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Author Topic: Filled! Thanks for the interest  (Read 443 times)

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Offline MeliaiTopic starter

Filled! Thanks for the interest
« on: December 18, 2012, 12:15:29 PM »

So this is to be a very simple, smut-focused thread. I considered posting this request in the one-shots forum but haven't had great luck there lately.
Anyway, what I'm looking for is someone who'd like to play a dominant male alien or two (or ten) from the mass effect universe and fuck a captive Asari maiden's pretty blue brains out. This would take place some time before the first game, so we don't have to worry about the fallout from the war and plot decisions and whatnot.

Here's the basic set-up:

Though few believe it really exists, attributing the rumors and salacious stories and countless "I never thought it would happen to me!" letters in Fornax to deviant imaginations, if you know the right people and grease the right palms you might be ushered into the VIP rooms of the exclusive Azure Star dance club, nestled within the heart of Omega's Lux district. Within operates a notorious "gentlemen's club" where the most wealthy and powerful of the satellite's crime lords come to indulge in their darker carnal desires. Special bounty hunters employed by the club scour Omega for lovely young women of various species and abduct them. Due to the powerful biotics most possess Asari are rarely seen in the club, unless they themselves are crime lords there to sample the goods. Recently, however, an unfortunate young scholar named Amina became stranded on Omega when the ship she'd chartered passage on left her behind, a smuggler looking to flee the system offering them twice what the young Asari maiden had been able to pay to take her place on the ship. Before long the naive young woman caught the eye of one of the Azure Star's hunters and was easily captured. Fitted with a special collar to suppress her biotic abilities, Amina has been on display in the club for the past several days, forced to watch as the other slave girls are used and abused in every way imaginable, waiting with fear for the moment they'll take her as well.

I'n particular I'd like to see her with Krogans (big, strong and brutal), Hanar (tentacles <3), and powerful biotics (give a whole new meaning to the term "mind fuck" >:D). If you feel up to it I'd also really love to see a Yahg, though given the nature of the species he'd obviously need to be the one running the show.

If you're interested in playing shoot me a PM!

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