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Author Topic: Exalted Alternate Universe: Gunstar Autochthon  (Read 9595 times)

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Re: Exalted Alternate Universe: Gunstar Autochthon
« Reply #75 on: December 18, 2012, 02:13:41 PM »
I'd like to start by the end of this week, ironically enough, the week of the galactic alignment, and Chrismas weekend.. but with Christmas on the way during this coming week, I'm going to wait until after that to begin in earnest (unless the majority of characters are complete before then)

That said, if you wish to start an IC thread for completed characters, in Exotic NC Systems - Small Groups (mainly chosen for freedom of play) which at this time means Jay and Steel Orchid, I have no issues with it, in fact, I have no issues with mostly completed characters in such a thread, which means all of you, but I don't wish to begin in earnest until all of the present characters are in.

That's for present players, if we have other players indicate interest at this point, they can join once they complete a character.
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Re: Exalted Alternate Universe: Gunstar Autochthon
« Reply #76 on: December 19, 2012, 04:23:55 PM »
  What else do I need, Krule? 

  Also, when we're fleshing out Class and Connections, are there some cool things we can standarize about that?  Or should it be more floating access to tools and human resources? 

  I forgot about it, but I had pondered Mai having two adult daughters with terrestrial martial arts who could help out...  either as her agents or as a friend or her's. 

Offline KruleTopic starter

Re: Exalted Alternate Universe: Gunstar Autochthon
« Reply #77 on: December 20, 2012, 12:26:47 AM »
That would be completely alright for her to have a pair of adult daughters.

Class and Connections - If you have specifics you want to detail regarding them that's fine, Class does allow you access to a lot quite easily, as it's in essence several backgrounds in one.

Muse: All I need from Mai is her Sifu's styles chosen, and a bit on what she's done in the last couple of decades, besides the hunt for her twin of course.  Doesn't have to be much, but a few sentences would be nice... even if it's only been serving the needs of the Bureau of Destiny and studying Martial Arts while hunting for her sister.

Actually - this may help

  • Andyz:  Steel Orchid - Dawn Caste, General - Complete
  • Zaer Darkwail: Jay Jadestar - Night Caste, Voidfighter Pilot 
  • Muse: Kuroshita Mai, Serenity Caste, Character in Progress - Just need the above and she's complete
  • Malixe: Kage Kuroshita, Zenith Caste, Character in Progress - Need Character Updated with XP then a sentence or two of what she did before being in stasis in the pole of oil. 
  • Cryorage: Ember Rain, Fire Aspect, Character in Progress - Character only needs XP bonus applied
  • Dracorian: Bamulase Cathek, Full Moon, Character in Progress - Needs Character XP applied, and as above, a few sentances about what he's been doing, other then helping with the hunt for Kage of course.

On a note, I plan to start at that point, getting Kage free from her crystalline stasis in Loran... from there.. well, wait and see, I have a few plans.. but you folks are Exalted, you make plans of your own, then shape the world accordingly.
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Offline KruleTopic starter

Re: Exalted Alternate Universe: Gunstar Autochthon
« Reply #78 on: December 22, 2012, 01:30:39 PM »
On a different note.. if you want to talk to me directly, send me a PM requesting it and I'll respond with my AIM address.

Online AndyZ

Re: Exalted Alternate Universe: Gunstar Autochthon
« Reply #79 on: December 22, 2012, 02:43:05 PM »
I'm ready to go whenever

Offline Zaer Darkwail

Re: Exalted Alternate Universe: Gunstar Autochthon
« Reply #80 on: December 22, 2012, 02:49:20 PM »
Just waiting for IC thread link showed and then start post. Fine with whatever start so long it's decent start :). Decent being that everyone is involved since first thread and there is going red line where start follow it.

Jay himself have no major big plans than being best pilot and he has not reached the goal yet (altough he may start be close to that goal). Besides live, have fun and enjoy life in general in fashion which feels not betraying his deceased friends (Blood Dragon crew) nor betray his father who was a hero of Gunstar Defense Line. Altough bit negativity towards Gunstar Defense Line still exchists but it's not major force in his mind. As he had been cracked from shell accept there are expections to any rule.

