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Author Topic: Many A Manly Idea  (Read 906 times)

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Many A Manly Idea
« on: December 10, 2012, 12:25:33 PM »
Greetings, all! 'Tis I, Machoest of Men, Manly Man, and I seek only the finest to roleplay with. I have at least one idea that has been nagging at me for quite some time now, and I would like nothing more than to have it fulfilled. I am, however, more than open to ideas from those whose attention I snatch as well.

I have a good few fetishes and/or kinks- regard the terminology how you will- but, as my list of things I despise is much shorter, that, I suppose, is what I will inform you with.

First and foremost, I will not tolerate any toilet fetishes. Urination, while it does invoke a great sense of relief, and is even connected to the part of the brain that has to do with orgasms, I do not find sexually appealing. Scat, vomiting, among the many other things that belong in a porcelain throne, on the side of a tree, or in a bucket have absolutely no place in any of my roleplays.

Rape, while I will use it as a story element, is also something I refuse to accept. It does absolutely nothing for me, and any attempt to apply it as a genuine kink will be turned down. I can, and have, used coercion, and while I am willing to do so, I will need a good reason for it.

Ageplay, while having execptions of a sort, will have no place at all in a roleplay with me. My cousin was molested as a very young girl, and so involving children as sexual elements is something I find even more disgusting than most. I will, however, accept characters that are very far apart in age, as long as they are both adults. Supernatural or fantastic races, for example, usually live far longer than humans, and so I am perfectly fine with that.

Apart from that, nearly everything is up for discussion.

As for the ideas that have been a thorn in my most magnificently manly backside, here you are. I am willing to discuss other ideas, if you wish.

Stardust (TAKEN)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Looking up at night is a great pleasure, the bedazzling stars twinkling in conjunction with the two beautiful sister moons, Luna Aura and Luna Arga, the light of the celestial bodies penetrating deeply into his mind. He, Quasordell, has spent nearly all of his life underground, but continues to dream of the stars, to dance among them in the Aether beyond the sky. The illithid, unlike his brethren, has no desire to rule, or to spread fear and enslave, and for that had been rejected; finally, with his goal always with him as he was cast into the world above, his dreams have only become all the brighter.

This is going to be something akin to a space opera though with a bit of a twist in that it's more exploration of the multiverse, extraplanar travel and such, than actually going through space- or, in this case, the Aether. If you haven't gotten it already, this is going to take place in a generic Dungeons & Dragons setting, and for that I will need you to make a character; if you can convince me that they are competent, I can let this become a group campaign, though for all intents and purposes, assume that this will indeed be a two-person adventure. The anatomical differences between Quasordell and his partner- I would rather it be that the two of them consider each other equals instead of aiming for a dominant-submissive scheme- will present difficulties, but remember that love doesn't need to be all physical. Were you to find such a visage repulsive, psychic abilities are more than enough to compensate, and with as greatly intelligent as he is, Quasordell would be more than able to find a way around any sort of problems with their bodies being so different. I intend for this to be more of an adventure than an outright love story, so we will have to discuss things such as your own character.

Semi-accurate depiction of Quasordell:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Sisterhood: The Benefits and Detriments of a Sibling

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Claramond and Uwa Rothschild, twin sisters, have gone their entire lives without having left one another for more than a day or two; neither will concede to the whims of the gods and goddeses of fate, knowing that their love for one another will never so much as wane, let alone break. Their relationship has, at times, seemed to dwindle, though they will eagerly point out to any who wonder that being angry with one another does not mean that they love each other any less.

However, with the involvement of another, a wrench thrown into the gears of the sisters' relations, things have become strained. Claramond, being a paladin, has always been the one to lend mercy to those who do not deserve such, letting despicable men and women live on the grounds that she believes they can abandon their old ways. Uwa, on the other hand, is constantly skeptical, always questioning whether what she sees and hears are truths or falsities. Her inquisitiveness and distrust may not be without reason- she is an inqusitor and magus, and though she has been connived before, she will never let it happen again- but there are times when she has taken things too far. This time, her tendencies are angled towards a woman who Claramond has begun to fancy. Uwa is loathe to admit it, but she has grown jealous of her sister, as well as possessive, and is unsure of how to cope with such feelings. On top of that, she fears that she too has fallen for the woman's charms...

