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Author Topic: Vaiya's Thread (MxF, FxF various themes and genres)  (Read 588 times)

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Vaiya's Thread (MxF, FxF various themes and genres)
« on: December 16, 2012, 12:00:21 PM »
Greetings all,

Been away from here for ages and now am looking to revive my roleplaying hobby. While fantasy is always top of my list I do also enjoy historical, gothic horror and urban gothic and could be pushed into some sci-fi (Farscape anyone?). As always story-driven is preferred to sex-driven, with strong characterisation and good plots. If stories are FxM I will play the female role.

Please check my Ons and Offs for all the usual kinks and limits.

A couple of suggestions below, more to come, and if you have some ideas feel free to get in touch.

~:The Genres:~
Gothic Horror
Urban Gothic- To come...

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The Fantasy Games
« Reply #1 on: December 19, 2012, 08:10:18 AM »
The City in the Sky
Dynamic: MxF 
Genre: Epic Fantasy
Canon Setting: Sundered Realm
Canon Characters: Yes, but see OOC Info below
Category: Bondage: Human Solos
Themes: Action/Adventure
Warnings: Fantasy violence, NPC death
Premise: A realm-road courier and a princess seek immortality in the bowels of a glacier-bound city.

It seemed like a routine delivery job. Except the package contained the soul of a long-dead philosopher who was now more interested in sex and violence after having been bottled up by himself for centuries. Except the contact was found to be dead upon arrival, murdered, and now the courier looked likely to end up the same way.

Thrust into political intrigue between royal twin sisters of a city that floats a thousand feet in the air, and guided by the spirit, Erimenes, the courier finds himself accompanied by the Princess Moriana, a swordswoman and sorceress of some ability, as he journeys to an ice-bound city in search of the amulet that grants everlasting life. But will the pair's desire for the amulet override their desire for each other?

OOC Info
This is a long sprawling adventure set in the Sundered Realm and based upon the little-known novels by Robert E Vardman and Victor Milian. Expect lizardine humanoids, highly intelligent giant eagles, demonic spirits, a floating magical city and plenty of adventure. While it's a canon setting there's a lot of room for original content due to the lack of knowledge about the world. This will require some multi-character writing. Do message me for more details if you are interested in this one.

The Road to Raam
Dynamic: MxF 
Genre: Lowish Fantasy
Canon Setting: Dark Sun
Canon Characters: Yes, for background colour
Category: Bondage: Human Solos
Themes: Action/Adventure, Intrigue
Warnings: Fantasy violence, NPC death, incest
Premise: Draxan siblings seek to advance their own power through overthrowing a Sorcerer-Queen

The Sorcerer-Kings of Athas seem immortal, invincible, however Abalach-Re, Sorcerer-Queen of Raam, is on a knife’s edge and rebellion is brewing in her city. The elite defiler guard have grown tired of her absolute rule and have challenged the Sorcerer-Queen to keep her place by the force of her sorcery. Concerned that the Sorcerer-Kings should not lose face, the Dragon has ordered his Draxan Templars to ease the situation. 

As the son of a high-ranking Draxan Templar, you are chosen to lead an army of Draxan warriors and slaves across the Sea of Silt to the city of Raam, to aid Abalach-Re and quash the rebellion. While you are a highly accomplished warrior and master military strategist, the wild sorceries of the defilers are alien to you, and so your father has insisted that Fayina, your younger yet highly accomplished sorceress sister, accompany you. However the journey is long and arduous journey, and as the Draxan army faces challenges along the way the siblings begin to plot to take Abalach-Re’s place.

OOC Info
A game with potential to be a long, rambling adventure with the opportunity for a good measure of straight and erotic writing. It’s essentially a two-person adventure campaign, with some NPC interaction, across Athas, as seen from the side of a pair of ‘villainous’ characters. I'm not an expert on the setting by any means so if you're expecting canon perfect writing you will be disappointed.

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The Gothic Horror Games
« Reply #2 on: December 19, 2012, 10:05:05 AM »
Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter
Dynamic: MxF 
Genre: Gothic Horror/Swashbuckling
Canon Setting: Hammer
Canon Characters: Yes, but see OOC Info below
Category: Light: Human Solos
Themes: Action/Adventure, Angst, Mystery
Warnings: Horror violence, NPC death, mild blood play
Premise: A master swordsman and his female assistant hunt vampires.

Captain Aleksandar Kronos of the Imperial Russian Army returns to his home village to discover a deadly plague has befallen his friends and family. The bodies of young women, drained of blood, have been found in the surrounding countryside and Kronos's own sister has gone missing. As he searches for the source of this disease he meets Elizabeth, the daughter of a visiting English doctor, and learns that the tales of vampires are more than just folkloric nonsense. He joins with Elizabeth to find his sister and rid the land of these terrible creatures.

OOC Info
Loosely based on one of Hammer's dafter but still a lot of fun films this is a swashbuckling vampire hunter tale. Kronos provides the muscle while Elizabeth is the vampire expert and they take on the undead across Europe. This can be played as a one-off adventure with Kronos and Elizabeth attempting to rescue Kronos's sister, or can turn into a long sprawling tale with them seeking out vampires and fighting evil.

Blood Tithe
Dynamic: MxF 
Genre: Gothic Horror
Canon Setting: None, historical
Canon Characters: N/A
Category: Bondage: Human Solos
Themes: Action/Adventure, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Dark Romance
Warnings: Horror violence, character death, mild blood play
Premise: A young woman finds herself slowly being drawn to the dark vampiric lord her father has hired to rid the Ottomans from their land.

(Note: Historical accuracy is slightly off for the sake of the story) Hungary, 1476. The rising Ottoman Empire threatens the whole of Baltic Europe, eradicating or absorbing the earlier Byzantine rule and setting their sights on the Christian kingdoms. As they progress they install puppet rulers, take land and convert or fine the populace for retaining their Christian faith.

Grigore is a Hungarian nobleman, a ban, and has suffered numerous incursions into his land. While a brave man and a clever strategist his forces are outnumbered and he cannot maintain control over his realm for much longer. Out of necessity he hires the mercenary services of a band of Slavic warriors, ruled by a fearsome warlord, who demands tribute.

However the warlord and his men are vampires and want their payment in the blood of village girls. Grigore, desperate for their help, grudgingly agrees. Tatyana, Grigore's daughter, strongly objects to the Russian presence, but is drawn to the dark vampiric warlord.

OOC Info
This is a fairly dark romance between the vampire warlord and Tatyana. The idea would be that she is originally disgusted and repelled by him, but is eventually seduced. Message for more details.

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