return you will have NPCs to choose from as social peers, friends, and enemies, by the due date of your proposals.

Online Oniya

Confirmation will be heading in soon.  I have to say, this is an impressive set of requests - reminds me a bit of my first real table-top experience.

Offline ExisD

I'm working on mine right now and should have her done by this evening.

Offline Cerebellum von DoomTopic starter

I am glad you find the request not too daunting.  I look forward to both of your confirmations.

Offline Videospirit

Character Name: Thomas Cameron Bansen, Prefers Tom
Age: Born June 3 16 years ago
Grade level: Junior
Home Town: Parents bought a summer house near the school with a housekeeper to leave Tom until he becomes independant.
Personality Type: The Scientist I guess
Sexual Experience: Virgin
Current Relationship(s): Probably has a few couples he likes to keep tabs on in hope of seeing something
Talents: Observe, Guess, and Conceal
Social Status: Usually quiet, unless he can take charge of a situation.
Work Experience: No real job, but he works with cameras and networks as a hobby
Graduation Intentions: Wants to get a job in security installation or manufacturing
Family: Father is a famous Musician, mother is a supermodel, he's the only child they had during their brief marriage and neither one has had another or remarried since. His parents go through lovers like clothes, and most of them didn't even try to get to know him.
Spending Money: Parents cut his allowance significantly after sending him to the school, but he does still have a lot of spending money. Before he could afford to blanket the entire school in cameras with a months allowance, now he can only afford 1 or 2 a month, and needs to buy them discreetly.
Academic Achievements: Tends to perform average in most subjects due to lack of effort, enjoys physical education and drama.
Phobias: He's afraid of being completely seperated from all human contact, like on a deserted island, but is pretty hard to phase otherwise
Stage 1 transformation: Hair turns white, and he becomes very sensitive to other people's thoughts and desires.

Offline Jarick

Still in, yes, and here's the spread.  Questions/comments/thoughts appreciated.

Character Name: Robert Hearst Kingsley III.  Bobby to his parents (and occasionally ROBERT HEARST KINGSLEY >:| to them also), Robert to his friends.
Age: 16, DOB 04/17/1996
Grade level: Junior
Home Town: Plano, TX (a suburb of Dallas)
Personality Type: ISF(X), Nurturer/Artist
Sexual Experience: Robert has kissed two girls and done a bit of feeling up the second.
Current Relationship(s): Robert has a bit of a crush on a girl he knew from church named Ellen back home, though the moment he learned he was being shipped off to boarding school he clammed up about it.
Talents: Robert believes he is a pillar of comparative self-control, head and shoulders above his peers.  He believes he is a talented writer, though doesn't see how that'll help him in life aside from winning essay scholarships.  He lastly believes he can find almost anything on the internet that has ever been out there, if only to find where a torrent or photo -used- to be hosted before it went under.
Social Status: Robert's family is relatively wealthy and he knows better than to make waves, but while he is generally been part of the popular crowd, he manages to remain merely a face in it.
Work Experience: The previous summer, Robert spent some time working as a mail clerk in his father's offices.
Graduation Intentions: Right now, Robert only knows that he's supposed to go to school and major in business or economics and figure out some way to keep the family afloat.  He doesn't know or care about business or economics, but that's what he's supposed to do, so~...
Family: Robert's parents, David and Marcie, married young and Do Not Get Along; and Robert is fairly much convinced they never will and will remain that way for the rest of their lives.  He himself is the product of their marriage counselor telling them they clearly ought to have a baby together to have something in common, and his younger brother Alex is the product of a drunken night of passion (or so Robert's grandparents have whispered between each other when they thought Robert wasn't listening).  Robert is... not fond of spending time at home when both parents are there.  Things are loud.  And intrusive.
Spending Money: To the tune of a hundred dollars a month to spend on things he needs (emphasis Mom and Dad).
Academic Achievements: Robert has a decent singing voice and might well have thought to pursue music if his parents hadn't intervened against a potential artist in the family.  He also has a noticed-by-teachers proficiency with English, and was slated to be placed in a specialized program in school for them before being shipped off to "escape the hippie liberal commu-fascist education system" his father so hates.
Phobias: Robert is terrified that he is going to make a terrible mistake like his parents did that will color their interactions for the rest of his life, which has led to an occasionally-pathological degree of self-questioning and mistrust (which incidentally is also the reason his two girlfriends broke up with him, though they couldn't put the why into words).  He's also quietly terrified of sexuality just as he's unable to understand it, which contributes to the first concern.  Lastly, he is also afraid that someone will discover the really, really weird porn he keeps around and make note of it to his parents whom he is convinced will probably disown him afterward.
Stage 1 transformation: Physically: all of the hair on Robert's body, beyond scalp and eyebrows?  Gone.  Psychologically: suddenly, bisexual.  Suddenly, no obsessive worrying about the possibility of smexual mistakes-- precautions as normal, perhaps, but the worry is gone.
« Last Edit: January 03, 2013, 01:38:35 PM by Jarick »

