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Author Topic: Into the mind of a Scared one [M for F]  (Read 715 times)

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Into the mind of a Scared one [M for F]
« on: December 11, 2012, 03:19:39 am »
Hello Elliqians and welcome to a much more advanced version of my old searches. For now I have a total of three characters that are based on my life or some kind of desire I have had when roleplaying since I started doing things such as roleplaying. Thank you for clicking and please look at the characters I have set up. Each have brief information on them as well as a couple of plot ideas for them. As times goes on I will slowly be adding more characters to the mix so there is more to choose from. Before one asks Maybe they will stray form the types they are assigned. It won't take much from me just a plot idea, and a please is all I need. I have limits. Even if there are not many. So if your one of those people that have to do everything such as I might not be the right person for those with more *coughs* unique palets.(Scat, Vore, Death, Watersports, etc) Those that are I don't judge, but I am not into that sort of thing. As interesting as they might be to some.

For those that need some sort of proof that I can write I have samples below to credit me, though their will be spelling errors here and there from typing fast.


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Forty- Eight hours before...

Dyaus stood in the crowd of soldiers all lined u in single file as they watched from the cold, and harsh weather outside. The snow sending chills down newer members spines as the veterans had become accustom to this each man excluding himself carried some sort of gun ranging from a standard SMG to a modified M14 not including sidearms. It was an army but not like one would see for war. This was certainly not going to be that big this underground organization had been gearing up for years ready for the absolute take down of more well groups. The sight was a marvel to say the least. The young man that stood at six three in height much larger then the average solider stood at the front row waiting for the speech from there fearless leader. His long silvery white hair draped to his sides and down to the lower small of his back. Upon his face a devil like grin was plastered. Each man looked up as the spotlight came and he to the platform. The Commander was a small man, but had the will of any great leader and it showed. The crowd remained silent as he talked the war game about to begin. Two of the men beside him were murmuring to one another and it irritated him o such an extent that he spoke out just as the Commander was about to speak,"Just shut up and listen, you miserable sows or you will not live long enough to enjoy the speech he has in store for us." The two soldiers quickly silenced themselves once they had realized who had talked down to them. He'd had been the one that had written the masterpiece the Commander was about to utter out, and he would be damned if those two morons would ruin it.

"My friends, it has often been said that I like war. Friends, I like war. No, friends, I love war! I love holocausts. I love blitzkriegs. I love defensive lines. I love sieges, charges, I love mop-up operations, and retreats.Wars across prairies, in streets, in trenches, in grasslands, in frozen tundras, through deserts, on the sea, in the air, I love every act of war that can occur upon this earth. I love blasting the enemy to smithereens with artillery salvos that thunder across the lines of battle.

My heart leaps with joy whenever a soldier is tossed high into the air and cut to pieces by well placed sniper rounds. And there is nothing like a tank operator using a Tiger 88 to destroy enemy tanks. And the feeling that comes when a soldier runs screaming from his blazing tank only to be mowed down by heavy machine gun fire, is such an exquisite feeling. Like when ranks of infantry brandish their bayonets rushing into the enemy line. It moves me deep within my heart to watch a fresh recruit stabbing over and over into the bloated chest of a long-dead enemy.

The sight of deserters being strung up from a street lamp is an irresistible pleasure. And there is nothing more arousing, than the sounds made by prisoners of war dropping like flies, screaming in agony as they're mowed down by ear piercing schmeissers! When a band of pitiful resistance fighters makes their final stands with nothing but small arms, only to have their city smashed to atoms block by block by 4.8 ton bombshells, I'm in ecstasy. I love it when my forces are ravaged by a Russian armored division. It's so sad to see towns and villages that were supposed to be defended at all costs, being laid to waste, their women and children being raped, and killed. I love to be squashed under the heel of the British and American war machines. The humiliation, as my men crawl around like vermin, ducking the Jabo flying overhead.

Gentlemen... All I ask for is war, a war so grand as to make Hell itself tremble. Gentlemen, I ask you as fellow brothers in arms, what is it you really want? Do you wish for further war as I do? Do you wish for a merciless, bloody war? A war whose fury is built with iron, and lightning, and fire? Do you ask for war to sweep in like a tempest, leaving not even ravens to scavenge, from this Earth!?"

The crowd of soldiers shouted aloud with dedication for the moving speech yelling in German"Krieg! Krieg! Krieg! Krieg! Krieg! Krieg!"(Translated || War!) extending their arms out to show alliance to the man before them, Dyaus one of the many doing so never letting his smile falter in the least. It was making blood boil with eagerness to kill which was the result he hoped for in his heart. The young man that had sent everyone that loved him to the grave was thrilled for the third time in his life. The Commander continued once everyone remained silent, even the snow itself had stopped to listen.

