What Demi desires . . . {CLOSED}

Started by Demi, December 25, 2012, 12:34:02 AM

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I’ve never started a thread like this as I always seem to find what I’m looking for . . . Yet, for once, I’m looking for something rather specific, and that means I have to toss out some bait.

Before you get too far into this, keep in mind that I’m incredibly picky when it comes to writing partners. I prefer detail and correct grammar: I will not take any less than proper sentence structure. All-in-all, I would prefer that you take a gander at my O/Os prior to sending me a PM, as it will give you a full idea of what I look for in a partner.

Now that all of that is out of the way, on to the story that I seem to be craving immensely at the moment. The pictures that inspired this lovely little plot are here and here.

She’s known as nothing more than “The Red Vixen,” and the FBI has been on her ‘tail’ for years. A well-known thief and con-artist, she’s particularly reputable due to her seductive ways . . . It’s rumored that she’s irresistible, and always manages to leave high-profile parties with whoever she wants. Whenever the object of her temporary affection wakes, he finds he’s typically missing anything and everything of high monetary value. The only problem is: No one truly knows what she looks like. Until now.

Your character, an agent at the FBI, has been tracking The Red Vixen for as long as she’s had a file. Plugged into a rather well-known and ritzy function, he stumbles across a confident and highly sexual woman going by the name ‘Selene.’ However; her eyes are on a far more . . . Well-to-do prize. The man for whom the party was thrown; a particularly successful executive.

The following morning, the man she left with reports that he’s been robbed of millions in jewels and cash from his private safe. Your character is the only one who now knows what The Red Vixen looks like. The only real question is: What will he do when he finds her? And is her name even Selene?

I imagine this to be more of a romance than N/C. They cross paths several times, yet he always manages to let her “slip out of his grasp,” allowing her a bit more freedom. As time goes on, she comes to appreciate his honorable intentions, finding herself more and more attracted to him. Where it goes from there is up for discussion.

Please PM me with interest, so the thread here isn’t bogged down. I’m also open to other ideas, so feel free to inquire if you have something you're looking for and you think we'd mesh well. ;D

Edit 12/26/2012: Slot's been filled, but thanks for reading! And you can still PM me if you're interested in discussing plots. ;D
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