Offline bluecoco

lol as far as what you mentioned as the 'trope of motorcycling', I don't know of any violation there is for riding a motorcycle at 18 but thanks for checking on that for me anyway. I'd hate to be in violation of some law... And yes... I know that the history seems kind of dark, but I think I managed to simplify it enough to where it comes off as harmless in my opinion and would help with her character development and make the split personality that much more intriguing is she does have cases where she blacks out and people start calling her Emily and Cesh not having a clue why... and being disturbed by it. :P

Confirmation of Character

Character Name: Ceshella Rose Limbart, Cesh is what she likes to be called
Age: 18, Birthday August 17
Grade level: Senior
Home Town: Seattle, Washington. Cold and rainy almost every day
Personality Type: ISTJ
Sexual Experience: Before her sister passed, she had youthful romances that didn't go beyond kissing. Right at around the time Cesh would have been interested in a sexual relationship is when her sister passed so she has remained a virgin and has had zero partners.
Current Relationship(s): No relationship. She claims she is asexual though she is attracted to those who remind her of her parted sister.
Talents: Riding a motorcycle, shooting clay pigeons, and reading a book a day
Social Status: Not very popular, though that is self-inflicted. She is an attractive girl who often runs from a conversation and when in a school situation, is mildly frustrated when having to do group activities.
Work Experience: Worked at her father's motorcycle shop.
Graduation Intentions: She has interests in majoring in mechanical engineering, to make bikes safer
Family: Both parents are together still but she is distant from them because of their work lives. She had a twin sister who died in a freak accident and since then Cesh has been reserved and angry at the world.
Spending Money: Money has never been a problem for Cesh, and even with the extravagant money available to her, she isn't a big spender. She doesn't like to shop for clothes or go out to eat at fancy places. When the transformation comes this will change as her alter ego 'Emily' is a heavy spender and will splurge on clothes and booze and gadgets.
Academic Achievements: Favorite subject Math. Grades are average though she is smart, she doesn't apply herself to the best of her abilities.
Phobias: Fear of fireworks, of fire in general, and of the dark.
Stage 1 transformation: 1 physical change: Hair will begin to brighten and shorten; Psychological changes: More social, more fearless, and more attracted to touching things, experiencing the sensation of 'touch' when this alter ego begins to develop

Hope all that is alright! ^
I can edit anything if you want me to!

Online Oniya

Sent this via PM, but as everyone else seems to be posting theirs - here it is :-)

Character Name: Tyler Reese, prefers 'Tyler', gets called 'Ty' by most peers (teachers tend to call him Tyler)
Age: 17, born February 27th
Grade level: Junior
Home Town: Falls Church, VA
Personality Type: ISTJ, with a borderline F
Sexual Experience: None
Current Relationship(s): None
Talents: Pick three things your CHARACTER feels they do better than anyone else.: Anything involving lab equipment.  Low-tech improvising (MacGyver is a personal hero).  Playing the flute (he doesn't take official lessons from the school, but he may have been seen going into the practice rooms after hours).
Social Status: Not terribly popular, but not outcast.  He's noticed, might be approached by 5 of those 20 for tutoring assistance (or note-cribbing)
Work Experience: Worked as a 'lab assistant' in Reston over the summer, mostly cleaning cages and doing fetch-and-carry.
Graduation Intentions: Tyler wants to go on with his chemistry studies, possibly into the medical/pharmaceutical field.
Family: How many siblings/parents they have, and how they fit in with the family. He is a middle child, with an older brother and a younger sister.
Spending Money: Tyler's budget is limited.  He is at the school on an academic scholarship, which provides him with a small stipend, mostly covering his books, but his other costs aren't terribly extravagant.  At any given time, he might have between $20 and $50 in local currency equivalent.
Academic Achievements: Tyler excels in Chemistry.  In middle school, he won first prize in the State Science Fair (after also winning at the school and regional levels) for a fuel cell that mimicked photosynthesis.  He routinely made Honor Roll, and could have made Dean's List if not for a tendency to neglect his non-science classes.
Phobias: Tyler is surprisingly squeamish about needles.  He's gotten to the point where it doesn't have him breaking the sound barrier in tennis shoes, but watching an injection (never mind getting one) gets him highly agitated.  Luckily, there's usually a lab partner who is willing to trade doing the messy stuff for Tyler taking care of the chemical reactions.
Stage 1 transformation:
 Physical:  The most noticeable change of the ones I indicated in the thread would be the tendril on the back of his neck.  It might be mistaken for a bug-bite in the earliest (initial consumption) phase, other than being extremely sensitive when another person touches it.  Length should increase over time to a max of three feet.
  • Personality type tipping a little more towards F
  • A bit more inclined to follow suggestions
  • Not exactly becoming more social (interacting), but definitely starting to seek out the presence of people.  Where he might have spent days alone in the lab, he would start being found studying in the dining hall, or sitting out on the quad near a socializing group.