Offline KruleTopic starter

Re: Exalted Alternate Universe: Gunstar Autochthon
« Reply #81 on: December 22, 2012, 04:14:14 PM »
We'll start the day after Christmas, the 26, at the latest.

Offline Dracorion

Re: Exalted Alternate Universe: Gunstar Autochthon
« Reply #82 on: December 25, 2012, 04:46:07 PM »
Whew, finally. Still need to figure out Cathek's extended history aside from hunting for Kage. Maybe just doing occasional work with the Void Hunt, giving him reason to seek out more Heart's Blood, and almost mastering Lunar Hero Style (well, technically he's a master now after the XP expenditures and just needs to finish learning expansion charms).

Name: Bamulase Cathek
Type: Lunar Exalt
Caste: Full Moon
Age: 70
Apparent Age: 25
Height: 6’2”
Skin: Tanned
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green

Spirit Shape: Hronth
Tell: A patch of rough, scale-like skin where his ears ears should be.
Anima: Silvery figure of a large, scaled, turtle-headed creature roaring ferociously.

Motivation: Become the most respected scholar and savant in Autochthonia


--Scholars (Secret Admiration)
--Kuroshita Mai (Love and Loyalty)
--Kuroshita Kage (Love, Lust and Loyalty - Solar Mate)
--Kyruko Cinna (Respect)
--Sako the Familiar (Nasty Runt)
--Yozi Servants (Outlet for his anger)

Strength5  Charisma3  Perception3

Martial Arts5Ride0

Investigation: Analysis3Survival: In Space3
Dodge: In Space3Martial Arts: Natural Weapons3
Athletics: In Space3Occult: Autochthonian Gods3
Awareness: Spotting Ambushes3Craft: Magitech4


Languages: Old Realm (native)

Artifact4 (Defensive: Moonsilver Perfected Kata Bracers, Moonsilver Hearthstone Bracers, Moonsilver Superheavy Plate, Verdant Dodecahedron)
Connections3 (Gunstar Defense Line)
Solar Bond5
Sifu2 (Kyruko Cinna [Lunar] ~ Lunar Hero Style, Art of Relentless Persuasion, First Pulse Style, Terrible Ascent Driven Beast Style, White Reaper Style)
Backing3 (Gunstar Defense Line)
Backing2 (Void Hunt)
Connections1 (Xexas and Loran)
Heart's Blood2 (Oil Slick Herder, Temple Guardian, Crystal Fly, Fix Beetle, Arc Tender, Tyrant Lizard, Black Cat, Forest Mimic, Great Roc, Raptor Cat)

Compassion 2
Conviction 5
Temperance 1
Valor 3

Virtue Flaw (Conviction):
The Curse of the Rampaging Rhino   
The character cannot be denied. No matter how much anyone may insist they shouldn't pursue a certain goal because of societal pressure or inconvenience or simple impossibility, the Rampaging Rhino will not rest, eat or sleep until his goal has been attained, and will not stop to consider the best route, simply push forward in the most direct way. If anyone tries to stop him or stand in his way, he will attack with no mercy until they are no longer an obstacle. The Rampaging Rhino will not wait for allies to help or catch up, he will simply keep pushing forward.
Partial control: The character will not cease the pursuit of his goal, but he can stop and consider the best course of action. Rather than attack any who stand between him and his goal, the Rampaging Rhino can simply threaten them. He can also stop and allow like-minded allies to help him with his goal.

Willpower: 10

Essence: 5
Personal Motes: 25
Peripheral Motes: 60 (40)
Committed: 20


   Second Dexterity Excellency
   Instinctive Dexterity Unity
   Golden Tiger Stance
   Instinct-Driven Beast Movement
   Furious Hound Pursuit
   Snake Body Technique
   Wary Swallow Method

   First Strength Excellency
   Claws of the Silver Moon
   Impressions of Strength (Ogre's Loving Caress, Undeniable Might)

   Third Stamina Excellency
   Relentless Lunar Fury
   Durable Battle-Mind
   Bruise-Relief Method
   Halting the Scarlet Flow
   Steadfast Yeddim Meditation

   Second Intelligence Excellency
   Counting the Elephant's Wrinkles

Lunar Hero Style;
   Foot-Trapping Counter
   Thousand Claw Infliction
   Rabid Beast Attitude
   Lunar Hero Form
   Armor-Rending Claw Fist
   Den Mother Method
   Running Through the Herd
   Crouching Tiger Stance
   Terrible Wolverine Onslaught

