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Author Topic: Harry potter and the Eyes of God  (Read 889 times)

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Harry potter and the Eyes of God
« on: December 03, 2012, 05:38:32 PM »
So! I've decided that since I'm here I would try to use this place as a sounding board for a new story I'm writing. It will stay in the non-adult section as I have no pairings in mind. I would love some criticism to help improve the ideas and such of this story. Thank everyone for their thoughts!

Summary: A fan fiction story on Harry Potter. My take on a 'power he knows not' type story. Harry will have to fight two dark lords with some powers never before seen in his world. AU, Strong!Harry Complicated magic system.

I do not own any of this. Just a few characters I like, playing around in a world  that uses ideas from many different places. The majority of the Ideas came from the brilliant story 'Wizard of the Kaleidoscope'

Special thanks to my beta OnTheImportanceofLungs and the great people of Elliquiy (legal stuff for the site that the main post will be on. I can take this site out of my authors notes if the staff prefers it), and without further ado the story!

Harry Potter and the Eyes of God


“Lily he’s here! Take Harry and run!”

“Kill me! Don’t kill my baby!”

The Dark Lord stood over the body of Lily Potter and turned his cold gaze on the form of a one year old Harry Potter. “Your death will mark the finality of my rule. I will be a god!”

He leveled his wand on the young boy, when he noticed a sudden change. As the boy looked down at his mother his eyes changed to a rhythmic purple silver with black rings surrounding the pupil.

“What magic is this?” nearly screamed a now scared Voldemort. “Avada Kadava!” He screamed, and a sickly green light shot out of the wand. The baby looked unflinchingly up at the proclaimed Dark Lord as the spell splashed against his skin harmlessly, or that was what it looked like to a person with no knowledge of what was actually happening.

A shield rapidly expanded from the baby’s body destroying everything in its path. The Dark Lord’s last thought before he was forcibly thrown from his body ‘impossible’ and both Voldemort and baby knew no more.

Sirius Black ran towards Godric Hollow. He saw the house and cried out when he saw what seemed like an explosion that tore the roof off of the house. He clutched his chest as he walked through the wide open doorway.

“No.” Sirius whispered as he walked towards the body of his once best friend. James was laying there, eyes wide open in death. Sirius kneeled down and shed a few tears for what was. He slowly stood to his feet knowing that he couldn’t stay there. He had someone that needed him.
‘hopefully’ he thought morosely as he climbed up the stairs carefully, not knowing if they would hold him up. Lily’s body was laying lifeless not even a yard from the destroyed crib and his godson.

“No! Not you too. Please not you,” cried Sirius as he knelt down by the crib. He tentatively reached out to his godson and picked him up carefully. He felt the light breathing and chest movement of his god son and sighed in relief.

“Thank God. I thought I lost you Pup.” He got up slowly being careful not to wake his sleeping godson. As he walked down the stairs rocking the sleeping baby Hagrid came into the house looking around worriedly.

“Sirius! Ya feeling okay? ‘ow is Harry?”

“Shhh!” Whispered Sirius. “He’s sleeping.”

Hagrid nodded and looked around crying out at seeing the body of James Potter laying on the ground motionlessly.

“Shush!” admonished Sirius. He walked the rest of the way down the stairs towards the door. Hagrid looked around and fidgeted nervously “ahem eh Sirius? Dumbledore said I need to take  young ‘arry. For his protection you see.”

Sirius turned to look back at Hagrid before shaking his head. “I’m sorry Hagrid but Harry is coming with me. I’m his godfather and I don’t care if Dumbledore thinks he will be safe somewhere else. No one will get by the wards at Grimwald Place.” Sirius turned to walk out the door when he heard a voice behind him that he recognized immediately.

“I’m sorry to hear that Sirius.” Said Dumbledore as Sirius turned around and looked into his sparkling eyes.

“Dumbledore?” asked a confused Sirius. “I didn’t see or hear you come in, and why do you need Hagrid to take Harry?”

The old wizard sighed and looked over at Hagrid then back at Sirius. “I needed to see who the child of prophecy was. It’s for the greater good you understand.”

Sirius looked back at Dumbledore confused as to what he was talking about. “What are you going on about? Just answer my questions.”

Dumbledore smiled and looked down at young Harry. “I’m sorry Sirius. But if you won’t do this the easy way.” And before Sirius could think anything else Dumbledore’s wand was out and aiming at him. He shot a spell at Sirius before walking over and picking Harry up.

Hagrid was looking down at Sirius dumfounded then back up at Dumbledore. “Why-“ started Hagrid.

“Obliviate” Stated Dumbledore as a spell shot out and hit Hagrid and then the same to Sirius. He adjusted their memories to his liking before turning his want on the still sleeping Harry. “I have to do this. It’s for the greater good.” He whispered a spell then turned giving Harry to Hagrid.

He aparated out of the house leaving behind the seen we all know so well. “Thanks for taking him.” Said Sirius.

“No problem Sirius.” Said the half giant. Sirius ran out of the house to chase after his former best friend. Hagrid turned to look down at the sleeping Harry Potter. The baby gave a large yawn before waking up and looking up at Hagrid with green eyes.

“hello there ‘arry” the little baby yawned and fell back to sleep

 This night saw Sirius Black thrown in Azkaban without the trial that should have been given, Harry Potter forced upon 3 people that hated him more than he could imagine, and Dumbledore smiling in his office in Hogwarts thinking that his greater good was all going to plan. He had no idea that he made the greatest mistake of his life this very night.

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Re: Harry potter and the Eyes of God
« Reply #1 on: December 03, 2012, 05:39:53 PM »
Not very long and has not actually been beta'd yet so you may find mistakes. feel free to point them out if you wish! Tis' only the prologue so it's not very long. the first chapter will be short as well but after that it should pick up. Thanks again!

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Re: Harry potter and the Eyes of God
« Reply #2 on: January 19, 2013, 01:37:16 AM »
I quite liked it  :-) i think it stayed true to the character (or true enough) and i sure its probably hard to fill in the blanks of a story we all know and love.

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Re: Harry potter and the Eyes of God
« Reply #3 on: January 19, 2013, 04:22:22 PM »
Well I think my beta decided not to take on the story. So I'm looking for another one now. The first few chapters don't change all that much from cannon which is why they are short.