Offline Cerebellum von DoomTopic starter

Thank you for the quick replies!  Blucoco, you are fine on the character.  I was more making observations and giving feedback than judging.  Thanks for your understanding, though.  Oniya, I received the PM but appreciate you placing your confirmation on the main thread for the other players to see.  Jarick, I am glad to see you still around and wanting to be part of this.  Videospirit, thank you for the confirmation.

Sneak Peak So I am working on the overall concept of the school at the moment, before fleshing out the other students, and I think I will be following the tradition of dorm/house rivalries in boarding schools.  I intend to use the word, "Hall," though, to avoid any mental associations with Harry Potter or collegiate life.  Each hall will have roughly 20 students from each grade level, with there being 8 halls within the school.  This gives us a student population of roughly 320 live-in students.  Each hall has a male and female student leader, their title based on the ancient culture the hall is representing (Greek, Roman, Chinese, Japanese, etc.) Each room of students, 4 to a room, has a room leader, also with a title based on the hall's culture.  Adult supervision is provided by a male and female alumni who has successfully finished their undergraduate and masters work but has yet to finish their doctorate programs.  No house adult is ever adult more than a year, and they are selected by the headmistress of the school, made an offer only after graduation ceremonies are done for all candidates.  No alumni may be older than 28 when selected to be the house chaperone.  Teachers do not live in the halls, having their own dormitory away from the students, discouraging favoritism of one house over another, and preventing students from having access to teacher resources such as tests, grade books, and the like.  House Chaperones commonly are working on their dissertations while students are in classes.

Offline jiggles

Character Name: Nicole Hardy. Since she's a tomboy, she often prefers to be called "Nic." She hates the name "Nicky."
Age: 17 years old, born August 2nd.
Grade level: Junior
Home Town: Tampa, Florida, USA
Personality Type: ENTP - The Visionary
Sexual Experience: Virgin, but with a very active sex drive and masturbation habit. She's too much "one of the guys" to have ever really been seen as a sexual object by any of the boys she was interested in, and has never been close enough friends with any girls to act on her bisexual tendencies.
Current Relationship(s): Nicole has a crush on several of the boys she used to play baseball with back home, and in school tends to develop short-term, intense crushes on both boys and girls and feature them in her fantasies.
Talents: Playing baseball, climbing trees, and arguing.
Social Status: Nicole is popular with jock boys, who appreciate her masculine ways. She tends to be looked-down-upon by girls for the same reason. Anyone publicly insulting her, however, will face her anger.
Work Experience: Nicole worked briefly at a sporting goods store as a cashier before being sent off to school.
Graduation Intentions: Nicole is not very interested in school, but since she was forced to attend she has decided to make the best of it, take interesting classes (especially those that have anything at all to do with sports), and try to go to a university with a strong athletics program.
Family: Nicole is her family's only child, and as such was indulged and a bit spoiled when she was younger, and is chafing under the responsibilities and expectations of her parents now that she is older.
Spending Money: Her family is quite wealthy, and Nicole usually has plenty of spending money - unless she has been cut-off for misbehavior.
Academic Achievements: Nicole has always been a C student. She is smart and creative but easily distracted and strongly disinterested in schoolwork.
Phobias: Somehow being forced to become the "perfect little lady" her parents have always pressured her to be. Being unable to play sports for some reason. Mild claustrophobia.
Stage 1 transformation: Nicole's hips and butt increase in size by several inches. She starts to speak in a more feminine way. It becomes much more difficult for her to climax vaginally.

