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Author Topic: Lonley Neko slave girl, looking for a Master  (Read 8116 times)

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Offline JynxTopic starter

Lonley Neko slave girl, looking for a Master
« on: May 28, 2008, 10:18:53 PM »
recently Kaylia's master set her free *sadness* So I want to find someone I can rp her with. If you take Kaylia as a pet, she shall be yours, and yours alone, to torment, push around...whatever, as long as it is well written and creative, and in good taste.

these are the closest reference pictures, some I have altered to better look like her, this is until my cg of her is finished that a friend is doing for me.

She is very lovely and slender with soft pink hair and black ears and a lovly black tail that bats back and forth when she is happy. She is submissive and does as she is told, occasionally will fight back but tries to please.

If you are interested in possessing this lovely girl please pm me or reply to this post.

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Offline Sherona

Re: Lonley Neko slave girl, looking for a Master
« Reply #1 on: May 28, 2008, 10:39:06 PM »
Hiya Jynx :) Might add a bit of a plot or storyline to this, just so that more people will consider it. Or perhaps list what storylines your neko plays in, what time period, whats the customs of her land, what kind of obstacles in your story :)

Offline Metis

Re: Lonley Neko slave girl, looking for a Master
« Reply #2 on: May 29, 2008, 12:05:35 AM »
I'm very interested.  I sent you a PM.

Offline JynxTopic starter

Re: Lonley Neko slave girl, looking for a Master
« Reply #3 on: May 30, 2008, 08:23:51 PM »
Well she had been in the middle of a storyline that was cut short, sadly there where other pets to be had for her master I suppose? However I could post some of her beginning role play from there so people could get an idea for her, she is one of my favorite characters. Also I want to put that the guideline above where there just to be there. I realize this is much different than other forums, this was a cross post from darker that I had put up and had no response to, or must people interested lost interest. Please do not take offence, I do feel comfortable rping here, just too lazy to retype lol.

Offline JynxTopic starter

Re: Lonley Neko slave girl, looking for a Master
« Reply #4 on: May 30, 2008, 08:27:57 PM »

Kaylia banged her shackles against the cage that held her captive, "Let me are not my master, where is my master?" Tears flowed from her eyes, the shackles where rather uncomfortable. She had been stripped of her clothes, she was covered in dirt from her struggle as she was stripped and shackled.
The man outside the cage laughed sinfully, "Quiet foolish kitten, your master has sold you, he cares not for you, and you will bring me a prettypenny."

"He would never do such a thing, you stole me!" She harped at him, snapping at him as she did.

"Think what you are to be sold" The tall dark shady dealer counted a few coins and then placed him in his money pouch, grinning as he did. He left her to he own devices.

The room that held her was filled with slave girls all in shackles, another large man came and removed her from the cage and threw her out with the other girls. She whimpered as she thumped to the ground. He then removed the cage from the room for the next slave to be bought or stolen and sold for gold.

Kaylia looked around at the girls, most where bruised or whipped, scars from old beatings and some with fresh wounds. The room was dark and dingy, similar to a dungeon. Every girl was in shackles, some more heavily bound than others, these must have been the ones with more fight she thought.

Kaylia did notice that none of the other girls had tails or ears as hers, most of them where human or elven slaves. Her ears flopped down in sadness.A few days had come to pass, Kaylia had accepted she was now subject to the slave masters of this market, though the conditions where horrid. In her time there she had not eaten. The food was rationed at one time, who ever could manage to get to it first, where the ones that managed to eat.

Occasionally a buyer would approach and the girls would be paraded before them in a courtyard. They always wanted to "test" the merchandise. Kaylia watched as the men would play with the slave girls, check to see if they where virgins and so on. If they where not their cost would be far less than the ones that where. Perhaps that is why many tended to dislike her, she had lost her virginity to her previous master who now had abandoned her. She also noticed the men where far more fond of the elven slaves as they had larger breast and tended to be kidnapped princesses..or so the merchant would claim.


"Buy? What, as in 'keep'?"

"Yeah. Heh, why? All the cold shit you've done, don't tell me this surprises you."

Gabriel's initial response was a smirk, followed quickly by a roguish smile. It tugged at one side of his lips before completely overtaking his face, a gloved palm reaching to scratch idly at the short growth of a beard. "This? No, not in the least. You doing this, though? That's something new. The last time I came through here you were just peddling wares. Wares of rare origin, and acquired through questionable means, but wares nonetheless."

"Funny, that's what I'm sellin' now, too. Heh, heh. These girls are wares, and some of them quite rare. ...And all of them are acquired through questionable means, I can guarantee you that." The scarred man's chuckle held a complete lack of guilt to it; as if he were talking about boots or a hat, rather than living, breathing beings. To him these women were merchandise, and every action he made only seemed to make that more and more obvious.

