Name of a Jeremy Renner movie...?

Started by Trieste, December 27, 2012, 02:00:05 AM

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I cannot remember the name of this movie, and I cannot seem to find it in Renner's filmography. I'm hoping someone else here can help me. Needless to say, the following paragraph contains spoilers. ::)

It's an indie movie wherein Renner plays a guy that ends up kidnapping a little boy and accidentally killing him. The mother of the little boy is allowed to see Renner's character (I believe it was before he was executed for the crime, but she might have simply visited him in prison). A few details: by the end of the movie, Renner's character was badly beaten up, to the point where I think he lost sight in one of his eyes. The little boy was kidnapped during what seemed to be a robbery gone bad. I think the little boy was developmentally disabled in some way. I seem to recall that he had a special pair of red shoes? Or a brightly-colored coat? The little boy suffocated in the trunk of the car that Renner's character was driving.

The movie itself had a codicil that talked about a program in place meant to assist crime victims in meeting face to face with the offenders who committed the crimes against them for purposes of confrontation and closure, and sometimes even reconciliation. The closest to such a program I could come up with via Google searching is the restorative justice movement, but I'm not sure if this movie was made specifically for them.

For the life of me, I just cannot recall the name of this movie, and I'd really like to watch it again. I know it was Jeremy Renner because I remember saying "Oh, that's the musician from that one House episode" (the episode is Games and the character was Jimmy Quidd) while I was watching the movie. I don't know when the movie came out, but I know it was previous to the Avengers and I think it was also previous to his roles in the Bourne movies.

Does this... sound familiar to anyone? I hope?


Never mind - I finally found it after thinking to search jeremy renner restorative justice on Google. Previous searches revolving around Jeremy Renner and "offender" or "convicted" or "death row" or something like that always led to search hits on his movie about Dahmer. >.>

Anyway, this is the movie I was talking about, and it's really good, if depressing.

TAKE - The Movie - Starring Minnie Driver & Jeremy Renner