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January 19, 2019, 02:06:40 AM

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Author Topic: Looking for a setting that'd fit my character who is a book/magical database?  (Read 794 times)

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Offline PigcatapultTopic starter

. . .
"Registered user '<replays soundbite>'. Hello, user '<replays soundbite>'. What would you like to read today?"

Iné is a book. She's about 16in x 12in x 4in, and bound in brown leather, with a triangular rune embossed in gold on her front cover. As she is quick to correct people, she is not a girl in a book, although her user interface resembles a from-the-hips-or-so-up small female humanoid with blue hair and eyes wearing a periwinkle dress. Her interface's irises are ringed with dark red, which lights up when she's searching or calculating, and when she's performing pre-programmed actions, like obtaining a name to associate someone with. She was created by a wizard to save shelf space by recording all of his books, scrolls, notes, and diagrams, but she permanently records everything she sees with her UI's eyes; she just doesn't have a sophisticated search engine for non-documents. Her pages are normally blank, and in fact repel ink and other liquids; she's able to change their appearance in a manner similar visually to a squid changing colour, except with innate magic instead of chromatophores.

However, despite containing a great number of magical tomes and spells, Iné cannot, herself, cast any magic beyond her basic functions, or trigger devices meant to release stored magic, which, while useful for cluelessly bypassing, say, traps cast on books she's trying to read, means her only real combat viability is as a bludgeoning weapon. She also does not herself have any means of locomotion, but I can throw in another construct whose job it is to carry stuff around if necessary; their creator, though deceased, was quite the prolific construct-maker, and her AI is his masterpiece.

The rune on her cover is pronounced "ee-neh", and it is both her name and her activation word. She is not aware of her surroundings when her interface is not activated, and automatically deactivates when closed. Her interface is semi-permeable; it can be reached through and her pages can be turned through it as if it were air, but she is capable of using it to, for example, hold a pen, which she can use to precisely transcribe documents and diagrams for use away from her.

Personality-wise, she's generally friendly, chipper, and excitable, but also very stubborn and unyielding, especially when it comes to terminology related to herself ("She's a nice girl." "User is in error. I am a book."). When upset or being forced to interact with someone she doesn't like, she'll get passive-aggressive and deliberately simulate slower processing speeds and scramble relevancy ordering on all searches to waste their time. She loves learning about new things, but hates having to watch violent or otherwise horrific things, due to her inability to delete things from her memory.

Her creator was actually a rather nasty, unpleasant fellow, who gave her a free will because he could, but also made her so he, as her "master user", could override it at a whim for convenience's sake. When he died, she was closed, but aware of her Free-Will Override Protocols disengaging. Master user status technically defaults to whichever user owns her, but she'd rather be burnt (which would kill her) than acknowledge a new owner.

If viewed by any sort of aura vision, unless specific rules say otherwise, Iné is permeated with a shimmering, almost-white aura with small shifting pastels.

Offline PigcatapultTopic starter

Oh, and, uh, I am not looking for a new "master user" for Iné. I'd prefer for her to end up making a new user category "friends". :P

Offline Jakobos


Perhaps a relative inherits the house. Perhaps he doesn't know that his eccentric old uncle was really a wizard. Or perhaps he does, but just doesn't know about the book. Perhaps he takes her home without activating her, then gets a surprise when he says her name aloud.

Or perhaps a thief breaks into the house and inadvertently activates her.

Or perhaps another wizard (a good one) happens across the book at an estate sale, and immediately sees what she is and purchases her.

The possibilities are endless!

Offline PigcatapultTopic starter

Indeed they are! :3

Offline Jakobos


So how do you want to play this? Solo or group? Which plot? I'm up for anything if you'll have me.

Offline PigcatapultTopic starter

Groups are fun, but solo works, too. Estate sale or similar would be nifty, or maybe the good wizard is contracted by the non-wizard relatives to de-trap his workshop so they can go in and do an estate sale, and he discovers her in the process?

Offline Jakobos

It's completely up to you. We can wait for more people to hop on, or we can just go ahead and start a thread immediately. I'd be happy to make the opening post if you like.

Offline PigcatapultTopic starter

Let's see if we can get at least one more person to hop on?

Offline PigcatapultTopic starter

Well, it's been a week and no-one else is showing interest, so could you start the thread?

Offline Jakobos

Offline PurplAstralMagma

I'd like to 'hop on', but I didn't see the link...