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Author Topic: Dudan's Plots (M for F)  (Read 1565 times)

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Dudan's Plots (M for F)
« on: December 09, 2012, 09:35:44 AM »

- - - - - - - - -

So, I've decided to clear this page up a bit after my unintended absense. All of the old plots of mine are at the bottom, and I will be adding my newer ones here at the top. You are welcome to message me about the old plots, but I'm not as likely to do them as I am the new ones. Even if any plots have Taken next to them, feel free to enquire about them. I'm occasionally in the mood to do a plot more than once, so having Taken next to it doesn't necessarily mean we can't play it out, I'd just rather do one of the other ones.

Also, it'd be great if you could PM me instead of replying here - it's easier to plan and keeps the thread from getting cluttered. Thanks! 

- - - - - - - - -

The Pirate's Vengeance

Your character is the first mate on a Pirate ship, second in command to one of the most powerful Captains on the oceans. Mine is a Pirate Captain who has been chasing him for a century. There had always been a fierce rivalry between the two Captains, who sailed the same waters and had much the same targets, and there was many a battle between the two, with neither getting the upper hand on the other for long.

One day, your Captain somehow found the island where my character had a small cottage - where his surviving family including his mother, sister and uncle lived and kept safe the coin he earned on the seas, as well as a few farmhands. The cottage was destroyed, along with the small farm they kept. His family was killed, and everything he owned stolen.

When he found who had commited the acts from the one surviving farmhand, my character vowed to kill the other Captain however long it took. But for once, the man that had plagued him was nowhere to be found. Avoiding him, knowing the rage that consumed him. Maybe he knew he had made a mistake to provoke him so. But eventually the rage dissipated and my character knew he had to keep raiding to keep his crew happy. But he kept his eye open.

And one day, just over ten years after he had gone back to the island, he spots the ship. A violent battle ensues, and he gains access onto the ship. There is a bloody battle, but my character and his crew are eventually pushed back on to their own ship without getting far enough to find the other Captain, and they escape his grasp. But he does manage to get you.

He takes your character prisoner. Makes demands of you, though you tell him nothing. I see this as being a bitter relationship at first, with my character being relentless and agressive purely in his need for vengeance, but I want it to develop into a strange relationship slowly - some sort of romance. My character would be cold and almost emotionless at first, as he has been for the last ten years. Eventually, your character agrees to get back onboard the rival ship and deliver the Captain to him - instead, she betrays him to her former Captain somehow. This could be for a number of reasons - the romance between her and my character could have all been an act on her part to gain her freedom, or she could have other motives.

- This one is an idea I'm really excited to try. I don't know how exactly she could betray him, but we can think of one when we start playing. Ask if you have any questions, this was quite rushed, so I can understand it might be quite confusing. I'd also love to hear any ideas you have.


The Fighting Pits

I want this one to have an extremely dark overtone and theme - set in a city rife with crime and corruption, there are not many laws that have huge consequences if broken. The city guard, if they can be called that, are more of a plague on the city than a blessing. The city is split in two - most of the cities occupants live in the so-called 'slums', the outer ring of the city where the poor and penniless live. The inner ring, which lives in the shadow of the citadel, is where the richest people live - those who profit from the pain and devastation of others, namely those living in the slums.
In the slums, houses are crammed together in tight, narrow streets. Disease is rife, and the only hope people have in their lives is the slim chance that one day, they might earn enough money to leave the city or to move to the inner ring of the city. Largely unchecked and unpoliced, the people in the slums do whatever they can to make money - steal, beg, thieve. But the main source of income for people in the outer ring are the fighting pits.

Slavery is legal in the city, and the fighting pits are where most of them work. Man or woman, they can be trained and put in the pits to fight other slaves of all races for money for their masters. The crowds try and make money by placing bets, the owners of the slaves winning the pot of money that is formed by the entrance fee of the crowd should their fighter win. The owner of the pit takes a stake from the pot whatever the outcome.

The fighters themselves are a product of their masters - the ones who win the most fights are the ones who come from the best masters. Often, they are not even treated like slaves, with good beds and good training. Some, those who are not worth training, are treated like scum by their masters and used as nothing but entertainment in the pits. The proper fighters are the ones who will make the masters money.