Offline Vergil1989

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Character Name:  Alex Lechance
Age: 17  June 21st
Grade level: Junior
Home Town: New York City
Personality Type: The Duty Fulfiller
Sexual Experience: Virgin but has seen plenty of hentai if nothing else and has jerked off plenty in secret however.
Current Relationship(s): None thanks to his mother, younger sister, and the 'babysitter' she sent with him.
Talents: Knows how to cook, clean, and house keep in general, and not because he wanted to learn exactly.  He has a remarkable talent for drawing and architectural design.
Social Status: Upper class thanks to his Grandfather.  For his actual social life however, that is virtually non existent in New York since his sister and mother made sure to embarrass him in every way possible to the point that his reputation was forever in shambles, making it impossible for him to make any friends.
Work Experience: Well he knows how to house clean quite well and his mother even had him hire on for a while as a maid of all things to one of her like minded friends.
Graduation Intentions: He plans to go into architectural design, working all over the world and as far from his home city of New York as possible in the process.  Beyond that he could care less.
Family: His mother and younger sister who are both evil as Hell itself in Alex's opinion.
Spending Money: What spending money?  His mother controls every facet of his life so Alex is lucky to have the clothes on his back despite the fact he's now half a world away from her.  He has enough to buy food, books, and any essentials like that but nothing he could ever use for himself or purchase just for the Hell of it.
Academic Achievements: Despite the fact he wasn't born with the right set of genitals, Alex has managed to keep his grades up in the A range with relative ease.  History has always been his favorite subject, especially Greek myths and legends where it always seemed those that deserved the curses of the gods always got what they deserved in the end in sometimes quite creative ways.  Beyond that secret thought of his, he got high marks for many of his projects he had to do and even won a few awards for some competitions held at his old school back home when he was a Sophomore.  He won because his drawing of the ancient battle King Leonidas and his 300 Spartans versus the whole of the Persia Army was quite life like, almost as if he had been there himself.  Senior year he won thanks to a model he had made in regards to a rather elaborate detailed depiction  of the ancient Colosseum of Rome made entirely out of Popsicle sticks and hot glue.
Phobias: Always being trapped under his mother's heel like a slave.  He'd give anything to be his own person but so far he sees no hope of that happening until at least he gets through school.  He's afraid that one of these times his 'babysitter' will discover what he does when he goes off to sneak a quick jerk and report it to his bitch mother.
Stage 1 transformation: Physical - His current appearance will start to shift towards the more feminine side, giving him softer skin, a bigger chest, etc.  His eyes will also start to change, becoming over time a pair of cobalt black orbs with no visible iris of any sort while becoming increasingly soulless until there's no longer any trace of the young man that he once was and is entirely replaced by the 'demon' he has locked away....for now.

He'll become increasingly defiant and outspoken overtime.
His mannerisms will change to more the strong willed, dominant, feminine persuasion.
Alex will become increasingly social, even going so far as to try to seduce those he takes an interest in, especially after he starts to change more down the road into the monster his folks had created without realizing it.

Before corruption/transformation.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

After corruption/transformation
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

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Character Name: Chérise "Cheri" Hart
Age: 17 born 17 September 1996
Grade level: Junior
Home Town: St Paul Minnesota
Personality Type: ESFJ - The Caregiver
Sexual Experience: Virgin
Current Relationship(s): A mild admiration that can result in obsession for the more assured characters like Cesh or Misty
Talents: Cheri is very sure of herself as a cook, as a literate person and has extensive training as a first aid user.
Social Status: Cheri is a wallflower, she'll join in activities but refuses to stand out, she'll get along with all girls pretty well but guys frighten her, if they touch her she occasionally gets hives.
Work Experience: She has worked as a cook in a soup kitchen over the vacation
Graduation Intentions: Cheri dreams of Ivy leagues and finding a little hole to crawl into where she can write and read all of the books she desires. She also wants to help people and animals so she does look over medical textbooks on occasion, entertaining becoming a Gyno so she doesn't treat men.
Family: 1 Parent, Father a wealthy owner of a lumber harvesting company. 1 elder sibling 1 younger sibling, neither at school but both are very special to her as she has acted as a surrogate mother for years.
Spending Money: She's Daddy's little princess and he provides her with a stipend of $700 per month, but she seldom uses much so she has a few thousand stashed away at the moment
Academic Achievements: She frequently scores in the top 20 and excels in both Biology and English although her Biology seems to have a certain mental blank spot.
Phobias: Male Genitalia and strange men, Being alone in a strange place, being a disappointment to her dead mother, leaving her brothers to fend for themselves, dogs, crowds, being the centre of attention.
Stage 1 transformation: Breasts and hips becoming accentuated and her clit becoming abnormally large and sensitive almost phallic in nature. On constumption her modesty will drop despite her fears as she becomes more and more a brazen exhibitionist, She will be plagued by odd fantasies leading her to imagine boys in a new light despite her fears, sex drive increase and unexpected bisexuality.

