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Author Topic: Vanilla Ideas - You Add The Sprinkles <F seeking M>  (Read 1371 times)

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Offline Poetic FuryTopic starter

Vanilla Ideas - You Add The Sprinkles <F seeking M>
« on: December 26, 2012, 10:18:52 pm »
Before getting into the ideas I'd like to mention that I'm looking for a STORY first and foremost.  I'm not here to write gratuitous sex.  I would like any stories written to have plot and if sex happens within the story - great! - but I do not want that to be the basis for the writing. 

So to start I'm just looking for a good story.  I like the idea of corruption and seduction.  I also like epic romances (yeah, that's my girly side kicking in there).  So make me bad or sweep me off my feet.

Below are just a few ideas that I've had rolling through my mind but feel free to contact me with any ideas of your own!  Please feel free to check out my preferences and my prior posts for writing examples.



Possible Setting

Because This Simply Deserves A Story

Modern Twists On Fairytales

Alice + Gothic/Steampunk = OMG!

The Start Of An Idea

Audio Inspiration

I've always thought that this song would serve as an interesting theme or basis for a story.  Right now the idea is formless but maybe we can work a plot!  I'm providing a link to a lyric video because I wouldn't want the official video to sway inspiration.



Olivia recently inherited her family’s estate after her parents died suddenly in a car accident.  She never had a good relationship with her parents but since she was their only child she was, by default, the beneficiary.  Not having any intention of moving back to the small coastal town in Maine, Olivia has returned to have the value of the property assessed.  The house is in disarray.  To fetch a fair price, Olivia has begun doing some small renovations herself.

It is a walk down memory lane for her.  She finds pictures from her childhood tucked away in the attic, toys, clothes… her parents had kept sentimental things.  But the last thing she expected to find was Jonathan.  And he wasn’t happy she was in his home.

The ghosts name can be changed.  His history is up to you to figure out.  ;D


This is a major craving for genre and I'll happily revisit the idea at any time!

They live in an emotionless world.  No poetry, no art, no vibrant colors.  Only stories and images that have been approved by their society can be allowed in homes.  Only preapproved texts taught in schools.  Everything is monitored.  People are allowed to fall in love, but only with others that have been approved by their society.  Essentially people are matched up according to their traits though the society gives the impression that falling in love is "free will".  People need to apply with the society to reproduce. 

But what if people wanted out of this society?  What if people fell in love outside their societal groupings?

Details of this can easily be worked out in PM.

The Cliche

This idea is based on the good girl meets bad boy scenario.  Could be a high school or college setting.  She's a prissy girl.  Does no wrong.  Straight As.  Ballet dancer, J Crew wearing perfectionist.  He's the boy from the other side of the tracks who does all the things that the girl could only dream of.  This could be a simple and sweet romance that friends and family oppose of or it could be something a little darker.

A second cliche that would be fun to explore is the nerd/popular kid.  The roles could go either way.  This is completely open for discussion. 

In Progress


He had been sent to earth to protect her. 

She was a young girl with a destiny to fulfill.

Rebecca was a young girl the first time she saw him.  He was tall, tanned skin… everything about him was perfect, angelic.  She hid behind rocks and bushes as he sat watching the ocean.  It took her a month before she ever made her presence known to him, though he likely knew she had been watching him for some time.  Her youthful curiosity got the better of her and she eventually struck up a conversation with him, easily developing a girlish crush.  It became habit for her to race through the small coastal town to the shore and waste entire afternoons talking with him, tagging along as he walked along the water’s edge.  But then one day he vanished and it would be a long time before he returned.

Years passed but Rebecca never forgot the handsome stranger.  He haunted her thoughts and his memory became a voice of reason.

But he was never truly apart from her.  He followed her as she grew, longing to the closeness they shared when she was a mere child though Rebecca was that child no more.  He had been warned once by his elders.  He was not to make contact with her again.  This was his last chance to protect her.  But even maintaining his distance he began to fall in love with her.  His emotions had gotten the better of him when she was a child.  It wasn’t lust then but the strong desire to protect her, which was his purpose but there was something more.  He knew of the woman she would one day become and longed to hold an adult Rebecca within his arms.  But intimacy between them was forbidden.  Ultimately he would fall from grace but what would it do to Rebecca’s destiny?

The male character doesn't HAVE to be an angel.  We could change it however you see fit but angel/demon is always a craving of mine.  All this is open for discussion.

-Angel/Demon Good/Evil
-Paranormal: Werewolf/Vampire can be fun but NO Twilight
-STEAMPUNK!  (Newest Craving)
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Offline Poetic FuryTopic starter

Re: Vanilla Ideas - You Add The Sprinkles <F seeking M>
« Reply #1 on: February 04, 2013, 05:27:25 pm »
Ideas added and edited.

Offline Poetic FuryTopic starter

Re: Vanilla Ideas - You Add The Sprinkles <F seeking M>
« Reply #2 on: November 16, 2013, 10:49:45 am »
Ideas tweaked and updated.