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Author Topic: Exalted Alternate Universe: Gunstar Autochthon  (Read 7769 times)

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Re: Exalted Alternate Universe: Gunstar Autochthon
« Reply #25 on: December 07, 2012, 01:00:04 AM »
Name:      Kuroshita Mai
Player:       Muse
Type:         Sidereal
Auspice:      Serenity

Age:         44
Age, Apparent:   24
Weight      5’9”
Skin         Tanned
Hair         Blond
Eyes         Cerulean

Motivation:  Restore the Unconquered Sun. 

--Audience:  (Give them the show they deserve.) 
--Cathek Bamulase (Love and Lust.) 
--Horses (They should be respected and nurtured.) 
--Kuroshita Kage  (Love, Lust, and Loyalty.)
--Kuroshita Family (Love and Loyalty)
--Sako (He’s adorable.) 

Strength         2   
Dexterity         5
Stamina         2

Charisma         2
Manipulation      4
Appearance         5

Perception         3
Intelligence         1
Wits            3

Resistance         1      Staying Power
Ride            1   Horses
Sail            1
Survival         0
Thrown         0

*Craft            3
--Fate, Water, Wood
*Dodge         1
*Linguistics         3
*Performance      5      Dance X2
*Socialize         3

Archery         0
*Athletics         4
Melee         0
*Presence         4      Seduction
War            0

*Investigation       1   
Larceny         1
Lore            2
Occult         2
Stealth         1

Awareness         3
Bureaucracy         3      
Integrity         1
*Martial Arts      5   Bare Handed
Medicine         1

Compassion         4
Conviction         4
Temperance         2
Valor            2

Willpower            8

Essence            4
--Personal Motes      16
--Peripheral Motes
--Committed Motes

Second Craft Excellency: Essence Triumphant

Second Investigation Excellency: Essence Triumphant

--Favorable Inflection Procedure

Martial Arts
--Second Martial Arts Excellency: Essence Triumphant
--Secrets of Future Strife
--Flight of Mercury
--Blade of the Battle Maiden
--Joy in Adversity Stance
--Violet Bier of Sorrows Form

--First Performance Excellency: Essence Overwhelming
--Second Performance Excellency: Essence Triumphant
--Third Performance Excellency: Essence Resurgent
--Heart Brightening Presentation Style
--Perfection in Life
--Song of Spirit Persuasion
--Faultless Ceremony
--Defense of Shining Joy
--Ice and Fire Binding
--Harmonic Completion

--Ox Body Technique



Artifacts: Offensive            1
Artifacts: Defensive            1
Artifacts: Utility               1
Backing: Bureau of Heaven         1
Bashing: The Void Hunt            1
Class                     4
Connections: The Gunstar Defense Force   1
Connections: The Deliberative Army      1
Cult                     3
Savant                  3
Sifu                     3

Enchanting Features IV
Extra Favored Ability: Investigation

Bonus Points 18
--Abilities   6
--Merits   6
--Specialties   1
--Virtues   2
--Willpower   3

OK   ( )( )
-1   ( )( )
-2   ( )( )
-4   ( )
I   ( )
D   ( )( )

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
“Hi.  I’m Kuroshita Mai, and this is my sister Kage. 

“We share everything.” 

   Kage and I were born 44 years ago in the city of Claslat.  Not the glamorous upper tiers where the rich and famous come to play, either.  Our parents worked the factories to produce crossbows. 
   As children, we were fit, friendly, and precocious.  Sometimes curiosity and playfulness got us into trouble when we poked our noses places we didn’t belong, or scrambled up the walls or down into the tubes.  We like to play with the neighborhood kids and tease the machine spirits. 
   One of our best friends was Bamulase Kathek.  Our parents worked in the same factory.  By the time were were eight and he was nine, we got into the habit of bringing home cooked meals to the factory.  Then Kathek and Kage would try and get me to sit still while the older workers took turns reading to the operators.  Kathek was even more bookish than Kage.  He’d be perfectly happy if we laid our heads in his lap for hours while he read to us, but Kage and I had to have a good bit of motion in our lives every hour or so.  Kathek didn’t always want to tag along, but he really wanted to keep us out of trouble, so he came.   
   When my sister and I were eleven and Kathek was twelve, Mom found out that Moments Stoked Cherry Red—the Champion who often protected our neighborhood--and a few friends were going to attend the factory’s yearly talent show.  I’d seen the Champion once.  He was all made of black and red jade.  He was kind to us.  He was fast as a voidfighter and strong as a god!  My mother suggested that Kage and I dance for him at the talent show.  I said that was a great idea because Moments was very handsome and worked hard to keep us safe. 
   We didn’t know that this was part of our mother’s plan to make a new life for us, but five champions gave our dance a standing ovation.  Three months later, we had to say goodbye to our friends because we were going to a dance school, and would only be able to visit home for one week every season! 
   For the next five years Kage and I were immersed in the arts.  We learned singing and music, decorum and flirting, ceremony and calligraphy.  Most of all, we studied dancing.  Never did a week go by when we didn’t fall asleep in each other’s arms crying from the pain in our sore muscles.  We learned grace and poise hand to hand with allure and sensuality.  We learned grooming, posture, and fashion.  As we grew older, we learned how to read the eyes of a lover, learn the ten thousand signs of desire and what they meant. 
   We tried to keep up with our friends and family by writing letters.  Mom and Dad could barely read, so we wrote the things we wanted to say to them and Kathek in the same letter, asking him to read to them. 
   When Kathek was fifteen, he traveled briefly to the city of Yugash where he petitioned for admittance to one of the great universities.  He didn’t have any money, but was gifted enough that a thaumaturgy scanned his soul stone for information on his past lives.  Learning that none of them had been impressive scholars, he was turned away.  We know it broke his heart, but he dutifully went to work in the factory.  He was the best reader on the line, and was asked to leave his station to another and read to the line once a week! 
   Kage and I made our debut on our sixteenth birthday and were an instant success.  We gained Exalted patrons and made a good deal of money, and send rich gifts back our families and friends.  Ours was the art of inspiration.  Our dancing reached into the hardest hearts and brought forth—not only passion—but compassion, serenity, and hope!  Kathak attended whenever he could, though as we moved higher and higher in our art, it was increasingly inappropriate for a man of his class to show up at our performances.  The more distant we grew from our roots, the more my sister’s love for our childhood friend swelled.  The two took every opportunity they could for rendezvous, often breaking official curfews to see each other.  Our patron wanted us to save our maidenheads as a gift for a lonely old senator whom she needed the favor of.  I tried to discipline my sister.  I tried to sate the aching need of her lonely body with my most passionate kisses.  By the time we were called upon, though, my sister had already surrendered her virginity to Kathak.  Our patron was infuriated, and I did all I could to cover for my sister’s failing.  It was the greatest dereliction of duties in our mortal lives. 
   And I love my sister all the more for it. 
   When we were nineteen, the Gunstar suffered a devastating attack.  Hundreds of exalts were lost, and thousands of mortals.  As the leaders of The Shadows Dance, we knew our upcoming performance—for 10,000 soldier—had to be our best ever if our audience were to regain their fighting spirit. 
   We gave them all we had with our performance.  Our faith and our confidence, our love and our lust.  As the soldiers rose to their feet, cheering wildly in the midst of our final dance, a brilliant golden blaze anointed my sister’s forehead while my brown eyes turned the brightest blue and a cerulean halo encircled it. 
   We were exalted. 

