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Author Topic: Sexy Fantasies [F looking for M]  (Read 381 times)

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Sexy Fantasies [F looking for M]
« on: December 16, 2012, 01:53:24 AM »
It's been a long hiatus, but now I'm ready to rp!

Here is a little bit about my rping personality:

While I like a good romping and rolling in bed, the story, plot, and character development is much more important than sex.
If all you want is smut, I might not be a good partner.  Also, if I wrote 6 paragraphs to your last post, and you write 1, I most likely will become discouraged and stop posting. Common sense. Spelling and grammar isn't too much of a bother to me, I am bad at both and without spellcheck I would be lost in the woods. I won't stop playing with you if you can't spell. I will try to post everyday or at least several times a week. I will let you know if I won't be posting more than a few days in a row. Stuff happens, we forget, don't have time, etc. I'm not going to fault you for it, please don't get upset with me either. (though, feel free to poke me after a week or so). Participate in advancing the plot! I've had so many rps where I'm doing all of the work trying advance the story. The more you keep me on my toes, the more invested in the story I will be and you will get more frequent posts from me.

NOW! To the plots!
Vampire / Slave You are the vamp, I am the slave. He should be strong, handsome, and rough. This is a game about dominance, showing off his beautiful slave to other vampires, and making sure they know who she belongs to. She's used to feed upon and to have sex with, though other uses may be found later. He is important and powerful among the vampires, even though he isn't in love with her, someone else using her without his permission would be a huge insult. 

Vampire / Vampire hunter A forbidden love. I play the vamp, you play the hunter. She's beautiful, elegant, and seductive. It is easy for her to seduce the vampire hunter. A game of sex, manipulation and possible blackmail ensues. What would happen if they were to tell anyone about this? Both would be ousted from their societies. Despite this they can't keep their hands off of each other.

Fantasy Princess and her Betrothed: Fantasy princess referring to maybe a nymph, fairy, angel, demon, witch, etc. I would like to pair her with a human man. They are married to protect her country from being completely wiped out by his, forming a treaty that would ultimately unite the countries or maybe promise protection against other countries if placed into combat. They haven't really met before, or spent time with each other. He's not really nice to her or anything, but comes to think of her as belonging to him, and eventually forms some kind of love/lust thing for her. Not exactly "in love" with her, but like loves her more as a possession. She comes under attack from many different angles from people in the country who hate her kind from assassination attempts to accusing her of treason. Whatever kind of horrible thing we can come up with. Her new husband has to deal with transitioning into becoming king of his country while dealing with all these people trying to kill / rape / kidnap his wife.

Forbidden love kind of thing: Ok, this is similar to the one above, but this story is about the romance, the wooing and the flirting and the conflicts of people keeping them apart. This story is something I've wanted to work on for a long time but I haven't been able to flesh everything out on my own so I thought it could be an RP and it would be much more exciting. It's another princess/prince kind of thing, but set in a post - WWIII apocalyptic era. The world has been decimated and millions of people have been killed by nuclear warfare. 500 years later, several kingdoms have popped up from those who had taken the lead in helping the people learn to cope, heal, and prosper. These families became the royalty of this world. The technology is steampunk based and they refuse to use anything that can have any radiation (like microwaves, or xrays) even though they COULD if they wanted to. They're paranoid. Because of the nuclear warfare, many children were born with defects, and it became genetic so it was passed down to children. These people were exiled and isolated in a land far north of everyone else.

The princess is the illegitimate child of one of those people and her mother. The king adopted her because he is sterile. They have forged her birth certificate so that everyone believes she is 1 year younger to fit in with the timeline of their marriage). The prince (from a different country) is a warrior in his father's army. Their countries have different ideals. She can only marry royalty, he can marry anyone he feels like it. She is there to "smile and look pretty" as her role as being female, his sister and mother are integral parts of helping their country function. She doesn't know or care about what it means to be poor or homeless, he will do what he can to help people make enough money to live. They meet, somehow fall in love and eventually want to marry.

Meanwhile there's this guy who is one of those people with the defects who has been able to climb the ranks and become the advisor to her father. his goal is to pit the countries against each other so that they will all destroy each other. He advises her dad to do stupid things so that it will start a war, convincing him that in order to preserve his place on the throne he needs to conquer the other thrones. He uses the relationship between the princess and the prince to his advantage, doing things like trying to poison her to kill her and framing the prince so that her country can attack his. And stuff like that.

So the story is mainly about working through hardship, I want to it have a lot of adventure too, and it would probably be really sappy.

3 some m/m/f: This is an idea I had a long time ago and I really enjoyed it but it stopped and we weren't able to finish it. Two guys, best friends / brothers / twins love each other so much that they share everything, even the older's new girlfriend. If she refuses to accept both of them, then she can't have either. However, there are benefits of having both. I would prefer if this guy pair had a dom and a sub, the sub most likely in love with the dom and reluctant at first to give up some of the attention to the girlfriend. The Dom likes girls, but has a special place in his heart for his sub, but demands for the sub to allow him to have his girl. It is kind of like a 3way romance, and all three will interact during sex.
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