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Author Topic: Sable's Desires (Original Ideas/Multiple Genres -- F for M)  (Read 1827 times)

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Sable's Desires (Original Ideas/Multiple Genres -- F for M)
« on: December 02, 2012, 05:37:24 PM »
Hello and welcome to Sable's Desires. In the past, I've gotten the RPs I desire by lurking in this forum and looking to fulfill other people's requests. However, lately, I've found a lot of requests that I'm interested in--but that have one non-negotiable element that turns me away. Or just aren't quite what I'm looking for, but would take an awful lot of time and negotiation to rework. So, here you'll find my own ideas and interests. I'll update them from time to time.

A Note on the Type of RP Partner I'm Looking For: The key word there is partner. I prefer my roleplays to be collaborative stories, rather than a "game" where one person does all the work, and the other gets to play. If you're looking for a DM type partner, I'm not your girl. I ask that you demonstrate good literacy. Your spelling doesn't have to be perfect, but if you demonstrate a pattern of not being able to even hit spell check, I'll probably ask you to look somewhere else. If you're the King or Queen of One-Liners, you won't last long with me. I don't ask for huge posts; if you look at my post history, you'll see some of mine aren't all that long. But one-liners are rarely acceptable. When it comes to post length, I often reciprocate--what I mean by that is, if you post a decent length, it gives me enough to post one back also of decent length. Also, I don't care if you're male or female, or a male playing a female character, or a female playing a male character. The kind of character I'm looking for will depend on the particular roleplay... in most, it will probably be a male character. I will be playing the female character in all case of F/F, I will specify which one I'll be playing.

Please note, my policy for RP partners is not necessarily first come, first served. If you PM me about an idea, you need to have at least a general idea of what you want for your character. Depending on the general idea we flesh out for the plot, it may be more viable to have you start the thread rather than me. You need to be at least willing to consider that, or don't bother PMing me. Thanks.

Note on Plot Availability: A plot's most recent availability status is listed in THIS post. Other posts may say a plot is available, but that post may have been made at an earlier time.

My O/O's:

Please PM me if any of these ideas interest you, and we can discuss details there. You can also PM me with any of your own ideas as well. You may also reply here if you are interested.

Specific Plot Ideas

Sci-Fi Settings

Currently Taken Adam and Eve: (Incest, Possible Bestiality)It was to be mankind's greatest achievement--a fully functioning colony world that would be ready to begin easing Earth's overcrowding population, set up within fifty years. Unfortunately, as the colony ship entered orbit of the world it was set to land on, it struck a cloud of uncharted, microscopic space rocks that essentially turned the ship into swiss cheese. Everyone onboard died, except for two people: Alexia and her son. Somehow, they made it to the surface in an escape pod. Alexia's assigned mating partner is dead, and her son is not really her biological son; he was a boy who she took under her wing when his parents died while in transit on the colony ship, near the beginning of the journey nearly ten years ago.

Together, they are able to start setting up a place to live. Enough supplied made it down in drop pods for them to have a fairly comfortable life. The planet is dangerous, and has a plethora of large wild animals--both friendly and otherwise. Alexia knows they will be able to live out their lives here, as long as they're not afraid of hard work. But there's a bigger problem. Earth will be sending more settlers in fifty years, and if there's not a thriving settlement on the planet when they arrive, many of them will die. And there's no way Alexia and her adopted son can create the colony all by themselves. They'll need help.

Alexia knows there's only one solution: she'll have to mate with her son and begin populating a new civilization. Genetically, it's not a problem, since the 16-year-old boy is not her biological son. But she's raised him since he was 6, and he considers her to be every bit his mother. Will she be able to convince him to begin breeding her, for the good of the colony?

Possible Twists: There are some ways we could change this around. 1.) In the original format, Alexia will be about 30 years old. However, we could do this as more of a brother/sister plot, in which case she'd be a year or two older than him. 2.) The boy could be Alexia's biological son, if that makes it hotter for you. ;) 3.) I mentioned wildlife...some of it might be fun to play with, if bestiality is your thing. It certainly is mine!

