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May 28, 2018, 12:40:37 AM

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Author Topic: Your Mistress is Calling [MistressRhyssa, beckoning her next slut to be broken]  (Read 2448 times)

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Offline MistressRhyssaTopic starter

Hello my future pet, your Mistress is calling. I take fiendish delight in taming girls, training and breaking them into the pets they were always destined to be. Do you feel a rush through your blood at the thought? The thought of  creating a story where your character will be mine, mine completely, taken and trained to be a lovely little cumslave… Thoroughly against her will…

Exciting, isn’t it?

I don't bother with men, I find them boring. However, if you're a lovely girl like these delicious bitches in the above image - I'll do all manner  of unspeakable things to you. Tell me what dark fantasies you crave and I'll make sure you face the full thrill of your darkest desires... Whether you crave a Mistress or a Monster to ravish you and make you scream in ecstasy... Cumming all over the floor. As long as I'm breaking a delicious, twitching little bitch into a cum-hungry slut, I'm happy to play a great number of twisted and dominant characters.

I enjoy doing a great many things to my bitches, so it's likely that I'll be narrowing my writing to your Ons than you needing to concern yourself with my Offs. As long as there isn't any excessive blood, gore, vore or anything that belongs in a bathroom... I enjoy forcing it on a helpless girl. From toys to orgies to collaring and kidnapping, forcing you to lick me and drink my cum, having my dog or horse mount you, casting transformation spells to make your breasts grow and lactate... A great, great many things may I enjoy. However, I prize my writing partner's enjoyment over all other things. I am not enjoying myself if you are not. Strange paradox, I delight in fulfilling the writer's darkest and most twisted fantasies while I break the character down into a slut-driven cumpuppy for my amusement.


If you want to be my next victim, post below or send me a message. We can work out a story concept from there.

-Mistress Rhyssa.
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Offline Vergil1989

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Hey Mistress.  I'd be willing to give this a go if my PM was anything to go by lol.  Get back to me when ya can.  ;D

Offline MistressRhyssaTopic starter

Hello my pets, I'm opening options for new stories once more. If you have a delightfully dark fantasy you'd like to play out, leave a post.

Offline Miroque

Greetings Mistress, If you would have me, I would love to be corrected and driven into my rightful self.

Offline Esseria

I'm very, very interested in being taken, broken, and trained into your perfect slut.

Offline Daemon0110

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...h..hi Mistress. I'm a slutty femboy outside but 9/10 I play slutty girls. So please would you letting me be one of your slutty little bitch girls.

Offline Angie

I can't express my desire to be broken any harder! Oh, dear mistress, if you'll take a hermaphrodite in, i'd love to give a few darker desires of mine a try while you take me and break me!

Offline MistressRhyssaTopic starter

I am once more accepting sluts with stories.

Offline Roxy Rocket

      *blinks back them tears*

      Yer making the whole team proud Rhyssy, the whole team...


Offline whtbitch4u2own

I'm probably going to regret this goes nothing :) 

*raises hands*

Offline MistressRhyssaTopic starter

Story opportunities are open once more. Submit your fantasies to me.