   Deadly Beastman Transformation (Mutations: Void Adaptation, Biological Jets, Armored Hide, Inexhaustible, Talons)
   Internal Form Mastery
   Towering Beast Form
   Mountainous Spirit Expression
   Green Sun Child
   Terrifying Beastman Alteration
   Devastating Ogre Enhancement
   Quicksilver Second Face
   Illimitable Beast Declaration
   Emperor Ox Expansion

War Form Mutations
Void Adaptation (Affliction): Conveys the benefits of the Air Adaptation pox, and the breath-holding advantage of the Water Adaptation pox, as well as immunity to intense pressures.
Biological Jets (Blight): Add four dice to Strength for jumping distance in gravity, and allow maneuvering in zero-G.These jets are not sufficient for take-off and landing from anything larger than an asteroid.
Armored Hide (Blight): As per the description in Exalted 2nd Ed core.
Inexhaustible (Affliction): As per the description in Compass of Celestial Directions: The Wyld.
Talons: hands (Affliction): As per the description in Manual of Exalted Power: Lunars.

Artifacts (Attunement): 
(2)  Moonsilver Hearthstone Bracers (4)
(3)  Moonsilver Superheavy Plate (set with Verdant Dodecahedron) (8)
(4)  Moonsilver Perfected Kata Bracers (8)
(3)  Verdant Dodecadron (This elemental core is identical to a Gem of Resilient Bamboo.) 

Punch: Speed 5, Accuracy 14, Damage 5B, Defense 8, Rate 3, N
Kick: Speed 5, Accuracy 13, Damage 8B, Defense 6, Rate 2, N
Clinch: Speed 6, Accuracy 13, Damage 5B, Defense 7, Rate 1, C,N,P

Dodge DV: 9
Dodge MDV: 10

Soak (Natural)
Bashing: 20(5)
Lethal: 22(5)
Aggravated: 15
Hardness: 10B/10L
Fatigue: 2

OK   ( )
-1   ( )( )
-2   ( )( )
-4   ( )
I   ( )
D   ( )( )( )( )( )

Bonus Point Expenditures: 18 total
(2)  +2 Conviction
(5)  +5 Willpower
(1)  +1 Savant
(1)  +1 Artifact
(2)  +4 Favored specialties
(5)  +1 Favored Charm: Furious Hound Pursuit

XP Expenditures: 499/500
Charms: 208
Attributes: 66
Essence: 36
Abilities: 93
Specialties: 51
Backgrounds: 45

(Originally a black and white picture, I shittilly colored it with Photoshop.)

The original.

Hronth Bestiary Entry
Hronth are large, thick-scaled creatures with clawed arms and feet. They possess a tail that allows them to balance themselves on unsteady meteorites and maneuver in meteor clouds, and a pair of flaps on each shoulder that hide grooves from which jets of fire come out, allowing Hronth to propel and maneuver themselves in the void. Their heads are beaked like a turtle's, their jaws lined with horny ridges instead of teeth. They feed on minerals, and are capable of eating a meteorite within an hour.

S/D/S    P/I/W/W     Health Lvls   Atk (S/A/D/R,Tags)     Dodge DV/S
12/8/9   3/1/2/4    -0x3/-1x4/     Bite: 6/14/18B/1,P      6/4L/9B
                             -2x4/-4x2/I    Claw: 5/13/12L/2
Abilities: Athletics 4, Awareness 2, Dodge 2, Integrity 1, Investigation 2, Martial Arts 4, Presence 2, Resistance 5, Survival 4

Bamulase Cathek lived in Claslat since birth. His parents worked in a factory producing crossbow, and there he met a pair of twins his age whose parents also worked there. The two energetic, rambunctious girls could not have been any different from the bookish, calm Cathek, but the three became inseparable friends throughout their early years. The twins often got into trouble, much to Cathek's chagrin, but he went along to take care of his friends anyway. He dreamed of becoming a Yugash scholar, and was often buried in books except when he was out with Kage and Mai.

When he was eleven, the twins were sent to a prodigious dance school after impressing a group of Champions with a performance, and though Cathek was saddened to be separated from his two best friends except for the occassional visit, he nonetheless understood and encouraged them.