"Very well. Then krieg is what you shall have. We are a clenched fist, ready to strike down all who oppose us, with our might. But.. After enduring over half a century wallowing in the darkness, for us, a simple "ordinary" war will no longer be sufficient. We need a MASSIVE war! A war beyond any other that man's history has ever known! We are but a single battalion.. The remnants of a defeated army numbering less than a thousand strong. However, I believe that each of you warriors is worth a thousand of their sickly soft children! We represent a force that could easily defeat an army of a million and one men! It is time for them to awake the ones who sent us screaming into oblivion, and who now lie sleeping. Let's drag them out of bed by the hair, and remind them of what we are! We will remind them of what it feels like to live in fear. We will remind them of the sound our jackboots make against their throats. We will remind them, that there are more things between Heaven and Hell than are dreamt of in their philosophy.

Our Kampfgruppe of one thousand elite soldiers will burn this world down to ash. Yes, my friends! Soon, Europe's charred remains will illuminate the night sky! I have brought you all back just as I promised I would. Back to our favorite battlefield. Back to our beloved war!
At last, the sea lion has crossed the ocean and is heading up the hill! Attention soldiers of of fortune, this is a message from your commander:
Friends...let's bring them Hell."

» His last minutes in this realm....
He had been beaten, bruised, and left standing in front of a post his arms tied behind his back as a firing squad stood before him. Dyaus exhaled. He did not see this coming from the man he adored like a father. Though it was to be expected ones role in a unit or organization was always numbered either by an enemy or your own comrades. Though he had wished it had been the former and not the latter. He could see it in there eyes. No emotion it was only a order and they would follow it to the letter. Such dedication in what they believed in that he could not be mad at them or anyone. It was this ruthlessness that made him want to join four long years ago. When he was nothing more then a grunt wanting to be on he top of the pack. The second in command raised his hand up then spoke telling Dyaus if he had any last words. He would only nod smirking quickly thinking of something witty to say for his final moment,"Ich wünschte, ich hätte ein Sturm geboren. Oder eine Bedrohung. Oder eine einzelne explosiv. Kein Herz, keine Tränen, genauso wie eine schreckliche gale'd gut gewesen." (Translated || I wish I'd been born a storm. Or a menace. Or a single explosive. No heart, no tears, just as a terrible gale'd been good. ) With that the sound of gun shots but not pain. It confused him everything was silent. Had he died? Was it that quick? These thoughts swimming in his head when the sound of birds came to him as he lay on his back in upon the lush grass. His eyes closed to the new world he was in, his hands still tied behind his back wearing winter attire a heavy wool greatcoats (a similar pattern was issued to East Germans back in 1989). It had silver dimpled buttons that didn't reflect the light and were sometimes painted green to provide further camouflage. Yet his was a pitch black or a close to dark gray He had gotten his custom made so that a hood would go along with it to cover most of his head and hair when it was tied back. Underneath he wore a long sleeve white thermal that hung loosely to his body for his pants they were common jeans a dark denim that was faded at the knees. Lastly his boots Schnürschuhe "lace-up shoes" also custom made since it was stopped being made back in 1937 they were for recruits back during the war a issued pair of ankle-height worked for basic training, and kept them for fatigue duty and the like. Beginning in 1940 the Army ceased issuing jackboots to rear-area personnel and authorized the wearing of the utility boots with the field uniform; canvas gaiters or Gamaschen were issued for this purpose. He seemed like a relic of the past, but was nothing of the sort. Just a young man with a "few" issues.

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The twins sat across from one another blonde bangs veiling death stares from emerald eyes upon each other, yet both of the young men bore a wide smile as if nothing was wrong. One did not have to be a genius or some kind of social worker to feel the tension in the air that it would a pain to breath. It was so thick that not even Lord Death could rid it with a mighty chop. The duo had a renewed reason to detest each other, the resentment being fueled by the mission they had been briefed of concerning a certain weapon that had went 'rouge'. They knew well of the individual and the situation. Their choice was going to be decided sooner or later so the twins took the opportunity to make a stand. Find the target within the area of last known location (The dessert}, next was to capture the target before the person of interest became corrupted in total or rid the individual before or after they are corrupted. Both of the young men had different interests in had on the second part of that objective. Aiden Tlipoca the short haired blonde was against the idea of useless blood shed. Behind his cheshire smile was one of inner turmoil. The eldest twin was not compelled to hurting the target not because they were a fellow weapon and part of DWMA. It was based off of his knowing of the target. For the most part had a 'mutual interest' in one another. The reason was not explained but it could be that she had caught his eye or for whatever reason one could possibly thing of at the moment.

