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Author Topic: NEW Cravings - Looking for female roleplayers/characters  (Read 936 times)

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NEW Cravings - Looking for female roleplayers/characters
« on: December 16, 2012, 12:31:11 PM »
Hello all, some new roles that I am currently craving are listed below, if you are unsure of anything please contact me via PM, I have an ons & offs list than is pretty self-explanatory should you wish to know any preferences I might have.

I prefer to roleplay using either the forums or private messaging although I do have Yahoo IM. Please get in touch if any of the below catch your eye.

Motivado's Superhero Roleplay (Female Villain Wanted!)

The role I am looking to play would see me playing as a superhero character (I will use my current username unless you would prefer something a little different) that watches over the citizens that dwell inside the fictional city of Gothika (Think of any modernised, cosmopolitan city with a strong and prosperous financial sector). My character would be a relatively young male, between the age of 25 and 32, who would have lived a life scarred by the memory of the car crash that left him orphaned. Both parents perished in a collison with a large tanker due to a fault with the breaks, the resulting smash leaving the young man close to death. He would recover and was eventually sent to live in a care home where he soon began to notice that his wounds had healed remarkably well, in fact his body had begun to develop at such an astounding rate that he had the strength of a bodybuilder by the time he was in his mid-teens, despite the size of his frame not reflecting the power that he was capable of. He also noticed he was more agile and flexible than others, with the ability to perform feats of balanace and movement that were jaw-dropping in precision and execution. By the time he was 21 the mysterious male would set up a secret hideaway for himself so he could perfect his supernatural gifts and train to use them to benefit those who had helped him to overcome the emotional trauma of his youth.

The role would center around the latest creating by an old nemesis, or maybe just a new female character with her own background story, who would be the ultimate male weakness, designed to prey on the one chink in the hero's armoury. This femme fatale figure would be one of such allure and arousal, that no male figure would be able to resist her. If you have seen any of the Batman films (Or I assume, the comic series) then you will probably see the character 'Poison Ivy' somewhat relates to the female villainess that I am seeking though I would like you to make your own additions to her supernatural abilities and how she might be able to gain a pyschological advantage over a male who was usually so mentally strong-willed. The plot would basically be to have this female lure her target close to her and use her womanly charms and powers to fill him with insatiable need for her. Eventually he would of course give him to his carnal desires of lust and maybe even love, turning his back on his crimefighting duties as he becomes disillusioned with the powers that be, who want him to eliminate the woman he yearns for.

I am open to the storyline direction and would love to read some input. You could wish to mould an elaborate plan where you plan to capture/brainwash/seduce my character. One scenario I have used in the past is me receiving a signal from the Mayor's Offices that is directed towards an old abandoned warehouse at the docks in the port of the city, where a trap has been prepared.

The female character in the role could be more of a tease or seductress who can bring out the dominant side in a male by using the right approach psychologically, or through suggestive words and body language, though I would be interested in a domme type female figure if you wish to play her using that perspective.

The Lure of the Throne (Incest)
The Lure of the Throne (Incest)
This would be a historical roleplay set in Ancient Rome or Greece, focusing on a scheming femme fatale type who is married to the Emperor. With her infidelity about to be uncovered by her husband who will surely banish her or order for her to be executed, the once-thought to be imperial leader's lover and companion plots to have the leader of the Empire murdered to save her own skin. Of course, the next in line to the throne is their young son or her step-son, the rightful heir. With the friends and advisors of the deceased very vocal about their desire to remove her from influencing those in power (as they have their suspicions about her involvement in the murder of her husband), the conniving widow plans to lure her son/step-son into an (possibly incestuous) affair in order to preserve her influence and protect the luxurious lifestyle she currently enjoys inside the palace. This role would require some build up as the female begins to sink her claws into the younger Emperor-to-be. We could even start with the devious female planning the assassination of her husband if you felt it would help develop the storyline and develop an edge to some momentum. We could also include a series of meetings with other characters to explore the hedonistic lifestyle your character would lead in secret. Domination, Roman orgies, the possibilities really are endless...