Offline BlackestKnight

Sorry, it looks like I'm going have to drop out of this one.

Offline Joy

After chatting with Von Doom here is my character submission for your approval ;)

Character Name: Daniel "Don't call him Danny" Bell
Age: 18, October 11th - Libra
Grade level: Senior
Home Town: Dan was born and raised in Newark, New Jersey.  Dan's parents own their own consulting business and spend most of their time travelling and are rarely at home.  For the past 4 years, Dan has spent his summers at a swimming camp and most winters are spent with his aunt and uncle in New York. 
Personality Type: The Mechanic
Sexual Experience: Dan hasn't really had any real relationships due to his constant moving and not having a home life.  At camps he's had a few hook ups, but his insistence on second base hasn't exactly endeared him to many of the girls he's hung out with.
Current Relationship(s): No, he's just moved yet again.  He's never been good at forming long term relationships of any sort.
Talents: Swim, Rollerblade and explore new things
Social Status: Dan is fairly good looking and while a little shy at first, generally gets along with people if they start the conversation.  He tends to drift in and out of crowds effortlessly, always welcomed, but never missed.  The combination of his tendency to be introverted and moving around all the time leave him very comfortable in the role of welcomed outsider.
Work Experience: Since his freshman year, he has spent every summer at swimming camp.  While he is nationally competitive, at 18, it's unlikely he will be olympic material.
Graduation Intentions:  Dan tells his parents that he wants to pursue an Information Management degree, followed by an MBA.  In truth he's just hoping to find someplace that will give him a swimming scholarship so he can break away from his absent, but controlling parents.
Family: He is an only child, but has always wanted a sibling.  His parents barely want the responsibility of one child.
Spending Money: Money is the one thing his parents provide for him.  He has an allowance and his parents American Express Platinum card.
Academic Achievements: He's mostly a B student.  Since his freshmen year he has particpated in several national swimming competitions and has been on the varsity swim team in his schools since sophmore year.
Phobias: None
Stage 1 transformation: Physically his nipples will swell a bit and become much more sensitive.  Mentally the only change will be he becomes very attracted to anyone who touches his budding breasts regardless of his normal personal or sexual preferences.

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I am in pleasant shock of how enthusiastic you all seem with posting my request so soon.  I have been reading each of your characters quite thoroughly and already have most of your data in my own spreadsheets and trackers, which is excellent.

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Glad to hear we surprised you in such a good way.  ;D  Can't wait to see what crazy ideas you have for us all Dr. Doom.  :P

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(Okay, here goes.)   :-)

Character Name: Misty Nazoire. Prefers to be called Misty informally. Has a few choice names among students that find her overbearing.

Age: 18, August 30th

Grade level: Senior

Home Town: Augusta, Maine.

Personality Type: The Executive

Sexual Experience: Misty is a total virgin, she has no sexual experience beyond giving herself a few massages when her fantasies were maddening, and then being ashamed about it. She is straight, but has never pursued a boy, or given one that has pursued her the time of day. Though no boys have pursued her because her aura is sub-zero cold.

Current Relationship(s):None outside her family.

Talents: Academics, if Misty doesn't have at least the top five in test scores or the fifth highest grade point average she goes into studying seclusion and shuts everyone else out. Athletics, gymnastics, tennis, swimming, track, archery, and fencing are her strongest sports. She tends to win any amateur sports competition she enters, especially when competing against boys. Aikido (A self defense martial art in which an opponents power is directed against them)

Social Status: Depends on the crowd, Misty is admired by other high achievers and aspiring high achievers when she is not envied. She is in demand for almost anything competitive because her only focus is to win, to do better than everyone else or at least the best she can do. She does not like to be out of the top five in anything. People who want something done usually go to her if it is important enough.  With the laid back crowd, and the party crowd, she would be considered a bossy dictator and a buzz kill. For this reason, she often doesn't get along with other popular rich students.

