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November 28, 2020, 01:47:24 PM

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Author Topic: Former S Club Fanfiction Writer looking to re-live Childhood Memories (M 4 F)  (Read 613 times)

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Offline TreyWalkerTopic starter

When I was younger I got engrossed in the S Club fanfiction world. I was quiet popular at the time amongst us Brits. A couple of days ago I fell upon my S Club Fanfic Website. I read it all, and all though my writing skills were significantly worse, I enjoyed reading my old story, and even noticing what mistakes I made in my writing and my characterization. If you want a laugh, there's a link below. But remember I was just a teenager back then.

Anyway, I would love to write and S Club RP with someone on here. I'd imagine us each making our own character up and fitting them into the dynamic of the group somehow. It could be based of a similar idea to my old story or it could be a completely new story. Maybe even a new  group with our favorite members from S Club.

Or we could make it completely fictional with all made up members but if that's the case I would like to use the S Club as picture bases for these characters.

Anyway, I don't expect anyone to be interested but I felt it was worth a shot at seeing who might want to do this. Hopefully someone reading is an old S Club Fanfic writer too.
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Offline TreyWalkerTopic starter

The plot idea in bullet points. F and M 1 are the main characters. M and F 2 are the main supporting characters and then there's the M and F 3 and M and F 4 if we use them. This is just a basic idea.

  • 8 or 6 people (3M/3F or 4M/4F) are picked to be in a group. They are sent on a holiday to get to know each other.
  • M1 and F3 have a thing, meaning M1 is unavailable for F1 and F2. F2 starts seeing M2 because of this. F1 has a boyfriend outside the group and starts to regret having one.
  • The band gets split up for some sort of filming. M1 and F2 end up in a seperate part of the world as do F1 and M2. M1 and F2 realize they like each other as do F1 and M2. But if they did anything about this it could split up the band. F1 and M2 however cannot stop themselves.
  • When they are all back together, everyone pretends to be happy in their current relationships. However M1 finds out about F1 and M2. He tells them they need to either stop this or tell F2.
  • Instead they frame M1 to keep him quiet.
  • Eventually it all comes to a head in a heated argument. However somehow the group gets through this. However F1 through this finds out that M2 has an aggressive streak.
  • F1 about five months later finds out she's pregnant. However with M2's last show of aggressiveness towards her for being pregnant, makes her run off and get an abortion. M2 chases after her, and F2 who has now become friends again with F1 sends M1 after M2.
  • M2 and M1 find F1 within minutes of each other. M2 and M1 get into a fight, which ends up with M1 seriously hurt.
  • M1 gets amnesia back to a time before he was in the group and his voice may never be the same again. He now doesn't like F2 but instead likes F1.
  • M2 is annoyed at seeing F1 and M1 with each other, and frames M1 for a crime amidst the fight that they had. M1 gets sent to prison.
  • The group deteriorates but M1 and F1 still see each other. M1 starts to get his memory back however and his voice.
  • A reunion is planned with everyone but M1 years later. However M1 appears at one of the concerts near the end to sing a song to the surprise of the group and the people in attendance.
    • M1 has a decision to make. F1 or F2