Offline Malixe

Re: Exalted Alternate Universe: Gunstar Autochthon
« Reply #26 on: December 07, 2012, 01:38:57 AM »
Name:       Kage Kuroshita
Type:       Solar Exalt
Caste:       Zenith
Age:      44
Apparent Age: 24
Height:    5’9”
Skin:      Tanned
Hair:      Blond
Eyes:      Brown

Anima: Sharp-eared slender creature with an eye in the center of both palms and a grim smile that spans the world.
Motivation: Restore the Unconquered Sun
--Audience (Give them the show they deserve)
--Kuroshita Mai (Love and Loyalty)
--Cathek Bamulase (Love and Compassion)
--Parents/Family (Loyalty and Respect)
--Sako the Familiar (Affection)
--The Enslaved (Fervor for their Freedom)

Strength      1
Dexterity      5
Stamina      2

Charisma      4
Manipulation      2
Appearance      5

Perception      2
Intelligence      4
Wits         3


Martial Arts      
Thrown      4   Daggers

Integrity      3
Performance      5   Dance
Presence      3   Inspiring
Resistance      1
Survival      1

Investigation      1
Lore         2
Medicine      1
Occult         4

Athletics      2
Awareness      2
Dodge         4   Unarmored

Bureaucracy      1
Linguistics      1
Sail         1
Socialize      4

Backgrounds: (0 Left)

Artifact         1    Utility
Artifact         1    Defensive   
Connections      1   Gunstar Defensive Force
Connections      1   Deliberative Army
Class         4
Cult         3
Familiar      2   Snake
Backing      1   Solar Deliberative
Savant         3
Mentor         3

Essence:       4

Compassion      3/
Conviction      6/    Primary
Temperance      3/
Valor         2/

Willpower      8/

Essence       4
Personal Motes   20
Peripheral Motes   54
Commited      5

Enchanting features (+4)


   First Thrown Excellency

Second Performance Excellency
Heart-Compelling Method
Husband-Seducing Demon Dance

   Ox Body Technique
   Body Mending Meditation

   Second Occult Excellency
   Terrestrial Circle Sorcery
   Celestial Circle Sorcery

   Graceful Crane Stance

   Third Dodge Excellency

   First Socialize Excellency
   Mastery of Small Manners

   First Circle;
   Burning Eyes of the Offender
   Infallible Messenger
   Spirit Sword
   Flight of the Brilliant Raptor

   Second Circle;
Ivory Orchid Pavilion
   Sapphire Countermagic
   Travel Without Distance

OK   ( )
-1   ( )( )( )
-2   ( )( )( )( )
-4   ( )
I   ( )
D   ( )( )

Bonus Point Expenditures:  4 Left
(2)  +2 Conviciton
(2) +2 Compassion
(3)  +3 Willpower
(4) Merit: Enchanting Features
(3) Merit: Paragon of Conviction
(4) +1 Dexterity
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Offline cryorage

Re: Exalted Alternate Universe: Gunstar Autochthon
« Reply #27 on: December 07, 2012, 04:58:19 AM »
Name:      Ember Rain
Type:      Terrestrial
Aspect:   Fire
Gens:      Karal?
Anima:      A snarling nine tailed fox of golden flames, all nine tails spread and bristling, shooting sparks from its cherry red eyes.   
Concept:     A Fighting commander 
Motivation:   Find Gaia and restore her to Creation. 
--Her squad(Brothers and sisters in arms)
--Reflections of Serenity(Family)
--Daeva(Burn them all!)
--Primordials(Burn them to ash!)
--Gia(a lost mother desperatly missed)

Age:         50?
Apparent Age:      22
Birthday      Summer?
Height:         5’10”
Weight:      170
Measures:      Average frame, B cup. 
Skin:         Burning coal red
Hair:         Bright flame red, down to her knees, usually in a single pony tail. 
Eyes:         Amber

