A pair of fantasy ideas (m for f)

Started by jacobjon, December 18, 2012, 12:27:49 PM

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1. A Captured Queen

Two kingdoms have been at war for years. Both sides have fought with everything they have, but Ebinor is on the verge of conquering its rival, Entimir. When Ebinor holds a conference to sue for peace, the people of Entimir have little choice but to comply. The king demands gold, large sections of land, but worst of all, he demands the king of Entimir deliver his only daughter to him to be wed. King Roland of Entimir is approaching 40 years old and has no heirs to take over for him when he dies. He hopes that the young princess will be able to give him the heirs he needs to continue his bloodline.

While her father hopes that his daughter will be an honored queen in her new land, Roland has no use for a queen. All he needs her for is to have children. Beyond that, she is for his entertainment. Sometimes he might keep her bound, sometimes he might force her to preform for his amusement or the amusement of his guests. Whatever she is doing, she is more like a pet than a queen.

While all this is happening, the young solider who has been assigned to guard the new queen starts to feel sympathy for her. When they are alone, he offers her comfort, and he does what he can to make her horrible situation more bearable. While the king doesn't love his wife, if we were to discover that she was having an affair with one of his guard, the consequences would be dire for the queen and her guard alike.

2. The Ring

Genies exist, though the legends about them aren't completely accurate. Genies have little in the way of supernatural powers. Instead, they are women bound to an object who are bound to whoever holds that object. They instinctively love their masters and their entire purpose is to make their master happy. They are whatever their master wants them to be. They look how their master desires, dress however their master wants, and like what their master likes. Your character is bound to a ring and her last master was beyond cruel. He only took pleasure from hurting and humiliating her, knowing that she would come out fine after being sent back to the ring for a few hours. He was so horrible to her that her natural inclination to love her master was overpowered, and she was terrifed every time she was summoned.

Now, however, her old master is dead, killed by my character to collect a bounty. The bounty calls for all of his possessions to be turned over, but the ring catches his eye, so he keeps it. It isn't until a few days later that he reads the inscription and summons his genie.

My character winning the trust of the beautiful genie, as well as using her for his sexual fantasies (many of which would probably involve bondage) would be part of it, but I also want to address his attempt to keep the ring. Other, powerful people want the ring, and they aren't above killing a single soldier to get it.
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"You fight for the wizard?" Black Adam

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A captured queen please! I'd love to do this (:
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Hehe. Seems I'm following you around, Sansa. ;3
At least you haven't been taking the ideas I like better. :P

I'd love to try the genie idea, jacob.
Its different from things I've done before, I like it. ;3
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