He had came to the idea of being the lead weapon so that they could capture her quickly and without much damage and convince her withing the pages of The Book. This seemed more reasonable and yet the likely hood of it back firing was higher then seventy percent. Since she was a tank and her damage capability was off the charts. It was understandable why it seemed like a waste of time and energy. "Would you please just reconsider my idea before I leave to the desert?" The grin feigning as he spoke an unattractive frown spreading across his pale face. "We have already gone through this and as your older brother you should respect my choice! This is another persons life damn it don't you care?!" Slamming his hands on the table that separated them both his chair pushed back by his sudden rash action. "Does it look like I give a damn?" said the longer haired twin still having the vile grin of a man that intended to hurt something or someone precious of another. Ethan Tlipoca the younger twin remained sitting seeing the anger boiling beneath the surface. "You should know why I don't wanna do your stupid plan. I wanna shred her up and devour her soul in front of you. I want to cut her to pieces." Stopping before he could get the last cruel words out. After thirty seconds of letting it simmer he let it roll off of his tongue. "She is nothing but competition...and I am gonna get rid of it." Ethan now propped his head up with his arm leaning forward with joy.

These two were going at it now the sibling rivalry that would continue until one of them died off. each cussed and bickered and fought until words would be useless on the topic. For the moment they set it aside and went on how they could arrange the traveling. Aiden explained that he could summon them both by using the pages that could be ripped from his weapon form and they could be along side him in seconds as well as keeping three other pages back at the house so fast traveling could be arranged. As they agreed to the travel arrangements Aiden looked at his brother unforgiving at the words from earlier Ethan coming right up to his older twin. "What? You gonna do it this time? or are you just gonna dislocate my shoulder again?" A mean smirk came over him just to be punched square in his jaw blood trickling from the side of the younger brothers mouth. Aiden left his brother on the floor not caring if he was in a state of pain. No one would talk to him in that manner or tone. In their family respect was key. Ethan had never respected his older brother since he inherited power of the family while he was stuck with nothing since being second born. The eldest left to head toward his meister to explain the plan they both came up with on traveling.

An hour later... now current time

Ethan looked up at the ceiling. a pain in his left side of his face recalling the blow to the head that came with his vocal victory. Inwardly he knew that getting under his twins skin had been worth the pain in his jaw and the headache to come. The youngest could admit that his brother had a killer hook when pissed off. His sorry behind had to be so uptight about a few frail words about some girl that they had to go after. It was laughable to him. If this was just some random girl he knew that he would of never would of gotten that reaction from him, The younger twin had never met this girl or cared to due to she being competition. All he could do is go the same place his elder brother was going to head towards and no doubt had already arrived. They couldn't live with their female meister due to the limited space of two rooms so it had been accepted and enforced that they would live a short distance from Adelaide. Being alone gave him a chance to practice his ability that was meant for outside of battle. This would be the perfect chance. Ethan leaving the small two roomed apartment locking it behind him before rubbing the bruised cheek. Walking down the stairs from the second floor to the first then out of the door.

Sliding a hand along his legs chains went parallel long his pants and shoes. These were the chainsaw parts from his weapon form. The purpose was to increase his speed while not wasting energy. Taking a stance he pushed forward as if on roller-skates sparks flying from the rotation leaving behind him dual lines of fissures. It was not mastered so damage to the sidewalk and road was inevitable. As Ethan sped up he'd get cocky going back along the sidewalk and brought one foot up to the buildings the foot caught, then he raised the other and placed on the wall still moving forward going slow in case he would have to catch himself from falling. the innocent buildings being marked by the blades. Soon after the younger had reached his meisters house knowing by the talking his brother was inside. "Oh goodie I get to return the favor." Smirking before going to the door and knocking loud enough to get the attention needed.

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Several hours ago... His day did started like any other celeb or famous person with some kind of problem. In therapy due to anger. Yes such a petty reason as that was the reason he sat being forced spewing his guts to a woman named Dr. Frazier. Newer to the whole mind of individuals with money. This had been his second time here in a fancy over priced room with this woman analyzing his mind or rather failing at it. The reason behind his coming here was the person that was now paying out of the ass for his being here wasting time. It was silent until one of the two of them decided to talk. "I know you dislike coming here, but what these sessions are for Warren.It is so you can release all the hostility that you hold inside yourself. I just want you to relax and keep in mind that this is a safe place. So feel free to curse, cry or any other emotion that might occur during todays visit. These sessions are confidential. I am only here to listen and not to judge." He would only nod. His plan was to give her as much as possible in a short period of time. Clearing his throat

Thirty minutes later....