History:       A child of fire and water… 
   Born to Karal Kyuske and Teresu Sioban (water aspect) her blood was true.  She exalted as a fire aspect at fourteen.  She received intensive tutoring before attending the Upright Soldier’s Military Academy. 
   As an officer in the deliberative army, she became interested in Gunzosha Power Armor.  She commanded a small unit of Gunzosha’s when the walls outside Claslat were breached and the Daeva came flooding in, with only she and fifty gonzosha between them and the city of Classlat.  They held for fifteen minutes against indescribable odds while full armies equipped and raced to their aid.  Ember Rain lost an eye.  In the last five minutes of the fight she stood at the head of the fifteen gonzosha’s remaining of her orriginal fifty, holding in her own entrails in with one hand and using her sword to fight in the other. 
   Honored by the Deliberative for her heroism, she was offered her choice of posts.  She asked for command of a frigate, so she could take her units into space, explore the void, bored enemy ships, find Gaia, and develop training techniques that would one day retake Spiral. 

Strength      4
Dexterity      4
Stamina      4

Charisma      2
Manipulation      2
Appearance      3

Perception      2
Intelligence      2
Wits         5

Linguistics      3
Lore         3
Occult         0
Stealth         1  Unarmored 1
Thrown      0

*Awareness      3
Craft         0
*Integrity      1
*Resistance      4
*War         4

*Athletics      5   Elemental Attacks 1
*Dodge      3   unarmored 1
*Melee         5   Daikialaves 1
*Presence      3
*Socialize      2

Bureaucracy      0
Investigation      0
Larceny      0
*Martial Arts      3
Sail         2   

Archery      3
Medicine      0
Performance      1
Ride         3   Swift Runner 1
Survival      0

Compassion      2
Conviction      4
Temperance      2
Valor         4

Willpower      10

Essence      4
--Personal Motes   18
--Peripheral Motes:   43

--First Athletics Excellency: Essence Overwhelming

--Wind Carried Words

--Elemental Bolt Attack
--Elemental Burst Technique

--First Melee Excellency: Essence Overwhelming
--Terrestrial Melee Reinforcement
--Dragon Graced Weapon
--Ghost Fire Blade

--Ox Body Technique X3

--First War Excellency: Essence Overwhelming
--Terrestrial War Reinforcement
--Enfolded in the Dragon’s Wings

Artifact, Defensive 2
Artifact:  Offensive 2
Artifact, Utility 1
Backing 1   Gens Karal
Backing 2   Deliberative Army
Breeding Legendary
Class 3
Command 2  Delibeartive Army Gunzosha Unit
Cult 2
Savant 2

Artifacts: Defensive (1 open)
(5) Infinite Resplendence amulet (4 Materials) 
(1) Nimble Swordswoman’s Widget (This Rank 1 Elemental core emulates a Jewel of the Flying Hart.  PG 85 of Odenol’s Codex.) 

Artifacts:  Offensive (2 open)
(4) Red Jade Daikliave with integrated Elemental Lenses
(1) Perfected Boots (Wonders of a Lost Age Pg 52)
Artifacts: Utility
(3) Swift Runner

Bonus Points: 
-4   Attributes
-2   Backgrounds
-1   Specialties
-2   Virtues
-5   Willpower
-4   Favored Ability Gain
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Offline Zaer Darkwail

Re: Exalted Alternate Universe: Gunstar Autochthon
« Reply #28 on: December 07, 2012, 09:39:40 AM »
Ok, edited my earlier posted charsheet and edited background. I added couple decades for him that his 'slumming' and anti-social times of his life is part of distant past (perhaps not so distant for celestials/DB's). If I get bonus XP I likely spend some to buy Goldhammer as a ally (would suit Jay quite well).

So his life can be summed up this way;

1-10: Happy childhood
11-18: Unhappy times as mortal, loosing mother, develop hatred for Dylan and most society, becoming Lumen
19-28: Living in reaches to avoid personality reprogramming and living with Blood Dragons (mortal still)
28-36: Exalted in epic race and studied in celestial academy eight years, could had met his circle mates first time but he skipped graduation ceremony and so insulted lunar mate, his circle and most solar host either in lack of excuse for his absence (a act of foolish stubborness)
36-46: Living as slumming solar, becoming test ace pilot, then corrected by Sapphire Wind+Rhaesha to live properly next decade and secretly participate in the test piloting.
+47: His identity as Goldhawk was revealed and he became now wanted and celebrated public figure. God Goldhammer as personal attendant who watched he attends all proper parties (and his crew also aggressively watches he visits tailor for new uniform to each party, dresses up and gets on party in time as any opening or excuse Jay would avoid party if he could as he dreads gala parties). Also meeting circle first time in new 'ceremony' and also met briefly lunar mate whom he is avoiding like plaque and she is starting loose patience for his eluding behavior towards her and would want him live properly in his mansion as mortals in there are still distressing and guessing why he is not coming home properly even if there is no longer need for deception.