But as questionable as it all was, the sad truth was that it was not unheard of in the world in hard days such as these. Looked down upon, outlawed, with armored guards sent to bust up any slavery rings they could locate, but therein lied the problem. There was just too much money to be made, too many girls so easy to kidnap and to break down, and too many people willing to shell out a fortune for a woman who would accept her place in the world.Under the heel of her master's boot.

It was questionable, but Gabriel had done too many questionable things in his life to second guess himself now. Living the life of a mercenary did come with a set of morals, but one that you made yourself, and if these girls were as broken as his old acquaintance said, then it sounded like they'd actually be happy to serve. As any good slave should be, of course.

"Ok, bring them out then, line them all up."

"All of 'em?"

"Well, just the pretty ones," Gabriel flashed his friend a smirk as he pulled a chair back up, sitting in the courtyard of the busy marketplace. All around him the sounds of others shopping, looking for whatever dirty, sought after items they could obtain filled the air, giving the place the feel of any normal, legitimate market. The irony in that was seen quick; there wasn't a merchant in here that could claim to be anything less than the devil himself. "Show me some of these 'rare' ones you claim!" he added with a laugh, cupping his palms around his lips to shout as the slave master disappeared inside the rundown stone building.

Less than two minutes had passed before he emerged back outside, a small group of girls in tow. Each of them was completely naked except for thick iron shackles that connected their necks to their wrists by chains, and their ankles closely together. Gabriel remained seated while he looked each of them over, his eyes open with interest, both at the look of them and at the fact that no one else in the marketplace seemed to bat an eyelash; this, apparently, was a routine thing around here now.

"This human girl," the slave driver said, smacking the black haired woman on the ass with a short leather paddle, simply to elicit the gasp that quickly came from her, "was a Mage of Llandria, an' you only get to be one'a those by bein' a noble... heh. You'd have fun breakin' down her spirit I think. This next one," he said as he moved on to another human, smacking her on the ass with the paddle just the same. The sharp crack of the impact filled the air. "She was a street performer, apparently can swallow swords... heh, makes you wonder what else she can swallow, am I right?"

He continued on down the line. There were eight girls in total, they a mere fraction of the amount kept chained up back inside. Each one had something interesting about them, one even being, apparently, an Elven princess, but it was when he introduced the last one, smacking the neko girl on the ass with a paddle that Gabriel's interest piqued.

"Is that a catgirl?" His head tilted slightly with curiosity.

"Yea, 'n probably the only one I've had come through 'ere too! ...You like her? I'll give you a deal, my friend, as-"

"Right. Of course you will," Gabriel interrupted, grinning to himself as he stood. He knew how to talk just as well as any underhanded merchant; ten times better, he liked to think. "I believe you will, because she's fucking filthy. Look at her." He stepped in close and gestured to her, to the dirt all over her pale skin. "She doesn't look like she's eaten in days, and look at that hair... Have you had these girls sleeping on the floor or something?"

His hand dipped quickly between Kaylia's thighs, having no shame in looking upon her like some piece of meat as he checked for her virginity. He didn't even look her in the eyes once, only seeing her flaws, or so it seemed."...And she's used, my friend. She's not a virgin. She's malnourished. She's filthy. I'm sure you're going to give me a deal, because your rare merchandise isn't exactly mint."

Through it all the merchant's face became more and more gruff. Finally he grunted out, no longer amused, "Eighty thousand gold."


"Eighty. She's rare."

"Fifty five. She's used, and looks like hell."

"...So maybe she is, but you can fix all that in a few days. Seventy eight."

"And she's not a virgin, she's broken in. That alone takes half the fun, and at least ten grand."

"Fine, fine, so sixty eig-"

"I said 'at least'... That combined with her being all fucked up makes it sixty."

"What makes you think I would sell her for that price?" he sneered his reply.

"Because if you could sell her for eighty thousand, you'd have sold her for eighty thousand to the last three guys you tried that on." Gabriel's smirk was wide as his arms crossed over his chest, standing right in front of Kaylia yet looking past her shoulder, right past her, to the slave driver standing behind her. "I've been in town for a few days now, 'friend', and
you hear the most interesting things at poker games in taverns... Things like this guy I once knew having a neko girl he was trying to sell."

"...Sixty thousand," the merchant repeated with a low gruff, fumbling at his belt for the key to the girl's shackles.


Kaylia stood in silence as she was taken to the court yard, it was a typical practice at this point.. She watched at the other girls where paraded in front of the potential buyer. They then came to her, her gaze shifted to the ground; her tail hung low, her ears droopy.

Kaylia’s nipples where hard from the slight breeze that swept through the courtyard.The merchant showed off some of the other girls until they came to her. Kaylia looked up at the man with sad eyes, but he never made eye contact with her. She felt his hand as it met her inner thigh and she blushed heavily and squirmed from side to side.

