~Little Bitch~ (MM, Viewfinder inspired, Rough)

Started by LilySnape, December 12, 2012, 04:36:34 AM

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Ciel is a 17 year old boy living in a bleak city orphanage.  Everyone knows that when an orphan turns 18, he's cast out into the street and has little chance of a good life.
Your character is tall, handsome and dangerous.

He offers Ciel a life with him, then lets it sit.  After a week of sleeping in alleys and barely eating, Ciel finally goes to your character.  He is given nice clothee, food, and a bed...with your character.  When your character kills a man in front of Ciel, the teenager realizes who he's dealing with.  Ciel is afraid of rejection and abandonment, so becomes more and more like a willing slut for your character, dealing with bruises, bite marks and rough sex.  However, he's not afraid; he's a toughened kid and accepts his fate.

Might include: Dirty talk, rough sex, hair pulling, biting, pain, drunkenness/drugs, other kinks you might want.
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