I'm not sure of the overall plot of the roleplay, but I'd like to develop one set in the fighting pits. Our characters can be fighters (preferably), either set to fight each other or are owned by the same master (I can see some interesting plots here). I'm looking for someone literate for this one, and I'm really excited for it, so I'd love it if someone PM'd be about this one.

P.S I'd like this one to be high-fantasy in terms of races allowed, to make it more interesting. Orcs, Goblins, Elves and Humans, I'd like the city to be a collection of them all. If you're not cool with that, then we can sort something else out.

The Rebel and the Princess - OPEN

This idea is set in a completely original fantasy world, based in a medieval era. This plot as it is is just bare bones at the moment; if anyones interested in the plot as I currently imagine in then we can mould it into something better and more interesting, this is just the basic information of the plot.

Basically, it will be set in the Capital City of an Empire that has recently got a new King; the old King was assassinated by unknown assailants, and his throne was taken by the next in line; his stepson, who had married one of his two daughters. He forced himself on to the throne, saying the rightful heir and Queen, his wife, had taken ill and could not rule the Kingdom in her current state.

The stepson was born into a smaller Empire outside of the one he married into; the marriage had been hoped to be a way of forging an alliance between the two Empires. However, there are some that believe that the King had been ordered to be killed by the stepson, and that the marriage was just a way of gaining the King's trust.

Within just a year of his reign, the new King had started to implement new laws; his homeland's laws. He started trying to stamp out the culture of the Empire he had taken control of, and force it to work in the way his homeland and his original Empire did.

Now, women are treated with less respect, regarded as a second-class citizen to men. Even the King's wife, the old King's first daughter, is treated with disrespect within the castle. Her sister, still a Princess, is treated even worse. The Queen is never seen, the King keeping up the facade that many believe; that the Queen is still ill and unable to reign. The Princess, the Queen's sister, once enjoyed a walk in the forest on a summers afternoon, or talking to some of the citizens. Now, she too is mostly confined to the Castle under order of the King, though he says this is because she still mourns the death of her father. To the majority of the citizens with no inclination to look deeper, the Empire still runs the same as always, with a few small changes in culture. But in fact, the King is changing it drastically, one small change at a time.

The whole idea of this roleplay is based around a rebel organisation, formed after the new King took the throne, in anticipation of what was to come. The plot would revolve around the Princess getting contacted by the rebels. They know that she is the easiest way to bring the Kingdom down and install a rightful heir to the throne, from within the castle.

That's pretty much all I've got with it so far. My character would be the person contacting the Princess, and yours would be the Princess. Obviously all of these details need refining, and if you want to add or change to anything I'd be more than happy to take suggestions. I want this plot to develop over time to whoever I'm playing it with. I want the roleplay to revolve around a romance kindling between our characters; a slow relationship that if caught, would mean the death of both of the characters. The Princess should be reluctant to help at first; scared that if caught, she will be imprisoned.

I'm looking for someone literate and with a good imagination; also someone that's able to match my posting length (at least 3+ paragraphs a post).

Sorry if that ^ is badly written, I'm tired and I want to see if anyone's interested in it. There will be more added when I have more time, but for now, anyone interested in this one? 

Pirates - OPEN


This idea can have a lot of variables; who your character is, how our characters meet, the overall plot, etc. They all revolve around the idea of your character either being kidnapped in one way or another for varying reasons, or otherwise finding themselves on my character's ship. Below I have highlighted a few ideas I had:

   - Your character is a tavern-owner or other such occupation on a small merchant island which is heavily underprotected by the navy - when the island is attacked by a fleet of pirates, the your character tries to flee the island, hiding herself as a stowaway on a merchant ship also trying to flee the island. The ship she hides herself on doesn't get far; my character and his crew stop it in it's tracks, destroying the ship and stealing the wares; finding your character in the process. This plot can go a number of ways and can incorporate different themes; your character can eventually come around to the Pirate way of life after she is kidnapped from the ship, or she can resist it, remaining a prisoner on the Pirate ship. In this way, the sexual dimensions of the roleplay could be consensual or have slightly non-consensual themes.

   - Your character is the daughter of a high-ranking retired officer in the British navy, who is being relocated to govern an naval island in the Carribean, along with your character. Upon spotting my character's ship (a known pirate vessel), the Captain of the naval ship, despite the primary purpose of his voyage, decides to try and capture my character and his crew. He underestimates the skill of the pirate crew and ends up being defeated; your character and her father are taken as captives, while some of the defeated navymen are sent to the island to deliver the terms of the Pirates ransom. This plot can go a number of ways as well.

