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Author Topic: Eden Lost (M looking for F)  (Read 407 times)

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Offline ChreestaferTopic starter

Eden Lost (M looking for F)
« on: November 29, 2012, 10:25:06 PM »

well basicly in 2012 an odd virus breaks out noone really knows from where but it causes a violent and painful death for people.  At first it only effected women, so scientist dubbed it the Eve virus.  After 2 years the world went to war claiming it to bio warfar sending the world into chaos.  3 years after its arrival, the Eve virus now effects men.  year 2017 the world plummets into hell as nuclear war breaks lose, after 3 months the planet is desimated.  Speculations of a mear 750000 people left. We will belong to a comunity in which we is run by a single man named the mayor.  A blasphamous ass who uses women to his pleasure and manioulates people to his gain. he formed the comunity shortly after the world went to hell.  He is an ex marine slightly out of it and always seems to talking to himself or someone who isnt there.

the year is now 2021 years after the Eve virus has shown up, it went as quickly as it came and noone knows where it went to or where it came from.  However the shell of a world it left is what some people now call revelations. the virus mixed with nuclear radiation mutated some of the people turning them into, things out in the waste lands, one of the more common mutations is a group of ravonous monsters known as "the darkness" they look like humans mixed with lickers(from resident evil, minus the tounge) they hate the sun so only come out at night, or when there is a rolling ash cloud (which last for hours)

Plot -

Your my best friends sister, we've known each other our whole lives, (im 27 in this now) your brother killed himself when i was 17, a year prior to the virus out break. He went insane claiming a darkness was going to fall upon the land and that the gods that rule the land will die.  He was often picked on for going into transes and claiming these acusations, we dated in highschool you and I however it didnt really work out, and after your brothers death we had a big fight and stopped talking.  Now we live within the comunity of about 68 people all pulling their own wait one way or another.  They all believe they are the last ones alive since the radios have died out for the past 5 years.

Until the day she over hears the mayor ordering a few mercs about a distress call he got from the north, a call that might spell a better future and a better world. He ordered the mercs to go scout, kill and loot.  No survivors.  She tries telling others but people ignore her or laugh saying she is insane like her brother was.  So she has him to turn to, whose profession is a scout for hire, a scout thatll go out and find certain items from the old world as at a price.  So does she choose to uncover the evils of the mayor? will they survive the darkness?

PM me your character profile

Basic Character Sheet:

Photo: multitude is better for me ;)
Job: position in the new world

Offline Cherri

Re: Eden Lost (M looking for F)
« Reply #1 on: November 30, 2012, 12:07:09 AM »
This sounds like a fun plot :D I'd love to take the female role if you're still interested ^_^ If so I'll send you a PM :D I'll need a bit of time to draw out my character to show you if you accept  :-)

Offline ChreestaferTopic starter

Re: Eden Lost (M looking for F)
« Reply #2 on: November 30, 2012, 07:23:12 AM »
One position filled however will always still be looking. Can do multiple rps :) so pm me or just post here