"What more can I say to you? I Talk until my face is blue.. I Don't look like I'm crazy do I?" in the end Dr. Frazier had not been able to write down ever little thing he had said. Which was thankful since most of it was constant circling of topics, bad mouthing his father for his faults, and reminders of how pissed he was for the childhood filled with lies. With a wave goodbye to the baffled therapist. He went along with the next activity. One would be fun since it be little'd most of his fathers signed artists, and the 'Don't mess up the beat contest' by his dad to scout potential.

 Five hours ago. As time dwindled down he was in a studio that he rented out one that did not belong to his father. Since the likely hood that someone his father knew would be occupying the site. It was around that time and he still was not 'allowed' to be know to the public until tonight with this party that would be happening. He'd be rushed with the other half which was recording himself six times then making it fit. The dead line was in two days. Most that knew Warren wanted to know why he hated his dad and it was simple. You lie to a person yo an extent that forgiveness can not be an option so much in fact that said person had to leave to the other half of the world.

Much more time wasted, including cheap laughs, snark remarks, and so on... wasting two hours of his life knowing he would get chewed out for it. Caring? Not so much on that notion. He'd play the role of the nice child to the public for his daddies sake. Yet other wise hell was gonna be paid in full. With three hours left until the party it was high time to go toward his personal hell that contained the people he disliked the most. A.E. his father and step mother.

 His home was one of the extravagant ones. The type you saw on television. That kind of setting, it beat the hell out of his mothers house in Australia, yet lacked the warm feeling inside. It felt more like a show floor then a humble abode. furniture that costed more then what most normal people made in three year, and that was with a number of promotions or a CEO level. It was clear that his father was home, and not alone nothing new. A eight years since his dad 'Camus' made it big and stood at the top as a producer. People remained envious, women claimed to of had sex with him...many not pretending either, besides being the overall asshole. Delbert was a dog and eve with his 'leash' it didn't stop him. The Black male sat with two others drinking. One being an young up in coming named Tech 9 and the other named Hopsin. Typical black Americans males that wanted to have a name to brag about to their home boys.

"Warren get your blonde ass her would ya? Met the two Imma sign next month." The tone of his voice was slurred and the smelt of smoke and drink was faint if to close. "I don't care if they were taking over the world leave me alone. They are just gonna tank. I heard them rap they suck." Being blunt as possible know all to well that to not upset Delbert they would act nice."Most of their songs sound exactly the same makes me wonder if they ain't just sharing lyrics." A joke that was not meant to get a laugh, but rather sting at a couple of egos. Faces showing how everything. Delbert was still somber enough to know the hate filled tone of his son. And glared at Warren as if saying mentally 'Start and I will hurt you.' it was the reaction that made a bastard child's day. "Fine....fine Im gonna go change into something more fitting ya just sit and continue let them kiss up maybe even bend over and take it. The money is good enough ain't it?" the last snide comment before he departure towards the upstairs where is clothing was waiting

Warren unclothed himself his upper body covered with tattoos each one was earned from hard work. Tribal marking that he adorned his tan dark skin. They were things of beauty, the pain of getting them all was worth it. It was covered once again by a purple long sleeved collared shirt , with a black tie that bugged the living hell outta he since it was something he was not familiar with. Next came the removal of his pants that hugged loosely around his waist. Traded in for suit pants that matched the tie. Before putting on the shoes & jacket he'd fix his blonde locks tying it pack in a ponytail which did little for the large bangs that blocked his hazel eyes with one of a brighter hue. Orange more specific tangerine color. Moving back to his hair now on the bangs. Using three bobby pins he made on lay back giving a view of the right side of his face the left shrouded. It would work.

 All Warren had to do now was wait from his parents to be ready. Delbert would be fashionably late as always. Until the head bitch of the house hold demanded departure. The young man waited in the safety of his room not needing anything negative until he got into car with them. Turning on his computer and setting up his web cam he'd make a short vid and post it on his wall. The older one since that was still being looked at. It being only about five minutes long and would be notifying former friends,mutual, fans, and so on of his return to the states. It was exposure time. Bunch of bullshit and faking it what he did best. 'Lets put on the mask.'