   - Both of our characters are Pirate captains, and after meeting in a tavern on a heavily pirate-populated island, decide to work together towards a common goal (we can decide on what this is together). There are an unlimited amount of ways this particular roleplay can go.
All of the roleplays would be set in a world similar to the Pirates of the Carribean world, in terms of how historically accurate they would be. I think this will allow us to have a sense of creativity when coming up with storylines and the actual roleplaying.
The plots I've come up with are only basic ideas, if you have a totally different idea I'm completely fine with that, or if you want to change and develop my ideas, that's what I want. I just particularly want an RP with a pirate setting. 

The Mountain Clans {Medieval / War / Slavery (pos. romance, or pos. non consensual)} - TAKEN

This idea takes place in a continent ruled by an old, royal house. The continent is made up of three continents, while it controls four other island countries off shore. The empire is ruled by a King and a Queen, both of whom have proved their merit in either politics or warfare.
The country where the Capital lies, Laisaen, has always stood as a proud country, even before it was part of the Empire that now rules half the world. None could stand before their armies, and none did; none, save for the clans.

The clans were ancient mountain-dwellers, raised in the bitter, eternal winters of the northern lands. They had always ruled themselves, rejecting the common laws of the King and fighting for their freedom. Numerous Kings came and went, conquering new lands, which they left to their heirs when they died. Throughout it all, only a few kings were bold enough to try and stamp the lawless mountain clans out; bold or stupid, they never succeeded.

Then, a young King, not styled in the arts of war, but clever in the arts of politics, tried a new tactic. He sent messengers to the King of the Mountains, he who ruled over all of the clans, and struck up a truce; the Empire would leave them alone, wouldn't ever attack them again, and in return the mountain clans would do the same. They would not plunder villages of the empire, but anyone who entered their territories of the mountains would be fair game.
The clans were reluctant to strike a deal with the empire, those who they thought of as weak, but the elders warned the King of the Mountains that if he did not agree, one day they would not be able to stand against the Empire. Reluctantly, they agreed to the truce.

Tens of years passed, ninety to be exact. On the mountain throne sits an old, sickly King who does not have long to live. On the Empire thrones, a King and Queen who are still young enough to rule, but old enough to have had daughters and sons of marrying age, sit while plotting murderous plans. From his youth, the King had never agreed with the truce. And from when they married, he indoctrinated the Queen to his way of thinking. They had kept their plans a secret for the thirty years of their rule, but now they put them into action.

They started by attacking the smaller villages at the foot of the mountains, those that tended to the farms and to the livestock. Whenever these villages produced able bodied, strong warriors, they were sent up the mountains to one of the clans where they would be trained, leaving the smaller villages largely unguarded.

When the King of the Mountains found out about this, feverish and ill as he was, he ordered the leaders of the clans to not do anything. It would be the death of them, he said. The leaders argued, but the King was King, and his word was law in the moutains. A few of the clans objected and left the mountains, running down the patrols of Empire soldiers and slaughtering them. Just what the King and Queen wanted. A reason for war.
Now, the King of the Mountains is dead. Taken by his fever in the dead of night, his son didn't take long to sit on the throne and start to command the clans. He didn't have the same plans as his father. He wanted revenge. He wanted war.

He massed all of the mountain clans together in a great army in his royal halls, and ordered a march. The destination? The capital.


This is where I want the RP to take place; just before the clans meet the capital. Those inside the capital would think of the clans as savages and barbarians, when in truth they aren't much different from those raised in the Empire; slightly more brutish and better warriors, but much the same.

The battle should become favourable for the clans, and they should take the castle, where your character (one of the Princesses) is. The King and Queen are killed, and the clans return to the mountains, after conducting a massacre on much of the royal army and taking the Princesses and royal servants with them as a ransom, should the capital wage war again.

This roleplay can take many forms. My character (the new King of the Mountains) takes yours as a personal slave, getting her to do his bidding. Their relationship can depend on what you want, I'm up for anything. They could have a consensual romance (despite both of their feelings of the other) start to build, or their could be a non-consensual, dominative element on the part of my character. This is closed to one, so PM me if you're interested!

