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February 18, 2019, 11:15:01 PM

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Author Topic: A New Requiem (nWoD solo Vampire request)  (Read 272 times)

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Offline Whiskey JackTopic starter

A New Requiem (nWoD solo Vampire request)
« on: December 15, 2012, 08:21:31 PM »
I left Elliquiy a while back due to a distinct lack of time for devoting to the site and a general burnout on roleplay in general, but a desire to see a certain story told has brought me back to look for someone willing to play the part of a storyteller and help me do something I hope will be memorable for us both.

* * * * *

Jack Derby is a 32 year-old bassist for a band that's gotten him no where. Despite all the effort, they've yet to catch their break, and with middle-age quickly approaching, Jack is wondering more and more frequently if music really was a dead-end after all. Though he tries to affect a professional and stoic demeanor, his bandmates (all of whom are still in the cusp of their twenties) seem decidedly more interested in the rock & roll lifestyle. Jack's recently become particularly frustrated with the band's lead singer, a young-woman they picked up fresh out of music school. The other guys insisted she had a great image and that the sex appeal she'd bring to the lineup would line up more gigs than they could count, but since she came on, Jack's found himself losing whatever creative control he had in the group.

What's more, the frustration is starting to leak into his personal life. As the situation worsens, his relationship with Cassidy Telman, his longstanding girlfriend, is growing more strained. Though the 29 year-old has lived with him for two years, working out of their shared home as a journalist and blogger, their situation has become increasingly strained over the last six-months. Jack's reluctance to leave his band and pursue other work has made Cass the primary provider, and while they're ostensibly still together, she turned him down when he made a desperate attempt at proposing five months back. As things currently are, Jack's heading for a breaking point.

Little does Jack know, though, that soon, all of this will change. A stranger will find him in the night, and bring something wholly new: An end. Jack Derby will die.

* * * *

Some time ago, I wrote up a rather lengthy sketch for a character just prior to his inevitable embrace. The intent was to tell the story of a man starting at (or likely right before) his embrace and the difficult transition from mortal to kindred. More than any other supernatural, I feel that vampire's have some of the most intriguing stories to tell about their acclimation to their condition. Events like their sudden death, their first feeding, the struggle they face as they find their old lives ripped from them and the terror as the weight of undeath and the danse macabre impresses itself upon them . . . these are things frequently relegated to backstory that I'd really like to play firsthand. A man doesn't really become a monster overnight. Humanity dies slowly, drained drop by aching drop as the beast rises in his heart. This is the story I want to play, and I think the nWoD Vampire: the Requiem line suits it perfectly.

If anyone out there is open to the idea of helping me tell this kind of story one on one, please, drop me a line (either here, or better yet, in a private message) and let me know. I'd love to talk over my ideas in more detail. To be clear, I'm looking for someone to primarily take on the role of storyteller, handling world management and npc's, though if they want a personal character of their own, there may be some room for that. The primary goal of this game, however, is to tell Jack's story as he transitions from a man into a monster. I want to experience the harsh descent as he loses his grip on being a person and has to give in to being a predator, with all the fallout on his old life that entails.

Thanks again for your time,