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May 25, 2018, 12:29:18 AM

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Author Topic: Frozen Struggles Ideas...  (Read 308 times)

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Frozen Struggles Ideas...
« on: December 02, 2012, 02:51:12 PM »
Please check my ons/offs thread before contacting me.  Thank you.

Story Ideas:

  • Mouse:  On any given night, in any given place, this young woman can be found slipping into and out of various complexes, buildings, and rooms. Silently she moves, using every window, ventilation shaft, crack and crevice to retrieve her target. Stealth-fully she slips unnoticed, stealing items that most humans would never consider to be valuable. Sometimes, a slightly burnt family heirloom, other times taking a tarnished ring, brooch, or bracelet. She knew better than to believe the items were simple. She knew better than to underestimate the magi of old, who were crafty in choosing which items to enchant, which items to offer their wielders special powers. Who would ever guess that their parents pair of chopsticks could potentially summon forth unbreakable shackles? No normal human would ever guess that a worn-out paper clip could break any enchantment over another person. And the bracelet and earrings set, humans would never think that whoever wore the bracelet would control whoever else might wear the matching earrings.

    Mouse believes. Mouse knows. And for those willing to pay a high price, she'd gladly steal from any target in the world. The small human female could get into anywhere, break any code, and bypass any enchantment. At least, thats what she claims. To this day, that still holds true.
  • Katrin: As the founder of Talrick Enterprises, Katrin Arios had made a name for herself. Through sheer determination, she'd managed to create a formula and symbol that allowed for near perfect combination of magic and physical items. This allowed for the 5 foot 4 inch petite woman to ascend into the ranks of the upper class at a rapid pace.

    Today, the once bookworm can be found wearing the best clothing money can buy, usually in the form of black slacks and some sort of specialty shirt. She still never wears any shoes with heels over 1 inch, due to the fact that her balance isn't all that great. At one time, her hair was a tangled mess that she could hardly maintain. Now, the raven black hair was straight and well kept, hanging down to the small of her back. Her green eyes that before had been shielded by glasses were now fixed and normally covered instead with a random pair of designer sunglasses. Of course, her cute face helped to continue further her elevating into the High Class society.

  • Tanisha: The nimble fighter was making a splash around the world as she took on various artists with her own unique style of fighting. Nobody really knew where she came from, nor did she ever have a desire to tell anyone. Several had made efforts to be her manager or her friend, but she shunned them all, leaving her alone, and leaving everyone else without much information on her. She specializes in quick, punishing, and focused punches that seem to be aimed at disabling her opponents by damaging their muscles. Speed is her best friend in a fight, and she uses every bit of it to her advantage while she searches for the man who killed her older brother.

    Into the distance she would continue, the 5'11 brunette with the braided hair. Everyone knew and could remember that silver ring which hung at the end of her hair, near her mid back. Her hair was tied around it, and as opponents had cut at it, they'd quickly found that it did nothing but grow back, sometimes longer, sometimes shorter. Either way, not even she could remove the ring from her hair. Blue eyes were always cold and calculating even after her fights. She remains rather thin despite working out hard, her muscles simply well toned. A blue t-shirt covers her upper half made a half size small for her so that it wouldn't get into her way. Even smaller, it didn't show much of her b-cup breasts, held back by a tight sports bra that worked to keep them out of her way. Black pants were a bit more loose than her shirt, and blue flat-soled shoes wrapped around her feet to keep them protected.

Other ideas are welcome.  Characters can be made on the fly to fit most settings.  Hope to hear from you soon!