Offline KruleTopic starter

Re: Exalted Alternate Universe: Gunstar Autochthon
« Reply #29 on: December 07, 2012, 01:24:53 PM »
Cryorage: Ember Rain looks good, but if she's a voidfighter pilot we need to make a change or two.
  • First, if your serving with the GDL you trained with Steel Crucible of Dragons, check the character creation, you start with a bonus charm: Deck Striding Technique (adapted for Voidfighters)
  • Second, which celestial exalt does your branch of the Karal family serve (I suggest Reflections of Serenity, she's got enough of the elder vibe to be a very good mentor, and she's the eclipse member of the exalted circle, and she has an intimacy to your motivation, could be his/her way of pushing that particular agenda)
  • Third, four points of specialties can be considered similar to 4 dots of them, specialties can go up to +3,
  • Fourth, you might consider switching out one of your background dots for a higher rating in backing GDL, your Voidfighter is free that way, the GDL provides it.
  • Fifth, I need a bit more detail in her background, tell me more about her
  • Sixth, her skin should show more of her elemental aspect, I see you increased your breeding, it's actually legendary now, that's higher even then 5, that's +6 personal and +11 peripheral, and the cost to activated your anima banner is reduced by 3, it also means she exalted before her 8th birthday, and if she has children with another who has the same level of breeding, the exaltation is certain, her children have 100% of exalting by 8 years, but is also means her aspect markings are extremely clear, her skin should be at least burnished bronze if not actually red as burning coals..

Muse & Malixe: Cost is three xp per background. 
We need to address a few minor issues and one major one though:
  • I need Kage's favored abilities marked, I can guess Occult, Thrown, Dodge and Socialize, but I can't be sure and I'm completely unsure of the last one.
  • ccording to House Rules, for Kuroshita craft fate is a specialty of craft, it needs to have one of your specialty dots assigned, but at point you only need craft at 2, meaning you can assign that other dot anywhere
  • According to House Rules, Emerald Countermagic and Sapphire Countermagic are free with purchase of the respective levels of sorcery, Kage needs to add Emerald Countermagic and pick out one more charm/spell.. but I have a suggestion for that.
  • Kuroshita's Sifu needs his/her martial art's style indicated, or I shall have to assign them (though I'm assuming you want PAoC and SVoP, as a serenity)
Major Issue:
  • When  give me a slight problem though, exalted together, you should be even in terms of experience, but Kuroshita is first celestial where as Kage is the third solar, evening things out between you makes it unfair for the others.. so I have a suggestion...  If Kage can take Eternal Crystaline Encasement as one of her spells, then the matter can be dealt with as follows: During a major attack on the Gunstar, Kage was badly wounded, almost mortally, and used that spell to preserve her life, trusting her sister to find her... unfortunately, the shifting of Autochthon's layers in response to the attack shunted Kage's crystal encasement into the elemental pole of oil, and into fast currents, the Loom of Fate could tell her that her sister was alive, but she was moving so rapidly that she couldn't pinpoint her location before she was gone, and it was a huge territory to hunt through (with regards to size, I could fit dozens of earths into the elemental pole itself), but Kuroshita spent two and half decades hunting her sister down, and finally managed to rescue her (I suggest connections (Xeras & Loran) for Kurshita, it would be the best platform to maintain her hunt, and serving there would allow her to continue to serve the needs of the Realm while hunting for her sister).  This allows for the difference in experience and still allows a same moment exaltation, hopefully this works for both of you, but if not we can work something else out.

Zaer: Background looks good, do me a favor, switch out the name Sapphire Wind for Reflections of Serenity , going to use that name for the elder eclipse of your circle, much prefer it to Sapphire Wind.  Other then that, consider your character complete, your the second solar completed, add 320 xp and 10 years per 100 xp... XP split: 128 charms || 96 abilities and specialties || 64 attributes || 32 Backgrounds and Virtues  - you may raise essence to 5 if you chose, it can be taken out of any group here, except Backgrounds and virtues.

Next post I make I'll detail Reflections better, so folks know the free mentor/ally they are getting

Offline cryorage

Re: Exalted Alternate Universe: Gunstar Autochthon
« Reply #30 on: December 07, 2012, 02:11:37 PM »
heh well shes not supposed to be a fighter pilot, so not sure what to do about that.  shes supposed to basicaly be a ground assault troop commander.  might have got a bit too into mass effect where their marines and navy mix quite a bit so if i cant command a ship as well thats fine.

First- meh would rather not loose the school i have now.  It fits the fighting style im gonna use almost perfictly.  would rather change the MoS than the school any ideas?

Seconed-sounds fine

Third-eh currently i should only have 1 specialization in each.  can go edit that to be more clear easy enough.

Fourth-As i said i really dont want her as a fighter pilot.  Really dont, Shes supposed to be a commander whose in charge of a ship and can lead ground combat missions.  Not sure if that relates to the GDL or what not.  if needed i can drop the ship angle(that was muses idea) and keep her basicaly a marine type cause the base concept again is a ground side commander and combatant.

Fifth-can do that

Sixth-Gotcha shouldnt be an issue.

Offline KruleTopic starter

Re: Exalted Alternate Universe: Gunstar Autochthon
« Reply #31 on: December 07, 2012, 03:40:34 PM »
Ah, as a soldier who transferred to the GDL, it is entirely possible,  that's were greater detail in the background would help me, she has four dots of sail, which is what confused me, she may not be a voidfighter pilot, but she can outfly some of them (note, you will likely be able to reach that point after completed character generation, so don't fret to much if you can't manage it now)  To really do that, you need both backing and connections.. in fact, it was asked to me in pm about the difference's between command, connections and backing, it might be helpful for me to repost it.

With regards to the difference between command and backing
Command is your personal Command, it goes where you go, answers to your command, is ordered as you desire, follows your training regime.
Backing for command means that you are slotted into command over a particular unit, having to come to terms with new officers under you, fix it to work your way, etc.
With regards to the difference between Backing and Connections
Backing allows you to requisition what you need for a task, artifacts, troops, and pick out the assignment you desire, but not specifics, you can ask for dragon blooded lead units, but specific units is a matter of connections
Connection allows you  to set the assignments you desire for others, pick out particular dragon-blooded officers, gives you allies and contacts within the army, for example, if you do have connections regarding the Academy, so you can influence the recruits you take to your command that way, but not so much active units.