Gladiator {Ancient Rome / War / Romance} - CLOSED

So, this one is a new craving that I have. I want to make a roleplay that is heavily plot based, with an underlying, strong romance theme between our two characters. I have a craving for this roleplay to have characters that are well-developed in terms of personality ups and downs, their histories etc. I would like to play this roleplay out with someone capable of creating a character with a deeper personality than is usually apparent in the majority of roleplays; I want characters as realistic as possible.

   The plot itself is extremely loose at the moment, as I would like to develop it further with whoever I play it with. The basics are that my character is an ex-roman commander who was stripped of his rank and titles after leading his men away from a lost battle against the wishes of his superiors (or, as they chose to call it, desertion.) Instead of executing him, they take into account his fighting prowess and turn him into a Gladiator.

   You might be noticing some resemblances between this plot and the film 'Gladiator', and I admit a lot of my inspiration came from the film, but here the resemblances stop. The character I want to play will be nothing like the Gladiator portrayed in the film of the same name, in terms of how he loves the old emperor and is extremely loyal; this is what I want my character's main flaw to be. He has no respect for power, no loyalty to anyone no matter who it is. He developed an uncanny ability to kill men with a sword when he was young, and that's all he does, that's all he enjoys. The art and grace of war and fighting are the only things in his life. He's always been a loose cannon of sorts, being conscripted into the army and having no love for it. His elders used him simply for his fighting prowess, always taking the gamble that one day he might turn the tables and fight against them, or somehow else prove his disloyalty to Rome. This personality trait is something that comes from him being born a Greek, not a Roman, and through a series of events becoming conscripted into the Roman army. While he has no love for either country, if he had to fight for anyone but himself, it'd be someone of Greek birth.

    If you want a film character that would be better to compare him against, the character Achilles from Troy might be a slightly more accurate depiction. Great fighter, everything the public would want from a hero, save from his personality.

   I was thinking the roleplay would revolve around your character, like the rest of the public, watching my character and following him as he rises to fame as one of the most accomplished gladiators in Rome. Your character could be anyone; someone powerful, such as the daughter of the Emperor, or someone such as a slave, who works in the Gladiator school where he trains. It's completely up to you. All I want is some sort of inter-character dynamic that's interesting. For example, my character naturally would have a dominant, perhaps a slightly arrogant personality. Yours could also be dominant in nature, and there could be a sort of 'power struggle' of sorts in the relationship, or they could be submissive. I'm totally open to suggestions.

   That's as far as I've got with the plot, hoping I can develop it further with whoever I choose to continue this with. Somehow our characters will meet (will yours come and seek mine out to request him to fight for her personally? Or perhaps they might meet at a pre-fight banquet the night before a particularly important game?) and from there a strange, possibly awkward romance could develop. Eventually I want there to be some sort of huge conflict in the storyline, a problem with the situation. For example, your character could be sent by the Emperor to another part of the Empire for various reasons; my character, with no power to follow her from his situation, could try and escape. Or my character could be sentenced to death, and yours be forced to try and save him somehow. Totally open to ideas.

   So, yeah. I only want to play this out with one person, because I want to put a lot of effort into it. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions or ideas, I'm open to anything. Thanks for reading!

Magic Outlawed {Imprisonment / Pos. Romance / Fantasy} - TAKEN

For years, they had been hunted. Persecuted. Murdered and tortured. Once, they had been honoured members of society. Now, they are nothing but scum, the lowest of the low. Beings to be feared and killed; much like a wolf. A menace to society.

Mage. Warlock. Witch. Wizard. Call them what you will, the name does not matter. Those that have been taught to control the very laws of the universe; make the impossible come true. Those that once, had fought for and protected the very Kingdom that now hunted them.

It is said that magic was outlawed by King Aerag sixty years ago, after his daughter was assassinated by a warlock. He had died seven years later, but the law had continued. Slowly, people started to believe the lies that surrounded the magic folk; some fought with them, though they lost the battle. All of those known to be warlocks or witches were rounded up and killed, along with those trying to protect them. The people that had once been honoured as the most skilled craftsment, the most accomplished fighters, were now taken to town squares and hung in their hundreds.