At fifteen, Cathek was finally able to travel to the Metropolis of Kadar in Yugash, and applied to one of the universities. He showed enough skill at reasoning and analysis that a thaumaturge was asked to scan his soulgem, but once they learned that none of his past incarnations were gifted scholars, he was rejected. Frustrated by the senseless rejection, he spurned his scholarly passions and focused on working at the factory. The twins had become successful dancers, and Cathek would watch their performances whenever he could, even becoming romantically involved with Kage. They were happy together, until the twins both Exalted during a performance, and though Cathek did his best to maintain the relationship, Kage was too focused on her Exalted pursuits to continue, and the two broke it off with the promise to remain friends, though this only fueled Cathek's bitterness.

He continued working at the factory, eventually being promoted for his wits to a slightly less menial positions. Instead of assembling crossbows, he was assigned to supervising transports. While Cathek was on a trip to Kamak to transport materials back to Claslat, the Gunstar came under attack by Kimbery's swarms. A wounded behemoth made its way into the Gunstar and terrorized the city, until it came upon Cathek. He saw no means of escape, and rather than cower and die he chose to stare the monster down and die on his feet. At that point, he felt a surge of power and purpose as the blessing of Luna came over him, and Cathek laughed as he charged forward, and with timely help from the Deliberative Army, took out all his frustration's at life's unfairness by bludgeoning the monster to death.

He has since joined the Gunstar Defense Line, having earned the title of The Raving Behemoth for his ferocity in battle, fighting all threats to the Gunstar with unmatched brutality. He has also reconnected with his two childhood friends, and upon meeting Kage again he felt the tug of the supernatural bond between them, marking them as mates. Though they've agreed not to start a relationship again, the two are close friends, though Cathek still wants more. An experienced Lunar in the Defense Line called Kyruko Cinna took Cathek under his wing, concerned that the Lunar's rage would lead him to his death. He has begun teaching Cathek martial arts, instructing him on how to focus and control his anger. Though it can be frustrating for Cathek, he respects the old Lunar sifu a great deal.

Unknown to all but Kage, Cathek still entertains his intellectual passions, studying history and the occult. He has a talent for analysis and maybe later even Sorcery, but refuses to actively pursue such things. But perhaps with the right push...
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Offline KruleTopic starter

Re: Exalted Alternate Universe: Gunstar Autochthon
« Reply #83 on: December 26, 2012, 03:32:01 PM »
And now, we begin

Main Thread:
OOC Thread:
Character Sheets:

Below are some NPC's in the works, requested or produced by players, I'll be adding to them as time goes on.
Silver Grace
Name: Silver Grace (aka 'Grace' and the Silver Huntress)
Type: Lunar
Caste: No Moon
Totem: Silver Wolf
Tell: Eyes are Different Colors
Age: 232
Motivation: Guard the Realm from enemies within and without
Intimacies: Jay Jadestar (Intense Love and Desire - fights it constantly - Jay's Lunar Mate)
Reflections of Serenity (Friendship and Respect)
The Void Hunt (Loyalty)
Other Lunar Exalted (Apreciation)
Luna (Admiration, Desire to Find)
Primordial Servants (Hatred, Desire to Slay)
Hunting (Love)


Strength 5   Charisma 5      Perception 7
Dexterity 7  Manipulation 5  Intelligence 7
Stamina 5    Appearance 6  Wits 7


Combat: Archery 6, Athletics 5, Awareness 5, Dodge 6, Integrity 5, Martial Arts 5, Melee 4, Resistance 4, Thrown 0, War 3
Life:  Craft 5, Larceny 3, Linguistics 3, Performance 5, Presence 5, Ride 0, Sail 5, Socialize 3, Stealth 6, Survival 6
Wisdom: Bureaucracy   4, Investigation   5, Lore 6, Medicine 5, Occult 5

Archery: Long Powerbows +3
Dodge: By Shapeshifting + 3
Awareness: Listening +2,
Survival: Far Reaches + 1, Oily Seas + 1, Space + 1
Stealth: Stalking +2,
Craft: Magitech +3
From Charms for Attribute Excellencies
Dexterity (Graceful + 3)
Perception (Hunting +3)
Wits (Quick Reaction +2)
Appearance (Sensual +2)

