[BON-E] Sabby wants to try Domme

Started by Sabby, May 27, 2008, 11:01:47 PM

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I know, you so wouldn't expect it ;D but I'd like to try it, even if my Karma would be like 50 sub if the meters weren't disabled. So heres the idea.

A cat girl goes bar hopping and sights up a shy, innocent cat boy, then spikes his drink with a very special drug. When he comes to he'll find himself in her home, feeling disoriented and very impresionable to her voice. He also feels very different but can't place it yet. When she returns from the kitchen, now knowing he's woken, she tries to feed him treats, revealing the fact he is wearing a collar and the pill has transformed his genitals into a womans, meaning he now has a vagina where his cock should be.

Still a little 'spaced out' on the drug, he quickly finds himself obeying every command and accepting her treats. Its only a matter of time before she gets in her leather, puts a leash on him and ravishes him with her brand new 10 inch member.

Will involve bondage, pet play, humiliation, gender confusion (calling him a girl in his highly impressionable state) and some special plans for a Sybian machine.


This sounds like a lot of fun.  If possible, could the gender transformation be a little more complete?  Like, he slowly becomes more and more feminine?


Uhh... nt sure... then it would just become a lesbian scene, taking away a lot of the interesting gender confusion.


Fair enough.  But I was thinking of a slow transformation, with lots of small transformations minutes, hours, or even days apart.  Like, first his cock turns into a vagina.  Then his hands become daintier, or his voice gets higher, his waist shrinks, etc.  Perhaps she keeps forcing him to swallow pills, each with a different effect?  Something that would leave plenty of time for him to be confused over just what he was.


I want....I want so badly.....so very....very badly......

I have been craving to have my...sub urges satisfied, and have had trouble finding a partner.

I want to play with non con a bit, and be roughly treated, and I really want to do some futa and gender bending....

Pwease? :)


I'd run a game for the both of you, but I'm pushing it as is ^^ so, guess its Grinny. He has been begging for a while.


Begging is what I do best. ;D

PM coming.