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Started by Hannibal, August 16, 2005, 05:51:34 PM

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I placed an add in the OCC for Medieval Master and Servant and received no reply, so I thought I would place it here for a wider audience.


My roleplaying partner, Toes and I are looking for another female slave for my character Raith, a large, unsophisticated barbarian. In the Raith's Lodgings thread Raith has mentioned finding another slave to train Aislinn. That is just a hook as I don't mind another untrained slave. The story arc is that the new slave introduces Aislinn, Toes's character, to pleasures of lesbian sex. You can find the two threads Raith and Aislinn have been involved in here:


The only requirements are:

1. Human female

2. No magical or mystical powers.

3. A female player who enjoys writing girl on girl scenes

4. The character should have sexual experience with other women.

I have some ideas for characters, but nothing definite.

1. The slave of the owner of the house Raith has appropriated returns for some reason and Raith captures her for his own enjoyment.

2. A similar idea, but the daughter of the owner returns. A virgin, but has engaged in sexual encounters with either her female slaves or her lady friends.

3. A trained pleasure slave that Raith sneaks out to buy or steal. She could be trained to pleasure men and women or have been owned by woman and trained only to pleasure women.

I'd prefer that the character isn't a slave already conditioned to be the perfect slave. I like a bit of tension between slave and master to give us something to play off. That doesn't mean I want the other extreme of a rebellious slave. Just something to add a little zing. The haughty daughter of the houseowner who needs to be broken or a slave trained to please only woman and thinks herself too superior to serve a man sort of tension.

If any ladies are interested then please send me a PM.

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