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Author Topic: ~Two of a kind~  (Read 695 times)

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~Two of a kind~
« on: November 28, 2012, 07:38:49 PM »
Jac woke up around 10 o'clock on a Sunday in October, feeling refreshed and ready to do something fun.  She yawned wide and sat up in her blue camoflouge bed, looking around the morning-lit bedroom.  "WAKE UP JEN!" she cried out, taking a pillow and throwing it over against her twin's head.

Dressed in blue boxer shorts and a basketball tournament T-shirt, Jac rolled out of bed and layed on the floor.  She stuck both her arms and legs in the air like a dog, letting out a huge sigh.  "Ahhh....what to do today..."

Jac rolled up into a sitting position on the carpet.  "Oh yeah, Mom bought us stuff to make sea salt ice cream later!"  She smiled, pushing brown bangs out of her face.  Her hair was short, and her face cute and boyish just exactly like her sister's.

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Re: ~Two of a kind~
« Reply #1 on: November 28, 2012, 09:50:40 PM »
The Third Wheel:

Emily stretched her back, as she waited for the foggy mindedness slowly departed, listening as the rooster alarm clock hollered it's electronic sounding crows. After she was able to tell the difference between it and the real sound from back home she slapped the snooze button and quickly switched the alarm off.

After everything settled in her mind she started looking at the clothes he had brought with him. They were all farm clothes, baggy overalls and sleeveless shirts that would make her look like her brother if she were to stand beside him. She had a petite frame that made people under guess her age, and dark brown skin, her hair fell to her shoulders in cornrows and her bright brown eyes gleamed in the mirror as she started pulling a dark  tattered shirt over her head. After she was dressed she decided a new start had to come with a new wardrobe. With that in mind she took the allowance she had earned on the farm and wrote a short note on the marker board on her little cousin's door. "Gone shopping, be back later." With that she left the house.

Offline JiJi Nanoya

Re: ~Two of a kind~
« Reply #2 on: November 29, 2012, 12:21:02 PM »
Jen had been awaken by the smack of a pillow against her supple cheeks. She lifted from her red camouflage bed, a black tank top with black pajama pants. Jen didn't hesitate whatsoever to retaliate with a pillow of her own. This usually lead to a overdrawn pillow fight. Her brown hair was messy, disoriented all over her head. Blue eyes scanned the clock, this was about the norm of the time they woke up.

Jen jumped out from her bed and onto her hands and feet in front of her sister. "Meow!" she uttered playfully as she leaned in to pick her sisters supple cheek. "Ice Cream comes later. First, let's get some milk." Jen sprang into action, gripping her sisters hands in her own to stand her up. She led her sister from the room, guiding her with one hand out of the corridor and to the steps. There was dual railed banisters on each side. Jen parked her bottom on the right rail, letting her hands go free as she rode gracefully to the bottom.

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Re: ~Two of a kind~
« Reply #3 on: November 29, 2012, 12:54:49 PM »
"Ruff!" Jac barked back, giggling as her cheek was pinched, then gripping her sister's hand and jumping up.  They were both very slender but stronger than they looked from the sports they played, and of course, their general lifestyle.  "Miiiiilk!!" Jac said excitedly, loud enough to stir anyone who wasn't awake.  The kid plopped on the left railing and slid down as well; just as her bangs swept left, her twin's swept right.

Jac landed and walked into the kitchen, opening the fridge and taking the carton out.  "Meh...cold.." she murmured, her bare feet tapping on the linoleum that was as pale as her legs.  Her shins, knees and forearms had tanned a little, but the golden faded to a shade much like the milk any place that hadn't been exposed, and was spreading back now that summer was over.  She was never tan on her torso though, cause she wore a boy's rashguard shirt to go swimming.

"Hello girls..." Mom smiled, still in slippers as she came in and patted both their heads, then opening the light wood cabinet to make coffee.  "So, hungry?  Should I make something, or do you two want cereal?"  She glanced at Jac, "Meaning Chex or Kix, you may not have that sugary cereal Dad bought."  Jac shrugged, eyeing the cabinet; any chance at getting at those peanut butter puffs and she would.

