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June 24, 2018, 07:45:05 PM

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Author Topic: Take your pick: Fantasy or Sci-fi [M looking for F]  (Read 349 times)

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Take your pick: Fantasy or Sci-fi [M looking for F]
« on: December 12, 2012, 12:21:58 PM »
Hello there!

Below are two basic ideas, both of which have tons of room for possibility and expansion.  The first, fantasy-based roleplay is more specific in plot, but leaves plenty of room for character nuances and development.  I enjoy them both, but have little experience with the second. 

*A quick note about partners:  I am a very frequent poster.  If you post, I will most likely reply within 24 hours, often less.  Quick posters are highly-preferred, and if I'm able to find two or three, I will almost always restrict my RPs to those partners.  I prefer to keep my RPs to a small number, so as to keep a high level of quality, consistency, and tempo of posts.  I am extremely loyal to partners who do the same.*

Lorrigan and the Tower of Trost:

Lorrigan is a 12 ft demon warlord, banished from Hell, and is now on a personal vendetta to reclaim the throne.  He controls the tiny kingdom of Trost, a point from which he desires to expand outward.  However, he needs an army, and an army of demonic warriors is not easily had.  Therefore, it has to be bred.  From the surrounding villages and tribes, Lorrigan takes for himself the (or has donated to him) the finest, healthiest females, often virgins aging 16-19.  He has gathered a sizable harem, which he keeps in fantastic luxury.  They are bred regularly, and altered through Lorrigan's gifts of magic to assist in their ability to bear children. 

This is intended to be a romantic, consensual RP.  My partner would play the role of the harem queen, and would essentially be Lorrigan's mate, given priority over all other breeders.  I would prefer for this to be a long-term roleplay, with lots of travel, conflict, romance, and of course, lots of breeding between Lorrigan and his harem. 

Succubi, demonesses, or otherwise-nefarious female characters are HIGHLY desired, although I'll take a human or an elf who knows how to write. 

Desired kinks are as follows:

Size difference (Smaller, petite partners are desired 4'0-5'5 compared to Lorrigan's 12 ft, massively muscular body)
Impalement (Lorrigan alters his breeders to allow for vag-to-mouth penetrations)
Vaginal squirting
Moderate transformation (Larger breasts and more voluptuous female figure as the scene progresses)

These are mandatory (read: IF YOU DO NOT LIKE THESE, YOU'RE PROBABLY NOT GOING TO LIKE THE RP), although I am absolutely willing to explore other kinks and fetishes my partner may enjoy.  I love trying new things, and there is abundant opportunity to implement my partners kinks.  I like to keep my partners happy and satisfied ;)

Story to sex ratio [Roughly 50:50-60:40]  I love crafting a complex, multi-faceted tale, but I also enjoy my sex.  A healthy balance will keep me interested for a long time.

You should message me are highly-literate (3-4 paragraphs per post, if more...I love you long time), you enjoy fantasy roleplays that are epic in scope (conquest, exploration,, you are reliable, and you are motivated to craft a well-written, novel-quality narrative.

*side note:  I've gotten complaints in the past (or read them, at least) that male demon characters are "too vanilla, or to one dimensional".  A valid complaint, but I am not an average writer.  Lorrigan is not a simple character.  He has motives, desires, and is faced with an existential threat.  I believe I play him very dynamically.*


Science fiction:  Literally anything

I LOVE science fiction.  My favorite idea surrounds a deep space exploration vessel travelling from system to system, and galaxy to galaxy, manned by four or five characters.  This is wide open to anyone who would like to flesh out an interesting narrative.

Kink list:

Anything besides gore, vore, rape, and torture (no sexual violence, please).

Really; anything is interesting to me when it comes to science fiction.  A deep space exploration mission, a revolt on an overpopulated earth, an alien race in search of resources and glory in conquest (yes, I'll even do one without humans),two cyborgs on a fact finding mission, or even a lonely guy or girl trying to find his or her place on a faceless city world.  It's all good.

Story to sex ratio [50:50-60:40] (Will allow less for certain plots, or certain points in different plots). 


This my first ever post outside of the introduction thread, so be gentle on me :P  I'm highly-literate, and would consider myself fairly experienced at roleplaying, but when it comes to E, I'm a complete noob. 

If you're interested in either, feel free to send me a PM or post in the thread below.  I'll be checking it often.

*Note- I love OOC chat to talk about random things, get to know my partner, and to figure out plot details, even if it's before every post just to get things perfect.  Prospective partners must have MSN, Gmail, or something similar. (I will download another chat client if I absolutely have to  ::) )*

Hope to hear from you soon!

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Offline playfullchick76

Re: Take your pick: Fantasy or Sci-fi [M looking for F]
« Reply #1 on: December 13, 2012, 10:22:26 AM »
I do enjoy  a good science fiction one. I did come up with one loosely based on the Voyager episode Dragons teeth, but where it happened to Earth, and my character is the only one still in cryostasis, perhaps with your character being a human or part human descendant, come to reclaim Earth, as the race who conquered the Earth empire dies out from a virulent disease.