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February 26, 2021, 01:26:36 pm

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Author Topic: Domination roleplay ideas (Seeking sub/dom F (bon/nc))  (Read 13461 times)

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Domination roleplay ideas (Seeking sub/dom F (bon/nc))
« on: December 12, 2012, 01:46:30 am »
I've had a few somewhat specific roleplay ideas in my head for a while that I've wanted to play out. If any of them interest you, PM me and we can discuss details and get started  :-)

Run in One submissive female
A female teacher (in her mid 30s, recently divorced) runs into one of her old students, one who was in his early twenties. The man convinces her to go back to his house and they begin to become intimate, only for the teacher to attempt to back out. The man refuses to let his old teacher go and ties her up, dominating her sexually. He tells her to come back to visit him after she leaves, and against her better judgement returns to her former student, to be trained as a sex slave.

The break in Two submissive females
Two young women have been living together in a nicely sized apartment building for a few months. One day, when one of the women leaves for work, a mysterious man breaks into their house. The man arrives with a duffel bag filled with tools used to subdue and sexually dominate the two girls. He ties up the girl in the apartment and begins to play with her body. After 8 or so hours when the second woman returns he ties her up two, and begins to train them to please him sexually.

Closing the deal One submissive female
An ambitious young business woman is assigned to keep a client satisfied to close a deal that is sure to boost her career and give her a promotion. When the client begins to start demanding sexual requests from the girl she is hesitant at first, but to go along, only to find herself way over her head as she is tied up, and sexually dominated by the man. She is blackmailed into following the man's orders and he begins to train her as a sex slave.

Abducted One submissive female
In a fantasy universe, an elf female is out gathering herbs and berries for her tribe in the forest when she runs into two drow. The drow begin to intimidate and question the girl about how far she is from her village, and when it becomes clear she is helpless they grab her, bind and gag her and bring her back to their village hidden in underground caves in the forest. There, she is kept as a sex slave for the two drow raiders.

Extra credit One dominant female
At a university, a female professor calls one of her male students in after class, telling him he is failing and in order to pass he must perform extra credit. She then ties the boy up and begins to use him for her own sexual needs, using the threat of failing him to keep him quiet and performing sexual acts for her.

Bought One dominant female
A young male finds himself suddenly knocked unconscious and abducted, bound and gagged and delivered to the house of a wealthy woman living alone, who had apparently 'purchased' him through an illegally slavery ring. The man is then trained and dominated by the woman in a variety of ways as is trained to be her perfect sex slave. (I am also interested in a variation of this where the woman also purchases a female submissive slave)

Succubus One dominant female
A succubus, banished from her home plane for one hundred years finds a human male to capture, and then use for her pleasure while she passes the time. The setting and time period of this roleplay can vary greatly, as well as the level of fantasy elements involved.
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Re: Domination roleplay ideas (Seeking sub/dom F (bon/nc))
« Reply #1 on: December 18, 2012, 03:37:02 am »

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Re: Domination roleplay ideas (Seeking sub/dom F (bon/nc))
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