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Oᴄᴛᴏʙᴇʀ 7ᴛʜ

It was not hard to find a place of consumption everywhere in this putrid country of America. One only needed to turn their head to find one that loved to eat. The work of gluttony was truly a wonder. It was true what they said 'Obesity Threatens America's Future' these mortals did it for comfort quelling the unfulfilled hopes that had long since left them shed the light of reality. It was even a sport testing the stomachs of mankind to see who could consume the most. On a certain part of the country it had grew dark clouding most of the northern east hemisphere with a thick giving making it unable to see in front of ones face more then a foot. The sky turning a shades of black and gray signalling the turn from to fall. In the city of Boston, Massachusetts. The tell tale signs of impending doom did not phase the city playing it off a freak change of climate. Well it was until a single car crashed due to an ignorant bystander thought it was wise to walk across the heavy fogged street. On the channel eleven news it had been called an accident. A grieving family morning the lose of their child. It was such a sad sight to see as the mother cried her eyes out saying it was not her child's time. However her plight had been on deaf ears as people did not care for her lose. If any did it was because they needed to feel sorry for something besides the large portions of food they stuffed down each others throats. Through out the night people began to eat slightly more. This affect went double for parents that had seen the news of a child dying so suddenly. The idea of that happening to their own bundles of joy frightened them. That night people at not to be void the hunger of an empty stomach, but instead to be more then full to solve the problem before them with the only option they found available.

Oᴄᴛᴏʙᴇʀ 8ᴛʜ

The next morning the fog did not let up. Quite the opposite it thickened it had been told that no one should drive their care if not having the right lightening to see properly. Most heeded the warning that was given to them, yet some did not see the danger. Well that until it started to rain heavily thundering down heavy upon the streets. Pelting the roads with water while the thunder and lightening did their duty to frighten little children with the intensity. One of the strikes hit down on the central park that lay within the city which was right above the the underground train station. There was flashing of lights as it struck down hitting trees. With a stroke of luck it had not hit anyone that was caught by the storm in that area it caused a black out leaving transportation such as trains, and trolleys ineffective. It caused a small riot since not being able to get to work or home. The officials said that it would take a few hours to get the power through properly which angered them. Citizens that had places to go too it upon themselves to deal with the boredom by feeding them selves with fast food chains such as McDonald's, Burger King, and other places that served food. There was a lingering presence that seemed to infect people that had began to eat. Their stomachs seeming to want more then usual. Paying more to silence the roaring stomachs they craved it.

The fog started to gather above the city pinpointing to one spot. It bound itself in a human form or what was close to it. A mist like hand took root making from the swirling energy the digits twitching as it kept forming an arm sprouting then a shoulder. As the figure tried to take its mist like form the energy dispersed its form only an upper half of a body. It would take much more then a few thousand to free himself from the third circle which contented the embodiment of Consumption. One more large push was needed one of his own hand not by the powers that had been. It was only a matter of when and how he would do it. For now he vanished being coming nothingness once again.

Oᴄᴛᴏʙᴇʀ 10ᴛʜ

On the night of the 10th it had become clear and the night sky had finally given the sight of the stars. The people walked the sidewalks their normal lives returned to a sense of normalcy. City lights shone upon people as they went on with the remainder of their nights. Gluttony took his chances with a possession of a large man. He was stout yet large enough to be a challenge to those that came around him looking for trouble. From the looks of this individual he was chalked full with energy that could be used for his coming to the mortal plain since his first attempt had not been so successful. He had a new approach skipping the flashy introductions all together. It was to much work, and focus in his opinion. Then again his thought process might of been affected by siding himself with Sloth for so long. The possession of the large man had not taken much effort, since it seemed that he was an abuser of the sin he resonated it came easy.

This man was named Kyle Butler, age thirty two and without a family. His mind being probed accordingly so that it would be used about this world. Kyle shivered twice over, but the sensation died away soon after. Not knowing that inside of him was something very dangerous. The one day turned into a two so on and so forth biding his time as he took small portions what was needed. It did not come without it danger for the man as the days wore on his body thinned him to the point that the man saw it went to the hospital thinking something was wrong with him. Only to be told that he was in perfect health. Deep within his mind he knew it was not true. Seeking help from any creditable person that could handle it. At night as he slept he could hear someone talking to him haunting his nightmares to the point that sleep was no longer an option. The mans will began to fade, soon enough his sanity would be gone as well from the lack of sleep. Every time he went to close his eyes Kyle could hear the utterance words that came in a dark tone of voice that did not seem to be human. 'Man lives In a sun lit world. . . Of what he believes to be reality, but there is unseen by most. An underworld that is just as real though not as brightly lit a . . . Darkside.'