This particular idea is based in, rather than a Dungeons & Dragons setting, a Pathfinder one. Claramond and Uwa are not in a sexual relationship with each other, and I do not desire them to be. What I aim to do is have a love triangle between the three women, one that begins as just a pairing of Claramond and the woman you play, soon turning into a complex tangle of emotions when your character begins to flirt with and eventually seduce Uwa as well before things settle into an agreeable three-way relationship between the sisters and your character. This will all happen on the course of an adventure, some task to which the sisters have been appointed, and at a point soon after it starts, the third woman is brought into the equation. Note that this may include bondage, and if it does, it will be with Uwa exercising her abilities on your character to wring a confession to something from you. Know this: it will not escalate into outright torture, unless you are interested in such things, and though I will gain no real pleasure from it, I am perfectly willing to go along with it; pain is an excellent subject for descriptive writing. While this is a high fantasy world, the level of the characters' power is not so high. Therefore, encounters will be with lesser beings, usually nothing stronger than a troll, a mediocre demon, or a group of minor undead creatures. On top of that, I would prefer that you make a character sheet, and though it is mostly for the sake of recording things like one's possessions, it also helps give a measure of your characters power, and a way to judge what the three of them will come across.

Tatsu Soodo-Seishin

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Compared to the lesser beings over whom they fly, dragons are nearly godlike in their splendor, some of them performing feats that some cultures have indeed deemed worthy of worship. Among their abilities are to engage in a sort of morphosis that lets them take the shape of other creatures, and among their kind, there are those who favor the humanoid races. Obviously, such delving has resulted in the spawn of man and dragon, and their own descendants forming clans and bloodlines to spread their powerful genes.

Of the many who can claim close relation to a dragon, the ones most well-recognized are called the Silverbrow, those descended from a silver dragon eloping with an ancestor. This story revolves around one such person, a warrior named Sililuthsauriva Iskdikilith, which translates to "Violet-Eyed Star of Mercy" in the tongue of her forefathers. She lives in a land far to the west, where she had once served her lord faithfully, developing her skills in swordplay and learning how to discipline her mind and enhance her body through great focus. Such abilities did neither her nor her liege any good, however, when the castle had been penetrated by ninjas, who slew her lord. Left without a leader, the samurai and onna-bugeisha who once served then parted, most of them finding another lord to serve, while the others merely wandered, lost.

Sililuth drifted to the lands of the east, a place she had heard a great many strange things about. Houses made of clay and stone, double-edged swords, castles composed entirely out of bricks and wooden beams, and armored men who were so thoroughly covered they appeared to be made of naught but metal plates. Where dragons were beings most saw as a target, a source of pride and riches waiting to be slain, and the land was ruled by feuding kings who ranged from benevolent monarchs to selfish rulers to despotic tyrants. Working on a ship that had ventured from these foreign kingdoms, Sililuth had managed to discover this strange new land, and saw adventure that could span several lifetimes.

While I don't have any set story to this yet, what I do have are some things to make known about this idea. I plan to play Sililuth as a futanari, for one, and also, this will take place in a homemade D&D-esque world. It will all be high fantasy, with spells being flung about, orcs and ogres rampaging, and knights challenging great, mythical beasts. I will discuss much of the goings-on of this particular story with those who send me a PM, but I will give a bit of a warning in that I have a preference for this to be played out as a futa-on-female romance, if and when our characters elope. Ideas for dramatic and romantic development could include something like your character being a noblewoman (or even a woman of royalty) who at first sees the Silverbrow as an exotic thing with which to tickle her fancy, and possibly even sire children with. After all, having the blood of dragons would certainly help cement a claim for power later in life, and would attract many other suitors with whom the line can be carried. Or perhaps your character is a rival of Sililuth, and develops an obsession over her, and the mindset, over the course of several encounters, ends up becoming one more of respect, and then attraction. These are just a few things that can be done, since I plan on having this be more of a sandbox RP then anything else.

If this does not appeal to you, know that I am perfectly fine with you inserting your own ideas. Voice your interest here, but discuss it with me over PMs, if you please.
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Re: Many A Manly Idea
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Messaged you. :-)

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Re: Many A Manly Idea
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Re: Many A Manly Idea
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Forgot to mention that Stardust is taken.

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Re: Many A Manly Idea
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