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June 12, 2021, 04:05:51 pm

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Author Topic: Any Eclipse Phase?  (Read 451 times)

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Any Eclipse Phase?
« on: December 24, 2012, 07:50:46 am »
This is another of my short "seeing what's out there" posts. I've recently been introduced to eclipse phase (Transhuman sci-fi d100 based game, look it up the books are free) and I really love it. Odd considering I'm not a huge sci-fi fan. If I was very versatile in what I like in a game and what I play I'd leave it at this and just say "So who wants to be a player, who is willing to ST?", but chances are good we would end up with enough people to do everything but make me happy.

In the words of the queen of hearts "THATS VERY IMPORTANT!"

So feel free to say "I might be interested in an EP game"  but I'll just think "Nice I hope you find one" unless you include something like: "I read your O/O's and rp preferences and we are very compatible" or "I'm very flexible ST and your characters sound like a lot of fun to have in a game of mine" or even "I like to play big breasted lesbians heroic types so we wouldn't be compatible in a 3 person game, but if you get a big game going keep me in mind".  I'm fine with big breasted lesbian heroes so we may decide we could really use you. They just don't have any special place in my creative mind, blackened heart, or kink list. They are more like a fancy garnish I see on every dish.

Which brings me to the meat of the dish. I play very pretty and very wicked males. My prettyboys like to sexually dominate other men. Usually men far stronger and more studly than they. They feel lost without someone to go on insane rants to. They feel naked when they don't command someone. They get real upset when they are told "but this is a game for heroes!" and even more upset when they were really looking forward to something that is not allowed. They also tend to feel slighted when everyone has another player to hook up with but them. Their player fumes when everyone knows they are built for subversion and seduction and ST saves the information of "Lol! all the NPC's  in the game are straight and never flexible" as a surprise.

The above makes me sound like a campaign derailing primemadonna. I usually fit into any game where the other players aren't self proclaimed champions against all evil. It's easy to be considered a lesser evil than the actual villains. My characters do tend to be a bit of a diva but that's more reason for them to want others to like them than for them to slaughter a whole town because "Lol im evul and it's in character".

Im really looking forward to Psychosurgery (MIND RAPE YAAAAY!) and the fringe body modification. My characters nipples get you high when you lick them, he designed that penis that ejaculates flames that all the punks want, his pet giant tarantula has three sentient tentacles growing on it named Wynkin, Blynkin and Nod. He started in a porn movie called "Crucifucked" and he is just about done with that 3 foot penis that fabricates it's own nanoswarms!

So just leave a comment. Let us know if your willing to St. Then make sure you include if you want to play EP and if you want to play with me specifically (As in more then just "you're okay"). If it's one but not the other thats okay maybe you may still find a EP spot where you are not an intimate part of my chharacter or we may end up playing something else. Do enjoy.