Oᴄᴛᴏʙᴇʀ 29ᴛʜ

It was taking everything from him. The man naked Kyle butler seemed to be alright after the second week his body readjusting and gaining the weight he lost with vigor. The voice had not came to him anymore it was silent allowing him sleep. A sense of peace washed over him as he ate slowly that morning filling his belly with breakfast. The worst was finally over in his eyes, and nothing would get bring his day down any more then the past had. The Sin named Gluttony took form from behind his possessed host a think like membrane appearance was the best he could do until he was truly done with the man which meant death. There was no face on the transparent monster that watch only the forming of a mouth that gave an impression of it being filled with teeth jagged and wanting to have the taste of real food on its tongue. It lumbered over Kyle arms extended to hold up its own weight as if it was an ape. What would be its jaw opened up its saliva dripping down to give attention to itself Kyle turning back a stunned look washing suddenly.

There was no time to scream no fight to be had it had taken hold of his head pressing him against the wall.the white wall started to crumble from the amount of pressure that was being applied. The man dangled helplessly as the brutish monster formed itself again becoming more human like in stature the only part that looked the same was its arms holding him in place. "I have to thank you properly..for being a most humble host for me these past weeks. You have no idea how troublesome getting energy is." Shaking his head as more features came to play. A handsome face and pure white eyes though still voided of hair, his skin creeping eerily along as he continued to talk. " Well now that you have served your purpose I think you deserve to be rewarded" The tone turning wicked and heartless like when it was in Kyle's dreams. Esau's free hand went up took hold of an arm that belonged to his host and yanked breaking the joint that held it in place. Doing it again to rip it off the tendons and muscles spazzed out as it was ripped from the mans body. "Don't pass out good Sir. I am only playing with my food. Your reward comes after." The severed limb was brought up to his mouth and chomped as if a leg of turkey crimson trickled down the side of his mouth as he chewed biting through bone as it was swallowed then tossed to the floor to be discarded as if trash.

This torture had to be endured as the Cannibalistic glutton ripped the remaining appendages from Kyle leaving him a torso. It was not hard to admit but this was the most fun he had in a long time. Being in hell was so boring when the thing you killed only came back seconds after. With this they would stay damaged, and be silent when it was over. Through out the entire ordeal Kyle had not been able to pass black out or die form his blood lose. His killer was standing in a pool of his blood. Unable to speak he gurgled in hopes to bite his own tongue off to finish it. "Well now seems like you are finally ready?" Closing the gap of what was left of himself and Kyle the hold had been relaxed since there was no way he could flee. "You will become a part of me. For you service... come on now smile because you will witness the end of the world through my eyes." There was a popping sound and finally a snap decapitation him so he could look at the torso. "You Ok? Just listen to my word as you fade away. Then I will eat your remains." The head blinked for its last motion before being still.

Pʀᴇsᴇɴᴛ Dᴀʏ Oᴄᴛᴏʙᴇʀ 31sᴛ

Esau took his time to arrive in Amsterdam landing some time afternoon. Unlike most of his brethren and sister-en he did not have large enough wings. They were stunted and mid sized. These appendages were more for show then convenient use. The Sin had used a better way to travel consuming stealthily consuming a passenger that was to board on a plane to the city of Amsterdam. The flight was long, yet filling eating the meals that they provided. It beat eating humans which was to gamy for his liking. This place was amazing it was more then he could ever dream of. It was filled with corruption it was like a more pleasant version of hell. Besides the demons, screams, and the fire loads of fire. Gluttony did not have to be close by to sense them all each of his fellow sins were in one location waiting on him to arrive to start. He would be bitched at for being so late no doubt. They could wait a few more minutes. Stuffing his face was more important anyway. That was exactly what he did searching for a store that looked promising. His keen picked up one that had a smell to it that he had never before knew. Going inside a store that had groups of people sitting around smoking or eating brownies. 'What are those brown things?' wondering if they were tasty saliva pooling inside of his mouth as he went up to the counter and ordered more then a normal person would receiving a strange look, but was given what he ordered taking his leave with a paper bag filled with the brownies. Esau did not know they were pot brownies and what they did to people.