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Offline AndyZ

Re: Exalted Alternate Universe: Gunstar Autochthon
« Reply #32 on: December 07, 2012, 03:48:26 PM »
If she's a ground assault fighter, wouldn't that be Deliberative Army?  We may well know each other.

Offline cryorage

Re: Exalted Alternate Universe: Gunstar Autochthon
« Reply #33 on: December 07, 2012, 05:40:05 PM »
honnestly im not familiar with this AU setting so i dont know ill take any help offered at this point.  like i stated orriginal concept was for her to be a space marine fighting with sword and elemental bolt/blast shes got 2 focusing lenses one in her sword and one in her armor to help that.  Im also well more than willing to start out knowing other PC's it makes life so much easier in game heh.  aside which i think a fair few would at least know of this character who held the line for 15 minutes against a horde of Daeva.

let me ask this tho.  do i need a ship at all?  like i stated i just want to be a ground pounder leading a group of Gunzosha.  if i can do it with out a ship that would rock.

Offline AndyZ

Re: Exalted Alternate Universe: Gunstar Autochthon
« Reply #34 on: December 07, 2012, 06:08:20 PM »
I don't have a ship.  I don't see why you would need one.

Come to the Deliberative Army and be my minion valued officer.

Offline cryorage

Re: Exalted Alternate Universe: Gunstar Autochthon
« Reply #35 on: December 07, 2012, 06:18:22 PM »
sure just remember i like sharp things and playing with fire ;P

Offline Zaer Darkwail

Re: Exalted Alternate Universe: Gunstar Autochthon
« Reply #36 on: December 07, 2012, 07:16:58 PM »
Ok, my char has 30 years experience as exalt. So I guess when he exalted in around age 28-29 his age would be at 58-59 now. I know one decade he studied in celestial academy, second decade he was scoundrel who was working secretly as test pilot. So where place third decade? Should he had been a decade 'lost' in Reaches until he was found?

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Re: Exalted Alternate Universe: Gunstar Autochthon
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Okay.  :)

Can we use the EXP to resolve the Background tweaks?

Other question:  If I need to have 20 extra years on my sister, do we need to be older?  Say, 50-60 years exalted? 

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Re: Exalted Alternate Universe: Gunstar Autochthon
« Reply #38 on: December 07, 2012, 09:37:41 PM »
Sheet should be mostly done, except for extra XP and the backstory. I put up a temporary backstory summary so you can get the gist of it, Krule, and I should have a more detailed finished version when Muse, Malixe and I get our stories straight.

Name: Bamulase Cathek
Type: Lunar Exalt
Caste: Full Moon
Age: 45
Apparent Age: 24
Height: 6’2”
Skin: Tanned
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green

Spirit Shape: Hronth
Tell: A patch of rough, scale-like skin where his ears ears should be.
Anima: Silvery figure of a large, scaled, turtle-headed creature roaring ferociously.

Motivation: Become the most respected scholar and savant in Autochthonia


--Scholars (Secret Admiration)
--Kuroshita Mai (Love and Loyalty)
--Kuroshita Kage (Love, Lust and Loyalty - Solar Mate)
--Kyruko Cinna (Respect)
--Sako the Familiar (Nasty Runt)
--Yozi Servants (Outlet for his anger)

Strength3  Charisma3  Perception2

Martial Arts5Ride0

Investigation: Analysis2Survival: In Space1
Dodge: In Space2Martial Arts: Natural Weapons3

Languages: Old Realm (native)

Artifact4 (Defensive: Moonsilver Perfected Kata Bracers, Moonsilver Hearthstone Bracers, Moonsilver Superheavy Plate, Verdant Dodecahedron)
Connections1 (Gunstar Defense Line)
Solar Bond4
Sifu2 (Kyruko Cinna [Lunar] ~ Lunar Hero Style, Art of Relentless Persuasion, Fire Dragon Style, White Reaper Style)
Backing2 (Gunstar Defense Line)
Backing1 (Void Hunt)

Compassion 2
Conviction 5
Temperance 1
Valor 3

Virtue Flaw (Conviction):
The Curse of the Rampaging Rhino   
The character cannot be denied. No matter how much anyone may insist they shouldn't pursue a certain goal because of societal pressure or inconvenience or simple impossibility, the Rampaging Rhino will not rest, eat or sleep until his goal has been attained, and will not stop to consider the best route, simply push forward in the most direct way. If anyone tries to stop him or stand in his way, he will attack with no mercy until they are no longer an obstacle. The Rampaging Rhino will not wait for allies to help or catch up, he will simply keep pushing forward.
Partial control: The character will not cease the pursuit of his goal, but he can stop and consider the best course of action. Rather than attack any who stand between him and his goal, the Rampaging Rhino can simply threaten them. He can also stop and allow like-minded allies to help him with his goal.

Willpower: 10

Essence: 4
Personal Motes: 24
Peripheral Motes: 56 (36)
Committed: 20


   Second Dexterity Excellency
        Golden Tiger Stance
        Instinct-Driven Beast Movement
        Furious Hound Pursuit

        First Strength Excellency
   Claws of the Silver Moon

        Third Stamina Excellency
   Relentless Lunar Fury
   Durable Battle-Mind

Lunar Hero Style;
   Foot-Trapping Counter
   Thousand Claw Infliction
   Rabid Beast Attitude
   Lunar Hero Form

   Deadly Beastman Transformation (Mutations: Void Adaptation, Biological Jets, Thick Skin)
   Internal Form Mastery
   Towering Beast Form
   Mountainous Spirit Expression

War Form Mutations
Void Adaptation (Affliction): Conveys the benefits of the Air Adaptation pox, and the breath-holding advantage of the Water Adaptation pox, as well as immunity to intense pressures.
Biological Jets (Blight): Add four dice to Strength for jumping distance in gravity, and allow maneuvering in zero-G.These jets are not sufficient for take-off and landing from anything larger than an asteroid.
Thick Skin (Affliction): As per the description in Manual of Exalted Power: Lunars.

