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Author Topic: A Fox's Request Thread (FxF please)  (Read 837 times)

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A Fox's Request Thread (FxF please)
« on: December 15, 2012, 10:38:41 pm »
Hello all ^^ this is just a few ideas. Ill have more written later. I prefer threads over pms. I will do some fandoms, though not usually with canon characters. Depends. I do prefer FxF. Sometimes I will allow Futa. But its rare. I would like a long term partner and ideas are always welcome ^^

Sister x Sister Two sisters who are closer then most regular siblings, live together mostly on their own. Their parents are always on business trips and they hardly have time for their daughters. The oldest sister had always had a crush on her sister, she was protective but kind to her. Of course she knows it is wrongg, so she keeps silent. What happens though when she discovers her sisters crush on a boy at school though? Can she handle the utter turmoil?

Lone Knight x Princess In the land of Fianor... Where knights and kings and queens reside lay a unknown war that is soon coming... A daughter of a lord is going to marry the prince, and may become queen. This girl is naive and excited for the marriage, thinking to have a happy ending in the stories... Till she is captured by bandits and is taking far away from home, until the famous black knight comes and saves her... Stories tell that this knight lay unbeaten and has no loyalties and has killed many. So this girl holds fear.... But she has no one else... What stories will be told?

Android x Human Based off Absolute Boyfriend's story, a lonely girl gets offered to find her perfect lover. So she plays the game and orders her perfect lover online. Only to discover that it wasn't a scam, they sent a realistic human robot! But turns out she owes millions of dollars! So now she must teach the android human emotions in order to pay the dept. But will it lead it to love?

Or we could do a plot where government builds a super weapon that went out of control and escaped. Until a regular girl finds the project and takes her in.

Human x Alien/Experiment This more or less would be a neko/furry experiment/alien. A mysterious creature crashes to earth, looking a bit like a human, and two scientists hides the experiment away for themselves. They have a ill daughter who gets curious and interacts with the experiment, getting closer than she should. They get to know one another and each others different worlds. But will the experment have to go back? Will the human fall too ill to live anymore? Is their relationship possible?

Or it can be like the second plot of the android one.

Demon x Angel This will have rape, psedo or not. Two realms are at war with one another, heaven and hell. The two races despise one another, and have been fighting for genetations. One day, the Demon princess captures the Angel princess and brings her home to ultimately torture her. For revenge of her innocent sister thoroughly decapitated. Soon though, the demon has a change of heart.. finding the angel beautiful and simply just wants her.. despite their differences.

Princess and the Fox Spoof of the prince and the frog, this can take place in any time zone. Basically a girl finda a injured fox and takes it in. What happens if she discovers this fox isn't what she seems?

NEW: Bad Girl x Good Girl It's a regular time in high school, a normal time for the goodie two shoes of Kishimi high. Of course, the exception is with the baddest, tomboy, football playing girl of the school, who soon sets her sights on the good girl. Two total opposites collide, but they did always say opposites attract. Will the bad girl manage to convince the beautiful damsel to fall for her? Or will the good girl find someone else?

Others roommate x roommate Friend x friend Rival x rival Master x pet Bartender x customer Werewolf x werewolf werewolf x vampire werewolf x human

As for top or bottom. I can do both.... though I prefer dominant on the demon one since I want to be the demon ^^ hehe and I only rp on threads or pm.

Fandoms Game of thrones OC x Arya OC x Asha OC x Sansa

Dragon Age Warden x Hawke Warden x OC Hawke x OC

Final Fantasy OC x Lightning Tifa x Aerith