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Author Topic: Dream With Me! [Bon, NC, and the Kitchen Sink]  (Read 1149 times)

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Dream With Me! [Bon, NC, and the Kitchen Sink]
« on: December 20, 2012, 10:01:44 AM »
Welcome to my spruced-up request page! Feel free to rabbit trail over to my Ons and Offs or my F-list, but the main deal is this: I love writing with good writers who make fun, believable characters. Given the choice, I will always choose characters that have motivations and conflict and the opportunity for a real emotional connection (not romantic, necessarily) over mindless sex or shenaniganry. I'm looking for folks to write with who post fairly frequently (at least a couple times a week), write enough to play with, and have reasonable spelling and grammar.

Things that drive me crazy:
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Snotty, brash, or otherwise emotionally untouchable characters. Stupid characters. Partners who don't pay attention to the given circumstances - if I say my character's wearing a fedora, putting a tophat without removing it is putting a hat on a hat. Partners who don't communicate, especially if they ask me to edit based off preferences they didn't communicate or post anywhere. I'm also not a big fan of rape, in the sense of non-consensual intercourse; when I indicate NC, I usually mean they're there against their will or there's some sexual activity against their will, though most lines are negotiable.

On to the fun!

- The Art in You Stringent bondage and a genuine, complex relationship seems just about the right speed right now.
- Chocolate and Blood Young love, trust issues, and werecritters.
- Bargained For More wereanimal fun.
- Oh, Brother Similar to The Art in You, with a few more shades of grey thrown in.
- Anything involving relationships. I would very much enjoy if someone were capable of making an interesting character for my character to get to know.
- M/m. I've done very little of this, but I've enjoyed reading it, so I'd love to explore that further.

These are things I like. If you see something that sparks your interest and want to come up with a game around that, I'm all for it.
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- Bondage. It's just fun, even - sometimes especially - if it isn't overtly sexual in nature.
- Power switching. Finishing the above topic, while I can and do play stories where there is a clear dominant/submissive, top/bottom, whatever partner throughout, I think it's a lot more fun when the balance of power can and does switch at any time.
- Light fantasy. I'm a little concerned about critters that have genitals that don't look like mine, but a little fairy dust or some magic? I'm all about it. Non-canon game play in Harry Potter or any hey-vampires-are-kind-of-like-people-but-also-will-kill-the-shit-out-of-you 'verse (Buffy, Anita Blake) is strongly encouraged.
- Themes of redemption, moral grey areas, and the bittersweet. People who are all good or all bad are boring, and don't really exist. I love people that are trying to be better than they are, who fight the good fight, and "good" characters who learn what it means to fall.
- The arts. Does it involve theatre, dance, painting? I'm in.

I've thrown in some pronouns for the sake of clarity, but gender's totally up in the air on these.
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Oh, Brother BON, potential NC, potential romance
She was just planning on going on a road trip with her lovable fuckup of a brother, getting to know each other again before she headed off to grad school, but when he made a stop to "give something to a friend," the "friend" he owed his ridiculous sum of money grabbed her, and gave her brother a choice: get them the money, or they'd send her with a guy they know to have her work it off during her summer vacation...making adult films and pictures. The man they name is the only name she's ever seen her brother react to with fear. Will her brother get his life together in time? And if there more to the strange man than meets the eye?
I'd love if the guy they gave her to was actually a really nice, interesting person who just happened to do some unsavoury business on the side of his legit rigging and film work.

My Fair Lady BON, potentially NC, bondage
She's getting married soon, and her in-laws offer a gift she can't refuse: a gift card to stay at a resort that'll whip her into shape for her wedding. The organisation has nothing but sterling reviews; everyone agrees that women who go there come out perfectly prepared for their wedding days. What she doesn't know is that, while she will come out more fit and flexible than ever before, she'll also be blindly obedient. The perfect wife.
(Forced exercise and careful control of food are part of the fun here, as well as lots of nice bondage to increase flexibility. We can decide if her husband-to-be or inlaws know about the true methods of the center, and how sexual it does or doesn't get.)

Stolen BON, potentially NC
Their family name was a great one, always had been, always would be, but now it bore a mark - a thief had gotten his greedy little hands all over one of their biggest branches and relieved them of almost a quarter of a year's revenue in one fell swoop! He wasn't the only one. Authorities all over were looking for the sneaky bugger. But he had a debt to pay, and he was going to catch the thief, enjoy exacting his revenge...and turn it into the authorities for a profit when the reward went sky high. He's in for a surprise, though, when he discovers that his mystery man is a woman in disguise.