Artifacts (Attunement): 
(2)  Moonsilver Hearthstone Bracers (4)
(3)  Moonsilver Superheavy Plate (set with Verdant Dodecahedron) (8)
(4)  Moonsilver Perfected Kata Bracers (8)
(3)  Verdant Dodecadron (This elemental core is identical to a Gem of Resilient Bamboo.) 

Punch: Speed 5, Accuracy 11, Damage 3B, Defense 6, Rate 3, N
Kick: Speed 5, Accuracy 10, Damage 6B, Defense 4, Rate 2, N
Clinch: Speed 6, Accuracy 10, Damage 3B, Defense 5, Rate 1, C,N,P

Dodge DV: 8
Dodge MDV: 8

Soak (Natural)
Bashing: 19(4)
Lethal: 21(4)
Aggravated: 15
Hardness: 10B/10L

OK   ( )
-1   ( )( )
-2   ( )( )
-4   ( )
I   ( )
D   ( )( )( )( )

Bonus Point Expenditures: 18 total
(2)  +2 Conviction
(5)  +5 Willpower
(1)  +1 Savant
(1)  +1 Artifact
(2)  +1 Solar Bond (3 to 4)
(2)  +4 Favored specialties
(5)  +1 Favored Charm: Furious Hound Pursuit

(Originally a black and white picture, I shittilly colored it with Photoshop.)

The original.

Hronth Bestiary Entry
Hronth are large, thick-scaled creatures with clawed arms and feet. They possess a tail that allows them to balance themselves on unsteady meteorites and maneuver in meteor clouds, and a pair of flaps on each shoulder that hide grooves from which jets of fire come out, allowing Hronth to propel and maneuver themselves in the void. Their heads are beaked like a turtle's, their jaws lined with horny ridges instead of teeth. They feed on minerals, and are capable of eating a meteorite within an hour.

S/D/S    P/I/W/W     Health Lvls   Atk (S/A/D/R,Tags)     Dodge DV/S
12/8/9   3/1/2/4    -0x3/-1x4/     Bite: 6/14/18B/1,P      6/4L/9B
                             -2x4/-4x2/I    Claw: 5/13/12L/2
Abilities: Athletics 4, Awareness 2, Dodge 2, Integrity 1, Investigation 2, Martial Arts 4, Presence 2, Resistance 5, Survival 4

Bamulase Cathek lived in Claslat since birth. His parents worked in a factory producing crossbow, and there he met a pair of twins his age whose parents also worked there. The two energetic, rambunctious girls could not have been any different from the bookish, calm Cathek, but the three became inseparable friends throughout their early years. The twins often got into trouble, much to Cathek's chagrin, but he went along to take care of his friends anyway. He dreamed of becoming a Yugash scholar, and was often buried in books except when he was out with Kage and Mai.

When he was eleven, the twins were sent to a prodigious dance school after impressing a group of Champions with a performance, and though Cathek was saddened to be separated from his two best friends except for the occassional visit, he nonetheless understood and encouraged them.

At fifteen, Cathek was finally able to travel to the Metropolis of Kadar in Yugash, and applied to one of the universities. He showed enough skill at reasoning and analysis that a thaumaturge was asked to scan his soulgem, but once they learned that none of his past incarnations were gifted scholars, he was rejected. Frustrated by the senseless rejection, he spurned his scholarly passions and focused on working at the factory. The twins had become successful dancers, and Cathek would watch their performances whenever he could, even becoming romantically involved with Kage. They were happy together, until the twins both Exalted during a performance, and though Cathek did his best to maintain the relationship, Kage was too focused on her Exalted pursuits to continue, and the two broke it off with the promise to remain friends, though this only fueled Cathek's bitterness.

He continued working at the factory, eventually being promoted for his wits to a slightly less menial positions. Instead of assembling crossbows, he was assigned to supervising transports. While Cathek was on a trip to Kamak to transport materials back to Claslat, the Gunstar came under attack by Kimbery's swarms. A wounded behemoth made its way into the Gunstar and terrorized the city, until it came upon Cathek. He saw no means of escape, and rather than cower and die he chose to stare the monster down and die on his feet. At that point, he felt a surge of power and purpose as the blessing of Luna came over him, and Cathek laughed as he charged forward, and with timely help from the Deliberative Army, took out all his frustration's at life's unfairness by bludgeoning the monster to death.

He has since joined the Gunstar Defense Line, having earned the title of The Raving Behemoth for his ferocity in battle, fighting all threats to the Gunstar with unmatched brutality. He has also reconnected with his two childhood friends, and upon meeting Kage again he felt the tug of the supernatural bond between them, marking them as mates. Though they've agreed not to start a relationship again, the two are close friends, though Cathek still wants more. An experienced Lunar in the Defense Line called Kyruko Cinna took Cathek under his wing, concerned that the Lunar's rage would lead him to his death. He has begun teaching Cathek martial arts, instructing him on how to focus and control his anger. Though it can be frustrating for Cathek, he respects the old Lunar sifu a great deal.