It didn't take long for them to go into hiding. Taking recluse in forests or the mountains, they stayed away from the cities and other settlements. They couldn't blend in; the marks on their arms distinguished them as those that had used magic. Every city in the Kingdom checked your arms when you entered a city.

The Kingdom took losses in trade and in war; all due to the magic users being hunted. They had made the Kingdom what it was; now they were gone, it was beginning to crumble. But still, they are persecuted.
So, this is the world I want to set our RP in - magic has been outlawed, and all of those who practice sentenced to death (the distinctive tattoo like markings on their forearms single them out). But with this roleplay, the roles can be completely reversed. If you'd like to take this idea, then when you PM me, tell me which character you'd like to play.

My idea is that one of our characters is a warlock / witch living in the forest outside the Capital city, who gets captured by the other character (who would be a member of the elite 'magic hunters' of the King, whilst out on a hunt in the forest). The warlock or witch character gets sentenced to death, but they are put in prison for a couple of weeks before (perhaps building up to an entertaining execution for the public?)

From there, the 'hunter' character could visit the magic user in prison, where the roleplay could incorporate various different things which I would prefer to plan out with a partner. If you're interested in this, shoot me a PM :) Thanks for reading!

Dragon Slayer and apprentice - TAKEN

This idea revolves around my character (or yours, the character positions are completely reversible) being a highly esteemed dragon slayer in a world where dragons are not beings of magic and of beauty, but of destruction and death. I would like this roleplay to be as realistic as possible (or as realistic as we can make it when talking about dragons) in terms of how they would act - being more the beast and wild animal they would be rather than the magical being they have become in popular fantasy.

The other character would be someone who lives in a town or village that the dragon slayer passes through - this character would be desperate to be an apprentice to a dragon slayer, and when they received news of the slayers arrival they made sure they met them. I was thinking for the slayer to be reluctant to take on an apprentice, preferring to work alone, but eventually gives in and takes them on as an apprentice, where the real roleplaying would start. Lots of plot details can be worked out later with a potential partner.

Secret agents - TAKEN

Ok, so I've had a slight craving to do a modern RP for a while now, and this idea's been the one that's been floating around my imagination. I want this to be a roleplay between two characters - mine, a 'secret agent' of some sort, working for the government, yours the daughter of an extremely wealthy and intelligent arms manufacturer. Sound cheesy? Good, because that's exactly what I have in mind. Think stereotypical action film.

The basic storyline is this - your character is under threat of abduction. Unbeknownst to her, a huge terrorist organisation has attempted to kidnap her father, and failed. He is now under the protection of the agents in a secret location. The terrorists now target the daughter, only this time they succeed. This is where I want the roleplay to take place, with a few plot twists. Basically, I want the terrorists to convince your character that they are the good guys. That they are protecting her from harm, and that they have her father safe, when in actual fact they are kidnapping her to try and get her father. They will look the part, too - suits and an expensive car, badges, the lot.

My character (and his partner) are sent by the agency to get to her first, but they arrive too late. Upon reaching her home, they find that she has already been taken, so they persue the terrorists (only being an hour or so behind them). They catch up, there is some action, and they manage to get your character safely away. Only to her, my character and his partner come across as the 'bad guys' - she is convinced that the terrorists were helping her. And the agents will not look the part, dressed more like ordinary civilians than stereotypical secret agents, and driving something like a van for the sake of secrecy - however much they try and convince her otherwise, she is adamant that she is in danger.

Other than that, there aren't many plot points that are set in stone. This could go a few different ways; she could escape the vehicle where she is being held (while the agents are trying to transport her to the secret location), the terrorists could catch up and try and take her back, she could finally be convinced that they are actually the good guys, whatever goes. I'm open to anything happening. I would like this to be a long-term roleplay, with a lot of twists and turns, and very 'action-filmy'. Let me know if you're interested, I'm extremely excited to start this one!

Captured Royalty - OPEN

This idea's pretty simple, but there are a few ways it could potentially go.

The basic plot is this; there is war between two neighbouring kindoms, two countries that make up a continent. One is considerably smaller than the other, though it has a large army and is renowned for it's prowess in war. The other has a much smaller population than it has land for; most of it is farms and empty land, and it is for this that the war is being fought. The smaller kingdom demanded some of the farming land for itself; they had always relied on the larger kingdom for a lot of it's food and other commodities such as wood.