She heard the merchant and man discussing her price, it was then apparent she was to be bought. While she understood she was no more than property, it was all she had ever known most of her life. Even if this master was cold and cruel, if he would feed her, anything was better than this place.

The merchant after coming to a sell price he seemed slightly displeased with he motioned for the guards to take the girl for clean up. They took the girl to a semi empty room, where a tall thin man with glasses. He stood with a bath brush in front of a tub and smirked at the filthy Neko. “I will take your shackles off. if you promise not to struggle or run. if you do, the guards will have their way with you. Kaylia nodded in agreement though never spoke a word.

The man bathed Kaylia, washed, dried and styled her hair and dressed her in a simple dress. He had to take scissors to cut a slit for her tail; it was not often they had Neko girls. The man then placed a smaller pair of shackles only on the girl’s wrists “since you co-operated, I shall allow you to have these instead.” Kaylia smiled slightly at him. The guards then took her back to the courtyard to release her to her new master.


response :

roughneck on the street, whether or not he were truly foolish enough to carry around such an amount. It was simply too much, too heavy; you might find a thousand gold in the pocket of some passerby if he was well dressed and it was your lucky day, but such an amount was rarely amassed without a reason.

While the guards took Kaylia away to have her prepared for her new master Gabriel led the slave master and several of his men around town. He'd come prepared for this, having split up the chests of gold into several stashes, and it took nearly an hour to bring the men to two of the points and back. Each only held twenty thousand gold; ten thousand to a chest. The location of the final portion would be given once he had this slave girl in his custody. Gabriel was far too worldly to ever be a fool, even on his day off.

Though he looked little more than a normal rogue, looks could often be deceiving, and coincidentally enough those of his trade preferred to be the deceivers. His hard leather pants and leather tunic were both a rich burgundy, slightly worn from his travels but their quality obviously having cost him a bit of coin nonetheless. Beneath the burgundy tunic was a longsleeved shirt, a rich forest green. Leather belt with a pair of daggers hanging at his waist, as well as various pouches. A leather strap that hung a thin, medium length sword along his back. Leather boots. Leather armguards, all of it burgundy, and finally a pair of fingerless gloves.

Not to mention those deep blue eyes and that dangerous, roguish smile. A roguish smile; how cliche. How ironic, but he couldn't help it if everyone else in the game stole the look from him, and stole it poorly. He did it right, he thought with a grin as he led the men from spot to spot, and eventually back to the courtyard where his new pet would be waiting.

...New pet. He'd never owned someone before. Seen it left and right, sure, and he wasn't quite sure what inspired this other than the rarity of a nekogirl, but sometimes that was enough.

It seemed she was already dressed and waiting as he appeared at the far end of the market, slipping through the crowd, a handful of bruisers following behind him carrying large chests of gold. Their efforts couldn't have gone unnoticed by even the blindest of men; heavy grunts and dipping knees acted as a testament to how heavy the chests truly were. As they came closer and closer Gabriel's eyes centered on the neko standing up on the platform in shackles, apparently cleaned up as well. Not bad, not bad...

The men broke off from Gabriel, he walking toward his new piece of property as they turned inside the building, carrying the gold with heavy sighs. He didn't seem too concerned with the parting of the sum, something that had taken him quite longer to attain than he wished to think about right now. It didn't matter. Gabriel's head tilted with curiosity as he stopped no more than to feet in front of the girl, bringing a palm up to gently ghost his fingers along her cheek. He said nothing at first, ignoring the sounds of the busy, bustling marketplace all around them, simply breathing in, and breathing out.Then, after a few moments, "What is your name?"



Kaylia looked up at the rouge with sad empty eyes, but slightly smiled, he did not seem too bad, at least not yet. She pursed her lips and hesitated for a moment, " name is Kaylia." She said softly. She tilted her head from one side to the other and her ears twitched curiously.

Her soft pink hair flowed down the front of her dress as the breeze had pushed it forward. Her hands where still bound. Her tail perked up slightly, though her eyes where still sad. She wondered if he would beat her at every whim, or be a kind and forgiving master, she thought that time would tell soon enough.

Now in the light of day Kaylia showed her true beauty, she seemed a bit meek in appearance. Kaylia had fight in her if she needed, but for now she would see where obedience would get her.



He led her through the streets of the marketplace, his inexperience in owning another beginning to come into view in subtle ways. Gabriel didn't know what exactly to do now, right this second, now that he owned her; did he ask for a leash and lead her around? Did he have her walk behind him? Beside him? And then later, once he got off and had her dust or whatever, what else did a slave do?

