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Author Topic: || Dark, Gritty & Fun || Silences RP Request Thread - (M seeking F)  (Read 310 times)

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Offline SilenceTopic starter

*Waves* Welcome to my thread! Life has slowed down for me a bit so I have time to begin rping again! Thanks for taking the time to read this, below are some plots and general ideas I have. But you knew that already because why else would I be posting in this section correct? All plots are open to discussion, if you have an idea on how to tweak one to your liking we can talk about it and work something out. I write as much as my partner writes so if you only post a paragraph or two that's fine don't be scared. If you write a lot, that's fine too! But I'd prefer to rp and not write essay's. We can always talk about post length before we begin rping. And if nothing below appeals to you, send me message anyway since I am open to most rp ideas.

Below you will find everything from romance & love, to bondage and domination, to threads that could be just a whole lot of fun and maybe provide a few laughs along the way. Hopefully there is something for everyone, just make sure to PM me because you will get a reply alot quicker then replying to this thread. Females only please, but I am open to playing both males and females. I will be adding plots as they pop into my twisted mind :)

| General Shenanigans & Couplings |

Younger Man/ Middle Aged Woman

Pornstars (The idea of doing a rp in the world of porn has always interested me)
Best Friends
Cheating Wife
Rockstars Touring
Black Mail


* More to be added

- A Death In The Family -

Side Note: Open to any ideas you may have to contribute! I figured this could range from love to her trying to seduce him to fulfill her needs.

Her father was her world, he was her daddy, her lover, her best friend. At the age of forty four, he passed away after a sudden heart attack. Now she is trying to fill that hole in her heart and her life, since her father was the only person she'd ever loved. The men her age didn't appeal to her, but older men only a reminder of the heart break she had been through. That is until she began to find herself attracted to an older friend of hers, but would she be able to convince him to let her be his little girl?


- Dom'd if you do Dom'd if you don't -

Side Note: I'll be playing the male, and the female in the story will be the one losing the bet. Everything else is pretty much open to discussion!

Two friends always shared a few things in common, there fondness for bondage & dominating others. Both of them had slaves in the past, often getting together to have play sessions with there slaves. There was always an underlying attraction for each other, but both of there domineering personalities always got in the way of any sort of relationship they would have wished to have. It was always a game of "Whatever you can do, I can do better" weather it was innovative ways to punish there slaves or who could win at blackjack. That competition between the two of them always ended up with bets, except this time he decided to raise the stakes. Whoever won the bet would have to be the others slave, it was to tempting of a deal for her to pass up.. But she never imagined losing the bet and having to submit to him.


- Hollywood Starlet to Pornstar Princess -

Side Note - Open to any ideas you may! Open to discussion.

A few years ago she was one of Hollywood's most promising young starlets. After some bad publicity and a few bad movies that did horrible at the box office, her career is on the ropes and her debt is adding up. She can't get a major movie script or even so much as an audition and she can't make a living doing straight to DVD films.. Her agent suggests a career change. She would immediately be one of the top grossing acts in all of porn because of her looks and her fame, but can she handle life on a different sort of movie set?


- Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap -

Side Note - Open to any ideas you may! Open to discussion.

Her husband was bored with her, she can't even remember the last time she'd had a satisfying orgasm. He was always away at work, new york, Vancouver, wherever his job sent him next. They could divorce, but they where both so numb the idea never crossed there minds. After confronting him about how unsatisfied she was, she realized things would never change. But if she left him, she would lose her comfortable living and have to return to the working world.. While he was away, she began to frequent sleazy bars and clubs in search of something to kill the numbness. And that's when she found him, a man who was the exact opposite of her clean cut husband. He was sleazy and had no qualms about sleeping with a married woman.. A man who could fulfill her fantasies.


- Her Chance To Be His -

Side Note - Open to any ideas you may! Best friends turned Master & Slave? A strong willed woman who wants him and give him what he wants or a shy girl who's always had a little crush? Lots of possibilities, would love to hear your ideas.

It was 2 am when he knocked on her door, soaking wet and a duffel bag with some clothes in it was all he had to his name. His best friend, the only person he could turn to. The man knew she wouldn't leave him out in the rain. She had always loved him and fantasized about him, she knew that he had sort of a twisted relationship with his girlfriend. They where into kinky things she had never tried, but how far would she being willing to go in order to be with him. When she approached him with the idea of being his slave, he openly questioned if she could handle it. Being broken in, trained, be at his service and fulfill all of his needs. It would be an eye opening experience for her, but could she really go through with it.


| Hi, My name is Greg.. And I'm a sex addict. |

Side Note - Open to any ideas you may! I think this could be a fun rp, the two of them interacting as she is trying to change her ways and Greg sort of being an instigator. Love possibly or just lust? :)

She had been going to group therapy for her sexual addiction for a few weeks now, it wasn't that bad. Most the people there just seemed to watch a lot of porn. She was able to express herself without being judged or feeling any sort of tempation to drag one of them to the bathroom for a quicky.. Till Greg walked in. He was laid back and very open about everything, and thats what attracted her to him. When the counselor suggested everyone get a buddy to call when they felt like giving into tempation of course Greg was her first choice. But, Greg wasn't there to get better he was there to find someone who enjoyed sex as much as he did.
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