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January 17, 2019, 10:12:46 PM

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Author Topic: Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Extreme, NC, Literate Story-line - Retro's Requests M for F  (Read 920 times)

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Offline Retro HereticTopic starter

Hello there,

I'm the Heretic, it is nice to meet you, welcome to my little corner of Elliquiy. This post as you no doubt have already assumed is here for one specific purpose and one purpose alone. To network, to get to know you, to find someone to share stories with, and to find you, the person whom I am going to write a fantastic RP with! (At least hopefully)

I am not interested in RP without story, if you aren't literate, cannot spell, put two sentences together or believe that it's okay to LOL, LMAO, ROFL during the middle of a post you should go back to the forums now and look for someone else to RP with. I don't mean to sound like a snob, but I have high standards for my writing, and I expect you to as well. (I will of course be checking your old posts to see if we are a compatible match.) That being said, everyone makes typos and I am sure I am making some here.

Let's start out by saying that this page, unlike my previous pages is going to be a little bit different. In the past I have always put up specific stories that I wanted to write, or specific ideas that at the time sounded good...but after a while, I figured hey...why am I doing all the work. I'll be lazy for a little while and let you go ahead and find me! This page, is going to be a comprehensive list of ons / offs, types of characters I prefer to play, types of characters I prefer to RP with...and so on, and so forth. There may even be some of the briefest ideas for potential story line put at the bottom.

However, before we go any further let me make a few things clear. While I understand the quality is to be desired over quantity, if a post is not at least 300 words or so long I am going to be get bored, give up, and wander away into pages of posts. You may be a fantastic writer but I don't have time to do tiny little paragraph or sentence RPs. My average posting length is somewhere around 500-800 words, though often times my intro posts and large very involved ones have reached into 2600 words. (That's pretty damn rare, unless want do a wickedly long RP specifically, I'm okay with that.)

I will attempt to check Elliquiy everyday, some days more than most...but I am a college student, with a job, and sometimes it takes a while. But trust me, I will NOT ignore you. Not only am I looking for RP partners, but I hope we can become friends as well. I am more than happy to talk to you Skype or Gtalk or MSN. The latter only if you beg, drag, and or drug me.

So all of that being said, please feel free to contact me here, or in a PM. Here's the stuff, enjoy.

Retro's favorite sexyness
Dominating your character
Forced bondage
Forced Sex
The occasional romance
Smart characters
Arranged Marriages
(The only non sexual theme I am truly opposed to is Scat)

Retro's favorite themes
Science Fiction
Mirror History
Custom Worlds

Retro's Maybes
Female Character (With the right partner, reference "The Taming")
Nonsexual Adventure
Semi-beastial characters

Retro says no
SCAT (Nevar!)

I don't do vampires, ever, not happening, never, ever. If you want someone to suck your blood find a vampire bat or El Chupacabra.

Listed below are potential story lines falling within each theme. For each story I do have much more detail in my head, but I am not willing to write it all down here, as that would take up at least...fifteen pages. It's simply going to be a my character x your character - please inquire about story-line. - Bold is my character, underlined is yours.

Fantasy Theme
Orc(s)(or Gnolls) x Elf (Forced submission, Violent)
Arctic Elf  x Wood elf (Willing submission, non-violent, custom races)
Barbarian x Barbarian (Submission, War, Possible Romance)
Dragon x Maiden (Manipulation, Willing submission, custom races)

Science Fiction
Alien x Human (Possible invasion, manipulation, submission, custom races, horror)
Survivor x Survivor x Survivor (MxFF - Harem, Zombie Apocalypse, protection, Harem)
Father x Daughter or Brother x Sister (Zombie Apocalypse, Incest, Survival, Horror)

Arabian Warrior x Harem Girl (Romance, Rescue, Harem, from riches to rags)
Scottish Laird x Irish woman (Arranged Marriage, Submission)
Barbarian x Daughter (incest, forced submission, violence)
Barbarian x slave (Forced Submission, Violence, sold into slavery)
(Open to any other suggestions at the moment)

Mirror History
Werewolf x Soldier's Wife (American Revolution, Submission, Violence,)
Crusader x Time Travel Agent (The First Crusade, Romance, Action, Adventure)

Custom Worlds
Z'ar Edar (See the RP located at the bottom of the page. RP is available for different RPs within the world and it's current timeline or other timeline, submission etc.)
Innoris (Custom world built around fantasy, different species. Dragon war, serious adventure RP - High Fantasy mix)

Don't see anything here that you like, send me a message....let's talk, I want to hear YOUR IDEAS

My Current and Past RPs
Just wanna make it a bit easier for you to see my writing style
Z'ar Edar
The Taming
A Northern Wind Blows South
The Centurion's Captive
« Last Edit: December 29, 2012, 04:29:24 PM by Retro Heretic »

Offline Retro HereticTopic starter

Update -

Added Musical Inspiration Section, removed one RP Idea, provided past RPs for convenience as well as reformatted the LOTR Post.

Future Update -

Working on three fleshed out stories in immense detail in which to post alongside the LOTR
« Last Edit: December 27, 2012, 02:25:15 PM by Retro Heretic »

Offline Retro HereticTopic starter

The science fiction storyline has been added.

Online schnookums

I must admit that Sci-Fi idea you just added seems extremely intriguing.

Offline Retro HereticTopic starter

Thank you for the compliment, I was listening to random ambient music on youtube when a picture of planet, nested inside of a moving nebula appeared on the screen to go with the music and it got me to thinking about this. It was hastily written in about five minutes, it may need a bit more work. But I have been looking to a Sci-Fi/Horror for a while....a few other stories are coming to mind as well. But it is too late to think.

Online schnookums

Well, I'm interested in the idea if you haven't already been snagged. I dunno if my writing is up to snuff...I tend towards shorter posts but I'm fully capable of writing more details posts. Nothing ventured nothing gained at least, I figure.

Offline Retro HereticTopic starter

I will PM you and we will discuss it.

Offline Retro HereticTopic starter

Completely re-created request thread.