Work Experience: Misty has never had to actually work a day in her life, she is a full time student, her studies are her life. She is completely naive to the fact that some people might have to actually work, or that the easy resources available to her are out of reach for some people.

Graduation Intentions: Oxford, with the intentions of getting the finest education available. Her eventual goal is to get a doctorate in criminal law so she can become a prosecutor, which she will use as springboard to become a high level politician. 

Family: Misty has three older brothers and three younger sisters, the youngest being twins. Both her parents are alive and well.  She also has had her own personal nanny who is now the personal nanny for the twins. In such a large family, money was never sparse, but time was. Misty became extremely competitive, partly as a way of dealing with alienation from parents who doted on the youngest and oldest children while ignoring her. At first, Misty demonstrated her prowess as a way of forcing her parents notice, and it had worked for a time. But as she grew older her prowess meant she was the one that didn't need attention, the one who would do just fine. Misty found herself alienated from the attention she craved of her extremely busy parents more often then not.

Spending Money: Lavish, money is basically no object for her. But she doesn't care that much about money or what it can buy, and is quite frugal. All her focus is on winning, she'll only spend if it will help her win, as long as she isn't technically cheating or breaking the law. In anything competitive, she will always have the best equipment available.

Academic Achievements: 4.0 grade point average, multiple honors, and awards in a host of extracurricular activities. (And still her parents can barely find time to accept one or two of her calls a month!). English Literature is her favorite subject.

Phobias: Ghosts (literally can not tolerate any horror movie or theme.) Frankenstein (will cause possible fainting.) More relevant, an extreme fear of failing and of disappointing the high expectations she has built to impress her family. The most devastating nightmares she has involve getting winded during a marathon and of bombing on her SATs. She's afraid if people think she's unreliable she'll become powerless, and then become alienated from everyone. Humiliation is a huge fear, yet, at the same time, she is aroused by the prospect of all her fears becoming reality, and has a secret fetish to be humiliated. This humiliation fetish is at odds with her desire for her families approval and the power she craves to lead people; however, so she denies it even though it is a part of who she is.

Stage 1 transformation: Consumption would seep into her psyche and discover her innermost secrets. Her secret humiliation fetish would cause a drop in problem solving ability noticeable to at least her, while placing a mental block on knowledge accumulated through study and education. Susceptibility to pheromones would increase to provide sexual activities with more appeal. More relaxed attitudes towards achievement and modesty would begin to be cultivated. These changes would likely be resisted to the point that they cause headaches, mood swings, and irrational behavior. Physical changes would focus on a slight deterioration of physical aptitude and the further development of secondary sexual characteristics in modest measure. (Larger breasts, wider hips, narrower waist, plumper lips, smoother skin tone, softer muscle tone, increased sensitivity etc.)

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I've been looking for a game to replace the three that I was in before they stopped entirely. Hope that you don't mind me putting in my CS.

Character Name: Jack Richards

Age: 18; July 25th

Grade level: Senior

Home Town: Salem, Oregon

Personality Type: The Artist

Sexual Experience: Virgin, straight. He has the upmost respect for women and so never really thought of being more than friends with women, placing them in a "friend zone."

Current Relationship(s): None

Talents: Music Jack's voice is reminiscent of Steve Perry and his guitar skills of Jimi Hendrix. Painting His art resembles art made during the Renaissance period. This is hardly a surprise, seeing as his inspirations are da Vinci, Botticelli and Donatello. People Skills/Charisma He finds it easy to make friends, and he is very eloquent with his words.

Social Status: Jack is extremely popular in any group due to his charisma. All the women look his way, all the men wish he had him as a wing-man, or a friend. Jack is often invited to large parties of not only 10 or 20, but 50 or 100 and he manages to be in the center.

Work Experience: While his parents are at work, he is either at his part-time job working at a convenience store or, if he does not have a shift that day, he is on the streets playing his guitar for tips.

Graduation Intentions: He plans to be a History major with an Art minor, then going to work for his step-father, and if that does not work out, then a curator in a museum.