Jac sipped her milk. "Hmm....I wannnnt-

Whatever was said next, both the twins would miraculously say it in unison, then looking at each other and cracking up.
(You can choose what they want. xD)

Offline MadnessChi1d

Re: ~Two of a kind~
« Reply #4 on: November 29, 2012, 02:38:41 PM »
Emily took a look around the city on her way to the mall, this place wouldn't be too bad for climbing. One of the times she got on the school's computer back home she found what she did was called parkour. She had loved climbing the barns, phone poles, and running up the square baled hay. It was fun that and doing flips off of the ground and crawling along the rafter's. She was a regular monkey.

The city had way more places to climb and run and jump. "I hope I can find the eye of a camera." She said before running at the side of a house and using a well developed footing to launch herself up, leg after leg, until she was eye level with the trim of the roof. She then kicked off and spun in the air, landing on the neighboring roof of a store.

Offline JiJi Nanoya

Re: ~Two of a kind~
« Reply #5 on: November 29, 2012, 04:16:18 PM »

Jen was accustomed to having her hair wild and untamed, no need to straighten it unless she was told to. She followed suit of her twin, marching to the refrigerator. She heard her sister express how chilled she was, and she instinctively wrapped her arms around her twin sibling. "I'll save you sissy." she exclaimed playfully. She wiggled her toes against the cold surface they were perched upon. It was a safe bet the house was cold due to their father toying with the thermostat. The usual nonsense.

Jen beamed as their mother entered the kitchen. Jen always purred in an odd nature when mother rubbed her head. "Gmorning Mom." Jen's tummy raged as it emitted sounds that would indicate she were a victim of starvation, though she had the appetite of three men for a child her age. She puffed her cheeks in disappointment when mother stated they could not partake in any sugary substance cereal. However, If mother couldn't be persuaded Jen would make sure she and Jac would obtain their desired necessities.

"Pancakes!" the two barked in unison. Mother chuckled to herself as she shut the cabinet. "Fine, but tomorrow morning you young ladies will be eating a healthier alternative. Now, is there anything else you need? If not, let mommy have space in the kitchen. Jen gave Jac her signature glance. It would indicate that she had a plan to get the cereal she knew Jac would want. "Let's see if Dad is still in bed. We can use him to distract mother while I snatch the cereal." This worked often, and mother had not once caught onto it.

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Re: ~Two of a kind~
« Reply #6 on: November 29, 2012, 05:17:05 PM »
"Saved by Soraaaa." Jac grinned, hugging her twin.  One favorite cosplay of the two was Sora and Roxas from Kingdom Hearts, so they often joked about it.  She rolled her eyes harmlessly as her mother talked of healthier food.  She didn't mind healthy food as long as it tasted okay and filled her stomach.  Feeding the two twins wasn't unlike feeding an army of dwarves.  Upon reading Jen's glance, Jac hopped back up the stairs and bounced up onto their parent's bed.  "Hey Dad...Mom's gonna come up and talk to you about something, okay?"

Once that was done, it was as simple as telling Mom that Dad wanted to discuss something, and then the kitchen was free.  Jac had filled her milk glass with cereal in no time, then sitting under the kitchen island with her twin and eating it.  Mom was back soon, but saw only her children's legs, and no cereal.  Bingo!

"You kids better be ready for church by 10:50." Mom said, taking the pancake makings out of cabinet.  Jac nearly choked on her cereal, then letting out a monstrous groan.  "Moooooooommmmm!  I really don't want to..."  Jac and Jen hated going to Sunday church, and battling away their mother's idea of fashion sense.

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Re: ~Two of a kind~
« Reply #7 on: December 03, 2012, 10:56:57 AM »
((Sorry, didn't know we were doing turn by turn.))

Emily climbed down from the roof using a gutter drainage pipe when something she revered even more than shopping caught her eyes, a church, and not just any old church a branch of the first baptist she used to go to back home. What she was wearing was far from best dress by an employed city folk's standard, but at home it wasn't far from what she wore to church every Sunday.