He tried to not show it in his face at least. Gabriel took a light hold of Kaylia's wrist and began to lead her beside him, uncaring of who saw her cuffs as the chains dangled between her wrists. It took only a few steps for his hand to slip down the few inches from Kaylia's wrist to her palm, entwining his fingers with hers lightly.

Gabriel remained silent for the duration of the walk. They left the marketplace and entered the open streets of the rundown city, still in one of the poorer, more questionable districts. No one tended to come down to these parts often, the law especially, which made female trafficking like Kaylia an all too common occurrence.

The Gale Wind. The inn was right on the docks and as seedy as they came, a salty sea breeze entering the slightly cracked windows of the tavern to overpower the scent of liquor and vomit. It was filthy, the wood of the walls and ceiling were warped everywhere you looked, and the men hanging out in the lobby and in the tavern looked as if they'd slit your throat for half a copper. Perhaps less. Perhaps just for the fun of it.

Gabriel led Kaylia by the hand silently, bringing her past all of this and up the stairs. When they reached the end of the hallway he produced a key to unlock his door. With a turn of the knob the wooden slab opened and his hand slipped from her palm to her waist, urging her gently forward. "Take a seat," he began, before a slow sigh crept through his lips. Gabriel's palm quickly slid up to run through his hair as he thought for a moment, "I
guess... Tell me who you are, Kaylia. Do you have a last name? And how did a neko end up in a place like that?"

Alright, so it was a pretty unintimidating start for a master, but it was a start.



Kaylia kept pace with Gabriel as he lead her to the tavern, she looked around curiously at everything they passed, she was a bit intimidated but all in the same, she was at least free from the filthy place where she had been held. She felt so out of place to see the light of day, and even though it wasn't much just the smell of the ocean breeze brought a slight
smile to her face. She felt Gabriel's hands find hers as their fingers interlaced she blushed slightly but looked away so he would not see.

Who was this man? She knew she had been bought to be own, used...but why was he so kind. It was odd, but even for a moment of kindness she was happy, an emotion she knew so little of.As they reached the room she felt his hand caress her face and she closed her eyes taking it in. She awaited for a change of mood, to be throw to the ground or yelled at, that is all she had ever know, but his words where kind as he spoke. She opened her eyes, her bright blue eyes seemed to sparkle, as she opened them. Her soft pink hair fell to her face as she leaned a bit forward looking down and then back up at him.

"Last name? I only go by Kaylia...that is all I have ever been called" Her voice cracked slightly as she spoke, she was nervous. "I have known no other name..." she tilted her head to the side, starring at him, her ears twitched curiously as she took in the details of her surroundings. Her tail swayed upwards slightly as it perked up. "As for why I was at the market...I was sold by my master...he needed money I least that is what I was told. The last thing I recall was waking in the middle of the night, locked in a cage and shackles. No matter what I did...I knew struggling would not save me." She looked downward with sad eyes. "My mother was a Neko... She was a slave. I was a servant of the house until
I was 12, then sold to my master. When I was 16, I became a sex slave..that is all I have ever known. I assume I am to continue my duties for you master?" She did not know weather to call him by his name, she had been beaten for less, so she thought it was best to call him master.

She watched him closely, waiting to see what his reaction would be.


Just enough from the beginning to get a feel for how I play her. I'd like to start fresh though, this never really made it far sadly. Also you can see weather you enjoy my writing style. ^.^

Offline Gerald

Re: Lonley Neko slave girl, looking for a Master
« Reply #5 on: May 31, 2008, 02:50:32 PM »

I very much enjoy your writing style, to answer the question briefly.  I have been with E for several months now, and have yet to venture into a topic with a cat girl or Neko as you so refer to her.  I would be interested to begin afresh on a topic with you, should you care to.

A bit about me and my style.  As a norm, I tend to enjoy character development and plot in all of the stories and RPs I have done.  Though, as I said, I haven't played this particular type of scenario, I can't see that it would be a problem if you are willing to guide me a bit on the particulars of ownership of such a wonderful creature.  If you'd care to read some of my threads they are in various thread lines, but all available through my recent posts on my page.  I have so far only ventured in to present day and this world, but would certainly be willing to go to whatever venue and time period you would care to, and feel I am a capable enough writer to do so in a worthy manner.

So, enough said for now, please do read some of my posts, and/or topics and let me know if you need a partner to explore the worlds you seek.  thanks for reading my brief post, I hope to hear from you in reply or (preferably) PM.


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Re: Lonley Neko slave girl, looking for a Master
« Reply #6 on: June 02, 2008, 01:36:05 PM »
I read through a few of your posts and pmed you, I hope to hear from you.

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Re: Lonley Neko slave girl, looking for a Master
« Reply #7 on: June 02, 2008, 02:00:08 PM »
Awww, nuts.  Late to the party, as usual  :P

But if you're ever up for another light and fluffy catgirl romp...