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April 15, 2021, 06:20:45 pm

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Author Topic: "It Only Affects Men" - Zombie story with a difference. Recruiting Survivors  (Read 13395 times)

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Offline AurelieCatena

You need someone to devise zombie monsters and half-infected man-beasts whose sole purpose is to chase the women about, catch, chain them up, abuse them, and then get shot in the head?


Yeah.  I'm in.

I think you got the essence of the character right! That's the only way you can play a male character. That's for Zombies. You can play one isolated individual or a full horde of them.

The marauders are gangs of women who survive by raiding upon other Survivors. For those, we would need several characters/players, I would say at least three.

Offline chicklady

Love the sounds of this!  I'll drop you a character sheet later today if I can.  She would be a rescuee, but with some survivor skills....


Offline Melkart

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That would be perfect.  :-)

Offline chicklady

Hi Guyettes!

  I'd be glad to jump in - I would be a rescuee (although not a completely helpless one).  I'll send in a profile if you're still interested.  Send me directions how to copy the profile?  (Its been a long time since I played here, so I'm rusty!).


Offline scribus1000

Use the template from the first page of this topic:

Code: [Select]
[b]Player Name:[/b] Your login-id

[floatright][img height=300 padding=5]Please paste the url of your character's image here[/img][/floatright]
[b]Name:[/b] Character's [u]REAL[/u] name
[b]Alias (if any):[/b] What does she want to be called?
[b]Age:[/b] Min 16, max 55.
[b]Profession:[/b] What was her job [i][u]before[/u][/i] the apocalypse?

[b]Survivalist or Rescuee:[/b] Basically is she a Domme or a Sub?

[b]Height:[/b] Use cm [u]and[/u] inches please? 1"=2.54cm
[b]Weight:[/b] Again, please use Lbs and Kg. 1 lb = 0.45 kg

[b]Hair colour:[/b] If unclear from the picture
[b]Eye colour:[/b] If unclear from the picture

[b]Special skills:[/b] What skills, either professional or amateur, does she bring to the community?

[b]Weapons:[/b] What is she armed with, if anything?
[b]Other equipment:[/b] What else does she bring in order to use her skills?

[b]Likes:[/b] What floats her boat?
[b]Dislikes:[/b] What sinks it?

[b]Personality:[/b] What is she like? How will she react as a person? How is she coping with the current crisis? How does she react towards others. You know the stuff...

[b]History:[/b] A brief summary of her life before the apocalypse and a brief description of how she got into the compound.

Although I'm not sure that the "how she got into the compound" part still applies at the moment, as the original cast of characters who reside there are inactive and the story does not follow them. I'd go with it just to be sure though.
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Offline chicklady

(sorry...tried to insert the code, but messed up somehow)

Player Name Chicklady

Name: Marie Stevenson
Alias (if any): None
Age: Probably about 35.  (she refuses to say)
Profession: Office worker/mom?

Survivalist or Rescuee: Rescuee

Height: 5 ft 4 inches; 165 cm
Weight: 115 lbs, 52 kg. 

Hair colour: Brown
skills: A good cook, even under primitive conditions.  Although not professionally trained, she can fire a handgun at short range with good accuracy.

Weapons: A .32 pistol, a pocket knife, and a baseball bat.
Other equipment: An assortment of cooking/camping gear.

Likes: Seeing dead zombies.
Dislikes: Reminders of her family. 

Personality: Marie is very much bipolar, although it is uncertain if this is because of lack of meds or the result of trauma.  In her "happy" state, she is bubbly and jumps to volunteer to help anyone.  She buzzes around like a bee on steroids and often goes days with little sleep.  In her "down" state, she tends to hide in corners and avoids human contact.  When down, she'll continue to work, but she may need to be kicked into action.  Her reactions to others depends very much on what state she is in.  In either state, however, she will tend to mother younger women and care for wounded or sick people. 

History: Marie was an ordinary woman before that fateful day.  She was known as a great mother, a diligent volunteer, and a respected worker at a bank.  She was well-known as a girl scout leader.  She dearly loved her husband, and learned to shoot a handgun to join in his hobby, and loved her teenage son and daughter.  She came home from work one day to find her husband and son literally ripping her daughter apart.  Somehow she managed to destroy them with the baseball bat that happened to be nearby, the same bat she always carries with her now.  Finding that the whole neighborhood had gone crazy, she had grabbed her scouting gear and fled into some nearby woods.  There she managed to hide until she was found by a band of survivors.

Offline scribus1000

You didn't need the code part, I just put that in to make it convenient to copy/paste. You already have the bold text, etc.

Your character looks good to me. *nods*

Offline chicklady

Thanks!  Look forward to getting out of the gate