Unknown to all but Kage, Cathek still entertains his intellectual passions, studying history and the occult. He has a talent for analysis and maybe later even Sorcery, but refuses to actively pursue such things. But perhaps with the right push...
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Re: Exalted Alternate Universe: Gunstar Autochthon
« Reply #39 on: December 08, 2012, 01:29:49 AM »
Okay.  :)

Can we use the EXP to resolve the Background tweaks?

Other question:  If I need to have 20 extra years on my sister, do we need to be older?  Say, 50-60 years exalted?

Yes, you may
Yes, add about 10 years per 100 xp
so 50 to 60 years is fairly good.

Dracorion: Looks fairly good to me, will have to give it a more complete look when I get back from work.

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Re: Exalted Alternate Universe: Gunstar Autochthon
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Ok, edited my char with XP and changed name too. I assume Goldhammer is covered by same background as Rhaesha is (Goldhammer is kind considered minor contact/ally). I increased his cult to 5 because in 10 years working as Goldhawk he became a highly celebrated hero (a kind 'renegande' and 'rebel' because he did not work under Gunstar Defense Line and he made some taunting talks towards aces of the Gunstar Defense Line folks).

Also I got him heroism encouraging presence and phoenix renewal tactic combo as it allows him empower his stunts with five automatic successes (which do not count towards his dice cap) and thanks having Willstone of Strategos he can bolster his small unit's mass combat stats very high with his maxed War+Wits and 5 auto sux by channeling valor.

I debated on getting the sail charm which enchances group tactics and such but I thinked heroism encouraging presence is good enough to show his leadership skills in field of battle now. But because of his prowess and ability to lead (and he no longer having reason to hide his identity) he is likely haunted by recruiters from Gunstar Defense Line (because he is simply one best pilots around and could easily qualify to lead a larger squad of figthers). But three reasons prevent Jay accepting the offer; One is his personal lingering dislike to Gunstar Defense Line, second being that Rhaesha would not allow him pilot Phoenix/Radiant if he 'changes sides' (and Jay is grown fond on ID of Phoenix so even if Gunstar Defense Line would have similar craft ready for him he would not change sides). Third is that he likes his crew and likes working as five man unit than lead squad of hundreds of vessels (even if he could conceal whole unit's presence from battle to ambush the enemy).

Anyways got 5th dot essence in and also got him Solar Fire Methodology so he can conjure out of thin air a prayer piece (a orihalcum gun) to use his archery charms.

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Re: Exalted Alternate Universe: Gunstar Autochthon
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Thank you for taking this over. I hope everyone will enjoy it.

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Re: Exalted Alternate Universe: Gunstar Autochthon
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*waves to Riveda*  I hope you're doing better. 

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Re: Exalted Alternate Universe: Gunstar Autochthon
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   Okay, boss, you mentioned Xeres and Loran.  What are they?   

   How is this going to overlap with our working with the Void Hunt to ferret out infiltrators and traitors, while using performance to restore and build morale? 

   Oh, and Kuroshita is our family name.  My character is Mai. 

Draco also gets 500 EXP right?  As he's a different sort of Celestial from Mai? 

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Re: Exalted Alternate Universe: Gunstar Autochthon
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Bonus: I originally planned to lump the various celestials into one group, but the difference made me change my mind, solars are on their own power level.. celestials are closer but differ somewhat between each other, so each group will have their own

Xeres and Loran are cities in the reaches, and unlike nations which are made up of multiple alchemicals, those are two cities alone, which is why they are put together, rather then seperately. [they are mentioned in the Alchemical book and covered in the Celestial Directions Alchemical book, they are somewhat different in the Gunstar setting, but close enough not to be significantly altered in my book.. some things are different, but not much]

The Soulsteel Patropolis of Xexas - This Alchemical city is anchored at the base of the elemental pole of metal, with spirals extending down into the elemental pole of smoke, allowing access to the metals that fall into this pole, vast wastlands of metal, some of which are quite valuable, the filtration baffles that filter huge amounts of smoke into Elsewhere, and allows voidfighter practice in hostile conditions (the pole of Smoke is very inhospitable to life)

The Moonsilver Metropolis of Loran - Loran is a Alchemical city that is fully moble, equipped with metropolis version of the Fluid Impeller Drive, Loran collects oil and minerals from metalic coral formations (various metals growing from the pole of metal, including the magical materials form out here, except Orichalcum, which they mine when the city anchors itself to the pole of Metal for a period of time.

Both cities have experimental and practical purposes, at the least they allow platforms of access to the most inhospitable regions of Autochthon, but they also allow study and exploration of ideas that are presently impossible in the eight nations.

NOTE: I've been very busy with things last two days  which is why some responses have been slow... cryorage, I remember I need to get back to you in Ember Rain, I havn't forgotten, just haven't had the time.

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Re: Exalted Alternate Universe: Gunstar Autochthon
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While I'm working on other matters, perhaps I should put up a few useful details about about Hadal, deliberative politics and some information about each of the various regions of Autochthon as well as the nations, and Divinities.

