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Author Topic: Various F/F ideas of Bondage and Slavery [ BON - EX ]  (Read 573 times)

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Online HemingwayTopic starter

Various F/F ideas of Bondage and Slavery [ BON - EX ]
« on: December 04, 2012, 11:07:13 AM »
Here's a list of very rough ideas for various pairings. They have in common that they're all F/f, they all involve elements of D/s and bondage, and they can all be added to or combined in different ways. I certainly would not be opposed to including more than two characters. In all cases I lean toward playing the dominant role, but I am flexible. I am also flexible with regard to females and futa; any character, whether dominant or submissive, can be of a more exotic nature. I should also like to add that while the stories may contain hints of NC, I would like for them all to be fundamentally consensual.

Update: I am currently leaning toward including at least one futa ( or whichever variation on the term you prefer! ) in the mix. I would also love to do a game involving three ( preferably no more ) characters.

Update 2: While a few of these ideas are taken ( indicated by strikethrough ), I will leave them up to give people an idea of what, in general, I like. You're free to mix and match and try to come up with original spins on these.

All the outlines can obviously be elaborated upon to become more fleshed-out stories - or they may simply be one-shots. With all that said, here are the pairings:

Succubus x Sinner: A bit of a spin on the previous demonic idea. The human character dies an untimely death, but unfortunately was not a very nice person in life. Now an eternity as a sadistic demon's plaything awaits her.

Queen x Maid or Unrelated Princess: A Queen ( in her 30s or 40s ) visits or is visited by another royal family, and a Princess ( aged around 20 ) catches her eye - OR, the younger character is infatuated with the older one, which the older one takes advantage of.

Pirate Captain x Captured Lady: A female pirate captain captures a woman, either for a ransom or some other purpose, but ends up taking a liking to her captive.

Vampire x Mortal: Lesbian vampires? There's a whole Wikipedia article on them, so what business have I leaving them out? None! Which is why I've now added them. It can be either a Victorian-style vampire story, or a modern one ( in the vein of World of Darkness, preferably ). I would very much like for this to be about just the two characters, darkness, seduction - that sort of thing.

General x Amazon: This one would involve a female General of a Roman style, being captured by a tribe of Amazon-like warrior women - probably in a low fantasy setting. While the general initial thinks herself a hostage, it turns out she is treated as something not quite godlike, but close - a hero of prophecy, perhaps.

Roman Noblewoman x Slave: A noblewoman in ancient Rome indulges her desires with a slave. As an added twist, the slave may have been captured in a distant province, and the two do not have a common language.

Succubus x Lesser Demon or Mortal Slave: A demon of high rank and great power indulges her twisted desires with her mortal or demonic pet. Potentially extreme.

Barbarian x Barmaid or Sorceress: A barbarian-type woman stops for a rest at an inn, and the barmaid catches her eye. Or she is on a quest to defeat some (evil) sorceress, but rather than ending in bloodshed, they end up in bed.

If any or all of those sound interesting, shoot me a message!

OPEN again!
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Online HemingwayTopic starter

Re: Various F/F ideas of Bondage and Slavery [ BON - EX ]
« Reply #1 on: December 15, 2012, 01:37:35 PM »
Updated with a new pairing, and some general preferences.

Online HemingwayTopic starter

Re: Various F/F ideas of Bondage and Slavery [ BON - EX ]
« Reply #2 on: December 29, 2012, 01:57:41 PM »
Updated with the following ideas:

Succubus x Sinner
General x Amazon

Also, a quick apology: Things got hectic last time I updated my thread, and I'm aware I may not have gotten back to everyone who messaged me. If I didn't, I'm sorry, but you're also free to message me again, if you like.