Vive La Resistance! BON, potential NC, potential romance
The resistance is fierce, and just a few days away from a move that has the potential to completely turn the tides. There's only one problem - a reporter's wormed their way in, and The Reporter has the potential to destroy everything. Some of the fighters have taken a reporter captive, and ask one of their men to take care of him: kill him, throw him in a hole until after things play out, sell him to slavers, it doesn't matter, just get rid of him. But while the rebel believes they're doing the right thing for their cause, he also wants to do right by the he holds onto him until the trouble is past.
There's the potential for some roughing up at the hands of the other rebels before the rebel intercedes, using the reporter to get intel on the other side, falling in love, etc. - lots of ways this could go.

Honour Bound BON
Kidnapping the Princess of a kingdom is an opportunity too good for a poor young man with a family to feed to pass up; the ransom garnished by the Princess is enough to keep his mom and siblings for years, even without his contributions. And it will be without his contributions; everyone knows the Royal Guard is too good, and won't let the slight go unpunished, so the young man turns themselves in at the same time they return the Princess. When her captor is given to the Princess for punishment, will they be merciful?
This would go from the Princess' initial kidnapping.

The Art In You [BON, potential romance]
The patron has artistic tastes both eclectic and cold, but little skill to realise them. The artist has all the skill required, but no interest in realising the patron's wishes; after all, no model would consent to do what would be necessary to make the pieces work, it would be too many hours in positions too hard on the body. But the patron has supplied a model, a beautiful young person who won't be missed, and offers the artist a deal: make the art, and the artist and the model both walk away wealthy. Refuse, and they don't walk away at all. And there's that tiny detail that the artist will be the only captor the model ever sees...
I'm rather set on the bondage part not being sexual in nature; she might be naked, the situation might even be visually titillating by design, but the point of it is to keep her body in the position in which it needs to be. I would love to explore how their relationship evolves with the combination of being somewhere they don't want to be, but getting money they desperately need...and perhaps learning they're rather fond of each other when the ropes come off...

Chocolate and Blood BON, NC, multiple characters, romance
She thinks she loves him more than life itself - what's not to love in your first real boyfriend when you're finally allowed to date at 16? - and if he seems a little secretive, disappears every now and again around the time of the full moon...well, whatever. Everyone has secrets; hell, her mom thinks she's part of some group that hunts wereanimals! Which all seems silly...until she goes in the basement to find her boyfriend there. Her mom's been taking silver to him, trying to get him to tell her what he knows, and wants her to do the same. She doesn't have the keys to the locks...but can she get them? Is he safe? Was her mother right all along? She has some long talks to have...and some big choices to make.

Bargained For Wereanimal, we'll figure it out!
He's been kept in his animal form a long time, battered and abused. When someone comes along and whisks him away, it seems like he'll be able to run away...until he finds out they know what he is. Will he ever trust his new "master"? Are they deserving of his trust?
I'd love your input here, and while I'm open for anything, I'd love to toy with M/m for this one. Shoot me a PM and let's talk about where we want this to go!

These are not plots. These are just things I'd like to expand on and play with, perhaps.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
- I've had a character floating around in my head who's a fantastic woodworker who just moved to a rugged touristy community (think parts of Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, if you're familiar) to sell their wares to tourists looking to take mountain furniture home with them. I think there's probably some fun to be had with them.
- The idea of somebody being kept completely immobile but conscious and having other people do everything for their body is intriguing to me. I wouldn't want to explore it for long, and I wouldn't want a story to end that way, but it could be an interesting one-shot (maybe someone agrees to it for a weekend?) or it could be a state someone's in before getting rescued?
- The idea of rescue, regaining trust. I'd like for a character to have to prove to someone who's been hurt that they can trust them.

Thanks for stopping in - shoot me a PM if you see something you like!
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Re: Dream With Me! [Bon, Non-con, and the Kitchen Sink]
« Reply #1 on: January 16, 2013, 12:44:51 PM »
You willing to RP with female characters?

Offline dale108

Re: Dream With Me! [Bon, NC, and the Kitchen Sink]
« Reply #2 on: February 24, 2013, 09:52:46 PM »
"The Art In You" sounds interesting.  Has anyone shown an interest in it yet?  If not, I'll PM you with some ideas.