Character Pics (Mother Alexia):
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I know, I know, not original, but she'd be a HOT mom! :P

(Sister Alexia):
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Fantasy Settings

The Magister's Project: (Bestiality, Non-Con, Light BDSM) He was accepted into the Magister's Order because he's brilliant. The youngest man accepted to the Order, he quickly rose through the ranks demonstrating great skill both with science and magic. He has made Kings and Queens powerful. He has brought down entire kingdoms. He has destroyed his rivals, both commoners and fellow Magisters alike. He's now ranked number 2 in the Order. But lately, he's been hitting a wall; no matter what he tries, he just can't seem to make the breakthrough he needs to become the Head of the Order. And so he embarks on an ambitious project: he will create the perfect warriors for the highest bidder. Werewolves, centaurs, minotaurs, half-dragons...creatures of a past age. But if he can figure out how to recreate them, he'd be the most powerful--and wealthiest--magister ever. He will have to breed a woman with wolves, horses, bulls and captured dragons to see if he can figure out the right amount of science and magic necessary to make her conceive the perfect half-breed. But not just any woman will do.

Luck is with him. Talairyn Argos, Countess of Province Argos, 7th in the Line of Succession to the Ivory Throne, has been captured in battle. She is a woman of noble blood, but her besieged land can't ransom her back. So she's sold as a slave, and she is put up for auction on the very same day our ambitious magister is browsing the slave markets looking for a suitable breeder. The magister will by the unfortunate young countess and breed her with various beasts to see if he can make his breakthrough. Talairyn will not be a willing subject however. Will he attempt to make her into a submissive slave, or simply let the beasts have their way with her? Will she eventually become a willing participant, as she is broken and gives into her animalistic lusts?

Talairyn Argos:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Currently TakenFoxgirl Warrior: ("Furry", Possible Bestiality, Possible Non-con) Xavi is a young woman caught up in her land's century-long war for survival. Her country, a largely agricultural, peaceful region, has been under siege by migrating tribes of orcs and other monsters for since long before she was born. However, Xavi is not like other people in her country; they're all human, and she's a foxgirl. No one really knows where she came from. She was found in the woods by a soldier who was fighting off a band of orcs. Is she the offspring of a woman raped by one of the creatures raiding the land? Or is she from a completely unique race that remains as yet undiscovered? Even Xavi doesn't know, but it hardly matters to her. She was raised by humans and they showed her nothing but kindness and acceptance. Now that she's come of age, she's enlisted in the army to fight back against the monsters, and try to repay her debt to society. She's become a skilled scout and warrior, wearing light armor and using twin short swords to move quickly and quietly through the woods and wreak havoc among the enemy.

This plot is rather open ended, and could go a variety of ways. Does Xavi catch the eye of one of her fellow soldiers? Is she captured by some of the raiding monsters? Or does she find something even worse in the deep, dark forests on one of her scouting missions? Feel free to get in touch with me, and we can discuss how this goes.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Currently TakenHorsegirl Slave: (Futa, Dom/Sub, Non-Con, Possible Bestiality) Miri is a 16-year-old slave girl. She was born to slaves who worked the rock quarries of the north, so she's quite strong, and very toned. But she seems a bit more toned, strong, and rugged than most girls her age. And there's a reason for that: somewhere in her lineage, Miri has some horse or centaur blood. And there's something else that makes Miri rather unique: in addition to being female, she is endowed with a rather large horse cock, a trait that hasn't occurred in her lineage for years.

When the slavers who owned the mines wanted to make some more money, they sold Miri to traders. Now she's been auctioned off to a new master/mistress. However, girls with Miri's...traits...aren't well received in society, and so to hide her true physical traits, the traders clothe her in a bulky brown robe. Unfortunately, this also hides her long, shapely legs, well-rounded hips, and ample bust. But it's a sacrifice they have to make, if they want to trick a wealthy noble into buying Miri.

Your characters is a wealthy noble, either male or female, who buys Miri thinking she's just a normal girl. Whether you buy her intending to use her as a sex slave, or as just a general servant, is up to you. How you react to finding out she is incredibly well-endowed with a horsecock is also up to you. Do you take pity on her, and nurture within her healthy sexual habits? Or do you treat her cruelly, using her to sate your own dark lusts? Do you get your rich friends to gather and watch her perform with other animals? That's up to you. Playing a futa character is brand new to me, so I appreciate your patience with me

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Modern/Urban Fantasy Setting

In NegotiationsNo Good Deed Unpunished: (Bestiality, Non-Con, Demon) Harmony is a freshman at college. It's a huge school, and she lives alone in her big dorm apartment, which is meant for no fewer than four people. She's having a hard time making friends; since she's so shy, she spends most of her time alone, in her room, studying. She's really very sweet, and very pretty, but she just can't seem to get up the courage to go out and do social things.