Entering the hotel the glutton scarfed down two brownies looking around as his followed his instincts to where the others were. Taking the elevator so he could get another of the delectable squares down his throat. The affects of what inside of them slowly taking affect. A stupid grin on his face, and a lazy expression soon followed. The room was easy to find it radiated with their auras. The purple haired sin fixed himself as best he could ruffling his hair, dusting off the forest green v neck shirt that belonged on someone much bigger then himself wearing underneath the long black jacket that hung loosely from his shoulders placing the hood over his head, the lower half of his attire was an improvement from the rest dark blue jeans the fit him the knees ripped on purpose. On his feet were Combat boots tied correctly. He did not knock since the door was open eyeing his fellow cohorts. His first scan of the room he could see Pride not to far from Greed, and Envy. They were a different breed altogether compared to himself. The other two Sloth and Lust lay on the bed. He saw Sloth as close since they were well both sins that dealt with some form of self. Lust however he did not want to look at, not now anyway. Averting his eyes from her appearance to speak out to them all casually munching away at his food,"Wow...I'm honestly surprised I'm not last to arrive." Taking a head count to see that it was true only one person was remaining. Taking the chance to get a seat by himself so he could finish off the bag by his lonesome. Gluttony did not care if they acknowledged him or not. It did not hurt his feelings he was devoid of such pity things. The only thing that made him care was what was in his hands.
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Character One: Apostle
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So recently due to my days of internet lacking abilities, and my love of Corruption of Champions driving me batty. I had the idea of making a story about my character though a tad bit derailed from the initial plot. I wanted to flesh out his back story to the point that making it into a one on one seemed needed. I had kept to the basics, though changing the name to Ninma (A fishing village), and it being like many villages around it sending a Champion each year. My character when I play this lovely game is Apostle though it is pronounced a weird way to say it, but it beat the other names I wanted to give him since each of them sucked. What I want to try is to break it up into parts due to at times playing every single thing out can be a hassle, and I don't want to push that upon anyone. My dilemma was simple to fix. Break it up into sections so if my partner did or did not want to continue I would have something as a place holder for the next. Some what brilliant, but that's my own opinion.

This is how it normally starts off with the internet game. If your not familiar with it then here is the link:
You grew up in the small village of Ingnam, a remote village with rich traditions, buried deep in the wilds.
Every year for as long as you can remember, your village has chosen a champion to send to the cursed Demon Realm.
Legend has it that in years Ingnam has failed to produce a champion, chaos has reigned over the countryside.
Children disappear, crops wilt, and disease spreads like wildfire.
This year, you have been selected to be the champion.

The fist two ideas are ones with specific creatures I want him to encounter, but after that Its free game so please take your pick, and be creative. Down below I have put a link of the Monsters at would be great. There are about 107 to choose from. This is the list of Monsters that can be used:

In the end however I already have a end appearance for him that makes him worth while. Since the world of CoC is filled with weird potions and items that make  your character different. Please note that any changes to his appearance will happen between sections so those that don't like transformation of the body be it visual or physical will be safe to roam in this thread. It is not my intention to put off anyone that dislike this kind of thing.

Basic info on Apsotle
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 127lbs
H.color: Raven black
E.color: Emerald green
S.tone: Milky white or cream

The Fate of a Hero
Consensual/Non-Consensual, Romance, Adventure, Fantasy, FxM, and short term
Tale One
He has been picked as Champion for this year, but since he is not strong, fast, trained in fighting, or even looks manly. His people see this as just a lamb being throw to the slaughter since there has not been a single champion return from this quest. In their own right its true, but my character cannot see that he is way over his head, and decides to leave off to a lake that most of his 'friends' and other children go to during the night as his sanctuary until the final moment. Now here is where things can split off into a few paths.
    1.The first is that he is introduced to his love interest/old friend that was suppose to be Champion the previous year, but had been injured prior and could not go. She is strong, brave, and seemed to be the best choice and Apostle knows this. Your character had vanished right after being treated to suddenly return. (We can talk about that if interested or keep me in suspense.) This could allow for your character to go along with the next journey plot.
    2. The second is that he is approached by what seems to be one of the monsters that come from the 'Cursed realm'. (Can be any type) explaining to him that the real threat is not the people from the realm, but a certain being that is causing this change. (This idea however is slightly winged. The idea can be worked out perfectly if partner does not mind playing more then one character as well as myself.)

Birth of a warrior
Kidnap/abduction, Fighting, Femdom, Adventure, Fantasy, Sexual Tension, FxM, and Short Term
Tale Two
After a few days of exploration of the deeper part of the forest Apostle finds a woman in tribal attire. Upon speaking to her it is apparent that she is much taller then him. An Amazoness going through a ritual of 'man hunting' in which she must fine a suitor to become a woman. Being the stranger in a unknown land he  is not fully aware of the situation and approaches the Amazon to find out more of the world. This opens up to plot ideas for this tale.
   1. The Amazon can use her training and fight Apostle in hopes of taking him to her village and also becoming an Elite Warrior of her tribe. My character must find a to escape the tribe the best way possible, and attempt to save a few other men that have also been captured.
   2.The Amazoness asks for his assistance by coming with her to the tribe. Since he is not coming by force he is free to do as he wants until the Elder of the tribe proclaims he is not allowed to leave since he is her husband due to the hunt. Sadly he must agree to the terms remaining in the Amazon village for an entire month learning how to defend himself until the time comes to make his exit and continue with his journey.

