Frost needs a new Sub Female, please apply within [M looking for F]

Started by Frost, December 08, 2012, 10:17:09 AM

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The Submissive PA

Michael is a wealthy business man, creating his own empire from nothing, not wanting to answer to anyone else he put his all in to creating his own business, injecting all his energies in to making it happen, and it did. Requiring a Personal Assistant to help him organise his day's events, he soon becomes interested in her, working closely with her, he soon shifts his focus from his work and moves it to her, using her for his pleasures, telling her what to wear, buying clothes for her...... But...... that is not all, he has a urge to see her with another, abusing her submissive side, selecting men to see her with, pleasuring them and her, which makes him fill with a mix of jealousy and lust, telling her what he expects of her, and for her to adhere to his wants.