The larger Kingdom, with no other source of income than selling their produce to various countries, denied this demand. In return, the smaller Kingdom waged war, choosing to take over the entire land instead of just demanding part of it. The war lasted longer than expected; without the produce of the larger kingdom, the smaller was having trouble fueling its armies, despite their prowess. And once they cut off the shipping routes to other countries, they soon got involved in the war.

At the moment, the war is not in either side's favour - the combined military strength of the larger Kingdom and the various other countries that have become involved are still barely able to defend against the attacks of the smaller Kingdom. The basis of the plot is that your character is Royalty (the heir) from either of the two sides (either the smaller, warring Kingdom or the larger, farming one, it's up to you) and is sent away by the King or Queen for safety. My character, an ex-soldier in charge of a small band of mercenaries, hears rumours about the Princess being moved, and decides to capture her.

My idea is that your character is being moved extremely secretly; not many know about it, and even fewer know where she is going. To capture her could mean the end of the war in the other side's favour - to my character, it means a ransom. Either from her own Kingdom, who would desperately want her back, or to the other, who would hold her as a hostage until terms were met. Either way, my character knows it would pay a lot.

I plan for my character to successfully capture yours - she wouldn't be too heavily guarded, because of the secrecy. After that, the plot can go different ways, whether it incorporate a romance element, or whatever. I'm open to a lot of things in terms of where this plot could go. PM me if you're interested!

The Last Battle - OPEN


Since the beginning of known history, they have ruled themselves. No one King had complete power, though many tried. The lands were the home of clans, families and alliances forging out their own homes in the rolling hills and grassy plains, fighting between themselves and for the most part, staying apart from the rest of the world. They farmed everything they ate, and while trade often happened between the many clans, none existed between this country and others.

People from other countries called them savages. Uncivilised. Evil. In truth, they were just a different kind of people with a different culture. And while other countries mocked and turned their noses up at them, these people had a long and bloody history of battles won against invasions. While occasionally one of their own clans would rise above some of the others and claim control of a larger portion of land, a foreign army had never landed on their soil and gained any form of power. When the might of all of the clans, all of the families was put together, it was formiddable.

So while a new Empire arose and claimed a large portion of the known world, this small country was left largely unmolested. At first. But once the empire had enough power, they decided to finally extinguish the flame that was this tiny country, which was a stain on their ideas of a new, civilised world. Their culture and beliefs were too old fashioned - they had to be stamped out.

Unfortunately for them, they underestimated the people that inhabited this small island country. When they landed on the beaches, they soon discovered that they had sent far fewer men that they needed; that was the first battle, and it was a massacre. The empire soldiers, well trained and clad in expensive armour, were ripped apart by one of the so-called clans of 'savages'.

When the news of this defeat reached the capital, the foreign King sent twice the number of men. Again, they were defeated before they reached more than five miles inland, slaughtered in their thousands. It was soon realised that the clans had the advantage - they knew the land, and while there weren't many fortresses or castles to speak of, they made up for it in bloodlust and fearlessness. The empire soldiers had never seen such ferocity in the battles; men and women fought alike, and while there wasn't much order to the ranks of fighters, they still managed to cause havoc on the battlefield.

While the clansmen returned to their normal lives, unconcerned about the recent attacks, the Capital finally decided to take them seriously. Suspending their war efforts in other parts of the world for the moment, they sent vast numbers of ships to land upon the beaches. The clans nearest the beaches had never seen such a huge force; but, being clansmen, they fought bravely. They lost massive amounts of men and women, and villages were burned to the ground, but the empire lost soldiers, too. It was a heavy blow on both sides, but the Empire had more soldiers to spare.

Now, eight years on, the conquest is almost complete. It took much longer than expected, and it looked to be lost more than once, but they did it. The clans fought valiantly, but they were too outnumbered and not disciplined enough. The empires soldiers fought their way through each group of clans in turn, occasionally being hindered and considering leaving them to their land. But every time the clans would fall.

One clan decided upon the importance of uniting the forces of all the clans, though by the time the plan reached many of the other clans, it was too late. They fought battles against the soliders for three years under one leader, but it was a useless effort. Now, this alliance of all remaining, willing clansmen waits for the onslaught of remaining soldiers to reach them. They know they will not win. They know they are already fighting a lost battle. But they will not kneel to these foreigners. They will not stand back and watch them take what is theirs. They would rather die.