The Wicked Step-Mother
This role see's power play with a twist. In the role I would play as a young guy, probably in his teenage years, who has been raised by his 'wicked' step-mother after his father passed when he was only a small child having been a single parent until he met his second wife who my character has never really taken to. Being cared for full-time by a resentful gold-digger meant the young man had to endure a lot of poor treatment and dissappointment throughout his adolescent years, as his scheming mother manipulated him far too comfortably by issusing thinly-veiled threats. More than just a few times was he threatened with being cast out from the home his father had purchased to be told to make a new life for himself living on the streets or in the gutter. Once the kid reached the legal age of consent however, the evil female figure soon noticed her step-son had grown and developed considerably into a very desirable specimen that she realised could be of great use to her. Recognising that this walking inconvenience and drain on her resources that she had been made to care for could be of some use to her after all, it was not long before the manipulative step-mother had convinced the young hunk that if he was to continue to live under her roof, he was to abide by her rules. This meant leaving her satisfied in every way. She enjoys having such a hold over the him and knows that secretly, he cannot resist her body either, but she also makes sure to appear cold and callous after events had occured, showing no emotion, essentially grooming him to be little more than a sexual servant for her, ensuring he explores his dominant side and releases his pent-up frustration only when they are between the sheets. Maybe she has even resorted to attacking him with spiteful and belittling comments to ensure that he does not develop any emotional attachment to her. Maybe she is fighting her own burgeoning feelings for him.  I am open as to the direction we would take with this role so if you are interested I would be happy to discuss the storyline and any inclusions or changes you desire to the original plotline.

Girlfriend's Mother
My character has been dating your daughter for what seems like a relatively short period of time. He's a confident young man, charming, full of compliments and seems to be a gentleman. Definitely more man than boy, at least in the eyes of your character. As he's been spending more time at the house recently, the chemistry and tension between the two becomes more evident with each visit. Jokes and the odd drink are shared, the two become more openly all seems harmless enough, but underlying those jokes and the glances exchanged is a brooding concoction of lust for one another. The young man has developed an appreciation for the more mature, developed woman. She's a real MILF in his mind, preying on his hormones constantly. For her meanwhile, having to listen to the noises through the bedroom wall at night as her daughter and the young lover become very intimate becomes a torturous experience. She finds herself feeling jealous and confused, not wanting to embrace those feelings, trying so hard to bury them and yet...she yearns for the real thing. Maybe a holiday abroad or a neighbourhood party and a few bottles of alcohol bring them closer? What begins as two tipsy fools dancing on the lawn in the dark could spark a secret affair that they both try to end without anyone getting hurt...only to find neither truly wants to deprive themselves.

Dad's New Wife
My character has been abroad for six months travelling with friends when he receives word that his father has gotten re-married in a shotgun wedding, completely off the cuff and without him being notified of any ceremony. It comes as a huge shock and the anger has been growing for months before he finally returns home. When he walks back in the house, he is alarmed to find his new step-mother is very different to the mother he lost to illness a few years ago. She's brash, confident and very easy on the eye, and she knows it. Her confrontational and demanding attitude doesn't sit well with him and though he tries hard to get along with her for his father's sake, she just seems to be able to press all the right buttons to get a reaction.

Meanwhile, the step-mother is very annoyed at the return of the prodigal son, as this puts paid to any daytime fun she could have had in the house when her husband was not around. She wants him gone and is offering constant reminders to the young man and his father that he should be out looking for work and moving into his own place. Eventually the passion and tension between the two would explode, perhaps in an unusual fashion. Maybe my character has a job interview that is postponed, so he heads back home a few hours earlier than planned and catches his step-mother in bed with another man. He confronts her and now everything is brewing towards a huge argument...but maybe your character has an idea of how to keep mine quiet, as well as get her own extra-marital sexual fulfilment. He can't show much resistance of course, because he's been drawn to her ever since he returned home and now a full-blown affair begins.

Other roles that I am eager to develop plots for...

Mother/Step-Mother & Son/Step-Son
Brother & Sister

I simply love roles involving a female that can tease or use suggestive body language to torment someone whose eyes should not be on her...roles that involving adultery and a bit of drama, perhaps with an obsessive, bunny-boiler type, are something that I would love to explore. So if you have any ideas perhaps we could discuss further and try and come up with a plot that offers longevity to the story, if possible.

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Re: NEW Cravings - Looking for female roleplayers/characters
« Reply #1 on: February 17, 2013, 11:49:34 AM »
Added new role and made some alterations.

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Re: NEW Cravings - Looking for female roleplayers/characters
« Reply #2 on: March 27, 2013, 02:57:54 PM »
New role added, some alterations made too.  :-)

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Re: NEW Cravings - Looking for female roleplayers/characters
« Reply #3 on: September 04, 2013, 02:16:50 PM »

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Re: NEW Cravings - Looking for female roleplayers/characters
« Reply #4 on: September 08, 2013, 02:21:11 PM »
Updated with Dad's New Wife and Girlfriend's Mother. Original titles, I know.  :P ;D