Hallow Advocate of Law - this is the Orichalcum central city of Hadal, a perfect sphere with a spiral stretching upward in the center for the Deliberative itself, Hadal is split into 5 districts based on each of the solar castes.. circling the center city is the next city, Luminescent Orb Defender,  who circles around the center in a set of moonsilver circlets, so to speak.. rising from below, is the starmetal city, Entangled Guide of Stars, who seperates into 5 spirals around the city and has starmetal bridges as threads between each tower, and down to the 3 closest districts to that spiral.. in another circle, but she reaches down to grasp and anchor the city to the city below, where the Palace of the Maiden and the Loom of Fate is anchored to the Adamant caste - Divine Weaver of Threads, this city is forbidden to all save the divinities and their priests.. and while technically every Non-Alchemical Celestial Exalt is a sort of divinity, the only ones automatically welcome are those who are naturally priests - All Sidereals, Zeniths and No Moons..  Others need to either be priests in other ways, or an invitation from the Maidens or the Divine Ministers, for this city not only holds the divinities, Adamant threads even stretch down to the Core itself.  Beyond these are five Jade cities devoted to matters of the dragon-blooded encircling these 4 central alchemical cities, and beyond them, another 3 soulsteel cities, making up a grant total of 12 alchemical cities to the Centropolis of Hadal.

Deliberative Politics
Factions: Militant, Centralist, Visionary

Militant Faction Goals: Military Development, Transfomation of Gunstar, Troop Deployment, War with Primordials, etc.
Centralist Faction:  Benefits to the Realm, the Nations, Defenses, etc.
Visionary Faction: Pushes for Extra-Ordinary Solutions, Seeking Gaia and Luna, Freeing the Unconquered Sun, Transformation of Gunstar, Creation of New Possibilities, etc.

Despite the fact these are different factions, a sizable group of individuals vote with more then one group, however, each solar has one vote, so the numbers come out as follows, in terms of groupings, and according to ancient law, a clear majority of 60% of the Solar Deliberative is needed to set a vote to law, based on the original numbers of 300, with 50 solars not as part of the realm (presently indicated as the Lost), either with the Sun or with Gaia and Luna, that comes out to 72% of the vote, which is a number that requires considerable compromise on the factions part.  Solars unable to attend (for one reason or another) are consider abstaining, but it still counts.. as such, the Deliberative also allows Proxies, a Solar may Proxy their vote to another Solar, or to their Lunar mate if they are not going to be available.  In the event of a untimely death, the Proxy held by their Lunar mate, or if the Lunar is also dead, the Sidereal Vizier assigned to the Solar, until such time as they are reborn.
Numbers: Pure Militant (Approximately 60) Pure Centralist (Approximately 45) Pure Visionary (Approximately 30) Militant - Centralist (Approximately 35) Militant - Visionary (Approximately 30) Centralist - Visionary (Approximately 25) Non-Aligned - (Approximately 25) The Lost - (Approximately 50)


Unlike certain other realities, the Five Maidens have nothing in this setting like the games of divinity to distract them from their duties and motivations, in addition, the Seven Divine Ministers and Core itself are active, but non of these beings are too meddlesome, the Maidens prefer subtle action, and the Divine Ministers prefer not to call to much attention to themselves from the exalted host.
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Re: Exalted Alternate Universe: Gunstar Autochthon
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Ok, my char has 30 years experience as exalt. So I guess when he exalted in around age 28-29 his age would be at 58-59 now. I know one decade he studied in celestial academy, second decade he was scoundrel who was working secretly as test pilot. So where place third decade? Should he had been a decade 'lost' in Reaches until he was found?

The last is very unlikely, but not impossible for a night caste on the move, but the Loom of Fate makes it very difficult, personally I suggest helping Mai with her hunt for Kage Kuroshita, which means that fluid impeller fit isn't exactly unlikely, besides, as outskirts of the realm, both the pole of smoke and oil are areas that are concerns for the void hunt, sometimes things can slip though the cracks out here... which is why the two cities of Loran and Xexes were encouraged in the Deliberative.. and Raesha could be looking at testing her prize ship in hostile conditions (both oil and smoke)

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Re: Exalted Alternate Universe: Gunstar Autochthon
« Reply #47 on: December 11, 2012, 06:21:03 AM »
I determined one his 'decade' was as mortal.

10-18 he was becoming the trouble maker and he ran to Reaches when his personality was about to be reprogrammed.
19-28 he was in reaches as mortal (it counts towards 100 XP) and then exalting as a solar who had mortal background with 100 XP.
29-37 he studied in celestial academy (instead of year he studied eight because he had lots bad habbits from Reaches and he was lazy/stubborn sort)
38-48 he was graduated from academy and he worked for Rhaesha as test pilot but quite recently he 'unmasked' himself as Goldhawk and was welcomed warmly into solar society (and much for his chargin to endure dress gala parties to advertise success of the project).

I bolded the years which gave 100 XP about.

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Re: Exalted Alternate Universe: Gunstar Autochthon
« Reply #48 on: December 12, 2012, 10:48:18 AM »
Zaer: Fair enough, on a different note, from your background, you prefer an elder lunar for his mate? I can work with that, or not as you prefer.
Muse: when you update your character, don't forget Astrological charms are available to you, if you want them.
Malixe: You have one more favored ability to chose
Dracorian: Sheet looks fine, but I count 2 unspent bonus points
cryorage: sent you a pm, let me know your thoughts.

  • Andyz:  Steel Orchid - Dawn Caste, General - Complete
  • Zaer Darkwail: Jay Jadestar - Night Caste, Voidfighter Pilot - Complete
  • Muse: Kuroshita Mai, Serenity Caste, Character in Progress 
  • Malixe: Kage Kuroshita, Zenith Caste, Character in Progress 
  • Cryorage: Ember Rain, Fire Aspect, Character in Progress
  • Dracorian: Bamulase Cathek, Full Moon, Character in Progress

Plenty of openings for anyone else interested.

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Re: Exalted Alternate Universe: Gunstar Autochthon
« Reply #49 on: December 12, 2012, 11:02:45 AM »
I prefer elder lunar. But if we get player who is interested roleplay as Jay's lunar mate I do not mind it either :).