So, this is my basic idea. It's set in a ficticious world, but it takes a lot of ideas and muse from Irish and Scottish history (mainly Irish, being a seperate island itself like the one in my idea) and with the invasion from other countries (English, Roman Soldiers etc.). We can come up with ideas for the countries names later, but I want the main idea to be of the clansmen coming from a country that may be seen as 'behind' as far as technologies are concerned, while the empire are steaming forwards (like the roman empire, with amazing architechture and adapting culture, etc.) which is where the fighting stems from.

The basic plot outcome I want is for my character, who is the leader of the defending clans, to be captured and taken back to the Capital the country which rules the Empire, instead of being killed. There, he is imprisoned with a date to be executed publicly, as a symbol of his fallen country. I want the roleplay to start in the battle, with our characters meeting when he is in prison (maybe the fourth or fifth post, after a time-skip).

Your character can be whoever you want, though it would need to be someone with access to the prison. They could visit him for whatever reason - they could be interested in his culture, or him himself (having become somewhat of a legend for leading the clans against the empire for so long), or she could come to gloat of the Empire's prowess. That's as far as I've got with this plot, and I'm completely open to any plot changes or ideas anyone might have. I want to incorporate an escape (or failed attempt, if we want to take it down a darker route) but other than that the rest of the roleplay is completely open.

Elemental Academy - OPEN

This idea is set in a completely original world, with a slightly fantasy element. It's set in medieval times, in a nation with an extremely prestigious military force, aided mainly by their elemental troops - those who have trained in the elemental academy from the age of nine years old to become the fiercest warriors in the entire army.

This academy is the only one of it's kind in the nation - the amount of people born with elemental powers is not large, and the amount that are born with these powers that choose to join the army is even smaller. Most choose to use their powers to create prosperous jobs for themselves, using the skills and talents nature gave them. Only the strongest and most powerful elemetalists stay at the academy for the full seven years, completing their training before joining the army. They supplement the regular troops well, and are reknowned as the best soldiers in the army.

But the academy is secluded. To ensure that the training is as good as it can possibly be, it is away from any major settlements. Situated on a cliff at the coast, the academy is a stronghold, but it is alone. The students are only permitted to leave once per year, and then for only a week to visit their families. So when the rest of the nation falls, the academy knows nothing of it until it is too late. Of course, they knew that the country was at war, it had been for ten years. But it's only when the beacons on the mountains are lit that the academy knows that the capital has fallen - that, and a messenger who arrives, injured and tired, days before the forces arrive at the academy.

These invaders are great in number, greater by far by the defending forces. The academy has less than a thousand students, and only a small number of these are of fighting age. The invaders are in the thousands, and there is no hope for mercy - these people come from a land where elementalists are persecuted and seen as beings acting against nature. The academy is under threat - the armies approach in their thousands on the land, and ships are seen on the horizon behind the academy. It is clear that the invading forces are not underestimating the fighting prowess of the elementalists.

- This is at which point I want the roleplay to take place, or just before. Our characters would be two students in the academy, in the last year of training and set to join the military within the next year. (They'd both be 18 / 19). They haven't fully finished their training, but they're well equipped to fight and defend the academy and the younger students.

My idea was that after a few days of defending (or a longer or shorter period of time, we can decide), the academy falls and the students scatter, all desperately trying to escape. All hope of holding the academy is gone, and all the students are out for themselves. Our characters could already be friends, or they could be forced together through chance and travel together. I haven't got much of a plot past here, but I'd love to hear any changes or additions anyone has.

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Re: Dudan's roleplay ideas (M for F)
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   - Your character is the daughter of a high-ranking retired officer in the British navy, who is being relocated to govern an naval island in the Carribean, along with your character. Upon spotting my character's ship (a known pirate vessel), the Captain of the naval ship, despite the primary purpose of his voyage, decides to try and capture my character and his crew. He underestimates the skill of the pirate crew and ends up being defeated; your character and her father are taken as captives, while some of the defeated navymen are sent to the island to deliver the terms of the Pirates ransom. This plot can go a number of ways as well.

I saw your request and i have been interested in doing a pirate roleplay please let me know if your still looking for this one!

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Re: Dudan's Plots (M for F)
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- New plot added and old ones archived.