The building didn't look like it was open yet so she decided she would hang about and practice jumping off of walls.

Offline JiJi Nanoya

Re: ~Two of a kind~
« Reply #8 on: December 03, 2012, 03:27:10 PM »
Jen demolished her serving of cereal like it was nobody's business. Seeing as she and her twin ate pretty much at the same rate, she anticipated her sister would have done the same. Jen rolled her eyes when her mother mentioned. But h this morning. The sun was shining outside, she wanted to travel and do something adventurous. "You promised we wouldn't have to go this time if we wore those dresses last time. I'm not wearing one again." Jen pouted cutely.

Jen snuck past her mother and placed the milk glass in the sink. She made a stink face behind her mothers back before turning to dart back up the steps from where she had come. "I'm gonna find somewhere to hide so I don't have to go." Jen yelled from up the steps. She had run back to her bedroom, opening a vanity chest which held her most prized articles of clothing. She took out a plain white t-shirt with a red and black rebel jacket she swiped from a go-kart track by accident. She slipped into her cut stone grey jean shorts. Jennslipped into her favorite black and red Nike's and laced them up quickly.

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Re: ~Two of a kind~
« Reply #9 on: December 03, 2012, 06:42:42 PM »
"Yeah, that's right!" Jac pouted, putting her glass in the sink quickly and turning away with a stubborn frown.

"I didn't say you wouldn't have to go, I just said you wouldn't have to wear the dresses again until Easter."

Ugh.  Easter always seemed to be the prime time for Mother's fussing over her children's clothing.  Jac followed her sister up the stairs three at a time, running into the room and jumping from Jen's bed, to her bed, to the carpet again to get to the other dresser.  "Well my dress is buried underneath our soccer stuff so there's nooo way." Jac smirked, yanking the drawer open.  Seeing what Jen was wearing, Jac pulled on her matching gray shorts, a white T-shirt, and a dark blue sweatshirt jacket that said Quiksilver on the back.  She then proceeded to lace up her Nikes that were blue where Jen's were red, then slip on a black wrist band identical to the one her sister had too.

"I smell pancakes." Father's voice came from the hall as he came to the stairs, already dressed in slacks and a white button down shirt for church.  One cup of cereal, no matter how tasty, wasn't going to satisfy the twins, so Jac shrugged her shoulders and opened the door.  "Maybe we can convince Dad to let us go downtown or something."

Jac went down a few steps before leaping the last five, landing on all fours with a thud.  "Jen!" Mother scolded, peering around the corner, then recognizing the shoes.  "Jac.  Don't do that."  Jac grinned innocently, going into the kitchen and sitting noisily at the table.  "Hi Dad...."

"Hello kids...." the man responded suspiciously, seeing that glint in their eyes.  Jac smiled wide, letting Jen do the talking this time about what they wanted and why.  Most likely, Dad would give in, because he really just loved the twins.  They were such a cute package, mischevious yet well behaved, and just as fun as a couple of crazy little boys, which was what Dad had always dreamed of having.

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Re: ~Two of a kind~
« Reply #10 on: December 04, 2012, 01:05:48 AM »
Jen grinned sheepishly as she overlooked her cell phone as her sister began to dress. Apparently she had missed many text messages last night. Mainly hateful texts from a friend about Clarissa, the bossy know-it-all who felt as if she could say anything she wanted he never she wanted because her father was some sort of police chief. The nerve of that twit. Jen disliked the girl to no end. "Haha she's so right, Clarissa is insufferable." Jen looked away from her cell phone and overlooked her sisters attire for the day. "Nice job." Jen watched as Jac bolted down the flight of stairs. She had just been about to do the same until he hair began to make her nose itch. "Ugh!" she complained as she scratched it gently with her left wrist. She snatched her red ballcap from her shelf before grabbing her sisters blue cap.