Family: A mom, a step-dad, two sisters (14 and 16) and a half sister (12). His dad died in a work accident, since he was a coal miner. His mother quickly married a guy, with whom Jack had no problems with and actually liked, in order to keep stability in the home and so they wouldn't have to move to a cheaper house, or drastically change their life-styles. The step-dad is a top-class politician, quickly becoming known across the U.S, and could be in the running for a high-ranked position. The step-dad has offered a job as his assistant after he graduates, Jack graciously accepted. Jack has a good relationship with his sisters, he has always taken care of them, especially when their parents weren't around. While their mother was sulking after the loss of their father, it was Jack would comforted the both of them. It's been suggested that the two sisters have a bro-com. Meanwhile, after his mother remarried, a half-sister was on the way and Jack treated her the same as if she was a full-blooded sister. Jack takes all of them out to parks often, probably as a distraction from their negligent mother. While their step-father was a good person, he was still a politician and thus too busy for all of them, so the responsibility of raising the sisters falls on his shoulders. Jack fears that something might happen to his sisters every time he has to leave to go to the school and is always relieved when he comes back to see that they are fine.

Spending Money: While the income from his step-father is rather huge, Jack prefers to use his own savings to get the stuff that he wants. He has a couple grand he could toss around, but he saves most of it just in case he needs it for a huge emergency. So he only spends a few hundred on nice clothes, guitar strings, fresh paint, guitar picks and paint brushes.

Academic Achievements: Jack maintains a 4.0 unweighted GPA and scores high on tests. One might not expect that this man is a genius in his own right, a modern Renaissance man if you will, because of his love for art. However, once one finds out that his favorite subject is History, it might be less surprising.

Phobias: Fear for his sisters' well-being, death (philosophically, not physically; as in one dies, they are forgotten and all the things they left behind are left to others, thrown away or just plainly left without care), too much red in the orange (...)

Stage 1 transformation: Jack will start to become more obsessive and gluttonous. Greed and lust will start to affect his choices and he will only start to think of himself and how to benefit his need. His need for more and more things will cause him to abuse his charisma to get what he wants. His growing lust will drive him to do things he normally would not do. In the process, he will become more devil-like and impure. His once pure nature will be replaced with a dark nature. So, it would only be just if he grew devilish features (i.e. a tail, horns, longer nails)
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I'm really liking the creative characters people are coming up with!

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Alrighty, I've gotten her done. Also, her name came purely from a random name generator, I claim no credit besides being un-creative and lazy, though it did make for a fun characterization of her parents.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Maeve was a child prodigy. She was incredibly talented at any field she set her mind to enter and blew away all competitors with minimal amounts of effort. Though given how small her home town was that may not be saying much. Throughout her early life she was incredibly popular despite being the child of "two dirty hippies who haven't worked a day in their lives."

This all changed once puberty struck. While she'd been very athletic before the way her body changed rendered anything she could do previously impossible. She shot up to a D cup within months and her breasts didn't stop getting larger until she was a solid G. The rest of her body did not catch up though, leaving her very short with a chest too big to do practically anything. This of course began right after she'd made the junior varsity team after skipping a grade.

Her new attributes also attracted a lot of attention from her fellow students, but none that she wanted. She knew that she was gay within a few months of middle school. Boys had never interested her and her town was very conservative so none of the girls even considered her. Without any sort of release, and with her sister describing her own sexual encounters in lurid detail which just made Maeve more frustrated, she turned to the internet.

Their family was one of very few with a computer, let alone the ability to use one, so she just became more distanced from everyone around her. As someone who was an incredibly social child this was miserable and she felt the need to find social activity elsewhere. Which lead to her going to seedier and seedier places on the web. This also made her even more confused than she was before about her own sexuality.

In her cyber-travels the poor girl figured out something. Whenever she was looking for stories about relationships she sought light lesbian ones. Anything that wasn't supposed to be erotic went this way. However, she was only sexually interested in things where one woman was taken by as many men as she could manage. This got worse as she went deeper. Though through all of this she learned a great deal about computers and got a job fixing them.

When she got to her new school she eventually confirmed her fears. As someone who was generally friendly and very smart, thanks to not having to pay attention in class or send much time on homework she could afford to spend it all on social activities, she quickly rose up the ranks of popularity. Being attractive and unable to hide her physique also helped. Though this all came to a crashing halt her junior year. Maeve asked out another girl in her friend circle, Alicia, who agreed quickly. They were a sickeningly sweet couple for a while, but things turned to the worst when Maeve couldn't return her physical affections.

