On The Loveless Street's (Tenerlo's one on one Story Idea)

Started by Adere, May 30, 2008, 12:58:48 AM

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Overview: Defiant, strong willed and beautiful female looking for a strong, passionate and dominate male to show her what true pleasure is.

This will not be your typical roleplay, though at the same time it will. The reason this may be interesting to you is because in some way, shape or form, she is a fighter, head strong and appears to be dominate on the service. Yet in a more intimate position, she is a tad bit submissive. Not really to the extent of S&M. She does not like pain, but she does like the temporary feeling of releasing her control to another. Which is oddly a contradiction to the way she acts with other people. It's not just that she is submissive, she won't submit to anyone. The man would have to present a greater strength then her own. And I don't mean looking like a body builder, Lol, strength and intelligence please. I am looking for a man that is interested in it becoming a romantic role aswell.

Story plots:
Loveless streets
Time placement: Present.
Story line: Placed in one of the largest cities in the world, the city of New York, is a wagging war unknown to even most of the people that reside there thanks to the cover ups of Dirty cops. Gang fights ensue, thanks to the indecision of the leaders of underground and the influence of the local authorities. Innocent people are dying, people's lives being ruined and all through false information and lies.

This had been going on for years, even decades, as fights carried on into the next generation. The corupted police would feed the leaders of the underground false info in order to exterminate their enemies and problems.

Then 7 years ago, a young girl was thrown into the conflicts, she was only 13 at the time. Taken in by a local gang known as "Wolves's Bane", after one of their rivals destroyed her home and killed her family thanks to the betrayal of her father, a captain in the force, and a leader of the rogue police.

Now she is 20, and the leader of that same group. Only things changed thanks to the higher morals she had and was teaching. She formed a family with them, all caring for each other greatly as they worked to protect each other and stop the attacks of the other gangs as they preyed on innocent people. This would have been over looked by the local authorities, since their reason for feeding them false information was also in the hopes that they'd kill each other off. But Wolves's bane discovered their plot and sought out to expose and destroy the dirty cops.

After the death rate of police increased, so did the attention of higher authorities. The FBI's came in for investigation, question the local police and digging up as much information as they could so that they were able to stop the killing of their countries defenders. But the corrupt officers fed them lies aswell. Saying that they had been investigating a terrorist group that had made it's home in New York and this was the reason for the police deaths.

The FBI was enraged, they knew that they should have called them in long ago if this were true. So they decided to do some secret investigating. Instantly they called in for one man, an elite of the FBI. They commission him to track her and her gang down, being told that Wolve's Bane was what the terrorist group called themselves. He is instructed to infiltrate their "base" and join them undercover in hopes of uncovering their plans through any means necessary, even through seduction. All while keeping the operation from the police. Though while on his mission, he didn't expect to learn the horrible truth of how the city was run, and fall in love with a gang leader/secret vigilantly at the same time.

^_^ If you're interested pm me and we'll get this baby started. Feel free to ask any questions or place some idea's in the pot! Even change a few things, we'll discuss it!



You will be the FBI agent, in case you weren't sure. Feel free to develop your own background, your own looks.  He should however be somewhere between 24 and 29 years old if the story is to be more realistic.


that is a great story idea! :) wish i was a man so i could play it with you.


Well I've played with a woman before who played as a man, just not in a forum. I'd be a little nervous though. o.O; it's harder to turn on a woman in a man's body, lmfao.


Yeah i've never played as a mana nd wouldnt want to start lol i'd probably be horrible. :) Good luck though



still no hits, come on people. One of you has to be interested :(