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December 16, 2018, 08:32:54 PM

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Author Topic: While i wait, lets roleplay  (Read 516 times)

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Offline Silver FoxTopic starter

While i wait, lets roleplay
« on: December 13, 2012, 02:55:14 PM »
Hey all! Since I'm waiting to be approved, I thought a good old fashion roleplay will do. Now for plots.. I don't know, I shall brain storm though.

If your into animals, then I've been daydreaming of this story.

This can be a group or 1 on 1.

P.E.T. - Pets are a mans best friend right? They love humans, and do what they can for them.  Well... some pets anyway. 40 years ago a strangs meteor hit the planet earth, emitting a strange gas across the planet. It had no effect on the humans other then some minor illness's but he animals were. Somehow the animals grew more intelligent, faster, stronger, and began having odd abilities. The strongest being the elements of nature... the animals knew how to speak, to communicate and understand. That's when everything went to hell.. Many animals despise the humans for their cruelty toward them, their abuse to the beloved planet, and the humans power hungry nature. In ten years, the animals all over the planet formed a alliance to exterminate mankind in a outright war.

Mankind is threatened to be demolished, when their animal friends, known as pets, form their own army. P.E.T. Pet Element Team. They fight for their humans in this war... but will it be worth it? And can they win against such powerful opponents?

Mhmm what else... we could do a fandom... Skyrim... Dragon age, Fallout... or whatever else. Oh! I have one. Its based off of Spice and Wolf.

A fox god lives deep in the woods, larger then a house and she watches over the village. One day, the village brings a girl to be sacrificed to the fox god for good fortune for their crops. Instead of heating the mortal, the fox instead offers the human to begin traveling to see the world. The god wishes to go to her real home in the snowy mountains. Afterward, she would let the human go. What adventure awaits them though?

I.. I dunno.. oh and could do a Final Fantasy Rp... mhmm innocent moments with Tifa x Aerith or a what if moment in Ff13

Offline Silver FoxTopic starter

Re: While i wait, lets roleplay
« Reply #1 on: December 13, 2012, 11:15:43 PM »
Oh another idea!

A Demon x Angel romance/fluff whatever you want to call it. (Of course fxf) where demons and angels are at war. The demon princess kidnaps the angel princess to get vengeance on what the angels did to her sister. Locking in her tower and planning the worst, she finds herself unable to harm a kind, scared, beautiful creature. So she stalls, simply watching her. Over time they get. To know eachother. They discuss and try to push away their forbidden feelings but are soon unable to. So eventually they try to elope and try to live in limbo.

They are soon found and banished as mortals in the human realm. Forgetting one another. Forbidden to ever having the same encounter. Of course, fate has a dfferent plan.
So then we could have a high school setting ^^