Artifact (offensive) - 3 (Moonsilver Long Powerbow[3],  Moonsilver Chimera (Special Top Secret Voidfighter)[5], 1 open)
Artifact (defensive) - 2 (Infinite Resplendence Amulet - Moonsilver[4], Moonsilver Heartstone Bracers[2]
Artifact (utility) - 1 (Collar of Dawn's Cleansing Light [1], Essence Capacitor Unit - to power the Voidfighter[2])
Class - 5
Cult - 5
Backing (Void Hunt) - 5
Connections (Void Hunt) - 5
Connections (Hadal) - 3
Connections (Nurad) - 1
Familiar - 5 x 2 (A Pair of Wolves, they hunted with her as mortal, but were enhanced to the point of being lesser gods of Hunting and Tracking, but still sworn to her service.
Heart's Blood - Legendary (All natural creatures, plus a number of unique others, among the more notable include several Elementals: Moonsilver(Metal), Oil Slicker (Oil), Thunderbird (Air), Flame Butterfly (Fire), Nymph(Water) || Demons: Neomah, Tomescu, Gilmyne, Blood Ape || Others: A Elderly Human Merchant, A Handsome Male Performer, A Lovely Young Female Human (and several others of note)
Solar Bond - 5

Willpower: 10
Compassion 4 Conviction 5
Temperance 4 Valor 4

Curse of the Whipped Dog

Essence: 6
Personal: 26
Peripheral: 64
Overdrive: Varies


Born almost 232 years ago in Nurad, the young woman at the time loved to learn and discover things, but she was not the kind to sit back and study from a distance, she was one of those mortals who sought out the wilder parts of the Realm to learn and discover.  She depended on stealth and quick wits in order to survive out there, and one day both were seriously tested, to the degree that only her sharp mind and quick reflexes allowed her to survive, and even then, she would have died if she hadn't exalted that day.  She learned and spent time with her elder solar mate, a night caste who encouraged her abilities as an hunter, and helped her hone them to a shape edge.

She grew into a powerful huntress, one of the Void Hunt's more deadly assists, determined to hunt down and eliminate her targets as her solar mate taught her, and in combat she preferred to strike from a distance, she grew to love the hunt and her love for the hunt had her hunting down every being she could and adding it to the many forms that she was capable of taking.  She developed a unique method of defense and combat around her shape changing abilities, transforming from moment to moment in the midst of battle to take advantage of her shapchanging.

Called the Silver Huntress by mortals, she became a legend, the hunter who walked the shadows of the reaches and the void in order to guard and protect the realm, the mighty steward who never failed a hunt.  For years this went on, and then disaster struck, in a terrible struck one side of the realm, the agents of the Primodrials made an attack and before she could reach her solar mate.. he was dead.

Silver Grace disappeared for a year after that, those who saw her leave said tears were trailing down her cheek and she refused to speak to anyone, her dear friends, the wolves turned divine were the only ones she allowed to depart with her.  Eventually she allowed a few other close friends, such as Reflections of Serenity to speak with her and she returned to the realm and her duty, but the heart had gone out of her, for she had failed to protect what was most precious to her..

Then the exaltation of her Solar Mate was reborn in Jay Jadestar, and he proved.. immensely frustrating, though her friend watched from a distance as she found herself chasing, watching, guarding and protecting her solar mate from a distance as he avoided her like a plague when she approached him closer.  So she would watch him from a distance, as a spider on the ceiling or a panther on one of the higher buildings, and she would guard his back, wanted or unwanted.  In time, she went to her friend, Reflections of Serenity to request that she do something about his wayward behavior, and Jay shifted to a more acceptable pattern of behavior, though he still avoided her, and she was too proud to beg him to let her into his life as his proper mate. 

Despite herself, she loves him to distraction, even though she wouldn't admit it openly, she does her best to try and push the emotion down, and her best is proving to be her impossible, she has found herself dedicating herself to protect him even when he's not around, and she has built a very special Voidfighter with Rhaesha that should allow her to aid him even when he flies the Orichalcum Phoenix.