The ruins by the lake
Fantasy, Suspense, Supernatural, MxM or MxF
Tale Three
Three months in out hero is without food, and has to scavenge for supplies in a what seems to be burnt town village along the side of a lake. With no clue what happened to it. As Apostle finds this place strangely close to his village he also has the nagging feeling he is not alone here in the ruins of this tiny society. Not wanting a repeat of his Amazon encounter he takes refuge in a still intact hut instead of going to investigate. The sun sets on the new champion making him wonder if those recently pasted still reside here.
(This one is rather open it can be a ghost or some other creature messing with his head. I would like it to be something that he cannot see so easily or not at all.)
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Character Two: Oogie
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This is Oogie a adorable little monster boy I thought of for a roleplay a few months back that died. I brought him back due to the strange urge to want to play as him again in a one on one. This is one of the few characters that is 100% submissive to people despite being a creature that is suppose to be scary by nature or rather by myth. He is free-spirited and more then willing to do things that someone dominate demands. Even though he is a sub he isn't gonna instantly bow down to someone as if they are god. He'll try to act Dom when threatened, but its a bluff.

Basic info on Oogie the Boogieman
Weight: 117lbs
Height: 5'4"
H.Color: Light pink along the top fading into black near the ends
E.Color: Dull white w/ black outline
S.Tone: Slightly pale
Other Form:
x x x

Collaring a 'Friend'
DomF x M, Submission, Master & Pet, Long Term
Idea one
Imaginary friends. We have had at least one in out lives, and all of us have lost them as we've grown older. We learn from them, and become a better person, but what if someone found a way to keep theirs by forcing them to stay permanently? Its crazy but what if it happened not just to one person , but to everyone that managed it? In the news there have been reports of creatures, and people of unknown origin being sold or kept as pets by normal citizens. Being leashed around by some while others keep them in their houses to cook, clean, etc.

Oogie is a example of these beings. Once created to lull the boredom of his creator as a child, as well as remain by her side as she grew. The Boogieman has watched her grow up to be a successful woman expecting to fade away from existence now that she did not need him. Though he stayed wondering why until she placed a real life collar around his neck. This made him visible to all that had in the past unable to see him.

Idea Two
What was once in your head (Light tone)
Imaginary friends. We have all had them and lost them. They are the friends we need, the type of person we wanted to be. But what happens when we need them again and all can see them for what they are? This imaginary friend has come back to his owner due it their sudden incident or tragic failure in a relationship, hardship at work, or something else. He knows just about everything that his human creator knew if not more. This can either turn out in two tones. This one is filled with funny moments, randomness, and cheesy moments.

What was once in your head (Dark Tone)
Their once loved imaginary friend. Has turned into a BoogieMan because he/she has totally forgotten about their created friend, Now that the creator is older and has real friends their friend find its high time to come back into the light, and show that the past is always there for you whether you want it to be or not. Your character is surprised to see him and thinks that Oogie is not real just some sort of illusion due to stress or medication that they are taking.
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Character Three: Wyven Richardson
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This character doesn't really have a solid name that I can give him for the time being his name shall be. . . Wyven. Yes, that should do for now. He is or will be used for very story driven romance containing more emotions then just 'I want to have sex with you'. This will be one of the few characters that I can truly relate to in emotional content as well as thinking since he will be for more human situations. The ideas I have for him are not ground breaking, but the way I want to do them is weird. Normally in situations the guy is either nonexistent when it comes to most families now a days. I wanted him to be in a role reversal where he has to be responsible, take risks, and do what he has to for his child. While at the same time trying to maintain some sort of pride of himself for it. Wyven will be the most emotional out of the characters I create, and the most to innocent so so speak.

Basic info on Wyven Richardson
Height: 6'2"
H.color: Black
E.color Amber

 For a better life
Idea One
Young man is left with the responsibility of his infant daughter due to the mother not wanting to deal with that life style change. With no support from her family or his own. He is left raising the child with little to no help. Any help is given to him by friends, yet it is still not enough. Until one day he is approached by a older woman that tells him that she'd like to support him, but the only way to gain her favor is to do everything she commands for an entire span of three weeks. Swallowing what little pride he has left for his baby girl.

 What one night left us...
Idea Two
A couple decides to get their friends together for a night of pleasure. A Blind Date. The idea is simple enough, but the two do not click at all they live in two different worlds. Both of them hate each other, yet were forced to see the other since the ones that had set them together were deeply in love. Years later the couple have married, gained a big house, ahd a child recently, etc. While married couples friends have not made much progress relationship wise on their parts since that fateful night of failure. One day the married could get into an accident and leave both of them in custody of their baby. To live in their house. How will they fair?
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