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June 29, 2022, 06:23:33 pm

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Author Topic: a few ideas (F seeking F or M)  (Read 935 times)

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a few ideas (F seeking F or M)
« on: December 07, 2012, 07:04:42 pm »
Hello everyone, thanks for stopping by! I'm Xyloph, and my ons/offs are here, but don't worry too much about those, what I like will be pretty apparent from my ideas, I hope.

Roleplays I want to do!

I've marked some of these as "currently in process," which means that I'm currently playing them with someone. That doesn't mean that I won't entertain further requests for these, but I'd really prefer people to take the roles that I'm not already playing with someone else.

Fucking Greenwich (f/f, contemporary Earth, high school/university romance) — currently in process
This is sort of inspired by the (excellent) film Fucking Åmål (released in the anglosphere as "Show Me Love") and partly on original concepts. Here's how it works: a girl (let's call her Vanessa) is a nerd and a loner. She does well in school, keeps to herself, and has a tacit agreement with the rest of the school that she won't bother them if they don't bother her. She feels lousy about her appearance, and has maybe one friend, at most.

There's another girl (we'll call her Lindsay) who is Vanessa's diametrical opposite. She's popular, beautiful, surrounded by admirers. All's not well in her life, though, her family is falling apart, and she's turning to drugs, parties, and alcohol to cope with it.

As if to throw a further wrench into her life, Lindsay starts to find herself incredibly attracted to Vanessa, and she can't really say why or explain where it came from. She finds herself torn between her social circle and her new feelings, and also has to deal with Vanessa's suspicion that this is all some elaborate prank or something. This might also make a good "revenge of the Nerd" type scenario, where Vanessa takes advantage of the power that she has over Lindsay.

For this scenario, I will play either role.

Three's a Crowd (f/f or f/m, contemporary Earth, romance/love triangle)
Frederick and Lauren Vandervelde are twins, and have been very close all their lives. They went to the same high school and university, and got an apartment together fresh out of college. They were both real go-getters, but between all their extracurricular activities, sports, and academic obligations, neither ever really had time to date anyone.

That changed when Frederick met Cecilia. They fell for each other instantly, and started dating. They make a great couple, except for one thing: Lauren. When she first met Cecilia, Lauren took an instant dislike to her, or so it seemed. What actually happened is Lauren was immensely attracted to the other woman. Since before this point she'd never suspected she was gay, that's naturally quite a shock and, given how she cares for her brother, a bit of an unwelcome one.

What surprises Lauren even more is to learn that Cecilia feels the same way. They begin a relationship behind Frederick's back, one that strains the bonds between all three of the people involved. Eventually, things will come to a head, Cecilia will have to choose between the Vanderveldes, and someone's heart (most likely multiple someones) is going to get broken.

For this scenario, I will play Cecilia or Lauren, and I want my partner to play the other or Frederick (if I play Cecilia). The third character can be played by both of us collaboratively or by you exclusively, if you prefer.

Reprogrammed (f/m or f/f, post-apocalyptic, D/s, mind-control) — currently in process
In the aftermath of WWIII, the residents of the Arizona Desert do what they have to to survive. Robin of Summerville is an initiate of the Order of Orion, a legion of knights who preserve and protect the lost technology of the Before. For her last task before earning full initiation, she must find and retrieve the last workshop of Dr. Frank Watkins, a genius inventor in the years before the war.

She finally locates Dr. Watkins's last hideaway, a cabin in the desert far outside of Phoenix. Just as she manages to open the safe he left there, she's ambushed by one of the scavengers who makes a living on the wastes. There's a struggle, and in the process of it, Dr. Watkins's last and most terrible invention, the neural lace, activates and embeds itself into Robin's brain. The neural lace is an advanced computer interface that links directly with the brain, as well as the most inhumane and fearsome torture device ever created by humans. Because it can interface directly with neurons, it can control brain function and cause excruciating pain at the touch of a button, and without any physical harm.

Now, under the complete control of the scavenger who ambushed her (who managed to come away from the scuffle with the lace's control device), she must find a way to unlock the secrets of Watkins's last work, evade her Order (who will realize that she can't be left alive in someone else's power and with the knowledge she has of their secrets), and deal with whatever changes to her abilities or brain her captor sees fit to make.

In this scenario, I play Robin. A big part of it is who her captor is, why they were out in the desert, and what their goals are. Perhaps they just want to get by, and view the intrusion of Robin and the Order on their life as a nuisance. Perhaps they want to get rich from exploiting Dr. Watkins's lost work. Perhaps they want to replicate the neural lace and use it to start a lucrative slave trade business. It's up to you!

Princess of Tennis (f/m or f/f, contemporary Earth, sports)
Laura Desjardins is a freshman at Eastern State U, a school known for it's Women's Tennis squad. She's a bit of a prodigy, having trained with her father since she was a little girl. She's determined to make the squad and take them to a championship, and to make a name for herself as a star.

There are lots of possibilities for this in roleplay. Maybe she's got a rival from another school, who she's determined to defeat, but also struggling with her budding feelings for. Or maybe the coach has, um, unorthodox ways to motivate his girls. Or maybe there's someone on the boy's squad who catches her eye, and they have a friendly rivalry to see who's team will make it further. Or maybe there isn't a separate boy's squad, since in this setting Tennis is co-ed or something. Eventually I'd like to see her either attain her dream of a championship, or perhaps abandon it (though of course with good reason, though what that is is up for discussion). There are lots of possibilities, and I'm eager to hear which of these appeal to you, or what other ideas you might have.

This is, of course, heavily inspired by the anime "Prince of Tennis", and I'll also entertain roleplays in that particular canon if you like, although I'd prefer not to, since all the female characters in that anime (with like one exception) are not interesting to me.

Fluidity (?/f or m, setting-agnostic, shapeshifting, other kinks flexible)
My character (pictured here in her natural form, if she has one) in this roleplay is a shapeshifter: she can freely alter her appearance and form. There are lots of options for how this might play out.

Perhaps she's the result of some mad science (preferably run by a secretive government agency) and now has to deal with her creators (or escape them). In this version of the idea, she's very naive (since she's spent most of her life in a lab) and has to adapt to the outside world. She'll need help either from her creators or from sympathetic rebels, or maybe she just runs into someone who wants to take advantage of her. Her shapeshifting ability allows her to have an infinity of perfect disguises, and she's been designed to have the intellect and cunning necessary to pull it off.

Or maybe she's a magical creature or monster, who lurks in the parts of the maps that the cartographers left blank for fear that someone might try to go there. Or worse, she comes into the flickering light of civilization, appearing to be like a normal human, but slipping in in the guise of loved and trusted confidants in order to steal what she can before travelling on, in another guise, to her next mark. Or maybe she was created (or summoned) by a wizard who wants the perfect pet. Or perhaps she's an assassin, untraceable and perfect at getting close to her targets, appearing as the one person they'd never suspect.

Of course a lot of this idea will take shape based on what sort of things your character might do with a girl who can take any appearance (or physical characteristics). So feel free to contact me with ideas, suggestions, whatever.

Of course, I always welcome variations, suggestions, new ideas, or whatever. Plots involving mind control, characters who are conflicted about their sexuality, and the like will get special attention. Please don't hesitate to contact me about anything!
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Re: a few ideas (F seeking F or M)
« Reply #1 on: December 14, 2012, 12:43:08 am »
Added "Princess of Tennis", marked "Reprogrammed" and "Fucking Greenwich" as currently in process.

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Re: a few ideas (F seeking F or M)
« Reply #2 on: December 17, 2012, 12:23:25 am »
added "fluidity"