Essence Overwhelming (First): Strength, Dexterity, Perception, Intelligence, Wits
Essence Triumphant (Second): Dexterity, Stamina Perception, Intelligence, Wits, Charisma, Appearance
Essence Resurgent (Third): Dexterity, Manipulation
Flawless (Attribute) Focus: Dexterity (Graceful + 3), Perception (Hunting +3), Wits (Quick Reaction +2), Appearance (Sensual +2)
Impossible (Attribute) Improvement: Dexterity, Perception, Intelligence, Wits
Claws of the Silver Moon
Graceful Crane Stance
Lightning-Footed Mountain Goat Stance
Cat Falling Attitude
Clay Wetting Practice
Weapon-Shaping Method
Lunar Blade Reconfiguration
Secure Cat Stepping
Finding the Needle's Eye
Golden Tiger Stance
Wary Swallow Method
Wind-Dancing Method
Flowing Body Evasion (Conviction Flaw)
Octopus and Spider Barrage
Cloud Walking Stance
Unhesitant Scorpion Lash
Ox - Body (-2x4) x 4
Ox - Body (-1x2)
Fertile Breath Inversion
Relentless Lunar Fury
Bruise Relief Method
Halting the Scarlet Flow
Northern Direction Mastery
Southern Direction Mastery
Mother Grizzly Attitude
Snarling Watchdog Retribution
Hide of the Cunning Hunter
Irresistible Silver Spirit
Shifting Peumbra Stance
Eyes of the Cat
God-Cutting Essence
Spirit-Maiming Essence Attack
All-Encompassing Sorcerer's Sight
Eye of the Spider
Blood on the Wind
Sense-Borrowing Method
Predator is Prey Mirror
Watchful Spider Stance
Grandfather Spider Mastery
Keen (Sense) Technique x 3 (all 5 Senses)
Ultimate (Sense) Mastery x 3 (All 5 Senses)
Argent Weaver Art
Righteous Lion Defense (Protect Her Solar Mate)
Intimacy of the Hunter and the Prey
True-To-The-Pack Dedication
The Spider's Trap Door
Thieving Magpie Prana
Many-Pockets Meditation
Implasible Lunar Panoply
Secure Den Prana
Invisible Warden Creation
Meerkat Alertness Practice
Furious Unhappy Recourse
Wasp Sting Blur
Many-Armed Monkey Style
Subtle Chameleon Practice
Deadly Beastman Transformation
Humble Mouse Shape
Towering Beast Form
Emerald Grasshopper Form
Prey's Skin Disguise
Lunar Blood Shaping Technique
Hearth-And-Flame Shell
Green Sun Child
Heart Theft of the Behemoth
Essential Mirror Form x 2 (Demon's, Elementals)
Internal Form Mastery
Hybrid Body Rearrangement
Devastating Ogre Enhancement
Quicksilver Second Face
Lightning-Change Style
Constant Quicksilver Rearrangement

Scarlet Star
Name: Scarlet Star
Type: Sidereal
Caste: Battles
Motivation: To lead the Exalted Host to Victory over the Primordials
Intimacies: Kurishito Mai(Affection, Friendship, and Respect)
Other Sidereals (Loyalty)
The Maidens (Admiration)

Flame Aspect Twins
Flamesong and Heartflame, Karal Embers eldest Daughters.
Flamesong: Be a Voidfighter Pilot worthy of her Mother's legend
Heartflame: Be a military officer worthy of her Mother's legend
Flamesong: Jay Jadestar's Fire aspect wingmate
Heartflame: A Captain in Steel Orchid's Command.

Star Twins and Elder Sister
The children of Scarlet Star and Kuroshita Mai (who made use of various magics to temporarily alter sex in order to have each other's children), they are semi-divine, and all of them have mastered Live Wire Style, and learned some spirit charms related to lightning, this allows them to traverse the elemental pole of lightning safer then mortals, as well as serve as capable retainers and henchwomen for their mothers.  The Maiden's and the Divine Ministers themselves have shown some interest in the girls, and some believe they are being groomed as potential deities.

The eldest was born by Scarlet Star, Mai is sort of the father in her case, the Twins were born to Mai, Scarlet was the father in their case
Rei is older sister in the middle, one either side are the twins: Aiko and Chieko
Thier names mean: Lightning, Love, and Wisdom, this covers to a degree their personalities and the spirit charms they have learned

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