Jen darted from the twins shared personal space, planning to cut the corner with expert timing, that was until her mother decided to scream at her like a wild Banshee. The stern call caused Jen to jump in surprise and she managed herself right into the rough drywall covered in a lovely wallpaper. "Geez, relax mom. The food isn't going anywhere." she rebutted in a nigh inaudible fashion. She slipped her phone into her poker stealth fully, coming behind her sister as she placed her baseball cap backwards against her head. "You...have....THE POWEEEEER!" she said in a more gleeful tone. She tilted Jac's head 90 degrees from behind and gave her an animated peck on the cheek.

Dad had already been seated and she gave him an identical peck on the forehead. Jen took the appropriate seat that had become the norm for her, next to her twin. "Hellooo Papa." she said in a soothed tone. Her eyes seemed to sparkle slightly as she spoke, a little trick she had learned with her tear ducts to allow her eyes to sparkle. "You know, we've been so busy that we haven't gotten a chance to look for your gift from last Fathers day." She made sure to attempt to speak quietly so that Mother would not be inclined to overhear and debate the issue of going to church. "So I though Jackie and I could head to the mall and see what we could scrounge up. That way I don't end up bumping heads with Clarissa like last Sunday. Don't want people to think we are uncivilized if another altercation broke out." Jen was sure that there would be some sort of naysay by Mother, but Father adored his children and would likely accept after speaking some sort of reason into mother.

(I'm really sorry. I wasn't sure how everyone conducted the reply situations. I hope I didn't accidentally hold anything up.)

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Re: ~Two of a kind~
« Reply #11 on: December 04, 2012, 12:24:30 PM »
((You two go ahead and keep role playing until in a place right fit to meet my character, I'll keep an eye on the thread until then.))

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Re: ~Two of a kind~
« Reply #12 on: December 05, 2012, 03:00:31 AM »
Jac was pleased that her sister had remembered their caps, and fussed playfully when she was kissed on the cheek.  She whipped around and grabbed Jen's face, making a "bleehhh" noise and licking her supple cheek so that she'd have to wipe at it furiously.  Of course, they were just playing, but immaturity like that was rarely tolerated much.

"Jacqueline.  Let's be sanitary, please."

Jac winced at the name like a hot poker, shrugging and sitting down to convince Father.  She nodded animatedly when Jen was finished, blinking her lashes.  "Yeah, please Dad...?  I think a free Sunday would do us a lotta good.  Besides, we even helped with the little kids last time..."  Jac held back a sour look after that statement.  Their Father looked somewhat convinced, but it would take a bit more on Mother's part.

"Presents can wait...I really begin to think church is the only thing keeping you two in line."

"Now Claire, I don't think that's fair-" Father began.

"Rhyme!!" Jac butted in momentarily.

"I think we could give them a break once in a while.."

"Oh, that's fine.  We won't ever take them to church, or make them wear decent clothes or do anything against their will.  It's your fault if they turn into a couple of savage little boys." Mother sighed matter-of-factly.  And in the end, the twins ruled.

Jac ate her favorite blueberry pancakes happily and talked with her family about what they'd do at the mall today, only having to be reminded twice not to talk with her mouth full.  When they were done, Father carried both the girls sloppily on his back for a teetering piggy-back ride to the car.  Mother made them turn their caps around before they got to the mall, which they'd fix again later.

"Try not to spend all the money we gave you, but if you two get hungry or want some candy, then I guess some won't hurt." Father smiled, looking back at his kids in the rear view mirror.

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Re: ~Two of a kind~
« Reply #13 on: December 05, 2012, 09:38:59 AM »
Emily, being the least patient person in her family, started from the church to the mall. She couldn't bare to sit still and would rather show in a new set of Sunday's best. She took a quick look around before doing a set of wall grapple jumps in the alley between the church and whatever dilapidated building was beside it to reach the roof, from there she had a clear view of the business half of town, and of coarse the busiest building would be the mall. She shimmied down a pipe and started at a run in the general direction of the mall.

When she finally reached her destination she was in awe at the actual size of the place. "This has got to be the biggest building I have ever seen." She said as her eyes scanned the different stores in the immediate area.