One day, a huge storm system moves over her college town, putting down so much rain it threatens to flood the whole town. Classes are cancelled, and around noon, Harmony is hurrying back to her apartment, walking in the rain. Along the way, she sees a large, wolf-like dog without an owner in sight...apparently lost, and in desperate need of someone to help him out. Animals aren't allowed in the dorms, but Harmony fears the dog will be hurt if the nearby river rises too much, so she takes pity on him and sneaks him into her room. Little does she know that the dog is a demon in disguise, searching for a human mate. Both of them are soaked when they get back to her room, so Harmony strips down and begins to dry the poor dog off...not realizing he intends to have his way with her.

Whether your character assumes a different form after this encounter or not is up to you. Exactly what he does and intends with Harmony is also up to you. This can be non-con all the way, or Harmony might end up enjoying the kinky sex with the various shapes the demon can assume. The demon may even succeed and impregnate her. Either way, due to the flood, Harmony will be stranded in her largely abandoned apartment building for several days with the demon...

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Currently Taken
The Cowgirl: (Lactation, Forbidden Relationship, Possible Non-Con/Bestiality) Your character (preferably male or futa female) hires on at a ranch way out in the country, some distance from the nearest town. As you start your first day of work, everything seems normal. It's a normal ranch, and your work is normal; you're used to it and you do it well. But at the end of the day, one of the ranch hands takes you out to milk "the cowgirl." There are two variations on this plot.

1: As the ranch hand takes you out to one of the stables, he/she leads you up to a young woman (around 17 or 18 years old). You'd noticed her earlier in the day; she's the rancher's daughter. You knew she was unusually busty for a girl of her slender build, but as she pulls open her shirt when the ranch hand approaches, you realize that she's "the cowgirl!" Her own daddy has her milk harvested for various sexy purposes, and you're put in charge of milking her. She's an extremely attractive girl, and you very quickly find yourself wanting her in various ways.

2: This has a bit more of a fantastical edge to it. You're led out to one of the stables, and kept in the back in a little stall is what looks to be a young girl (16 to 17). Except she's naked, and besides having remarkably large breasts for one of her slender, petite build, she's also got a long, slender tail...somewhat cow-like, but the same color as her skin, with a tuft of hair at the end. "Perfect for getting a grip on her," the ranch hand says, as he promptly grabs her by the base of her tail just above her tight little butt, and dumps her on her hands and knees in the hay. The girl is almost completely human and very intelligent, but she's been treated like an animal for a long time, and isn't very comfortable around humans. Sometimes she gets feisty and uncooperative when it's time to be milked. Over time, you develop an irresistible sexual attraction to the cowgirl. One night, after a long shift when everyone else has gone to bed, you commit the pin the cowgirl down and have your way with her tight little body. She doesn't much care for having something long and thick rammed into her tight young pussy, but she's just the cowgirl...who's she going to tell? Looks like you've got yourself a new fucktoy.

Kellie (Kel)
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General Ideas

Naive Rancher's Daughter x Ranch Hand/New Cowboy In Town/New Horse on the Ranch
New Female Mercenary Recruit x Mercenary Boss...or even the whole unit ;) (Sci-fi Setting)
Nobleman's Daughter x Demon/Beast/Enemy Noble (Fantasy)
Futa Girl in a Fantasy/Steampunk/Sci-Fi Setting

Characters In Search of a Plot

Explorer Girl:
She's young, but she's got something to prove, and she has the daring and the motivation to prove it. Nothing and no one - not Mother Nature, and not even potential monsters or other devious characters, will hold her back.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Currently TakenThe Cartographer's Daughter: Her father was one of the preeminent mapmakers in the world, most of which is still unexplored. Now he's missing, and she's on her own. Maybe she's trying to find him. Maybe she's trying to prove one of his theories about an unexplored part of the world. One thing's for sure: she's not ready for what she'll find out there. I envision this being a sort of steampunk setting, but I'm open to other ideas, too.

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Currently TakenScientist:

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Fisherman's Daughter:

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Re: Sable's Desires (Original Ideas/Multiple Genres -- F for M)
« Reply #1 on: January 24, 2013, 02:34:55 PM »
RP Status: Pretty Busy

Might be open to one or two more, but you'll have to really sell me on the idea! ;)
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Re: Sable's Desires (Original Ideas/Multiple Genres -- F for M)
« Reply #2 on: February 20, 2013, 04:49:40 PM »
Quick question, are you okay with sexual driven RPs? (ofcourse with plot support)

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Re: Sable's Desires (Original Ideas/Multiple Genres -- F for M)
« Reply #3 on: February 21, 2013, 12:59:39 PM »
Quick question, are you okay with sexual driven RPs? (ofcourse with plot support)

Yes, I am.

Also, update to the thread--some of the above plots have been taken. Please take another look if you haven't recently, to see what's still available. Thanks for everyone's interest!
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