Taking a bit hit and losing a lot of her friends because of this she lashed out at several of them and lost more. at some point she got asked out by some random guy who she'd never spoken to before, Mathias, and she said yes. The relationship quickly turned sexual because she had no other interest in him. Unfortunately, this was the opposite of what he wanted and they also broke up on rather poor terms. Afterward rumors of how much of a slut she was started filtering around and what little remained of her reputation was shot.

Now Maeve fulfills the role that every school needs of the angry kid in the back of the room. Between being conflicted about herself and having almost all of her friends abandon her she decided to go with the theory of fuck everyone thinks. She still maintained her grades, but was much more arrogant about it, flaunting her skills in front of her peers and getting into not quite enough trouble to lose her scholarship, but came very close a few times.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Maeve is someone who loves being around people and talking. She can barely keep her thoughts in her head at the best of times, though she's managed to restrain herself from giving away any of her private fantasies to anyone. Back when she was in a good mood this usually came out in the form of complimenting everyone, but since her fall she's been sour and fairly insulting to anyone associated with her old friends.

She desperately wishes that she could play sports again, but her body has decided that she isn't allowed to have anything that she wants.

Sexual Desires/hangups:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
All of Maeve's issues stem from knowing too much about what she gets turned on by and how it doesn't relate at all to what she wants. She has a very strong desire to get fucked by a large number of disproportionately large men and find herself filled with their cum so much that she looks pregnant. Intellectually she finds the concept utterly revolting and completely unrealistic.

She had tried everything she could think of to find women sexually interesting in the past, but nothing met with success.

She also hates the way her body looks and feels, particularly her breasts.

Character Name: Maeve Lastile Walker

Age: 16 years old, December 21st

Grade level: Senior

Home Town: Adin-Lookout, CA

Personality Type: ENTP

Sexual Experience: Not beyond groping with women, has slept with one boy.

Current Relationship(s): None, though she has two ex's in the school. The relationships did not last long and both ended poorly.

Talents: Anything involving computers(building, maintaining, and programming), soccer(skill wise not current ability), maneuvering on the internet

Social Status: Maeve was a very popular kid, but after both outing herself and two very bad breakups she's fallen rather dramatically. Her attitude didn't make matters worse so she's probably on the lowest end, though some of her old friends will still hang-out with her in secret.

Work Experience: Her town's only competent computer repair worker. Her boss is the one who owns the store and it is pretty successful, but he is pretty bad at it and without her progress on working slows to a crawl.

Graduation Intentions: Wants to go into Computer Systems Engineering with a dual in Computer Science.

Family: Maeve's mother and father, Paula and George, who are still together. They're have no real ambitions in life besides continuing to live. Neither can hold down a steady job, but thanks to their own skills they can make enough money through investing and occasional part time jobs. They mutually decided that their children needed interesting names because of how dull their's were.

She has two brothers, one older and one younger, along with an older sister. Her eldest brother at 26, Balthazar, got out of her home town and encourages her to stay out. He works in finance as a result of a lucky break in college. Her younger brother of 12, Thelonius, seems to be following her parent's example of living without caring about anything. Her sister Ambrosia, 22, could be called the source of many of Maeve's hang-ups or at least the reason that she knows she has them. She was incredibly open about her sexuality and insisted on telling her sister everything, even if it was a bad idea. She now works in porn. Though she's told her family that she is on the management side Maeve has seen videos that prove otherwise.

Over all Maeve considers her parents and youngest brother lazy good for nothings and looks up to her elder siblings in different ways. She wants to match Balthazar's example of success and wishes she could have Ambrosia's self-confidence and ability to function sexually.

Spending Money: She has a very little money to spend, but can contact her siblings for a small loan if she really needs it.

Academic Achievements: She gets good grades all around in everything except for gym, which she is unable to participate in for the most part. She got in on a scholarship and has had to put forth very little effort to maintain her status.

Phobias: Her biggest fear is, quite hypocritically considering how little work she does, becoming like her parents and lazing her way through life, following that is never finding someone she can be with.

Stage 1 transformation: I think not feeling pain from her chest would be a good first physical one, though it also growing larger. It would make her want to eat even more of the berries and give them to other people. For psychological, being less adverse to men and able to be attracted sexually to futas are what I'm thinking at first.
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Looking forward to starting this game XD It promises to start with a bang.

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*Tyler waves away smoke*

Sorry about that.  Reaction was a little more vigorous than anticipated.