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Author Topic: Misfortune Calls (M looking for F) - TAKEN  (Read 568 times)

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Online WheresmycowTopic starter

Misfortune Calls (M looking for F) - TAKEN
« on: November 30, 2012, 11:28:47 pm »

Always the most important part of any RP I feel:

Things I'm looking for in a partner:

Spelling and Grammar - I'm not expecting a college degree on 'Writing'.  However, poor spelling and grammar is rough on the eyes for me, and it does impact my enjoyment.  In terms of what I'm looking for, I think this request thread is a pretty good indicator of where I'm at in terms of the technical side of writing, and where I'd like my partner to be.  Feel free to take a look at my post history and get more of an idea if you'd like.  I'm far from perfect, so I won't expect you to be, but at the same level would be perfect.

Communication - Things like letting each other know when we're busy and so on.  I try not to prod if the posting is slow, and my automatic reaction when my partner doesn't post for awhile is usually "Oh my god, I hope they didn't get hurt or sick" rather than "That lazy bitch!".  If I can get a sense of how often you post, then you won't hear a peep from me about how long it takes.

Equal Contribution - I don't want to do the lion share of running NPCs, and coming up with new plot ideas.  I don't expect you to do it either.  Cooperating together to write a good story is the key here, so I'll do my best to keep it interesting if you'll do the same.

Easy Going - We should be doing this for fun, so getting worked up about posting to a strict schedule and hitting specific plots points at certain intervals doesn't seem to be such a great idea.  I post anywhere from same day to two days later, and will usually warn you if it's going to be later than that.

Honesty - If you're not having fun, tell me.  If you don't like an idea I propose, tell me.  If you want to call it quits, let me know.  There won't be hard feelings over it: your time is precious and I don't want to waste it.

As for my O&O, just click my roleplay preferences and it'll give you an idea of what I'm into.  However, while I'm into them, they aren't mandatory by any means.  So if you see something you're not into, let me know and it won't come up.  And if something is a major turn on for you but isn't mentioned at all, ask me and I will let you know right after updating my O&O.

Now that all of that is out of the way, onto...

The Story Idea:
~The land of Alteria is one in conflict between the humans and the beastmen.  For hundreds of years the two have clashed with each other, periods of border conflict escalating into full blown war.  Neither side has ever gained an advantage for very long, and there is no end to the conflict in sight.

The humans have a great kingdom, ruled by a long line of monarchs. Successors are chosen by the eldest child, regardless of gender, and it has seen its fair share of male and female Kings.  Below them are the High Nobles, who are tasked to oversee their lands and rally their banners for their King in times of war.  Serving the High Nobles are the Knights, nobles themselves but with smaller lands to manage and smaller armies of troops as well.  Making up the majority of the populace are the commoners, be they the merchant, the carpenter or the farmer.  While they dream of climbing up the social ladder and obtaining a better life, few ever do.  Humanity's reach extends far and wide, save for a ring of imposing mountains that surround a forest: the Dragon's Maw, home of the beast clans.

The beasts clans are dynastic in nature, with the main family served by branch families.  Organized around the various animals they share ties to, their bloodlines extend far back into history, more so than any given human King can trace their lineage to.  Secluded in the Dragon's Maw, the beast clans are fairly unknown, save for that they are stronger, faster and tougher than an ordinary human, their mixture of animal and human appearance frightening to most people.  Because of this, they are made off as barbaric and uncivilized, but this couldn't be further from the truth.

But all of this is history.  The story begins when the head of a beast clan seeks marriage with the daughter of another clan.  This is unheard of, as bloodlines are meant to be kept pure, but the head is a great warlord, who seeks to finally extend out of the Dragon's Maw and take the lands of the humans.  To do so, he needs to unify the beast clans, because that will give him the numbers to achieve victory.  The human King, through spycraft and magic, has learned of this warlord, and comes up with a plan to remove this threat to humanity.  The King sends out the Burned King, an infamous assassin wrapped completely in bandages.  Though many have dealt with him, none have seen his true form.  The Burned King is reluctant to take on this assignment, but the King has managed to seize his parents and siblings, and so is forced to kill the warlord if he wants them safely back.

The bride-to-be is a reluctant one at best, and completely against it in all truth.  While she may not be concerned about maintaining the purity of her lineage, she doesn't take kindly to the idea of being used as an object to achieve one person's ambition.  Though she tries to find a way out of the marriage, there doesn't seem to be much hope.  That is, until the Burned King comes to assassinate her groom.  Seeing an opportunity, she lets herself be captured as a hostage, forcing the Burned King to make his escape.  After all, a kidnapped bride is as good as a wife in rallying the beast clans against the humans.  On his part, the Burned King has failed, and now needs to find a way to stop the beast clans from joining together while obtaining the warlord's head if he is to save his family.~

So yes, major fuck-up on the assassin's part, now that he's kidnapped the equivalent of a princess instead of killing his target.  What stops him from simply killing her?  Because he has just enough decency/honor and professionalism to not involve innocent bystanders.  Ideally, they start out in conflict with each other, but end up romantically involved.  As for why the Burned King hides himself entirely: that's a secret I'd actually like to work out with you.  He could be covered in magic tattoos, a beastman himself with an adoptive human family, maybe a long lost prince.  There are many different kinds of possibilities.

As for the kind of culture the beastmen do have, I was thinking the closest analogue was a mash-up of Shogunate era Japan and Warring States period China.

If you're interested, or have ideas and suggestions, toss me a PM.
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Online WheresmycowTopic starter

Re: Misfortune Calls (M looking for F)
« Reply #1 on: December 01, 2012, 01:32:43 pm »
Tweaked the story idea for clarity.  I should mention that the idea isn't entirely set in stone, so if it's something you're interested in but there's a few details here and there you'd like to change, shoot me a PM and maybe we can work something out.